The Spiritual Red Carpet

redcarpetMost will agree that we live in a world in which outside manifestation and accomplishments are given much more attention and rewards than any inner changes. We admire other people’s ability To climb a mountain, to win a race, to grow a business, maybe to gain better health, become someone in the community that’s more respected, create art, music, writing, and the list goes on.

While all of these accomplishments are wonderful, and we are here to manifest and create our dreams, there is very little if no recognition given to the inner accomplishments. When was the last time you were admired for becoming more self-loving?  Or releasing an emotional trauma that has been with you for a while?  Do any of your friends or neighbors recognize in you the spiritual warrior that you are? That you have worked lifetimes to allow your spirit into your physical reality?  That you are carving out a road that no one has taken before you? That you are altering the current mass consciousness as we speak? That you are a pioneer and in the forefront of the Ascension movement?

That you have taken so many spiritual and emotional risks to get to where you are today? No, I doubt if anyone in your family or community would really understand your personal accomplishments in that area. I don’t mention this so that you can feel resentful, but so that you can begin to give yourself the credit you are due. The odds that were against you from early on, and how you’ve moved through so much and are still here is testimony to your inner resolve. Have you been patting yourself on the back for everything you have done, and for all the inner changes you have gone through?  Because if you’re waiting for anyone else to do it for you, you will be waiting a very long time.

To your mind it may not seem that you have accomplished as much as you think. But just remember the mind has been conditioned to see accomplishments as an outer manifestation.  As you are moving into the new energy, every cell of your body is transforming. Your consciousness is transforming. You are releasing old patterns and systems of beliefs. The outer needs time to catch up with the inner.  It does no good to be hard on yourself because you think you should have more physical manifestations by now. Sometimes these things take longer because the physical is the last to catch up with the inner changes. And while outer rewards for physical accomplishments are wonderful, it is time to give ourselves the awards and rewards for all of our consciousness work.

What we are learning is that simply by existing, we are worthy of anything we desire. We are learning that creating does not need to be hard work. That manifesting can come from joy.  The journey has to be joyful.  In actuality there is no need for competition or for evaluating the level of accomplishments, even the inner ones. That is all duality thinking. But meanwhile, do give yourself credit where credit is due, dear light worker.  Take a walk down the Red Carpet and receive the award for being you.

8 thoughts on “The Spiritual Red Carpet

  1. kat

    I really do feel that you can read my mind Maria 🙂 because this is exactly what I was thinking about the other day. I’ve been on this path for so long and it was very scary and difficult at times and I feel that I did a lot for the human consciousness by releasing old trauma (my own and helping others to see and release theirs, even releasing someone else’s crap through me), yet it is not recognised by anyone but myself. I do applaud myself for achieving this as it was a very courageous thing to do and if someone told me 12 years ago, when this journey started, what was waiting ahead of me, I don’t know what I would have done, because it was quite a wild ride in every aspect really, so I wouldn’t mind to reap some rewards in the outer world as well. It is nice to be more balanced and calmer inside, but to be honest with you, I want a nice life (finally a job after applying for such a long time) on the outside, too. While I am grateful for having a roof above my head and food on the table I feel I deserve more than that and I’ve started to feel annoyed that it’s not here yet

    1. Kat, again, you speak for so many on the ascension path. Sometimes it does feel like the ‘dangling carrot’ where some desires feel just out of reach. While it seems like some things are taking soooo long, we need to remind ourselves just how long we were asleep compared to how long we have become awakened. For you, a ‘mere’ 12 years ago! But I will say that it’s closer than our minds thinks it is.The belief in ‘just enough’ can be distracting at this stage of awakening. It’s time to have a comfortable life in which our options are not dictated by how much we can afford, but simply by what we desire. We are balanced now and can handle more balanced abundance. The key is releasing the resistance to our dreams.

      1. kat

        yeah the dangling carrot is a good analogy. And I dunno whether I was ever really asleep to be honest with you. I always sensed stuff and felt that there is something else and always had a very strong intuition, but the path itself was something else, that’s certainly true. Maybe I’m releasing some old stuff at the minute, so I tend to feel a bit impatient anyway but apart from that, I believe the material world will catch up at the right time. But then impatience kicks in again….:D oh well…

  2. Good point, the releasing of the the old can be uncomfortable to our human self and it can feel like impatience. We talk about the new energy, and it’s not just a metaphor. It’s new, and our cells are becoming new, as we recalibrate our entire being. So things are not quite lined up in the meantime. Doing things in the old energy way just doesn’t work anymore, and we’re still learning to work with the new energies on the planet, and also the crystalline energies. All new, even to us ‘old souls.’ The dynamics are different. So the patience is still required at this point. And it’s nice to know we’re not alone in all this!

  3. kat

    Are you familiar with the concept of “The dark night of the soul”? It certainly has many parallels to the ascension process in my opinion…

    1. You’re right! everyone who chooses enlightenment goes through a period of darkness. As our angelic guides backed away so we could begin relying on ourselves, we truly did feel alone! And losing so much in our lives, so difficult to let go, even if those things and people weren’t serving us anymore! Not to mention feeling like our bodies and minds were betraying us. No, this path certainly is not for the timid!

      But as our ‘training wheels’ come off, and we get through that, we feel the flood of assistance available, 24/7 from the non-physical, and more and more, even here from the physical realms, from our spiritual global family. Except now we are at the helm. I love that we can connect like this and share our personal experiences and feelings. (Even those ‘dark’ ones!)

      1. kat

        yeah I love that, too 🙂 Honestly, I feel that we are on a very similar if not the same wavelength and I think your page is one of the best about the ascension path.:)

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