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Ascension and Depression


The subject of depression and ascension is becoming significant in the New Age community.  For this reason I am addressing it in this post. The Ascension process is all about integrating our body of consciousness. Integrating our human and our divine self. This is monumental.

Along with this integration is inevitably a disintegration, a releasing of our old selves, old patterns, karma. It is the dismantling of everything we thought we were. So naturally, there will be a sense of great loss. We believe we are losing parts of ourselves. (coupled with people in our life leaving or we leaving them). There is a grieving process that needs to be honored.

After each stage of the light body process there is a void, which may include depression.  This is a good time to take it easy and just allow the feelings some space.  Don’t push anything.  There is an integration taking place.

Our Own Private Drama-Fest

It is appropriate to grieve, it is appropriate to feel sad, to feel angry and other such emotions, especially through the ascension process.   (And by the way, don’t feel you have to hide your feelings from others.  This process isn’t for those who are trying to be the nice boy or nice girl) However just know that beyond a certain point, it’s okay to break the cycle of that emotion. You don’t have to indulge it to the point where you are becoming addicted to it. And yes those feelings can become very seductive. They become our own private drama-fest.

By law of attraction, more of the same will be created. So it is a balance.  Absolutely allow yourself the feelings, that is number one. That is of most importance. Don’t deny them.  Give them some breathing room. Express, write, draw if it feels appropriate.  Take walks in nature, And go ahead and watch some t.v drama, something that will channel and mitigate some of those feelings for you. But just know that sometimes these feelings take on a life of their own, and they can be perpetuated to the point where they take over and become a distraction.

Detachment Can Lead To Depression

Another cause of depression in the ascension process is that we are on the forefront of enlightenment and some of us are beginning to feel that perhaps we are through with what we came here to do. So we may be feeling very detached from everything. Even from those we love. We feel out of step with the rest of the world.  This is troubling to us because we believe it signifies the end of our life as we know it. (It IS the end of life as we knew it and the beginning of a new life.)

We’re just not feeling the same passion as we did before. Even doing the mundane daily chores can feel overwhelming.  This detachment can lead to depression.  It could also just be a false signal that our mind is sending to us. Don’t forget the mind wants to find problems. It searches the corners of the room for things that have supposedly gone wrong. Various aspects of yourself from this and past lifetimes are also going to come in with all of their issues and point the finger at you. And then let us not forget mass consciousness and others going through this and even the near earth realms are experiencing these intense energies coming into the planet, and we are picking up on those.

We are being recalibrated right down to our DNA.  After each intense infusion of light (Which by the way light is information) we need time to integrate, and adjust emotionally and physically.  in this intense transformational process is it any wonder we can laugh at all. So be gentle with yourself through this. Yes you will have bouts of depression, anger, grief, and other such intense emotions. Feel them, but don’t over identify with them. I cannot stress that enough.

We knew this process was going to be intense. We didn’t know how intense. But we are warriors. We are pioneers. We knew ahead of time that it would be a bit treacherous. But we came prepared.  We are learning to use our new creational skills, one of which, interestingly, is to ALLOW everything we need to come to us.  We’re certainly not used to that.

You Are Not Alone

We wanted to ascend. Whether that means taking our energetic bodies with us into the other dimensions, or staying here on the Earth plane after enlightenment and just enjoying physical life being the embodied master, that is our personal soul decision. But in this process there is going to be a lot of tearing apart. A lot of stresses on our emotions and our body. So do take good care of yourself. I know for myself I had to release some relationships, and take it really easy. Because my body was dictating what had to be done. Your body will tell you. In no uncertain terms. Listen to it. It is vital that you take care of yourself.  Playing the martyr, or the victim is not going to serve you in the new energy. You’re going to need all of your resources to keep your balance through this process. Giving your energies away to someone else or to something else will not be serving you well.

This process is not done from the mind, yet the mind has been well-trained, it wants to do its ‘job.’ But it is tired.  It also wants a break, to allow the divine to take over.  So it’s not to destroy the mind, but allow it to integrate with spirit, along with the body.

