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Is The Ascension Real? (Why We Doubt)

When we spend too much time (and that can be from ten minutes to a whole day) with others in the asleep world, we can begin to doubt our process.  Is it  real?  Are we just deluding ourselves?  After all. The majority of the people on the planet aren’t questioning their reality.

They have their noses to the grindstone.  They are doing the best they can to get through the day.  To put food on the table, to get a little sex, watch the football game, get a little more ahead if they are lucky.  They aren’t even considering taking their noses off the grindstone lest someone else swoop in and take away what they worked so hard for.  And, if they keep working hard, maybe they can get ten or fifteen years of relaxation and fun in before they croak.

When you are in doubt whether the ascension is real, whether a new way of being is real, just remember, not too long ago the consensus was that the world was flat.  Those who believed otherwise were in the minority.  They were not given credibility.  We as lightworkers came here knowing that this is a revolutionary time to be alive.  That we would be bringing in concepts unheard of by mankind.  We knew it was not going to be an ordinary lifetime. We knew it was going to be challenging to the core. Change always is.  But the changes are from the inside out. That is where true change begins.  And because most people can’t see the changes on the outside (yet) they assume nothing is happening.

We sometimes doubt because we are used to being in a mental, ‘practical’ world where physical evidence is supreme proof of something’s ‘validity’.

While everyone on Earth is being affected by the increase in light quotient infiltrating the Planet, most are not consciously aware of the Ascension and light body process.   They are not interested right now. And that is fine. Even for ourselves, to have it ‘happen’ all at once, the total integration of ourselves, would blow our circuits out. Our bodies couldn’t handle that much ‘voltage’ all at once.   The body is still working on old programming. The light body process is jut that, a process.  Being unsure of our core truth is often the mind’s way of protecting us.  The mind uses the past to evaluate the safety of a thought or action.  Experiences from our past as lightworkers can keep us stuck in our ‘safety zone.’

We sometimes doubt because we were persecuted for our beliefs in the past, so we may feel ‘safer’ fitting in with the ‘norm,’ or with the majority rule.

Consciousness wants to expand. It is ever-expanding. If you are seeing those around you going through their challenges, whether it is illnesses, financial issues, relationship issues, just know that it is their consciousness wanting to know itself. They are going through their process at their own pace. Maybe they will awaken to their true self this lifetime, or maybe not. It doesn’t matter. On a soul level you chose this lifetime to be the lifetime of your personal Awakening. No one or nothing is going to stop that. You gave permission. You simply cannot go back to sleep.

There seems to be so many questions unanswered in this process. Is it real? How much longer? How will it happen? What will it look like? Part of the process is trust, that it all works out. The how and when, that’s a tough one to answer since so few humans have gone through this.  We are the ones.  We are ascending differently than the Ascended Masters of the past.  We are required to use the new energies and we decided to remain here to enjoy life as an Ascended Master.   Most of the Masters of the past left soon after their ascension. The energies here were just too dense. They didn’t really need to learn to work with these energies.

We sometimes doubt because we are the first to go through this New Ascension Process.


The New Ascension

We can call this the New Ascension, never done before. We are not necessarily going to leave this planet right away after our enlightenment. We are learning to use cosmic and crystalline energies, not just the earth energies (the slower ones) that we are used to using. There is a difference. So, we can call this the New Ascension –  never done before.   If you are looking around you, at your day-to-day world and wondering, is my enlightenment real or is that out there real?.  Well the fact that you are even questioning it is a good sign.  It means you are far enough along in this process to allow yourself doubts, while knowing that you can’t exist in that world anymore.

Remember, also that you are empathic. So, you will be feeling the prevailing energies and beliefs of others, their doubts and their fears, and at this stage you know enough not to take them on as your own. If you do, it is ok. It is a process. You’re learning to distinguish the difference by how it makes you feel. Your true self feels confident, loving, compassionate, and joyful. If those feelings are not joyful to you, if they do not make your heart sing, then let them go. Feel them, but do not process them. You are feeling into the broken hearts of so many at this time. What they are not owning, you are tempted to take for them. You’ve done that for so long. It will take practice to release that.

