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It is Time To Claim Your Magnificance

It is time to stop seeing yourself as a frightened human being. It is time to stop seeing yourself as limited. It is time to stop seeing yourself as incapable, as vulnerable. It is time to claim your magnificence.

While it is important to honor all of your feelings, it is also important to honor your soul presence. To feel its presence in your life. To feel that love, unconditionally. To know absolutely that you can have anything you desire. To know absolutely that you can have a healthy body, That you can have a lifestyle that you enjoy. That you can have support and passion.

A dear friend of mine, who I see as a visionary, is now manifesting a situation that is helping millions of people and it is now creating grand abundance for him. It has helped me to see myself as a visionary, And that I also deserve to reap the rewards of my inner wisdom.

Those of us in the later stages of enlightenment are still surrounded by a world that is in the early stages of their enlightenment. This can cause a feeling of doubt within us. We often wonder, are we on the right path? Are we capable of all these magnificent gifts that we are told we have?

So, it is critical at this point to connect with like-minded people, and to remind ourselves that yes, we are on the cutting edge, and if our lives do not appear to be what we would like them to be at this point, it is not because we are doing something wrong. It is that we are taking a very different, and often difficult path that most others are not ready for. And because we are still surrounded by those who do not understand where we are at, we tend to believe that we should be perhaps doing something different. In fact, for most of us at this point, it is not about doing. It is more about  allowing, allowing in the magnificence of who we are, allowing in that love from spirit.

Whatever you may be feeling and experiencing right now, whether it is fear of a physical condition, financial, emotional, or relationship issues, it comes under the same heading of trust. Trust that where you are is okay. That what you’re feeling is absolutely appropriate. But it is not who you truly are. Who you truly are, there are no words for. Can you feel into that magnificence even for a moment? Can you entertain the idea that you can create anything you desire. That you have carte blanche. That you don’t need to perfect yourself before you create that joy in your life. You do not have to prove worthiness. You are worthy. You are worthy of anything your heart desires. If you want to be on this planet as an embodied master, you will need health, and abundance. Do not settle for second-best. This integration of the soul into our bodies has been an ongoing process. All imbalances are coming up to be cleared. They may have begun with our ancestors or with early childhood, it really doesn’t matter. All that matters is that we now are in a place of allowing all we need and desire into our life.

We are the trailblazers. This is not the easiest of paths to take. Sometimes we may wish we were back in the old days of just having a mediocre but relatively stable life. But it is truly like the caterpillar before it becomes the butterfly… the caterpillar is being crushed, but it does not question that process. It knows intuitively that it is about to become free and soar the landscapes with its beautiful wings spread out for all to see.


Trust Your Soul

Recently, a situation came up in my life that demanded all my attention.  It also frightened me to my core.  I had never in my life experienced such fear, dread, and anxiety.  In spite of everything I have learned, and everything I teach, my mind wanted to figure it out.  I began running around, trying to resolve it.  Nothing seemed to work.  I had moments of feeling that it would be O.K., but more moments of feeling that it was hopeless.

I reached out for some assistance, and  I discovered that I needed to transmute some old stuck energies, most of which are from my family DNA, and some from mass consciousness, and a little from my own personality responding to things.  I knew that in order for me to step into the next level, I needed to go deeper into myself and into self-love.  Put simply, I was desperate to feel the love from my soul.  And in order to do that, I needed to honor myself and to be courageous enough to feel vulnerable.

At this point there is really nothing to be done from my mind, and it is to only trust the presence of my soul to transmute the stuck energies.  Which it is more than capable of doing.  And as I begin to do this, I feel a profound shift within myself.


If you are resonating with the information in this blog and other materials like it, you are on the leading edge of ascension.  And as a leading edge pioneer, you may be exploring some new territory.  This could come up as a physical or an emotional or mental challenge.  So, if you are experiencing fears and anxieties, whether in response to a physical problem, an emotional or mental one, or any other area of your life, and if you feel you are being backed into a corner, with nowhere to go, …that is an opportunity to trust in the loving nature of your soul.  You are asked to now begin to allow your soul into your life, and to allow that soul to manage those conditions for you.  Because your soul is more than capable of rebalancing your body, mind and emotions.   That takes a trust you are not used to.  How can you trust something that you are not even sure exists?  You are told this soul loves you unconditionally.  You ask, does that mean it loves all the parts of me that I find unlovable?  Absolutely.  It’s hard to believe, considering the closest to unconditional love you have ever felt was probably from a pet.

