You’re Not Alone: Emotional Symptoms of Ascension

Enjoy my song “Ying Yang” while reading the post!

As the dimensional shift draws nearer, many of us are experiencing both physical and emotional symptoms of ascension. (See my post, “You’re Not Alone: Physical Symptoms of Ascension”)  This post will focus on the emotional symptoms.  First, ascension is simply put a reintegration of body, mind and spirit…of all of you..all your aspects, all your lives.  Eventually every soul will take the journey, and of course there are no exceptions.  But everyone is different and has their own path to take and their own time-frame.  Ascension is by no means limited to “lightworkers” or any such definition.  You don’t have to follow a certain diet, meditate, take classes, use crystals, drink holy water, or even be aware of any of these concepts to ascend.  It’s a soul desire that creates the opening and it’s not an event as much as as it’s a way of being.  

Many of you are empaths:  you are sensitive to the energies of people around you.  Well, right now, there’s a tremendous amount of energies coming and going all around us!  We’re clearing old outdated patterns and beliefs, and for each of us, it’s a little different.  Some are going from depressed and listless to excited and anxious.  Yep, we get to feel the full gamut, because we’re going from dimension to dimension.  From 5th to 3rd or 4th.

Not to worry…this too shall pass!  Now, just a few points:  Breathe.  Stay grounded.  That could mean walks in nature, or it could mean listening to music, or it could mean anything that keeps you in your body.  Don’t go floating off and forget you have a body…because your body is probably going with you.  Otherwise, you’re probably going to depart the earth plane which is o.k. too!  When we’re in pain, physical or emotional we tend to want to escape the body, but right now it’s critical that you stay in your body as much as possible.

Situations and people that you tolerated before are going to be challenging to you now like never before!  Not because you’re not spiritual.  Being spiritual doesn’t mean you’re Mother Theresa and just  allow others to feed off you…by the way, Mother Theresa is a beautiful example of martyrdom.  You are becoming more lightbody and raising your frequency, so you are not going to be able to be in situations of a considerably lower vibration.  Please don’t judge yourself for being angry or frustrated.  The sooner you accept this as part of the process, the sooner you will transmute the emotions into lightness and peace.  All feelings are valid.

Another point:  Don’t expect a lot of support from friends and family right now.  If it’s there, beautiful, but if not, and you feel you need it,  you will find it in the community of like-minded lightworkers, starseeds, and wayshowers.  You probably already know where to find this support if you found this post!  There’s a myriad of sites online and the right ones will find you!    There’s also a universe of non physical friends just waiting for you to ask for assistance.. They are surrounding you right now.  Let them comfort, encourage and co-create with you.

Another point is to trust your inner self when reading or listening to these messages.  If it feels good, if it makes you feel empowered and hopeful, then it is from a higher source.  Anything that talks about conspiracies or gloom and doom or instills fear in you, move on! (Even if those messages are “channelled.”)

Detachment is a common symptom.  It’s a very good sign because you are transforming from the inside out!  Becoming detached from your passions or interests or people or jobs or situations is totally normal!  You’ve done nothing wrong.  Things need to dismantle, as it were, before the new can come in.  Don’t be discouraged.  Thousands and thousands are experiencing this.  Again don’t see this as a sign that you are not on the right track or not a spiritual person.  We’re creating the new templates of what a spiritual person looks like anyway.  From what I’m discovering, despite what you were taught about him, Jesus himself was prone to being quite impatient, and got into the occasional brawl.  (Thus the expression “JESUS CHRIST!!!!” when you stub your toe.)

This shift from human to divine human (DIMAN) is unprecedented!   There are few if any role models out there.   WE are it!  We are the leaders, the way showers of the new consciousness, helping to move the awakening ones to the 5th dimension and beyond!  The whole point of this shift is to reconnect with our spirit, or god-selves.  We aren’t really elevating ourselves as much as we are remembering who we are while in body.

Anger:  Those who consider themselves ‘spiritual’ may have trouble accepting this one.  But get used to it!  You will be feeling a lot from the prevailing emotions around you and from aspects of you that have been supressed….it  varies from person to person, but just allow the emotions as much as you can!  Express the anger.  Pound a pillow, scream, dance, walk it off, whatever feels right for you!  Try not to judge the feeling as not spiritual.  Being a spiritual master here on earth is all about acceptance.  Acceptance of your higher self and your human self.  And with that acceptance, and with the process ahead of you of ascension, the anger will diminish more and more and you will feel more and more joy.