We sometimes doubt because we are empathic.

The nature of a New Consciousness pioneer is someone who forges a trail for others to follow. To take on the attributes of an ‘ordinary’ human and to transcend them.


School Is Over

Listening to the music helps to integrate the energies of the post:

If you are reading this, you are officially a graduate of the SCHOOL OF LESSONS on the Planet Earth!  Congratulations!  You have passed with flying colors!  Some subjects were of more interest to you than others, and maybe you just skirted by on others, but you are standing here, ready to receive your diploma nonetheless, along with thousands of others.

Lessons are over.  You are now a Teacher of the New Energy.  Your students will come to you in many different fashions and ways.  The Lessons you learned will always be remembered by your soul, but not necessarily the details.  Just the wisdom. Your job is to now enjoy life.  To continue the upgrading of your self-love, your finances, and your health.  A master isn’t interested in struggle, in compromise, in a ‘just enough’ mentality.  A master is interested in enjoying life, and  in allowing all that life has to offer, in an easy and loving way.

Yes, there are still places that the teacher, the enlightened master, hasn’t embraced.  They are still in ways, not loving to self, but spirit loves them none the less, and always has.  It’s o.k. dear hearts, it’s o.k. not to love yourselves 100% in order to embody spirit.  Just as it wasn’t necessary to be perfect at every class in school in order to graduate.  There is no need to repeat middle school.  Now that you are out of school, there is a period of adjustment, where you will need to take some time to assimilate to the new world and your new role.

You are each the embodied masters who have come back in time to experience your enlightenment.  And, enlightenment is about being human and angel, being light and dark.  Being whole and complete – which you are, and have always been.  Your lifetimes were difficult. You kept hidden for so long your Christ Consciousness, because it wasn’t safe to show the world your true self.  It’s now safe to be yourself, to shine your light, to play, to eat ice cream, to allow ease when others in the world still hold onto heaviness and struggle.

If you don’t feel prepared, and you want to go back to school for more lessons, you can try, but you will be disappointed.  You will find that you really can’t study enough or learn enough to get you through ascension any faster or easier.  You will come to find that you just need to exercise your new muscles, to trust that you have everything you need for your new life.  It’s basically ‘on the job training’ at this point.  You wont find this information in any book.  But you already know that.  You are one of the brave souls that took a leap into density, fully prepared to do what you came here to do.  In fact, between you and me, there really weren’t any lessons, were there?  You just went through school in order to familiarize yourself with the human curriculum, so you could be a more compassionate teacher.

So honor yourself this graduation day, dear New Energy Teachers, for you have a lot to celebrate!

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Everyone Has Their Own Recharging System

As we continue downloading light into ourselves and into our DNA, we are becoming a new person on every level. We are beginning to recharge our own battery, no longer finding outside sources adequate. This is profound.  We used to reach out in the old energy for others to help us feel loved and cared for.  Now in the new energy we are becoming the sovereign beings we were meant to be – no longer relying on others for love, comfort, and care. Consequently, it’s difficult relating to those who are still looking outside themselves for love and fulfillment.  As we become self fulfilled, we are no longer comfortable being anyone else’s source of love, comfort or care. It simply doesn’t feel right to us. Initially, it will cause others to feel left behind, let down, abandoned and betrayed.  We are not going to become more of our true selves without others noticing. But, as long as we don’t react to their frustration, and just keep our own balance, there will be very little drama. Reacting, responding, and engaging others will just fuel the fire. Remember, the law of attraction is always operating. So, to focus on issues within ourselves or others, to beat the drum of “They still need me” and “They can’t take care of themselves emotionally” will just expand the drama and keep everyone stuck.

Instead, it’s wise to remind yourself that they have everything they need to be their  sovereign self. And, it’s not your job to prop them up. Trust your feelings here. If it feels off to be there for them emotionally, trust those feelings. They are telling you the other person is coming from lack in that moment, and giving into them will just keep them stuck. As we love ourselves more unconditionally, we understand that we don’t need to be validated by anyone but ourselves. We can then begin to love others unconditionally, knowing that they are their own resource, and also that they are just where they need to be. If they are not where you think they should be, it would be wise to release your agenda. But it also doesn’t mean you need to give in to their needs.

