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The Importance of Play In The New Energy



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The New Consciousness in the New Energy is all about PLAY!  No more struggle, hard work, sacrifice in the name of ANYTHING!  This is not something we are used to.  We are taught to be serious.  In the New Energy we will be required to be serious about having FUN!  That doesn’t mean we will not work at things that give us pleasure.  But the work takes on a different essence.

You all can remember as a child how you lost yourself sometimes for hours in play, in your imagination, or a creative project involving a scissors, some clay, some poster paints and paper.  It didn’t matter what was going on around you.  You were in your own world.  In fact most of the time you used that ‘space’ to find refuge from the seemingly crazy world you were born into.

Now you will be accessing those memories and combined with your soul’s wisdom, will be in a space of creativity and manifestation never before available.  But it requires allowing the child playtime.  Not once in a while, not squeezing in time after you finish your chores.  It requires TOP PRIORITY.  In fact, your big dreams can be fulfilled only when you allow yourself the smaller ones.  Doing things that are fun, even simple things.  Things that don’t necessarily cost much money, or none at all.  Spending more time by yourself just relaxing.  Buying yourself a coffee and dessert in your favorite cafe.  Saying yes to a nice massage, or a relaxing bath.   And it is also being kind to yourself in your own thoughts.   Speaking highly of yourself to yourself.  Paying attention to your inner child when she is lonely or sad or angry.  Being there for her or him.

Pretend that she or he is physically present and ask her, what do you want to do today, dear one?  She may tell you she wants to be with you and no one else.  Or she may want to go to a movie, or walk on the beach, or maybe read a book or create something:  a drawing, a painting, or play some music.

Your mind will rush in with protests.  “You’re being frivolous!  There are things you need to tend to!  You are wasting valuable time!  What makes YOU so special.  Everyone else is working hard!  You are not being logical.”  Hopefully not!  Where we’re going logic is not being used to create.

The inner child is sweet, she’s intuitive, and she’s sensitive to the energies around her.  She loves to play, with no agenda and no goals.  She hates to compromise her joy for anything or anyone.  Why should she?  But in order to play she needs to feel safe.  She needs to know she is being cared for.  That she won’t be abandoned.

This is all new so it takes patience and practice.  And actually the inner child, our soul, our spirit, and our human self are all one.  There really are no divisions.  We are in the process of integrating all of ourselves.   But for now, be there as much as possible for your inner child, and allow her to connect you to your god-self.  And tell your mind that it can take the day off!

Author: soulsoothinsounds

Our lives are like great paintings or great pieces of music. If we focus on all the technical 'imperfections' we will miss the true beauty of the work. We won't see, or rather, FEEL the essence and spirit of the masterpiece. I no longer identify myself as a writer, artist, or musician. Rather I express my divinity, and my humanity through the media of art, music and writing. I began this blog because I wanted to give voice to my experiences and insights, and I wrote for myself primarily. Eight years later, I am still writing for myself, and I am discovering that my experiences are not personal but universal - galactic even. And now I am more sure than ever that I am a new consciousness teacher, as each of you are. The way we teach is by going through the very human experiences, and as we ascend and shed our old selves, with love, and as we embody spirit in this lifetime, which we are all doing, we become the standards for others of the new divine human.

2 thoughts on “The Importance of Play In The New Energy

  1. Love this piece. I’m feeling it, too 🙂

  2. Now THAT’S what I like to hear! And the operative word is “feeling!”

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