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It’s Time To Be Kind To Your Mind

IMG_0386Enjoy my song, The Speed Of Love while reading the post.

It has become popular to put down the mind as that aspect of us that keeps getting us into trouble. And we’ve been led to believe we need to relinquish it totally in order to move into our divine nature.  But what has happened is we have asked our mind to create for us, to keep us safe from harm, to micro manage our lives for us, and it’s been on overload.  It really was not designed to understand us or our lives from the broader perspective.

Your mind, bless it, has been doing its best, but without its partners, your soul, your heart, your divine feminine, it really just ends up spinning its wheels.  And now, with the new energies present, it has the opportunity to relax and just do what it was created for:  to store and retrieve information, to operate things physical, and other types of analytical functions.  But not to make life decisions and to create for us.  Because if you ask the mind to do that, it will do its best to retrieve information from your past that lists all the reasons why you can’t do something.  It will enumerate all the things that can and will go wrong, and then try to protect you from that potential pain.  At that point it begins working with the wounded aspects, who have their own agenda, and then anxiety and worry are added to the mix.

Then the action is stepped up and you run on all cylinders trying to bring in more money or heal yourself, or run to doctors, or pull in another bad relationship, or run to one spiritual modality after another.  It’s exhausting!


So poor mind at this point is tired and confused.  But it senses there is a new kid in town.  The Divine Feminine.  She is here to bring balance to a very out of balance situation.  Her job is to take the burden off mind and allow it a much-needed rest.  She is here in a profound way, and she now guides us in our life in an easy and graceful way.  She works alongside the Divine Masculine to create a joyful life for us.  She teaches us to open our arms and let life love us.  She helps us to open up to our feelings.  She reminds us that passion for life is what creates for us.  And that we need to open up and receive, without compromise, without question, and without any price to pay.

The Divine Feminine is our intuition.  Our inner GPS system. It’s always running, but we need to pay attention to it.  Its navigation will come sometimes on the heels of frustration or anger, which may be alerting you that you are going in the wrong direction.  But the biggest signal that we are stuck in the mind is the amount of drama in our life, those emotional storms or relationship crises that never seem to be resolved.

So the mind is oriented to protect us from pain, not to provide us with true joy.  If we unload onto the mind our true hearts desires and expect them to be fulfilled we will be very disappointed.  But the good news is, the mind is now ready to work alongside our heart.  So honor your mind and release it from eons of duty.  It’s time to be kind to your mind.

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You And Your Body

Enjoy listening to my song, African Forest while reading the post.


One of the longest and most difficult relationships we have in this lifetime is the relationship with our body.

So many people painstakingly feed their body health foods, organic foods, an array of supplements, go to the gym.  They drag their bodies to doctor after doctor, taking medication after medication, getting surgery after surgery, in the hopes of feeling better and staving off death as long as possible.

People carefully dress their body up, put on perfume, get expensive hairstyles, manicures, pedicures, go on crazy diets, cleanses, some even get cosmetic surgery, in the hopes of looking good.

But how many people are really in love with their body?  Just as it is?  Not many, and that’s because we live in a world in which the body is seen as a separate ‘entity’ from ourselves. One which we must drag around with us ’till death do us part.’  As we go through life we begin to feel our body has a mind of its own and with each accident, illness and the aging process, we feel more and more betrayed by this body.  Add to that the images of the ‘perfect body’ being paraded in front of us consistently by mass consciousness.

But anyone drawn to this blog and other material like it are on the forefront of the ascension and are releasing mass consciousness.  They are becoming sovereign beings who set their own standards of beauty.  They are allowing in their light body at their own pace.  They are also beginning to understand that their body is part of their consciousness and needs to be honored as such.  Their body is a corporeal expression of spirit.  That its health and well-being are not so much dependent on the foods it ingests but it’s ‘partner’s’ state of consciousness.

Our body responds to our emotions and feelings.