You are not alone.  There is a cavalcade of assistance for you.  But you need to trust that and trust yourself.  You are bigger than your depression.  You are a magnificent creator god here in the flesh to experience one of the most amazing feats in history!  We wanted to have all of the extraneous stripped away so we would be face-to-face with the most amazing being of all – ourselves!

Author: soulsoothinsounds

Our lives are like great paintings or great pieces of music. If we focus on all the technical 'imperfections' we will miss the true beauty of the work. We won't see, or rather, FEEL the essence and spirit of the masterpiece. I no longer identify myself as a writer, artist, or musician. Rather I express my divinity, and my humanity through the media of art, music and writing. I began this blog because I wanted to give voice to my experiences and insights, and I wrote for myself primarily. Almost a decade later, I am still writing for myself, and I am discovering that my experiences are not personal but universal - galactic even. And now I am more sure than ever that I am a new consciousness teacher, as each of you are. The way we teach is by going through the very human experiences, and as we ascend and shed our old selves, with love, and as we embody spirit in this lifetime, which we are all doing, we become the standards for others of the new divine human.

18 thoughts on “Ascension and Depression

  1. Maria, I’m curious to hear what you think about the root cause of depression. I hear people saying that it’s “a chemical imbalance” all the time; which might be true, but I cannot imagine, that this imbalance comes up without a reason. I think there usually has to be some trauma related to it (from this life or another) which might cause the imbalance. I know that my own experiences cannot be projected unto everyone else, but when I was 21 I started a very difficult period with all the symptoms of a depressed person: panic attacks, insomnia, edginess, feeling empty, not knowing who I was and where to go etc. The difference was, that an inner voice announced this difficult journey : I woke up feeling like crap after a night of panic attacks and this voice said in a matter of fact kind of way “a difficult time is ahead of you” and I knew it was true. I knew instinctively that I have to get through it on my own. I was stripping off everything that didn’t belong anymore and I was starting to heal all of my numerous wounds. Retrospectively (but also at that time) it is/was obvious to me, that this journey was of spirtual nature. But then again, aren’t all important emotional and mental difficlutties of spiritual nature? maybe all the other people who went through hell and still are going through it are acutally on a spiritual journey without knowing it? I cannot imagine that pills are the solution to a situation like that. Any thoughts on this?

    • Kat
      Thanks for your thought provoking questions and comments. I agree that the depression has to come from somewhere. The chemical imbalance in the brain is caused by the depression, not the other way around. I believe we lightworkers go through a different type of depression all our own….because it seems to relate to our awakening and releasing old identities, and there is a kind of grieving process involved. Kind of what you described in your own experience.
      You could say it’s our human self, or our inner child if you will, not fully understanding what is going on. Of course there could also be the emotions we took on from others around us, including our own ancestors. So we could be releasing lots of old patterns on behalf of our family.
      And I agree that medication isn’t the answer. It just masks the problem and creates other problems. But most psychologists haven’t learned to deal with their own emotions, much less those of an awakening human! It’s the result of a very mental world, where the deeper emotions are not given room to breathe, or if they are, they are not understood on a deeper, spiritual level.
      If all the emotions were given space without judgment, we could move through them, and transmute them much more quickly.
      These tremendous shifts upon the planet are affecting everyone to one degree or another, and you could say that everyone is awakening, some being at the very beginning stages and others further along.we are the ones in the forefront of the shift and have been through some hellateous experiences. You are right, the spiritual path we have opted for has been difficult and is for the strong and prepared.
      But the good news is we are now allowing ourselves to reap the rewards and give ourselves our heart’s desires, little by little. We are not so tolerant anymore of struggle of any kind, emotional or physical.
      Thanks Kat, for sharing your beautiful energies here.

      • Thanks a lot for your reply. I really enjoy communicating with you 🙂
        I once read a statement of a former heroin addict. He said, that he realised that it’s all down to emotions. If he was able/allowed to feel every emotion he would not have had the urge to fill his inner void or to ease his inner pain with drugs. He realised that after he got clean. And I so agree with him. We do live in times where we are scared of these supposedly bad emotions like sadness, fear or anger. But of course if we suppress them ( because we are scared or because we are not allowed to feel them) they won’t go away, but will get stuck in our system and will bother us in one way or another. Addiction is one symptom of this, along with other mental and emotional disorders. We definitely need much more awareness about emotions and how to deal with them in our society.