You may find yourself in a situation in which no matter what you try, the problem continues.  That is a cue for you to relinquish control.  Just make that choice, and your soul hears that as a signal that you are ready to love yourself enough to allow your most important relationship into your life.  Not just as a concept, but for real.

In this process, you may feel like nothing is happening, but it is.  You are allowing yourself all the feelings:  fear, anxiety, sadness, hopelessness, whatever comes up.  The difference is you can choose to not buy into those feelings.  Our minds have been very well-trained to think the worst.  You can’t stop the mind chatter, but you can relegate it to the back seat more of the time, with practice.  Even after you begin to open up to your soul being the driver in your life, things may seem to go downhill for a while, even creating drama.  That’s O.K.  There has been a momentum going on, and it needs time to slow down and reverse direction.

Your human self, your personality self is still here, but it’s taking a back seat more and more.  It’s not really being annihilated.   But it’s not running the show.  And that’s a good thing.  After all, how has that been working for you?  Probable not so good.


If you are going through a particularly difficult challenge, just know that it is a beautiful opportunity to love yourself.  To accept yourself just as you are.  It’s an opportunity to move some stuck energies.  And it’s an opportunity to allow your soul self closer.  It is not a time to be hard on yourself.  But it is a time to surrender, or rather, to allow your soul to do its job.  To create for you what your human self is not able to do alone.  Whether it’s health, or financial abundance, or more joy…all of which you are worthy and deserving of.

It’s an opportunity to allow yourself to feel the love from your soul that does not have any agenda.  A love you are certainly not used to.  A love that feels so overwhelming when you allow it in.  And when you practice letting it in…and that means just relaxing and not trying…you begin to feel how awesome you are.  It will come in fragments at first, but soon it will become a bigger part of your day to day life.

Meanwhile know that all is well.

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Most people don’t want change.  They will bitch about their circumstances, but at the same time hold dearly to the status quo.  Why is that?

For one thing, change is hard.  There is a comfort in patterns, even if those patterns are not bringing us joy.  And the status quo is serving us in some way.  We resign ourselves to conditions or situations or ways of behaving in order to avoid something we consider far worse.  For example, staying in an abusive relationship is better than being alone.  Working in a job that gives us no joy is better than the anxiety of not knowing where the money will come from.  Being the emotional care taker for others is better than facing ourself and all our own feelings.

Some behaviors and patterns feel like home or like love according to our personal childhood experiences.  We may have been taught that love means behaving well or being there for the needs of others, putting aside our own needs in the process.  This is a hard role to give up.  Even when it clearly violates our self-respect.  Women especially have been taught that giving, giving, giving (over nurturing) is the way to receive love.  So they allow their personal boundaries to be crossed so much of the time to the point where they don’t even recognize it’s happening.

Meanwhile, they are repressing feelings of anger and resentment, because on the deeper level they know this is not love, and it certainly is not balanced.

Releasing Patterns

Now we are releasing patterns in a way never done before.  Through ascension.  We used to have to die and release our bodies and personalities in order to achieve that.  Now we are doing it in this lifetime in these bodies.  So if we are feeling indisposed physically, mentally and emotionally, and if our lives are turned upside down, we are right on track.  You see, because humans are so resistant to change, sometimes there has to be a disruption of the status quo.  We need to be knocked off our feet, at least initially.

But what happens in the process is we start to worry that something is wrong with us.  The only thing wrong is we are still clinging to those old patterns.  Change is intimidating.  It requires moving out of our comfort zones.  For example, sometimes it requires us to take actions that make us look selfish.

It often requires us to put our own needs in front of other people in our life.  Sometimes it requires us to be alone, to depend upon ourselves.  Yes, this ascension is extracting the old patterns right out of us, often in a painful way, because we do not like change so much, even though we asked for this change.

So much stuff is churned up, so much guilt, so much anger, so much sadness, and doubt.  Oh how we doubt.  What’s wrong with me?  What should I be doing?  Maybe my instincts are wrong and I should go back to the old ways.  I’m beginning to stand out too much from the crowd.  We also find ourselves saying, I seem to be happier in spite of my own chaos and the drama out there in the world.  I seem to like my own company better than most everyone else’s.  I don’t seem to enjoy care taking others any more.  In fact I am realizing that the care taking was the main connection I had with them and without it there is not much left to relate to with them.

And even with the inner voice that tells me I’m not worthy.  I am no longer giving that voice much attention.