To a large degree the body is working from old programming…some from this lifetime but most from ancestral DNA…and is working hard to catch up with our newly forming consciousness.  It truly has our best interest at heart.  But it can go only so fast.  It’s absolutely understandable that we lose patience with it along with this whole transformational process.  But it is important to keep the broader perspective relative to the body.  And to begin loving it just where it is at.  To see its beauty, and to feel its love for us.  Rather than treating it like a bad relationship or an overstayed visit from an unwanted relative.  Like it’s just an inconvenience.  It’s important to talk to your body, tell it your concerns, and your fears, and tell it you want to be there for it just as it’s there for you.

See its devotion to you.  See how in so many ways it truly does work amazingly well.  Even if it has one hundred things wrong, admire the things it can still do with grace and ease.  Be kinder to it.  Fall in love with the essence of it.  See how in so many ways it’s been a messenger for you, signaling you there is something off.

Treat your body like you would a lover or a dear friend, like someone you can’t wait to spend the day with.  Take it out for dinner, feed it yummy food, eat that pie and ice cream.  Let it over sleep.  Make joyous love to it!  Just as a child responds to unconditional love, and thrives knowing it is loved for itself and not for how it performs, so it is for our bodies.

And over time watch as that body of yours transforms in front of you.  Becoming more relaxed, and balanced.  It is now safe to be here, in these bodies.  There is no need to be out-of-body any more.  Or to take on the pain and suffering of our fellow-man.  Those days are long gone.  That’s so yesterday!  In fact it’s essential to our ascension to embrace and love our body. As long as we resist the love and blessings of our earthly form, we resist our transformation from human to divine human.


Ascension Defecit Disorder

The worse your symptoms, physical, mental, emotional and financial, the closer you are to establishing that long desired connection with your soul.  You are going through a healing crisis.  Don’t mistake it for anything else.  Don’t be tempted to over analyze things.  Or to think you’ve done something wrong.  You haven’t.

The biggest hinderance to our awakening is our belief that we are not ready or worthy.  Because as long as we believe that, that’s what we attract.  More of not being ready or worthy.  And don’t be tempted to pull in some drama, either from others or from your own aspects.  Those parts of you who are in your face, waving their fists and accusing you of all sorts of things.  Those parts of you that try to convince you that something is terribly wrong and becoming ‘wronger.’  Where you are going life is sweet and filled with passion, without the drama.

Meanwhile you will feel a little lost, maybe bored.  Consider those feelings an indication of your progress toward your enlightenment.  

Often when the body is sick or injured, it will begin to rebalance itself, and in the process it will often begin to feel worse.  You may remember such times.  As children we understood this process intuitively.  We would stay home from school and lay in bed, knowing that we would recover.  We even enjoyed it because it gave us a needed break.

And that’s going on now, whether it’s an emotional, mental, physical, relationship, or financial issue.  Or all of the above.  This seeming breakdown doesn’t necessarily constitute drama, but how you choose to respond to it does.  You chose to awaken in this lifetime, to condense several lifetimes of learning into one.  Do you realize what an incredible undertaking that is?  Your neighbor probably doesn’t recognize who you are.  Maybe not even your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or your children.  If you are connected to a religion, they most certainly don’t know.  That’s why it’s hard to see yourself for who you truly are.  That’s why you tire of the small talk with them.  Oh, make no mistake, you do love them, you just aren’t so interested in spending too much time with them, or talking about the things they are passionate about.  They may want to be in your energy.  They can feel there’s something different about you.  You radiate a light, even when you are feeling like you want to throw in the towel.

It’s easy not to recognize our light.  We tend to get so immersed in our issues.  In the day-to-day stuff we need to deal with.  But as we invite our soul and our spirit into our every day life, as we do those every day things, especially things that put a smile on our face, our life becomes richer, more balanced and we feel more connected to our true passion for living.  You find that you want to express and create from your soul. Not really from your personality-self any more, but from your true self.

