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Time Is Losing Its Influence

As we ascend, we are releasing time as we have known it.  You have probably noticed that time seems to be speeding up.  That is not just an illusion.  The parameters of linear time are shifting, which contributes to our feelings of disorientation.  At least until we adjust.

I used to have a ‘feel’ for the days of the week, even after I retired from the work a day world.  Monday, Tuesday, all the days, had a certain ‘feel’ to them.  That slowly went away, until yesterday’s experience.  As I was leaving my apartment complex for my morning coffee, I saw the maintenance guy working outside.  I conveyed my usual “good morning” and asked him why he was working on a Sunday.  He stared at me and began to laugh as he watched my expression change.  I realized at that point it was in fact Tuesday!  And on the drive to the cafe, I was immersed in heavy morning rush hour traffic, but I refused to believe it wasn’t Sunday.  It felt like Sunday!

I wondered, was this experience generated by my desire to feel more relaxed?  The feeling of Sunday for me is a more relaxed one, even though I am not working a ‘9 to 5 job’ in which I look forward to weekends.  But Sunday has more of a kick back and bask feeling to it, and traffic is generally less congested.  But I have never experienced this intense sensory feeling that it is absolutely Sunday, not even Saturday.   I couldn’t shake it, even though my mind and the calendar were telling me it was Tuesday.  And there was ‘evidence’ of that all around me.  I wasn’t intending for this experience either, it just ‘happened’ and it lasted all day.  It felt like I was living two separate ‘timelines’ at once.

Linear time is not an anchor point any more

Living in a world of calendars and clocks, it can be disconcerting. Moving out of the construct of linear time will feel uncomfortable for a while. But it makes sense that as we move out of linear time and become more aware of our multidimensional nature, our experience will reflect that. It’s part of the process of detaching from the world of duality we lived in for so long.

So it makes sense that we are beginning to experience ‘no time.’

As we release linear time, our bodies will no longer be subject to the ‘ravages’ of time.  They will not wear out or be subject to long-standing disease and illness as before.  They will rejuvenate, heal and mend much more quickly.  Our ability to teleport, to be in other locations, will develop.  That’s great news for those of us who hate to fly.

And for those of you who experience chunks of missing time or memory loss, this is part of the process of detaching from linear time.  Not to worry –  what you need to know will be available to you.  If you miss someone’s birthday, it’s all part of the process.  What is happening is we are creating the reality we are most comfortable in.  If we are no longer comfortable in a particular place or situation, we will be ‘popped out’ energetically.  We will be experiencing a very different reality right along side those who are still experiencing the depths of duality in their own lives.  And everything we need is available for us in the now moment.

These are not just airy-fairy concepts.  These are real, tangible changes taking place.  How we view them and use them will determine how we live our lives in the New Energy.


You Are Becoming Embodied Masters

The Embodied Master enjoys the sensual nature of life.  All its sounds, sights and smells.  She is passionate about life and enjoys its simple pleasures.  She knows that having a physical body is an amazing experience.

He is grounded and balanced emotionally.  He allows himself all the emotions without identifying with them, and embracing only those that resonate with his true self.  He doesn’t identify with being male or female anymore, because he is a perfect meld of both.  he is playful, and loves to laugh.  he doesn’t spend much time mulling over the past, or worrying about the future.  He knows that the NOW is the only important ‘time.’  He doesn’t spend energy worrying about the stock market, the economy, the government, world affairs, the environment, food, his family or his own issues.

She is grounded and balanced physically.  Because she now is balanced emotionally, and she is not carrying around old limiting patterns, her body is in a much more balanced place physically.  She has released her ancestral DNA and can now enjoy a body that rejuvenates and heals quickly.  A body that is strong and vital.

