Boredom and Ascension

cropped-8c33fa6a-55b6-4d81-9117-338894b2651a.jpegI mentioned in another post that the ascending human, before enlightenment, will feel bored.  Why?  Because they are not here in the same capacity anymore. They are not motivated by the same things as other humans anymore.  They may think they are because this transformational process can leave them exhausted, sick and broke financially. Which are often symptoms of ascension and not because they have done something wrong.

So they may think they are here to have better health or to mend a relationship or to become financially abundant.  While these are important and can be achieved, they are truly not the main event in the final legs of becoming fully conscious.  They have lived many lifetimes, had a myriad of experiences, traveled, taken on many disguises.  It’s a kind of ‘been there, done that‘ feeling.

So we find ourselves a bit bored.  We try to fill it up with keeping busy, pulling in a relationship, or creating some drama or crisis.  But none of those work very well. We sense that there is something more, but we are not sure what it is.  In our deepest hearts we know we are out of the matrix, the collective consciousness. We know we can never go back there again. We have let go of so much to get here.  We are in a very different place now.  Sure there are parts of us still trying to hang onto control, trying to micro manage our lives, but we are finding that it is exhausting. We still get overwhelmed with emotions and think we are doing something wrong.  But we are learning to breathe into those feelings, not resist them.  But not own them either. Big difference.

Resistance is what makes this whole process so much harder:  resisting the feelings, judging them, judging ourselves. I have talked about letting go of trying to be perfect, of the concept that a spiritual person is not above being human, especially at this point. It is imperative to allow all the emotions breathing room, especially the so-called ‘bad’ ones; the anger, the sadness, the impatience. Honor all those feelings.  And in doing that it brings more self-love.  This process can be so much easier as we begin to stop the self judgment, especially around the anger and the intolerance.

I was taught to always be nice and agreeable and accommodating. But that belief was becoming a major hinderance to me and to my health and well-being. So this ascension, this light body process has literally extracted that old way of being out of me. Sure there is still some residual of that old way of relating, but now I consider it a compliment when someone close to me tells me I am being selfish or rude. I am rarely told that so….. I guess I need to work on it some more!

The point is dear fellow pioneers, it is time to accept the boredom as part of the process and recognize the drama or distractions for what they are. You have done nothing wrong. You already gave permission to go through this process so there is really nothing you need to do other than to allow. Breathe deeply and allow all the emotions and the thoughts to just flow in and out without processing them. If someone tells you that you need to be more loving to your fellow human beings, to be more tolerant, to join others in prayers for world peace, to meditate for an hour a day, to give up red meat, to give up grain, or anything else that directs your attention to outside yourself in order to become enlightened  –  take that information and test it against your inner knowing.

There is absolutely nothing you need to bring in from the outside, or that you need to do to be worthy of enlightenment. In fact you already are. You already took the trip. Now because you are in the construct of linear time, you are just re-experiencing it.

Being Here on Planet Earth – Nothing Quite Like It!

An ascending human recognizes the sensual quality of life.  That being here in the flesh is like no other experience. Most people are so shut down that they need drama and crisis to feel alive.  But as they become more conscious they appreciate the value of the physical experience. Ascension isn’t about trying to get out of these bodies.  While being human, being here on Earth, is just a temporary experience, it is one of the most sought after gigs in the universe.  That is because it is the most cutting edge, and the most evolved experience an angel can have. Why?  Because it is so filled with sensuality. All the feelings, the ability to sense and touch and have visceral pleasures.  When I go to the local cafe for a cup of coffee, I savor that first sip… there is nothing like it…and when I put my pen to my journal, and I am listening to my music through my iphone, (yes, I love listening to my own music.) and the aroma of cinnamon buns wafting from the cafe’s oven…. those moments are amazing. As long as I don’t ruin it with intrusive thoughts that I refuse to let go of. And those are really just simple pleasures.  But they are worthy of our attention because life is made up of simple pleasures.

So an ascending human, an awakening human begins to love life on a whole new level. He knows he is not trapped here. She knows that she is worthy of all her heart’s desires. She feels on every level. He knows he can ultimately choose which thoughts he wants to embrace. Perhaps the boredom is because she just wants to be free but she is still holding back.  He knows in his deepest heart that freedom is all or nothing.  It is trust on the deepest level that all is well.