We want change, and we are getting it.  Like never before.  We took on patterns on behalf of others, in order to transmute those patterns.  So they weren’t even ours.  Even so, we get stuck in them and they need to be extricated out of us. We are changing, we are beginning to respecting ourselves, and others reflect that back to us.  We notice we don’t attract so  many energy leaches anymore.  Which also means we can be a little bored without our old role to rely on, being there for others.  Because being there for ourselves can sometimes be lonely.  It means being with all our feelings.

It also means being there with our joy.  Seeing our magnificence.   Taking responsibility for our life and claiming our freedom.  Freedom from worry and fear, and from the opinions of others.  No, most people don’t want change.  They just want to bitch about their life.  But you, dear way shower, wanted change.  You asked for it a while ago.  You were the adventurous souls.  You came into this lifetime prepared, having worked on yourself over lifetimes, now ready to allow your christ seed to emerge.  No, you didn’t anticipate quite how much of a tsunami this thing called enlightenment would be, but nothing was going to stop you.

You wanted more than anything your enlightenment.


Anger and Ascension

Many on the forefront of ascension, and if you are reading this and are drawn to similar subject matter, you are on the forefront of the ascension movement….are experiencing anger and frustration, irritability and impatience.  With themselves and with others.  They could be feeling quite peaceful, and the sudden loud noise from a neighbor’s house or apartment will set them off.  They may feel intense anger and this upsets them.  After all, aren’t those who are awakening supposed to be loving toward others?  And here they are ready to chop their neighbor’s head off.

If you find yourself feeling angry, even enraged at things and people do not think there is something wrong with you or that you are not spiritual.  First, anger is one of those emotions that spiritual people like to hide under the rug!  And we all know what happens when we do that.  It’s like trying to keep the lid on a boiling pot of water.

There may be many different reasons for the anger or frustration, but bottom line is, if it is suppressed, it will find expression, often in not so nice ways.  Maybe illness, an accident, or even depression.  Sometimes the anger is generated from feelings of helplessness, like we have no control over circumstances.  Sometimes it is an indication that our boundaries have been crossed.  As lightworkers, we are notorious for allowing others to feed off of us, and to stay in situations or relationship way past their expiration date.  Often we hang onto them for fear that we will be all alone in the world.  Or we fear that we do not know who we are outside of the role of care taker to others.

Often the anger is old and is just coming up to be released.  It’s just old stuck energy.  Anger can also be used as a fuel to get us moving.  Out of the anger springs a new desire to have something better.  Maybe you want more financial independence, better health, more inner peace, more self-love.  Just as fuel launches a rocket into space, so your anger can launch your new desires.  Sometime in our future we may not need to create in this way, but for now we have this anger, which is simply one form of available energy, to work with.

So judging ourselves as wrong for feeling angry is unnecessary.

Another reason for the anger and frustration and intolerance is that we are advanced souls living on a Planet where duality is dominant.  At this stage of our awakening we have run out of patience for bullshit.  No sense mincing words here.  We simply can’t put up with compromising ourselves, in jobs or relationships that we can’t connect with.  We find ourselves able to connect with others on their level, since we have been where they are at.  But they can’t connect with us at our level.  So we find ourselves adjusting to relate to them, which can leave us tired and frustrated.  I’m not talking about the polite exchanges with others in passing at the grocery store or coffee shop, but those we find ourselves more involved with.  It’s why it is essential to create a sanctuary for ourselves, a place all our own, to rebalance regularly.

It’s intense out there, and being empaths, we are picking up on the prevailing energies of others, of what is going on in the world, and even the astral realms….all are being affected by the new energies.  We have been processing the heavy energies for others for eons, but in the new consciousness that is no longer a requirement.

Another reason for the anger and impatience is that we are bored.  We have pretty much ‘done it all.’  We are at the later stages of enlightenment while most others are at the very beginning stages.  We know there is more, that there is something beyond the world of duality, but we are still doubting.  It’s like having all your belongings all packed, you are so ready to move, but you don’t know where that is exactly.  You just know that you no longer feel like a good fit where you now reside.

So please do not judge the anger or the frustration.  See it as a sign that you are even closer to your freedom.  And use the anger as a fuel when that feels appropriate.  If you recognize the anger for what it truly is, you need not fear hurting anyone else or yourself.  As you give the emotions space to come and go, you will have no need to misdirect it toward others.

So, regardless of where the anger originates, we can use it as a fuel and we can also allow it to come and go, not holding onto it or claiming it as ours or as something to wrestle with. Find a voice for the feeling.    Our new body of consciousness is forming and is capable of keeping the emotional body free of stuck energies in the form of fear or anger or depression.  Our newly forming light body does not hold those emotions, so the new human has freed up their energies to manifest more easily their hearts desires.

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