You are demonstrating a love to them that they aren’t quite familiar with. A love that doesn’t judge, a love that isn’t conditional, and a love that is self-sufficient. It may not even feel like love to them, or to you initially. In fact, it may feel selfish… Where’s the sacrifice, where’s the loyalty? Where’s the hand holding?

The Ties That Bind

Relationships are the hardest hit in the new energy because there are so many emotional cords and ties, some ancient, with others. But, in the new energy, the shift is from focusing on others to focusing on self. And if you are reading this, you are far along enough to understand that this does not mean that we do not love others. It means we are becoming the new, balanced, Divine human, who loves self enough just as they are, and who is open to inviting spirit into their body and their life. But, it requires relinquishing victim mode, and, we can slip into victim mode when we give up a part of ourselves, no matter how small, to please anyone else. We are here, as the advanced guard, in a different capacity, no longer caretaker, no longer victim, and it will feel odd at first. It will feel unloving because love was so misunderstood.  And, I can’t stress enough it’s not about being perfect in all this. There will be fumbling, there will be setbacks, there will be tears, wanting to go back to the old way, because there was a certain comfort there.

But, dear friends, we can’t really go back. Haven’t we tried? And, we are tasting more and more love from our own spirit, so that to go back is less enticing than ever.

So, if someone seems like they need you to recharge their battery, just trust your inner guidance. Do they truly need a jump-start, or can you trust that they have their own Divine recharging system? Ask yourself, am I truly helping this person, or am I just using them as a distraction? The new consciousness leaders and teachers are not here to be the martyrs, to be the Mother Teresas. Even if you are a counselor or a healing facilitator, you are understanding that the client must be ready to change and there must be no fostering of dependency upon you.

This is a profound shift from the old tools and old ways of helping others. No more taking on their issues, and processing them. Not if you want to move fully into the new energy. The shift is upon us. What we do with it is up to us. We can use the new tools or we can still try pulling in the old, outmoded ways and methods and patterns and keep ourselves stuck. The new energy is quite different, with new dynamics, new ways, and a joy and love that we could not even imagine.


Where’s Your Loyalty?

Are you loyal to your spouse, friends, mate? Your job? Church? Country? God? How loyal are you to yourself?

If you are reading this, you are an ascending human, here to fall in love with yourself. You said you would do whatever it takes. You wanted, more than anything to feel spirit in your life.

At one point you thought you just wanted some improvements in your old life: a bigger home, more money, a nicer car, better health. And, while these are all byproducts of enlightenment, if you choose, they are not really why you are here. You are here to become your own resource for love, for comfort, and for joy.

You are literally letting go of your old lifetime. Do you sometimes wonder why you can’t remember things from the past? That’s part of the plan. You may be finding that those you felt attached to, you no longer feel that way about. You may find yourself in a situation or a relationship that you no longer resonate with, and you’re wanting to release it. That is also part of the process. You begin to feel that your loyalty may have been toward the other, but now, loyalty towards self is taking priority. There may be pain and guilt involved in wanting to move on, but the voice is getting louder. You can no longer ignore it. You need to stop cheating on yourself.

When we compromise ourselves, and are involved with people or situations that just do not feel right, we are betraying ourselves. We are living a double life, and we will not find inner peace. Much can be learned from the relationship or situation. They are just a mirror for us. Does someone (It could even be a pet) seem needy of our attention?  Then, what are we ignoring within ourselves that needs our attention? So it’s not just about leaving the job or the relationship, it’s dissolving the patterns. It’s allowing the love from spirit into our bodies and our lives. There really should be no struggle involved. Just a slowing down and listening. Listen to the voice inside, to the feelings, and to your body. If your loyalty is not towards you, where it needs to be if you were moving into Ascension, you will slow down your enlightenment.

It doesn’t even mean you need to give up your friendships or jobs or loved ones, but it does mean saying yes to YOU! Saying yes to being your own source for your joy, for being your own best friend. Saying yes to your physical body. Taking good care of it, loving it, both physically and energetically.