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32 thoughts on “Boredom and Ascension

        1. It’s my deepest pleasure to assist my fellow consciousness pioneers in their remembering. None of us need feel alone any more as more and more of us awaken and share our energies with one another. Thank you also for being here And radiating your light my friend. 💕

  1. silvijamaz

    Thanks a lot! I have that feelig been here done that since young age and still strugle with it trying to find some purpose in outer life and to live how every human “should” live. On the other hand something powerfull is pulling me in a different direction. So different that I can not even imagine were it is leading me. Funny, I had quite a few shifts in my life and my being already, but it seems there is still a hope that this was the last one and now I can live as a “normal” human 🙂 And it does feel a bit lonely to be different from others that even closest to me seems to be in a different space, or maybe I don’t know how to connect… Your article put me back on track, an inner track, not outer, so thank you!

    1. silvijamaz…you are so welcome. And as far as living a’normal’ life, well, from most of humanity’s perspective, we on the leading edge of this ascension process are probably going to be seen as a little crazy. But we know who is really crazy, don’t we? Those who believe that they are just a singular being living a linear life….but that is changing…more and more people are unsettled, and are beginning to look for answers they can’t find outside themselves.

      And we are going to be the teachers for those people, not necessarily in a classroom situation, but just going about our everyday lives. We are beacons for others.

      And yes, it is lonely even though we have connections with others in our family and community, we can’t connect like we could before. It’s not we are doing it wrong, it’s simply because they haven’t gone through their awakening yet, or are in the early stages of awakening, which is where most of the planet is now.

      So we on the leading edge have created this thing called the internet so we could connect virtually with each other, as kindred souls, so know you have a family right here.

      And that powerful feeling you have is of course your soul wanting to be in your life and love you and experience you in this time space reality. I don’t think any of us know exactly where it is taking us, part of the adventure, but it’s going to be amazing, as I am getting longer and longer tangible experiences of that place where life feels ecstatic.

      Love to you fellow pioneer💕

  2. Gill Smith

    Hi, I am new to this site, which I’ve come across by chance. May I just add that it is ok to allow self hatred as well as self love – I find because I am not actually the small self I thought I was, it is now easy to allow all those horrible things! I just experience them rather than trying to fix them.

    And also that along with the ecstasy of Free Consciousness also comes the realisation that we are trapped in our bodies. Freedom and being trapped at the same time. That’s what it is to be a divine human.

    1. Hi Gill…you have an interesting way of putting it. Your soul is speaking. And, I agree, it’s not about trying to ‘fix’ our human self, but just accept it just as it is, which is exactly what our soul is doing. And, interestingly, with that acceptance transformations occur.

      It’s the elixir and the alchemy of the new energy. Allowing. And as you say the human experience is both in freedom and being trapped…well put. In other words, we are both human and master. And we are undergoing a never before done coming together of both. So with enlightenment, we are still very much human, and we are the eternal self. We are all of it. It’s a fluid relationship. Two seemingly opposites dancing together. The lackful human and the expansive eternal self. It is fulfilling.

      And then, there is the feeling of freedom, even as we are in these bodies. Because we begin to experience ourselves sensually through our soul, if we allow it. We get to experience all our human and our divine senses. It’s like as our soul, we are enjoying our own creation on such an intimate and sensual level.

      Something that can’t be experienced in the non physical realms. So as we awaken and we go beyond the drama and the karma, which we have, we now are into the pure enjoyment of being our selves. The mind takes a back seat, and we allow our soul to be more in the driver’s seat.

      So if someone walks up to you and tries to insult you, saying, “you’re full of it!” You can say, “thanks. I am. I am filled with spirit and I am human…the best of both worlds!” 💕

      1. Gill Smith

        Thanks for your reply. However, I think you are erring too much on the “nice” side. It is also extremely painful, for example, to experience the senses…physical pain, emotional pain and so on. The pain is increased because of conscious embodiment and it is not just “enjoyment”. I often experience that I am NOT enjoying “my”own creation one little bit! People need to know this is not just a joy ride.

        1. Yes, Gill, agreed wholeheartedly, there is tremendous discomfort in the form of new sensitivities, physical and emotional, as the light body adjusts to being more physical, not to mention the diseases that may come up. I have personally experienced a great deal of all of that, and still am to a degree.