  2. Indeed, and as we express and release those emotions out of our energy field it will free us up to create much more easily our true heart’s desires. Most people on the planet are not at this stage yet, so their energies are tied up in their emotional bodies, which is why they appear to be flat spiritually. We on the cutting edge are learning to allow the so called dark emotions without getting stuck in them. You could say we are becoming excellent energy movers. Alchemists. And as we integrate our light body we will have access to avatar abilities such as more control of our bodies, rejuvenation and dimensional travel through our light body.
    Everyone on the planet will go through this process at one point (in some lifetime) or another. We now have access to energies that can bring amazing changes emotionally and physically. There are more ‘miracles on the planet than ever before!

  3. After my great spiritual awakening/kundalini rising, I fell hard into a very dark depression. Then things stabilized, and I was back to feeling powerful, enchanted, and grateful for this life. But as I’ve continued to ascend, I do feel more and more detached, listless, and depressed. I haven’t found one new friend since my awakening more than a year and a half ago who resonates with me. I’m so able to see beyond the world of duality, and I’m sensitive to the vibrations of words and actions–so much so that it’s difficult for me to be around other humans (thus the difficulty in finding friends, even those on a spiritual path.) Beyond being of service, I’m bored. I find very little interests me anymore (thus my sugar and alcohol cravings are intense). I dislike most movies, music, other sources of entertainment. I’m no victim. I know I’m very blessed to be on the planet right now. I do not want to complain. I’m hoping to simply describe my experience. I just wish I could figure out how to cope, how to access joy. I wish I could sense messages from Source, to be able to communicate with Father/Mother God/Goddess. I feel so very alone.

    • Dear Allison, you probably know that your feelings echo so many going through this process. I have also released many relationships, with friends especially, and I too have become more a person of solitude these days…it’s a tough place to be, as we let go of so much of our past, and yes, even beyond being of service, and have not yet found that more ongoing connection with our soul nature. Our mind is bored because for one thing there is probably little drama from the outside anymore. This place can feel quite depressing. Quite lonely. You have initiated the next level. Some refer to it as sacred solitude, in which we go even deeper, getting to know our new partner in an intimate way. Our soul. For myself I get feelings from my soul, which can come as I am just relaxing. Sometimes I just ask my soul a question, take a deep breath, and write down what it says, even if I feel like I am just making it up. What I find is, after I do this a few times, I am getting such loving responses back. Our soul understands and has deep compassion for what we are experiencing, and is there going through it with us, even if we do not always feel it there. And I can say with certainty, from my personal experience, that it does get better. You feel that love more and more as you accept just where you are at. And you are not alone. So many here in this community are going through what you describe. Allow yourself to feel into the love and support that is here for you. Blessings to you.

      • Maria, your response means so much to me. 🙂 Thank you. Knowing this is “normal” helps ease the discomfort just a little. Knowing this is a stage (one I know is essential) and that it is temporary is of great comfort. I believe you’re right: accepting and embracing it will likely help it move through and feel less painful. I suppose this is the phase where, without distractions, I do come to know my Soul in a far more intimate way. Blessings, and thank you for what you do!

  4. After 27 years of working on my self I never thought I would come to such a dark place, interestingly nothing of what I have done, learnt and practiced seem to be relevant any more. It’s a free fall like I have never experience it ever! The depression is so deep I sometimes feel like I am literally loosing my mind, and that I it’s hard to even want to be in the body. The hardest bit, the loss of trust in everything and that there is actually going to be a light at the end of this tunnel.. I am hanging in there beautiful Soul thank you for your post sometimes even just a few words spoken that resonate seem to hold that tiny little light still on…Thank you and Bless You

    • Eloisa, I’m sure you know that you speak on behalf of so many who are experiencing a dark time. Even if we’ve been on this path a long time, it feels endless. This ascension is certainly not for the weak. It brings us to our knees. It feels like we can no longer relate to this reality, and yet we know that spirit wants to share its love with us here in these bodies. And being the pioneers of this new consciousness, there is no manual. And what I’m discovering is that it pushes us to the brink almost as a way to let go of the mind trying to figure it out, trying to make sense of it.