Small steps at first, because it is not always easy to make yourself your priority. Deciding that your opinion about you is really the only valid one, even if the other opinions come from authority figures or a loved one. It doesn’t matter. True freedom is validating self.  This isn’t about self-esteem or assertiveness training. This is the raison d’être of the entire Ascension process!

In fact, it’s not even about focusing on anyone out there in your life. It’s really about you and you! And, if you are like me, I truly do enjoy people. I love laughing and engaging in a certain amount of light conversation. But, I am becoming more  discerning about who I will spend quality time with. I am more and more comfortable in my own skin, and when I am in a situation that does not feel right, the alarms go off. It’s not even subtle anymore. I don’t get easily seduced. Except when I am feeling a little lonely, or vulnerable. Then I am more open to attracting some unwanted company. But it’s not about putting our guard up either. It’s just being aware. Check in on yourself regularly. If something feels off, just give yourself time away. Sometimes we are picking up on others’ needs and wants and take them on as ours. I’ve done this in relationships. As I spent more and more time with the other, I began to feel I needed to be involved with them, but when I got back into my space, I felt differently. If you’re used to shifting your focus outside of yourself, you will easily pick up others’ issues and needs, even to the point of becoming what they want you to become. The pay off for you is feeling loved… not feeling so alone, because at certain stages of this Ascension process, one can feel very alone. But, the attention you receive is because you’re not being loyal to yourself but giving into the needs of another.  In the world around us, this is considered a typical relationship.

But how about the relationship with yourself. It’s time to come back home: to gather up all the parts and pieces of you that have felt lost and wounded. Invite them back to the space you have created within your heart and belly. That safe space where you are allowing spirit, the expansive and eternal YOU.

Start small, taking real, physical steps to show your human self that it is not alone in all of this, that it can depend upon you to be there.

We are taught to find love, approval, and validation outside ourselves. And we were required to compromise ourselves in the process. It created a situation in which we did not know ourselves because we were so busy ‘out there’ trying to prove worthiness. The Ascension process is all about letting all of that go. It’s all about coming back home to ourselves.

And then, when we are overflowing with love for self, we can share the overflow with others, not hold their hands or take on their issues. Just sharing who we are. It takes courage and trust to face the void, that space where we are not playing victim or caretaker, but we are not yet sure who we are outside of that role, or where we are going. It can feel quite lonely, quite uncomfortable. It’s like the kids leaving home and mom feels lost without being a mother. Who can she take care of Now? Who the hell is she now?

New Territory

Very few volunteered for this process because it’s not for the timid. It requires trust in the face of the unknown. There’s no manual, no how to. Of course, the road will be much easier for those who follow, but we are in the forefront and are often in the dark. But, we are developing our inner guidance, our spiritual GPS. And just remember, it’s not about pushing, just make the choice in your heart and allow circumstances to unfold, taking inspired action.

If these concepts of being an independent, sovereign being who is in love with self were already mainstream, wouldn’t we see it reflected in the media: on TV and in the movies? I don’t know about you, but I am tired of the boy meets girl, romance, relationships, family values shows on TV and in the movies. Have you seen any about a woman who is unattached, loves her life, and is self fulfilled? Sure she has her challenges, but at the end of the day, she’s her own person. One show that comes to mind is “Murder She Wrote’  from years ago. It was about a writer, amateur sleuth, and independent woman who was unattached, not dating anyone and loved her life. Now I know why I liked that show: it was groundbreaking.

And, so are we. We are breaking new ground. We are the new role models for the self loving, self fulfilled human. But, until enough of us are there, we will be stuck with these old energy shows, books and movies to entertain us. We are the new breed. The new, balanced human. Own that, and take some inspired action from that place, and watch as your life transforms.

So saying yes to yourself, not in anger or defiance against anything or anyone else, just in knowingness that you are Divine. You are God, also! No power involved, just an awareness. Trust that this understanding will come.

One More Thing

If you see all others outside yourself as aspects of you, even the ones that annoy you, you will understand that as you choose for you, for yourself, you also help them. It may appear they are lost to you –  for example a relationship, but look past the human mind, and you will begin to see that we are all volunteers. We are creating our own reality, and they put this experience there for their growth and self-love also.

