Your Life Is Your Canvas

Do you remember when you were very little and you had some crayons in your hands and a blank piece of paper… how exciting that moment was for you? The smell of the crayons, the creaminess of the colors, or maybe it was finger painting.    So you began scribbling or painting using your fingers to make images on that piece of paper… how exciting that was for you. You did not know what the picture was going to be. But it didn’t matter. You were so involved in the sensuality of that experience. The colors, The smells, the images that emerged. You didn’t care about the final result more than the experience of creating. In fact, after you finished sometimes you would just toss it aside and start on a fresh piece of paper.  And maybe your mom would put it proudly on the refrigerator with one of those magnets.

I’ve been an artist all my life. I remember moments when it was so exciting to create from nothing. As I became more seasoned, and began worrying about what other people thought, about results, the process wasn’t as pure and joyful. I lost sight of why I became an artist.  But it didn’t take me long to get back to that original feeling because, well, I was actually bored with just results.  It was always fun to look at it, to try to sell it, to display it in a gallery. But to me (and to most artists who are truly artists), I couldn’t wait to start my next project, the excitement of not knowing what will emerge… the inner desire just to express took over.

Don’t Go For Perfect, Just Go For Expressive

Whether it’s writing, drawing, painting, photography, creating a garden, a business… it really doesn’t matter what the creative project is actually…In fact, it can even just be creating a healthier body, a new perspective, a more interesting life for ourselves, inner peace, it is all the same.  Don’t go for perfect, just go for expressive!

When we are struggling or we are striving to manifest something in our life, whether it’s more money, better health, a joyful relationship with others or with ourselves, it’s all under the same heading. It’s all about the process. If we were handed the end results by someone or something else other than ourselves and our inner creativity, I guarantee we would not be satisfied. Because, as much as we may feel otherwise, it is not the end result that is the prize. It’s the feeling we have getting there. It’s that feeling of molding that clay. And when we manifest in life the clay I am speaking of is our passion, our imagination. We’ve lost the ability to a great degree of using our imaginations to create what we want. And sadly that is the joy. That is the joy of creativity. It’s your imagination combined with feelings. That’s the formula for creating what we want. And just like an artist who is creating a piece of artwork, we’re not always sure of exactly what we’re going to get, but we know it’s going to be amazing. Why? Because it contains our essence, it contains our vision, it contains our imagination. That feeling of having a desire, knowing that we can have whatever we desire, and then using our imagination with feeling and pretending that we have it already. We’re playing with it with our feelings.  That’s our brush, that’s our paint. That’s our clay. We’re sculpting energy.

So, remember, Creator God, you are here to create. Not to have everything handed to you. How boring that would be. In the new energy, creativity is much more fluid, much easier. It’s not about struggle, it’s not about a business plan, it’s not about thinking your way through it, no it’s really about being playful. It always was about being playful. But we had so many heavy overlays of guilt, of drama, of struggle. It took the fun out of creating didn’t it? You are an artist. Your life is your canvas.

When things become difficult, when you’re thinking too much, when you’re analyzing things too much, when you’re worrying about things, stop. Take a deep breath. Go have some ice cream. Take a nap. Then when you’re more refreshed And more relaxed, your inner child will come out and want to play. Allow the child out to play. Because that child is your creative connector to your dreams. Do not ever forget that. Nurture the inner child.

So, what are you going to paint? Do you have to know what it’s going to be when it’s finished? Go for the essence of what you want. Maybe you want to feel light and cheerful so you’re going to use brighter colors. Maybe you wanted to be dark and ominous and heavy. There’s really nothing wrong with that either. If that is what you prefer. Perhaps you want to express yourself more. Don’t take it so seriously. Or rather take the playfulness more seriously. And stop taking the serious stuff so seriously. Remember back when you were young and you used your imagination to pretend you were a fireman, a doctor, a princess?  Or a pirate?  You can do the same thing now with your true heart’s desires.  Dream big. You do not have to know specifics, in fact specifics could hold you back. Just feel into the essence of what you want. Yes all your limiting beliefs will come up and try to distract you. It’s okay. Just ‘brush’ them aside, and continue with your dream. Feel into it. Feel what it would be like to have that dream come true. It may create some anxiety. What would your life be like if that dream were to come true? Perhaps it will challenge you. That’s Okay too. Sometimes the artist is challenged as they are painting. The colors are not blending properly. They’re frustrated with their tools. It’s all part of the process.

You are Creator God’s, here to create with your imagination. You can now create with much more ease and fluidity with the new energies. Take advantage of these beautiful energies that are here for you…waiting for you to activate them. They are YOUR energies. Don’t overthink your project. You can always paint over it.

Now go and have some fun.


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