          This process is not for the faint of heart, for sure. The light brings up so much emotionally and physically that had been buried. So much to b cleared that is not compatible with the new frequency we are introducing to ourselves,

          There have been many times I wanted to leave and just be done with it, out of frustration and impatience. And I still face those feelings. No, not an easy gig at all.

          1. Gill Smith

            Thank you – wholeheartedly. It is pretty wonderful to get your response, as I find many “spiritual” movements are in denial of this side of things – what one might call “the shadow”.

            It certainly isn’t for the fainthearted, and many a time I too long for death…to be out of this gig, as you put it. Having experienced the Divine outside of time and space and phenomena, it is difficult having to live embodied again.

            Anyway, thank you again. When I have more time I hope to explore this website a lot more, as I have enjoyed reading a lot of what’s here.

            I also found myself considering a lot last night what you meant by “my soul”. I haven’t thought of matters in terms of “soul” for a long time, and the word “soul” can mean so many different things. I’d be interested to hear more from you on what you mean.

            kind regards, Gill

          2. Yes, Gill, in fact, this blog is dedicated to bringing ascension ‘down to earth’ unlike many in the spiritual community that are interested in more esoteric…..well….fluff. Or what I like to call the ‘honeymoon phase.’ The early awakening stages.

            Those that are attracted to my blog are for the most part in the later stages of ascension, of their enlightenment, so they have been through the dark night of the soul, and have seen the underbelly of this process.

            We are much more comfortable with our shadow, which is just a range of emotions that are generated from the mind. We are learning to work with those emotions, not deny them, and transcend many of them in the process.

            So there is a processing stage. But many of us have gone beyond the processing, too, and are now taking ownership of our mastery. We are not wrestling with our issues, but just allowing them to move through us. We discover they are not really ours. They are what we have inherited, or what we have picked up from mass consciousness.

            So, if askd, what issues or emotions are ours? The answer is simple…..whatever we choose. As the master we get to choose how we want to feel.

            And, yes, there are time we feel like crap, like this ascension is total b.s. and we have little patience for it and even for others. All appropriate. In other words, it’s not about being the nice, holy person we read about in Sunday school.

            Someone wise once said, “An ascending Master is a pissed off Master.”

            So most of my posts are very down to earth about this process.

            The soul is the aspect of our Eternal self, or our Divine Presence, that is a kind of a bridge between the human and that Divine Self. The soul is the most intimate with the human, and loves experiencing the physical through that human. It comes back again and again, to the planet, to experience, and to cull wisdom from all its experiences. So, over lifetimes, the soul becomes more and more experienced, and wise.

            And this lifetime for many of us, we wanted to experience the soul, and the soul, us, in the most intimate of ways. Through the light body. Which would normally take many lifetimes, we are doing in only one. Thus the tremendous integration.

            I hope you enjoy this blog, and thank you for your wonderful questions and your own wisdom.

          3. Gill Smith

            I have had a chance to read a bit more of your website now and am glad you are someone advocating the integration of the shadow and there are some great postings.

            However, your own past conditioning stands out to me – the fact that you speak of “ascension” “ascended masters” “choosing our own reality” and “light bodies”. At the end of the day this is only vocabulary, not eternal truth. My own personal journey didn’t study any of this stuff and is a more down-to-earth Divine-human Realisation perhaps as a consequence. I wouldn’t use any of these concepts and don’t believe in rebirth or that I in any way chose this life. Do you have your own experiential truth of these concepts – or are they just concepts? As I went through my process, I discarded most “beliefs” and just concentrated on what I’d actually experienced. And of course the experiences kept changing. So, for example, a few years after divine-human conscious embodiment I used to argue tooth and nail about the reality of the manifest world. And then I experienced it as “unreal” – just as many texts describe it. But I had to experience it – not just simply believe it. Likewise, I experienced the FACT that when I die that is it – and that it is actually a human conceit to believe in any such thing as reincarnation.

            But we are all shown different things. Perhaps because duality demands it at the level of physics if nothing else.

            So I am not criticising you – just stating my difference. We are all so different, which only goes to heighten our loneliness. The irony of discovering you are not separate from All That Is is the simultaneous paradoxical realisation of just how alone and separate you are from others, even other awakened people.