We are all sovereign. It is just that some have not yet awakened to that realization. So, as you choose for yourself, as you choose joy and as you choose freedom from the opinion of others, you assist them. You become an example for them to choose for themselves the same.

This is the most loving, caring act on your part. Oh, they will probably not see it initially and they will try to pull you back, making you the bad guy. But, you can’t have it both ways. You can’t choose for you, and make them happy. Their human self-will protest. You’re not playing the game with them anymore. What gives you the right to feel such joy in the midst of pain and suffering, they ask? They may even get more manipulative and try harder to pull you back. You understand that. You’ve been there. You were once unfulfilled, and played victim. So you do have compassion.

But dear friends, aren’t we all tired of that old game? Take a deep breath………..fill up on Spirit……….. take another deep breath…………

Now, choose for YOU.


If You Knew…(Ascension Recap)

Enjoy ‘Forest Dance’ while reading post

IF YOU KNEW that you will ascend, that you will receive your enlightenment in this lifetime, that your physical imbalances are temporary and not life-threatening, but are part of the recalibration/mutation process, would you relax a little bit more?

IF YOU KNEW that you have already given permission at a soul level for this process, and the more expansive part of you has already ascended,  would you feel a little more confidence?

IF YOU KNEW that everything that has happened and is happening in your life –  your losses, the seeming chaos, were part of the new energy and spirit lining up with your body, would you breathe a little bit easier and allow more play into your life? Would you then distract yourself more with funny movies, or doing things that make you feel good?

IF YOU KNEW that you are being assisted at so many levels, and that you are revered by those in the angelic realms for your courage and determination, would you be a little more patient, and drop some of your fears and concerns?

IF YOU KNEW that the people in your life, on a deeper level, want you to ascend, so that they can feel the potential for themselves, would you stop worrying so much about them?

IF YOU KNEW that you have done nothing wrong and that there’s actually nothing wrong with you, would you stop focusing so much on trying to figure things out?

IF YOU KNEW that you were going through the most incredible process a human being has ever gone through, that you are on the cutting edge of the total reprogramming, a total recalibrating of every aspect of you, your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual self, would you give yourself the love and admiration you deserve?

IF YOU KNEW that the work you are doing is in love for your self and extended human family and it’s affecting your community, your country, your world, your solar system, and the entire omniverse, would you be so hard on yourself?

IF YOU KNEW that you are moving into a new lifetime while remaining in your current physical body, becoming more Lightbody, and releasing everything that no longer serves you, would you wonder so much why you can’t seem to relate to the world around you anymore and why you sometimes feel alone?

IF YOU KNEW that most of your emotions, fears, anxieties, sadness, and doubt are not yours –  that you have been processing these feelings for humanity, and that you are no longer required to do this, would you then allow the emotions to come and go more freely?

IF YOU KNEW that it gets easier, that there is light at the end of the tunnel, that you are closer than you know to your enlightenment, would you rejoice and celebrate your life more?

Take some time dear Time Traveler, dear Human Angel, to honor yourself, and don’t focus so much on the healing crisis, on your symptoms or your losses. Instead, bring your attention to the magnificent star that you truly are!

And if that’s not so easy to do, just do a crossword puzzle, or eat some cookies and watch a funny show. That will do, too!



Love and light



The Spiritual Red Carpet

redcarpetMost will agree that we live in a world in which outside manifestation and accomplishments are given much more attention and rewards than any inner changes. We admire other people’s ability To climb a mountain, to win a race, to grow a business, maybe to gain better health, become someone in the community that’s more respected, create art, music, writing, and the list goes on.

While all of these accomplishments are wonderful, and we are here to manifest and create our dreams, there is very little if no recognition given to the inner accomplishments. When was the last time you were admired for becoming more self-loving?  Or releasing an emotional trauma that has been with you for a while?  Do any of your friends or neighbors recognize in you the spiritual warrior that you are? That you have worked lifetimes to allow your spirit into your physical reality?  That you are carving out a road that no one has taken before you? That you are altering the current mass consciousness as we speak? That you are a pioneer and in the forefront of the Ascension movement?