      Our mind was never designed for Ascension. It will not be able to do it for us. It’s a surrender to spirit. And it is happening. There’s a lot of resistance, but it’s happening. Know you are not alone, and that your dear mind will relax more as spirit, as your own Divine presence makes its way into your body.

      Also know that you have the love and support of this online community of like souled beings…all of us are going through it together. You needn’t feel alone, but if you do, allow it and just love yourself. That allowing does transform stuck energies.
      Love to you.🌹💕

  5. thank u so much for this explanation as iv been struggling emotionally for the last 3 days with overwhelming sadness tears anger and fear . iv just done the first part of awakening your light body and was fine for the first few days but now I’m so low . my thoughts are sad and if no energy or motivation to do anything at all ?? I can’t even be bothered to eat properly .I’m drowning in past wrongdoings and past mistakes.i feel like I’m going backwards it crazy.xx

    • Louise,

      I relate to what you are experiencing.

      A big part of this process of integration is to accept ourselves including all our thoughts, emotions, and whatever we think we have done or haven’t done in our past.

      All is forgiven, and there is no karma. It’s just all experience. No right, wrong, good or bad, really.

      Now, the mind is going to rush in, with all of its aspects and past ‘evidence’ and work overtime to convince you otherwise.

      And as the emerging master that you are, you allow the mind to do its thing, but you recognize that those ARE NOT YOUR EMOTIONS, THEY ARE NOT YOUR THOUGHTS. There is no need to wrestle with them. And they will flow through and out of you.

      Feeling them and expressing them safely is important. In my process I have felt the sadness, hopelessness and anger…and it took a while for me to allow them without trying to process them. Especially the anger…I ended up allowing it, and I think I scared a few squirrels while sitting in my car and just screaming. I screamed, ranted, and it was scary at first, all that anger….but, especially as women we have a history of suppressing the anger….

      Emotions will be coming up, and for the most part they are things we picked up from mass consciousness and from our ancestral DNA…and the less we try to engage those with our concern, the sooner they move on.

      I will say that as time goes on, you become much, much lighter….the heaviness dissolves away….and for the time being you are just where you need to be. you have a lot to look forward to.💕


    • My Annette, I am so glad you found the post, or it found you! I notice it was written in 2013, but it applies today because this process is gradual, and as much as we would love it to be done, it will take some more time.

      I know. It’s so tiring on our body and our mind and our heart. They say the closer we are to our enlightenment, the more we can feel this sense of wanting to just give up, to feel totally spent, and beat up. Well, then a lot of us must be pretty damned close!

      Tears are very cleansing. It’s good to feel all the feelings…sadness, anger, boredom, confusion. And, of course know they are not ours. Not always so easy. But hell, we are the wise souls, we know that truth, and can’t unring that bell!

      Sending you big love and great big bear hugs my friend. 🤗💕💕💕

      • Thank you for your words of wisdom, and big love and big bear hugs!! Yea 2013, imagine that, I feel as though I’ve been in this process for many life times, is that possible!? I think so, and this is the grand finale…lol
        I had never heard the part you spoke about ( the closer we are to our enlightenment)….but just a while ago I pushed myself out to do a short walk with my two canines, and as I was walking/crawling it felt like, I heard a voice in my head telling me this!!! Whoa, that’s pretty wild, and encouraging, as I am truly feeling pretty damn beat up, so yes, let’s hope we are very close!!
        Yes we are wise souls, and given that, one would not want to “unring that bell”, huh!? But, I did also have that thought on my walk….”I want to unsign up for this hard as shit”!!!
        It feels good just to talk it through, so thank you my friend, and big love and great big bear hugs back to you!! 🤗💞💖💞

  7. omg–thank you so much for this. ❤ ❤ ❤

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