And when you feel more connected to life, and the operative word is feel – you naturally bring in more energy.  And you can use that energy to create your heart’s desires.

We threw ourselves into the depths of the human experience to discover our true selves and then as embodied masters to be the standard for others to see.  It was never about perfecting our human selves in order to do that, but to love and accept our human selves as we are.  We wanted to go to the depths of sorrow and fear to know joy and freedom.  We no longer are required to do things so extremely to get the point.  There is a new way to live, and there is a new way to feel passion for life.  But don’t expect the old rules to apply any more.

Simply Divine CD CoverEnjoy my song, I Know What I Need.


You Are Worthy

Right now there are more energies available for creating than ever before, and not just earth energies, but crystalline and cosmic energies.  And they are just waiting to be of service to us for creating our own personal versions of heaven on earth.  We are of a high enough consciousness to now create responsibly.  A result of all the work we have done to awaken ourselves.

But the problem is, we are not using these plentiful new energies fully because we are still grasping onto the old ways, the old beliefs that keep us stuck in a kind of spiritual mediocrity.  The most significant of those beliefs is that we are not yet ‘worthy.’  That we still need to ‘perfect’ ourselves, whether that means becoming more ‘spiritual’ or more abundant financially or younger or thinner or more ‘giving.’  Many more can be added to the endless list.  Whether it’s to clear our issues or write our best-selling book.

We are magnificent creators.  Creating more joy had been difficult because our consciousness was not expanded enough for so very long.  but now it is at an all time ‘high.’  Don’t buy into the belief that some past civilizations were more evolved than we are now.  Or some Alien civilization.  Maybe technologically, but not spiritually.  There is no better time to be alive than right now.  And there is no better place to be than right here on Planet Earth.  And don’t buy into the old belief that you need to struggle your way to your joy.  That you still need to make it difficult, have extreme or dire circumstances in your life in order to appreciate life.

You are here for vastly different reasons than other humans.

You took on a personality and many experiences of a human but it’s not the true you, as you are discovering.  You could never really fit into society’s concepts of  ‘normal.’  You opted on a soul level to awaken yourself, and you went through or may still be going through the dark night of the soul, when you felt totally abandoned, lost and lost things from your life:  money, jobs, homes, people, maybe health.  Things you held near and dear.  You needed to strip yourselves of anything that was keeping you stuck.   So as painful as those losses were, they were appropriate.  You wanted to feel the true freedom of your spirit and your soul, but there were too many distractions in the way.  Then you discovered that when you were face to face with only yourself, free from most outside distractions, you also had inner ‘demons’ you needed to address.  So you did lots of processing of your issues.  All appropriate.

You discovered or are discovering that enlightenment isn’t what you thought it was.  It’s not becoming a better version of yourself, of your personality.  It’s not working at being more spiritual or more interesting or more worthy.  It’s actually becoming free of all that.  It’s actually something much simpler than that.  It’s just recognizing your true self.  Not your body or your personality or your talents or your profession or your goals.  Then you discover a new passion for life.

That’s where you find your self-worth.  That feeling that you are eternal and that you are god in a human form.  And that you are worthy simply because you exist.

Now it’s time to take all the wisdom from all those experiences of being human and stop trying to build a better George or Harry or Susan.  It’s time to say ‘no more!’  It’s time to proclaim, ‘I am enough just as I am right now.  No more striving to be a better human.  It stops right here and right now.’  Because if you don’t make that choice and take that deep breath and just allow yourself to receive without question, you will be forever seeking and searching and never truly feel the joy that is your birthright.

Ask yourself, ‘when will I feel worthy?  When will I be good enough?  What will it take?  How many more workshops and activation techniques and channeled messages?  When will it be done?’

It will be done when you decide it is done.  When you boldly say…

I am enlightened.

And, don’t worry, you are.  It is already done.  You’re just time traveling back from the ‘future you’ to experience it.

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