That you have taken so many spiritual and emotional risks to get to where you are today? No, I doubt if anyone in your family or community would really understand your personal accomplishments in that area. I don’t mention this so that you can feel resentful, but so that you can begin to give yourself the credit you are due. The odds that were against you from early on, and how you’ve moved through so much and are still here is testimony to your inner resolve. Have you been patting yourself on the back for everything you have done, and for all the inner changes you have gone through?  Because if you’re waiting for anyone else to do it for you, you will be waiting a very long time.

To your mind it may not seem that you have accomplished as much as you think. But just remember the mind has been conditioned to see accomplishments as an outer manifestation.  As you are moving into the new energy, every cell of your body is transforming. Your consciousness is transforming. You are releasing old patterns and systems of beliefs. The outer needs time to catch up with the inner.  It does no good to be hard on yourself because you think you should have more physical manifestations by now. Sometimes these things take longer because the physical is the last to catch up with the inner changes. And while outer rewards for physical accomplishments are wonderful, it is time to give ourselves the awards and rewards for all of our consciousness work.

What we are learning is that simply by existing, we are worthy of anything we desire. We are learning that creating does not need to be hard work. That manifesting can come from joy.  The journey has to be joyful.  In actuality there is no need for competition or for evaluating the level of accomplishments, even the inner ones. That is all duality thinking. But meanwhile, do give yourself credit where credit is due, dear light worker.  Take a walk down the Red Carpet and receive the award for being you.


The New Script

Enjoy ‘My Sanctuary’ while reading

While it may not feel like it most of the time, we are in each moment creating our reality.  In the old energy, creating in 3D was cumbersome, slow and involved a tremendous amount of effort.  Because of the time lag, by the time our manifestations appeared we couldn’t see the connection between them and our own creator abilities.


Write Your New Script

In the New Energy, our creations appear more quickly and with much less effort, provided we are lined up vibrationally with them.  In a way it was a blessing that the time lag existed because we could end up creating irresponsibly.  As we awaken and become more conscious, our creations do too.  Since we are the creators of our own ‘movies’ why not create something new?  Start writing a new script.  In your new movie, do you want to be rich?  Have more energy to do more things that are fun?  Do you want to be emotionally independent?  Financially independent?

Do you want to travel?  Live in a beautiful home?  Do you want to be more adventurous?  Play more?  Trust your intuition more?  Be more at peace?  More Psychic? Explore other dimensions?  What is your new name?  How will you dress?  Will you have the same friends?  Will you have a select number of people in your life who are also self-fulfilled?  Will there still be some drama in your life?  What?  Did someone just say that a good movie always has some drama otherwise it would be boring.  Are you willing to challenge yourself to not include drama in your new movie?  To have a movie that contains passion, adventure, fun, creativity, music, art, dancing, travel, without drama?

And a happy ending, and a happy beginning, and a happy middle?

Dare you dream so big?  Well, dear time traveller, dear lightworker, what else is there left to do?  Perhaps your body is tired, and you just want to rest.  That’s a perfect opportunity to dream your dreams.  You’re not running around so much anymore.  That is the best time to relax into your imagination.  Perhaps the journeying is over for you.  The searching for yourself, the processing.  Perhaps you are ready to claim your mastery.  To allow your soul to continue melding with your body and your life.  That may take a little more time.  It takes as long as it takes.  Meanwhile, it’s important to ‘set the stage’ for your new manifestations.    To begin to bring your soul dreams here to Earth.  Don’t worry if you change your mind.  That’s allowed.  You can flit around like a butterfly from dream to dream.  Maybe one or two will feel great.  Maybe they will feel like your heart is opening when you muse over them.

Those may be the ones you want to activate.  So, command the brilliant new energies to work on your behalf.  Then, just relax.  Know that they are already done.  It will take some getting used to because in the old energy we wanted to micro-manage the details.  That’s a no-no in the New Energy.  It’s all about allowing and not getting all mental about it.  And it’s going to be different.  Maybe the old dreams just don’t fit you any more.  It’s a new time and it’s time for new dreams.

So write your new script.  have fun with it.

Start feeling it right now.  Because it sends the signal to the universe that you are already living the dreams.


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