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It is challenging living as an ascending human alongside a world of the asleep. It’s so easy to be influenced, to feel lost again in a sea of expectations, of conditional love, of fear, sadness, hopelessness, of becoming a product of the mind, and not the heart.

One minute we are feeling so sure of our true nature, of our inner confidence, our resolve to stand tall and refuse to compromise our joy for anyone or anything. And in the next moment we are feeling the sadness, the guilt of not fitting in with family and friends. Because, we do love them, but we are beginning to love ourselves first.

We’re beginning to recognize that the feelings that seem to overwhelm us:  the anxiety, the fear, the sorrow, the anger… sometimes those feelings are telling us that something is wrong… that we are perhaps unhappy and that we want change. But sometimes those emotions are not ours, but are coming from the people around us, our family, friends, and from the mass consciousness, and we are still trying to help others by processing their feelings for them.

We have been doing this processing for humanity for so very long that we don’t even recognize that we’re doing it. But it is time to stop. To no longer carry the burdens of our fellow humans on our shoulders and in our hearts. It’s time to release that role. And to just allow those feelings to come and go like the clouds passing overhead.

We are slowly releasing that old role. We are learning not to hold onto those emotions that weigh us down. Slowly, we are allowing joy to be our barometer of a good life, not how much we can take on from others. It’s time to let the people in our life, in fact all of humanity, to go through their own journey. It is time to let them fall down on their own, pick themselves up and find their inner strength just as we did. This is not the time to protect them from their destiny, from finding their God selves.

It’s difficult to be in our joy and our balance in a world where that is seen as selfish. But, what’s the alternative? Fortunately, there isn’t much else to choose from. Because we are past the center point of our awakening, and we really could not go back to the old ways even if we wanted to.

We are adept at feeling into the prevailing energies on the planet, in our family, friends, neighbors, near Earth realms. The sadness, the hopelessness, the anxiety. And since most people are not so much in touch with their feelings anyway, we are picking up on their unprocessed emotions, that, in most cases, they’re not even aware of. Remember, we are still in a very mental era, where the mind is revered as the creator of our reality.

So just as pets and children do, if we are not consciously aware, we will act out these unacknowledged emotions as our own. We will attach them to something happening in our life now, in the past, or in the future. And then, by law of attraction, guess what happens? More of the same energies attach themselves, we remember times when we felt that way, and it builds on itself. And before we know it we are steeped in trauma and drama that wasn’t ours to begin with.

So it is to resist the temptation to over analyze the emotions as they come through us. For any of you who feel so inclined, try it. Try just allowing those emotions room to breathe, feeling them in your body, maybe even being aware of what part of your body you’re feeling them in.  Be the observer. Does your heart feel heavy?  Does your head hurt?  Are your neck and shoulders tight? Is your stomach upset? Or even your sexual center.  Resist the temptation to judge the feelings as bad. Also try to resist the temptation to make them your personal problem.

If it is about you, and your life, you will know it soon enough. Trust your feelings. Examine your life. Where do you feel stuck? What would you desire? More inner peace, more fun? More freedom from worry? More freedom from the concern about what others think of you if you take care of yourself first? If you do think this is about you, these feelings of anger for instance. Then it’s important to acknowledge those feelings, to accept them, and to take action on what gives you joy. You can start small.

Do you want to take yourself out to dinner? For coffee? Go to the ocean? Do you want to turn off your cell phone and take a nap or a bath? Do you want to be alone? Go dancing? Or, if you are ready how about the bigger dreams? Buying a new car? A new home? Going on a vacation.

Express Yourself

In the new energy, it’s imperative that we express ourselves. It’s all about our soul expressing. I find that when I am not doing something creative for myself, expressing myself in some way, feeling myself in my life, whether it’s through music, writing, or any expressive endeavor, I seem to attract drama.

It doesn’t matter what form of expression it is, as long as it gives you joy. Maybe it’s starting a blog.  And don’t worry about popularity, how many hits or views you get. Do it for you. Share your wealth of wisdom, your humor. Be authentic. Lord knows we do not need another (famous writer or musician’s name here).

In the new energy our soul needs to express –  not to evangelize, not to convert people, not to save anyone or anything. No, just for the joy of it. Because it feels so damn good.

I’ve been journalling daily for decades. Occasionally I have to throw away dozens of old journals to make more closet space. I haven’t really show them to anyone in particular, but I do this for myself.  But often as I write in my journal some ideas will take shape, and they will become posts for my blog.

