Is Guilt Real?

Here’s a list of things that may or may not make you feel guilty:

You eat chocolate cake or a big bowl of pasta (Go off your diet)

You have sex

You think about sex

You don’t want to visit aunt Tillie

You think about sex with aunt Tillie

You don’t want to go to uncle Joe’s funeral

You daydream about your cut of the inheritance while the body is still warm

You aren’t polite to someone

You do anything that you deem selfish

When you put your needs in front of someone else’s

You think about past ‘transgressions’ or decisions

When you say no

When things come easily

When you’re having fun

When you speak highly of yourself

When you are not ‘responsible’

When someone has less than you do

When you say no to a charity

When you don’t return someone’s phone calls

When you break up with someone

When you say no to your kids

When you feel less than ‘perfect’ physically, intellectually or spiritually

(Add your own list here)

Most of us haven’t escaped this little treasure called guilt, even if we’re from the most lenient of households and early environments.  It’s sometimes easier to give in to the guilt and ‘follow through’ on something we don’t really want to do, rather than live with the guilty feelings.  But either way, we end up feeling bad.

Guilt has its origins when we first came through the wall of fire into body. At that point we left our spiritual family behind and felt separated from source, from ourselves. We thought we did something wrong.

The churches have followed suit with the Fire and Brimstone tactics. Telling us we need to atone for our ‘sins.’  That we need ‘forgiveness.’  Guilt has permeated just about every facet of our world. We have been hit from all sides and it seems there is no escape.

By law of attraction, guilt seeks punishment, even if it is emotional punishment, feeling bad. But we are used to feeling bad. We think it’s normal. If we’re not feeling bad about something we often look for a reason to.  But the good news is, guilt is on it’s way out.  Through planetary and human ascension, it’s on it’s last legs.

If you’re reading this you are a light worker in one form or another, and your karma is over. Done. You owe no one anything. You have a clean slate. You are brand-new. But, it takes courage to believe that. It takes trust in yourself. Trusting your feelings, not your feelings of guilt or shame, but your feelings of joy. Listen to what you are telling yourself: are you being hard on yourself? If something feels good, it is. It’s good for you. If something feels bad, or if it doesn’t feel joyful, then don’t do it.

Not that you have to run out and quit your job tomorrow, or start divorce proceedings, but it is necessary to begin listening to the quiet inner voice. That’s your heart, your connection to your soul. Otherwise you will just keep repeating the old patterns laden with guilt and fear and nothing will change in your life. Start small, and you know what that means. Follow your inner guidance. As soon as we choose what feels good, odd things come up; resistance, fear, guilt. Excuses not to do what we want. The mind will battle the heart. It’s why there’s so much heart disease. Trust me it’s not fatty foods. The mind will pretend everything’s fine. You pretend you’re happy. Others have it worse off, blah blah blah. But what is your heart telling you? You’ll know by how you feel. Are you feeling tired, sick? Your body is telling you

You can ignore your feelings, until your body breaks down, and you can ignore your body, until they carry you off in a gurney. That is okay too, then you get to start all over again. Death gives us a fresh perspective. But, you are too enlightened to let it go that far.  You are questioning these old, old patterns. You are releasing them little by little. You are listening to your heart more and more.

You are understanding the law of attraction. That what you focus on you create. But, as you are learning, you create from the heart, not the mind. You have to figure out what you’re feeling first before you create your desires. Often, guilt will come up when we begin desiring something for ourselves. Or fear comes up. And, it’s not who we are. We are whole, complete, sovereign beings of light and love. We are not here to prove worthiness, but we are here to create joy. Lessons are over. You have graduated. You are not that person in your past. That was just an experience your soul went through. You did nothing wrong, no matter what you did or didn’t do.

That’s not you. It was a beautiful experience for your soul growth. Nothing more. Duality tells you that this is right or that is wrong. But, in truth, there is no right or wrong. They are human terms that humans created to try to separate different experiences.

There is no morality, there is no judgment. Some experiences feel better than others, yes, but in truth there is no good or bad. So, then guilt is just an illusion. It is a paper dragon. It doesn’t have a leg to stand on. The church used it to control the masses. And we used it to control ourselves, to diminish our joy. And, it worked well. We became colorless, joyless beings, the internal judge and jury keeping watch over our every thought and action.

But, it’s a brand new day. We get to choose all our emotions. We are not victims of culture, our parents, the church, the government, or ourselves. We get to decide if we prefer joy over guilt. In fact, it’s better to feel anger than guilt; at least with anger you feel motivated to change and express. So my fellow way showers, it’s time to shine, to show others that there is life beyond guilt.

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