Depression:  It’s a big issue right now.  If you are taking medications for it, don’t be too hard on yourslf…ultimately you will want to let them go, but meanwhile just be gentle and know some of what you are feeling isn’t really yours anyway!  It is coming from the mass consciousness, for those who are feeling hopeless.  And it may be from a past aspect of you.  You are no longer that aspect.  You can let it go now.  You don’t have to carry it around anymore.  You can have a fresh start now!   I can tell you from my own experience I have been intimate with this feeling, and I can tell you also that regardless of what you feel, it won’t consume you.  especially now that your light is so much brighter than it’s ever been before!

 Many are feeling a sense of loss, of heartbreak.  We sense we will be letting go, or have let go of our old selves.  Even if that aspect gave us pain, it’s hard saying goodbye…friends, jobs, lovers, family…may have opted to take a different route, and even people we expected to be in our lives forever, may be leaving, or we may leave.   Old comforts aren’t holding up as well anymore, are they?  Honor your feelings.  Sit with your tears….they are very cleansing.

Again, don’t judge any of these feelings as bad, because the judgement is what keeps them around much longer than necessary!  Just know that depression is your soul calling you to come closer.

Anxiety.  Oh, there’s a whole load of that going around.  So much anxiety:  finances, health, relationships, government, religion, environment, war, on and on.  But, I will tell you that the anxiety you are experiencing isn’t really about any of these things.  The anxiety is more about you moving into your enlightenment, your freedom.  Oh, it may feel like it’s because of your boss, or your spouse or your health or your finances…but rest assured it is about your enlightenment!

You wanted nothing more than being enlightened this lifetime.  You worked on it for lifetimes.  Nothing is going to stop you.  You’re moving beyond survival issues now.  You’re in full swing ascension wise.  You’re wondering if you have got what it takes to ascend.  If you’re even thinking about this question, you are ready.  You just need to trust that you are, and you will be.  You don’t need a product or a technique outside yourself.  On a soul level you have already arrived.

Some of the anxiety may be because you are afraid of leaving someone you love behind.  Just know that, even if  they know nothing about any of these concepts, on a soul level, they want you to ascend so you can assist them when they are ready.  It’s not a race.  If you are worried they will not survive without you, think again.  They are just where they need to be and their soul is taking very good care of them.  This process is all about freedom, sovereignty, being whole and complete, not needing to depend upon anyone or anything outside yourself. (My next post will be about relationships in the new energy)

Don’t worry about hurting anyone in this process…it’s not possible from where you stand on a soul level.  If feelings are hurt and there’s anger it’s probably just a final clearing of old issues.  You don’t want to take any of that with you.  Don’t worry about leaving anyone behind…we are all going to meet again, one way or another.

Joy.  Are you finding yourself laughing or feeling really good for no apparent reason?  Things don’t have to change in your life before you feel good.  Actually they can’t until you feel good.  These moments are growing longer and longer, and when you’re feeling bad you don’t want to stay there as long because you know the joy now….it’s who you really are.

We’re learning to trust our feelings more and more…if something feels good then it’s good for ;you.  If something doesn’t feel ‘right’ then it’s not right for you.  Your ‘joy meter’ is always running, you’re just learning to tap into it more and more.  The new consciousness, the new religion, is all about the self…taking care of self, loving self.  Relying on self for all your needs.  It’s about freedom:  being free to be yourself totally…including all your ‘earthly’ feelings.  We as lightworkers/wayshowers/starseeds (and if you are reading this, you are one), weren’t given a roadmap for this is unchartered territory.  But we wanted to come here and awaken ourselves this lifetime.  We knew the perils but that didn’t stop us.  We took the incredible plunge into density, and we have EVERYTHING we need to ascend, to becoming the embodied masters here on earth.

You are well on your way, and you are dearly loved!

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15 thoughts on “You’re Not Alone: Emotional Symptoms of Ascension

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  2. Monica

    Hi Maria, I am one individual going through the process ascension. I was experience depression lately and my curious mind made me google about ascension and finaly landed in your blog. Your posts have answered most of the questions i had and also eased my depression. Thanks a bunch!!

  3. Am so grateful to have read your words just now. An emotional release built and liberated me from it’s hold recently, one of feeling unloved and of independence. My dear sweet partner was in the path. Even though I feel all will be okay, what hurts the most is that he was hurt through this release. So thank you so much for writing on this as I’m sitting here alone with lovely cleansing tears now, not worrying quite as much about it, in the knowing that all WILL be okay.

