Push The Easy Button

What thought makes you feel more ‘normal?’ or more like you will be accepted?  That you created something (A new car, money, a healing, more joy and peace, etc) easily, without much effort or no effort, or that you worked really hard to create it?

That is an important distinction, because it’s the difference between the old and new consciousness.  In the old energy, it was considered noble to have worked hard for an accomplishment.  Having something come easily was viewed as suspect, as ‘good luck’ or just strange.  How many times did you hear someone say, “he doesn’t deserve that (windfall, car, job, etc. ).  He just sits around and does nothing, he’s just a lazy bum!”  Or, “she gets everything just handed to her.”

Deservability.  Somewhere along the line we became hypnotized into believing that we had to work for what we wanted, that things don’t come easily, that if they do, there is something wrong, there will be a price to pay, and that there’s “no free lunch.”  So, as we awaken to our true selves, to our divinity, and as we remember that we are creator gods pretending to be human, we may have some initial conflict.  We may slow down or stop our creations because, since they come more easily we feel undeserving, or we fear that we stand out from the crowd just a little too much.

We may be putting off our prosperity for that reason.  What if we appear to be too different.  We’ve been killed in other lifetimes for being different. So we may still carry that fear around.  As we look around us we see people working hard, one, two, sometimes three jobs just to survive.    Over the years I would often ask a friend, if they won a million dollars, what would they do, and every one of them said they would first share it with friends and family.  One even said he would travel the country giving it away to the needy ones.

While this on the surface may sound noble, it betrays a belief that they are not worthy of enjoying the money.  It’s why most people end up broke after winning millions of dollars.  They simply can’t justify having their dreams come true.  Of course in some cases they discover that money does not buy happiness, but that’s another story.

A friend of mine, a veteran, said he feels guilty receiving more money from the government for his service to his country because maybe he will be taking it away from those who “deserve it more”.  The belief that there is not enough to go around, the belief in lack is so strong.  But it is inaccurate.  Simply put, EVERYONE HAS ACCESS TO THE SAME ENERGIES.  Everyone has the ability to create what they want and need, and if they are not in the vibration of receiving it, you can hand them one million dollars, and they will lose it in short order.

In the past (this or past lives) we may have misused power or money, so we vowed never to do that again.  Our beliefs around receiving are coming up to be released.  We are coming to understand that we are worthy, simply because we exist.  We are beginning to understand that it’s o.k. to just allow the good stuff to roll.  And in the new energy, it’s all about allowing, it’s the feminine energy of receiving.

And, once people on this planet recognize their ability to create easily what they are wanting and needing to make their stay here more enjoyable, it will level the playing field.  No one will feel jealous of someone else’s stuff, there won’t be battles and power struggles, there won’t be feeding off each other’s energies, because people will recognize that they are sovereign.

And when the question comes up, if someone asks why do you want more money, health, passion, etc, the answer will simply be, “Because I can.”

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