This is not the time to hide your gifts, your personal experiences, or your insights. They are needed. Others needs to hear from you. They would like to know how you’re getting through this Ascension. And it’s not about waiting until your life is better or more settled. You’re going to be surprised at just how much joy you have been suppressing that’s been clouded by the heavy emotions that you’ve been processing for everyone else. And yes you will stand out, you will be seen as odd. You will still be feeling angry, frustrated at times, but your new barometer will be joy.

So be as selfish as you need to be. Someone has got to get the ball rolling. Nothing truly changes if we continue to compromise our joy, our happiness, our connection to our spirit and our God self. For myself some things are just not acceptable in my life anymore. I can no longer compromise myself to try to fit in with anyone or anything that is not a match to my feelings of joy. That does sound selfish and it is. A friend of mine said she would rather call it self-care. I said, that’s fine, but I want to call it selfish. Why?

Because it’s more radical. And it’s time to be more radical. It’s time to stand tall, to stand out to be seen as the NEW EMERGING DIVINE HUMAN who embodies spirit. Who dares to shine her light, who dares to smile when her neighbor is in pain.  Not to rub anything in her neighbor’s face, but to be the living example of someone who is connected to her own god-self.  It’s time for the new divine human to dare to feel hopeful in a world that is in crisis. Who dares to show that he is Divine and human and not perfect. Who dares to allow others to be angry, maybe even rejecting towards him for daring to do what brings him happiness.

The new radical divine human is someone who is okay with family and friends feeling abandoned or rejected by him because he dares to love himself so much that he’s not willing to compromise that joy.  He loves his family and his friends. His heart is open. She feels their pain, but she allows it to pass through her, and no longer interferes with their journey to self-discovery by caretaking them emotionally. She has found her divinity and she trusts that they will find theirs:  it’s just a breath away.

The new divine human dares to rely on herself for love, and security. Who doesn’t need to be romanced and told she is loved. Who is her own best friend.  She sets that example for family and friends.  Then the family and friends can choose to take ownership of their feelings of abandonment, to stop projecting it onto everyone else. They then have the opportunity to discover their God self. To become sovereign and free. Because someone in their life was the teacher, the role model, for the new energy divine human.


 This Christmas I made a decision to not celebrate. To just be with myself, to relax, and detach from the whole scene. At the same time I honored others who chose to celebrate and for the most part they honored my choice. But there were some who made it a point to go on a guilt trip with me. They tried to make me feel bad for not going to their Christmas party and another person tried to guilt-trip me for not calling them on Christmas day.

I almost took the bait, and began feeling defensive and guilty. After all, if I call myself a friend or beloved one, how can I not comply with their wishes? It’s only a little party, and one little phone call. I initially had a hard time with my response of guilt, but then I realized that in our world of duality, that guilt and obligation, unconditional love is the basis of relationships. I went past the words of those people and felt their own feelings of abandonment. They did not know how to soothe those feelings for themselves. Actually they weren’t even seeing their inner sadness or consciously aware of their feelings. And as I look into their life and my own at times, I could see the ongoing pattern of projecting our innermost feelings of anxiety, fear and sadness onto others in our lives.

So, my friends who were guilt tripping me would be successful if I embraced the concept of guilt.  Well I did embrace it but I am slowly dismantling it. I am not allowing the feeling to rule my behavior so much anymore.  But, as long as the feelings of guilt reside within my consciousness, I will attract people and situations that mirror it back to me.  Whatever we’re not owning will be right there in our face as drama of some sort.

So it takes some radical thinking, some radical behavior to break out of the conditioned world of the old energy.  But this type of radical is all about honoring our heart’s desires, and then naturally honoring everyone else.  And, it may feel lonely at times, but we truly ARE NOT ALONE.

Author: soulsoothinsounds

Our lives are like great paintings or great pieces of music. If we focus on all the technical 'imperfections' we will miss the true beauty of the work. We won't see, or rather, FEEL the essence and spirit of the masterpiece. I no longer identify myself as a writer, artist, or musician. Rather I express my divinity, and my humanity through the media of art, music and writing. I began this blog because I wanted to give voice to my experiences and insights, and I wrote for myself primarily. Eight years later, I am still writing for myself, and I am discovering that my experiences are not personal but universal - galactic even. And now I am more sure than ever that I am a new consciousness teacher, as each of you are. The way we teach is by going through the very human experiences, and as we ascend and shed our old selves, with love, and as we embody spirit in this lifetime, which we are all doing, we become the standards for others of the new divine human.

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