  4. Allison Brunner, LCSW

    It’s interesting how all articles I’ve read about this say that we will find others who resonate with, we will meet new people who are ascending, and aren’t alone. For two and a half years, this has not been the case for me. And the desire to find people, I realize, comes from old habits, patterns, and collective beliefs that we “should” be in community. But this may not be the case for all of us. I’m finding deep value in the aloneness. My intuition is increasing. My extrasensory abilities are heightening. And my nervous system is still stabilizing from the great awakening. I find that I vibrate and tremble when in the presence of most human beings–even enlightened ones and even moreso! So I listen to my body and its inner wisdom. It knows more than any spiritual counselor, healer, mentor, or guide what is best for me at this time. Perhaps one day I’ll be social again and in community. At the moment I think what I’m learning is to let go of everything everyone else says I need. 🙂 I just wanted to share that with people who feel the same, because it’s not being expressed anywhere that I’ve found.

  5. Allison Brunner, LCSW

    …annnnnnd, big thanks for writing this! The validation that all of this is normal is helpful. No matter how many times I read it. I feel I need to re-read it about ever month. 😉

    1. Allison, you are saying it perfectly. This embodied enlightenment process is truly a solitary process. I have found that I had to move on from groups, family, and friends over the past few years. We needed to go within and really separate ourselves from the outer distractions in a big way. As you say, you know what’s best for you.

      And, at the same time, we came in this lifetime as a group who wanted to go through this transformational process. Not the traditional type of group where there must be obligation, or commitment to the group, or to even know who the others are in that group. But it’s a small but devoted group of souls who reside in various places on the globe, who knew that energetically they would be supporting each other.

      And you and I connecting was no coincidence, as you know. And as you know, we are not part of th ‘new age’ community, don’t follow any guru, are not holding hands around the campfire praying for world peace.

      We are quite independent, irreverent souls.

      It takes that kind of irreverence to go through this often grueling process, yes?

      There is a sacredness to the solitude we seek. And it can at times feel lonely, but that will change in time too. Thank you for sharing. (BTW…this post is about five years old, so I had to re read it myself…😍)

      1. Allison Brunner, LCSW

        Yes, yes, and yes! Thank you for reminding me of something else that feels true: that beyond what I can sense with my physical senses, I AM connecting and connected to souls, working in groups, possibly outside of my waking-conscious awareness. This heartens me. Thank you for writing this. So validating. Glad I found you.

    2. Els Read-van't Veer

      Hi Allison, I hope you have found the support we all desire when going through all of this. I am blessed with a husband who is NOT going through this process, but has and is, supporting me unconditionally. I desired solitude and actually kept everyone at a distance. I was this way for a number of years. Reach out whenever you desire or need to. I wish you a wonderful transition.

  6. Hi, I’m Mike and I’m ascending, and it’s a pain in the ass with all these emotions, but I’m living day by day very confused at times but more peaceful, more loving and compassion at times, feel lonely but in a good way, I need a mentor…

    1. Hi Mike….yes, the emotions that surface during ascension certainly are a pain in the ass! They get our attention, and the trick is to allow all of them, and at the same time, not identify with them. Unless of course, they are joyful feelings. Because the joy is really the feeling that comes from our soul.

      I’m happy to hear you are also more peaceful, more loving and compassionate….especially toward yourself. And feeling lonely in a good way. I like to call it sacred solitude.

      And I can certainly understand the confusion. The mind is going a little crazy. It’s trying to figure this ascension thing out, and it can’t. This process is all about allowing, not thinking. A tall order for a mind that has been conditioned to analyze and control everything. But it is actually relieved that it’s no longer required to figure it out.💜

  7. Els Read-van't Veer

    I had to place a yes, next to every point. But I have turned a corner, released a lot of pain, forgiven myself for stuff I am not proud of, forgiven others because they are who they are and I agreed to be on this journey with them. In the past I could only have compassion for others, for myself I was a relentless tyrant. People used me, with my silent permission. I was depressed for 10 years and had therapy but something, a nagging something, kept saying these are just the events, they do not determine who I am and what happens next. I finally learnt what it meant “to let it go”. Gosh I used to become angry when someone said let it go. I would scream, sometimes aloud and other times in my head, what the heck does that mean, let it go? And how? But I have. What peace, in my heart and in my head.

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