He has much less patience for bullshit.  He doesn’t attract co-dependency, manipulation, guilt, or drama.  He doesn’t care-take or try to save anyone’s soul or heal anyone.  He discourages followers.  If someone asks him to share his personal experience and they are truly ready for change, the Embodied Master will share their truth.  Otherwise they will not share their precious energies.  This loving detachment may appear vain or selfish, but…

The Embodied Master doesn’t care what others think of her.  She is not here to win a popularity contest, or to seek love and approval from others.  She loves sharing her gifts and wisdom, and she has learned to validate herself.  Any outside praise is just ‘icing on the cake.’

He has ample resources and doesn’t settle or compromise.  He makes sure he gives himself a nurturing environment.  He creates this by being in his passion and joy in the now moment.

She is self-fulfilled.  She is her own resource for love, nurturing, and abundance.  So there is no need to feed off anyone else or to covet anyone else’s stuff.  She has released all karmic debts so she knows she owes no one, and they do not owe her anything.  There is no indebtedness.  She lives an unencumbered life, and enjoys her solitude.  If she chooses a partner, he or she is also self-fulfilled.  She may engage in random acts of kindness, but she will not support dependency.

He doesn’t count pennies or calories.

She has no regrets.

He has no goals or a business plan.

She uses the abundant cosmic and crystalline energies to create.

He is not affiliated with any religion or organization in which personal power is forfeited, not even one in the ‘new age’ community.

She is recognized by the sparkle in her eyes.

He trusts that all is well.  

Does the Embodied Master live this way 100% of the time?  Probably not, but they do not strive for perfection.  They gave that up a long time ago.





Trying No Longer Works

Trying-By-HomerAs I listen to conversations around me at the cafe, I hear people saying, “I am trying to lose weight.  I’ve been trying to eat less.  I should get back on the treadmill.”  I also hear things like, “I’m trying to save money.  I’m trying to cut my expenses.  I shop at Walmart all the time but I still can’t get ahead.”  Then there’s “I work so hard on my relationship.  I’m trying to make it work.”

In the new energy trying simply does not work.  Not that it ever did, but now we are required to live from a heart-based consciousness.  Doing things because they make our heart sing.  Now, if clipping coupons and shopping at Walmart do that for you then you are on the right track.  Personally, I do my best to avoid both!  Actually, it’s not so much our actions that create but the frequency we send out.  If what you are doing brings you an uplifting feeling, you send that out and the universe sends you more of that feeling.

I know people who keep downsizing, trying to save money by getting a smaller house, or move to a less expensive neighborhood, only to find themselves continuing to struggle to make ends meet.  They attribute it to the economy and to life just being more expensive.  So to compensate they find themselves working longer hours, and sometimes getting a second job.  They are truly believing that their actions, regardless of how colorless and joyless those actions make them feel, are supposed to bring them more prosperity, or more health, or more love and security.

Most people are in a just enough belief system.  Even if they are pulling in hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars.  If they believe that life is hard and they are entitled to only just enough, then they will somehow manage to end up with just enough to pay all their monthly bills.  So prosperity isn’t how much money we bring in.  It’s not even how we spend it.  It has everything to do with what we are feeling relative to money.  The same goes for how we are feeling about our bodies.  If we feel we are not enough or are unhealthy or vulnerable to disease, we can be eating the most healthful foods and still fall ill.  If we believe we are not lovable, all the trying in the world won’t create loving relationships.

Even in the ‘new age’ area, struggle is present. “I’m trying to become enlightened.  I’m trying to deal with my emotions and issues!”  Take a moment to feel the energy of trying, of struggle.  How does it feel?  Because that feeling that you are sending out will come back to you, and you will be facing more trying and struggle.  Underneath that feeling is the belief that life is hard, and that we are not deserving of things coming easily.  “They work hard for their money, so they deserve to have more.”  She tries so hard, she deserves a break.”  Newsflash:  We do not get brownie points for efforting and struggle.  Hopefully it’s the big lesson we learned by lifetimes of efforting and struggling and trying. 