            Paradox is indeed the biggest word we need to learn when grappling with being both divine and human, I’ve found.

            Finally for now I would like to also comment that there are a few times on your website where you give “credit” to the mind for being responsible for various things, such as even emotions. My discovery was just the opposite – that the feeling, emotional self sits in our hara area and it is what is experienced there which gives rise to what the mind thinks. Fear, for example, is first experienced in the hara (gut) and the energy of that travels upwards and sets the mind-wheels turning. Learning how to hold the energy in the base of our bellies and our torsos is what helps our minds relax and stop spinning.

            I could go on – it’s been a while since I’ve spoken about such things! – but I will leave it at that for now.


          4. Yes, Gill, we could debate our respective beliefs and experiences all day long. But I will tell you that early on these were just concepts to me. In the honeymoon stages of my awakening. But, over time, I wanted to live them, not just philosophize them. I would say within the last two or so years, I have finally begun to experience my soul, my divine presence, whatever label you want to give it. And it’s beyond words.

            It’s a feeling, and it’s a joy I have never felt as a human, at least not in this lifetime. And it’s a knowing that I am eternal. That life is eternal beyond the physical dimension. It can’t be measured, or proven empirically, but when I am experiencing it, no proof is necessary.

            And the less I try to figure it out, in a linear or mental way, the more I seem to have access to this presence. It seems overthinking stops the flow to a degree.

            In other words, the joy, and I feel strongly that joy is the goal, not trying to save the planet, so the joy is everything. The ecstasy of feeling my soul in my physical body, feeling that sensuality. If that is the only teaching, that is enough…I agree all the terms such as light body, soul, ascension, etc, can be tossed out.

            If we can just share with others this ecstatic dance with the SELF, that’s it. Help other to realize their own connection with that part of themselves. That’s amazing. To show them that they can allow such joy in spite of their circumstances or their past. To choose how we want to feel…That’s true mastery.

            But sometimes words like light body, and ascension are necessary so people can reconcile what they are going through with some tangible information. You can call the light body the angelic body, or the non physical body, it doesn’t matter.

            And, at the end of the day, there are a myriad of websites and information available so anyone could find what they resonate with. My niche is focused on sharing my wisdom and my personal experiences and I certainly don’t claim I have all the answers. Or that something I wrote several years ago is exactly how I feel or understand it now.

            And if you believe that you do not reincarnate after this lifetime, that’s great….and hopefully, then you are enjoying the crap out of this one!

          5. Gill Smith

            It’s a bit of a cliché and a bit ridiculous, if not even patronising, to go on about “enjoying the crap out of this life”. How boring. That old thing of living life to the full…yawn. I have already lived life “to the full” and it’s horrendous. And, as I said, it’s not that I BELIEVE I’m not going to reincarnate, I’ve EXPERIENCED it – or been shown it during an experiential revelation if you will.

            I have been fully divinely-human realised since 2001. I know the Joy and I know the Agony. Both again.

            I was hoping you could share some knowledge – so do you actually have any DIRECT KNOWLEDGE of “ascended masters”? I ask because I’ve always thought that was a load of baloney, but if you can tell me different…? Beliefs are now redundant, experience is all. It it’s only a belief, then throw it out and stop talking about it.

            We are NOT Ascended Masters in my reality – but excrutiatingly vulnerable human beings as well as being divine. And we DO NOT CHOOSE WHAT TO FEEL!!! That’s baloney. Feelings come and go, there is no choice.

          6. GILL,

            I could tell you that, yes, absolutely, I have direct knowledge of Ascended Masters, but it sounds like from what you are saying, that wouldn’t matter since you yourself haven’t experienced it.

            And I say, that’s GOOD. I agree that personal experience is the ultimate evidence of anything being real.

            So you seem pretty well established in your beliefs and experiences, and while I have spent some time explaining to you what I feel is my truth, I am not in the business of trying to convince others of anything.

            In fact, past a point, if it’s not motivated by a sincere desire to understand, then maybe it’s just a feeding off others’ energies.

            If you aren’t finding answers to your concerns here in this blog, I am certainly just one of thousands of blogs and websites you can connect to.

            I hope you find answers to the questions you seem to be asking. I wish you well. Many Blessing.