We are in the New Energy.  The New Energy has a different feel to it.  It works differently.  And when we are on-line with our inner being, things have a way of flowing in our life much more easily now.  So trying, efforting, and struggling all fall away in the New Energy.  And we are left with allowing.  But allowing takes trust.  Allowing and trust will take some time because we have been so used to the struggle, we feel a little lost without it. Our mind believes it needs to jump in and manage everything.  But, we wanted to become free.  To feel our God-self while living here on Planet Earth.   Free from so many limitations.  And in the process, we are face to face with all the resistance to that freedom.  When someone tells us to just relax and allow, our minds jump in and want to do something, anything, because the mind thinks it’s the only way to create.  How’s that been working out?  No so good.  And it’s not to kick the mind out entirely, but give it something to do while you do the real manifesting.

This transformational process we are going through does feel like struggle, because it is so hard on our minds, our emotions and our bodies!  But in actuality it’s like the caterpillar being transformed into the butterfly.  The caterpillar is being crushed and losing the caterpillar identity in the process, but it knows instinctively that it can’t push it, that it just needs to accept it, and it does.  This new way of being does not mean we are wishy-washy and allow others to feed off of us, or to just accept a situation we are not happy with.  Quite the opposite.  Being the embodied master means we choose how we want to feel and what we want to experience.  And when we make those choices, we then trust that it comes to us, maybe not in the exact ways or the timing we expected, but it does come to us.  And in the process it may bring up all our fears and resistances to the thing or feeling we want.  If we want to feel more free, that choice will bring up anything in us that resists that freedom.  But then it’s to just allow those feelings to come through you, and not fight them.

This takes some patience and practice, since it’s a  brand new way.

Simply Divine CD CoverEnjoy my song, Brand New Way


The Promised Land

As we ascend we are coming to realize that home is right here, right in these bodies, on this Planet.  Not some far away nirvana or heaven.  In other words, home is wherever spirit lives, and, since we are spirit in flesh, it’s home.

Now, you may protest, saying, Are you kidding?  If this is home, I want to run away from home!  This is not what I remember home to be!  Back home there is no war, there is no sickness and poverty, there is no boredom, depression and anger, and there certainly is no doubt…oh that damn doubt!  Absolutely.  You are right.  Spirit doesn’t experience those things.  Spirit is compassionate, loving, peaceful and sovereign.  And in those moments when you are feeling that, and you do have moments when you feel that, you have remembered who you are.

But, Spirit, you, got bored, and said you wanted to come here to experience what it would be like to go deep and feel everything a physical being could experience.  And from that experience, to become more…to expand.  Spirit wanted to know itself like it never had before.  In fact, you were so enamored with experiencing life here, you were pulled back lifetime after lifetime.  But then boredom came around again, and you were ready to move out of duality and experience being here as an awakened soul.

You begin to see that heaven is right here, if you are willing to let go of all the tiresome limitations of being human.  Or at least enough of them to create an entirely New Energy.  Your light work changed dramatically from trying to save anyone else to activating your own light body.  You have been quite busy over the last several lifetimes, nurturing  your Christ Consciousness, and waiting for the right time to activate it.  And, if you are reading this, then you chose this lifetime to do just that.

If you could see yourself as Spirit sees you, as your true self sees you, you would be in awe.  You would never again doubt yourself.  You would know without question that you are worthy of all your heart’s desires.  You would understand that you are like the caterpillar that is being crushed in order to become a butterfly.

If your Spirit could talk to you now, your Spirit would say,

Breathe me in.  You are safe. You are beautiful.  You are sacred beyond words.  Breathe me in deeply and let me sing to you like I did before you left home, and let me embrace you like I did when you were so young and wanted to experience these earthly realms.  I embraced you and I told you that on your journey you would forget who you were, but that gradually, you would remember again.  You see, it was set up that way my dear.  You are never truly lost.  Within you there is the love and the beauty of Home.  It is your Promised Land.

Simply Divine CD Cover

Enjoy my song, Promised Land


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