          7. Gill Smith

            On the contrary, provided someone has DIRECT experience I am interested. I’m just not interested in “beliefs”. A word you continue to use.

            Ultimately your email made me feel sad. You are politely asking me to go away, so I will.

    2. feeling trapped or wanting to go home, ie get out of the body are symptoms imo, of feeling separated from self/soul/free consciousness, to some degree.. The body is highly usefull as a vehicle for spirit to exspress itself on this plane of our existance, and if you find yourself here, embodyied , there is still a reason.. I used to beg to go home! every waking moment was spent focussed on going to the pure land.. what i have learned however, through that process, is that IAM HOME.. The Pure Land is Myself, Literally… every molecule of my Being IS potential to BE Free Consciousness.. i too feel trapped sometimes too, because i dont know exactlly what to do with myself as an embodyied master, but one things for sure, theres nowhere else to go but right here, right now, exactly as IAM.. feeling trapped is a great roadmap.. 😊

      1. Gill Smith

        Hi Prring, it is nice for me to hear from someone with direct experience of so-called ascended masters. Whereas I don’t have experience of them, I have direct experience that, yes, we are family. God is us. We are nothing, everything and…here’s the kicker…we are our individual body-minds. The Oneness is playing the game of (apparent) separation here on planet Earth (or whatever the hell this place is!). Thus you have your experiences and I have mine. And those separate experiences cause everyone to argue – on the spiritual path as much as anywhere else. For example, I have experienced that manifestation is totally unnecessary (an experience later borne out something I read in one of Adi Da’s texts), so to me I am not here “for a reason”. But others will experience the opposite or any other many shades of in between. Our “essential nature” is indeed timeless eternal joy…but manifesting in all the horror of manifest life, with it’s suffering, pain, and grief to name but some of the shadow. As Bernadette Roberts likes to call it, this God-Awful manifestation. But that’s just my take and my experiences, which I am aware are often very different from others’ experiences, as I’ve tried to point out. All are valid.

  3. hopping in here to say I have experienced “ascended masters” They told me, You are Us.. We are family.. They were made of pure energy, pure light.. Ive thought about reincarnation and while i have no proof of it, my direct experience with interdimensional Beings has taught me that there is much more to be experienced, that the physical body is but one way of percieving who we are, and that my essential nature is timeless and eternal.. joy is an energy that i hold sacred and enjoying my life has shown to increase its joy.. thats my direct experience.

  4. hi gill.. yep. everything is valid and personal. words are pointers in my view.. just an exspression of energy. its like a dance or a piece of music.. some things feel exactly right, some things only close.. some things you run from.. sometimes the rythum is spot on but you cant quite catch the beat sometimes you merge and meld with total satisfaction.. its just a journey.. a discovery.. we all resonate to differrent things for differrent reasons.. i think that resonance is what we should be paying attention too more than any other thing.. like how does something impact you… these days i do not accept feeling badly for any reason, as a necessarry path. i try to refuse to strugle to understand or be understood.. if it doesnt flow naturally, im gone.. its got to make me feel joy.. I feel joy on this blog.. it is closer than i have ever come to my very own knowing.. Blessings to you in finding exactly what you can relate to..

  5. Thanks, this is exactly what I needed to read this morrning. The “been there done that” feeling is strong today and I feel trapped between two panes of reflecting glass. You’ve helped me realize that feeling is just my ego responding to truth! This biological frame thinks it’s solid sometimes 😛 anyway, thanks!

    1. Kaarsty, so glad you resonated with the message. And you are certainly not alone in that feeling. It can be one of the most challenging things to deal with. Sometimes the human personality will opt for drama over boredom, because there’s nothing worse than not feeling anything. But the good news is, our soul doesn’t see it that way. And we discover that there is a whole sensual world right there at our fingertips, for us to experience, with both our human and soul senses. 💕

  6. Becky Solorzano

    Thanks so much for writing this piece, it’s exactly what I’ve been experiencing and felt really confused, even angry at my Higher Mind that all this spiritual study / meditation / energy work was leaving me isolated, bored, and more and more intolerant of others. I’m reading Paul Selig’s channeled ascension book “I Am The Word”, and that’s helped explain alot too. But your article really helped me feel the “Ahhh! This is REAL and there’s others like me!!”.

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