Don’t Avoid The Void

Many on the Ascension path come to a place or a rest stop in which they feel an emptiness, or a void.  It can manifest as sadness or depression or a feeling of nothingness, or loss.

This space is a natural part of the ascension process.  The temptation will be to do something to get out of it.  The temptation is to pull in some drama, either in the form of a relationship, or with your health or finances, or another issue.  But you find that’s just a distraction for facing the inevitable.  The void must not be avoided.  It is a time and space designed to bring you deeper into your true self.  Most of you reading this would agree that most people are running around, keeping themselves chronically busy, in order to justify their existence, or to avoid feelings.  Even the ones who claim they need two or three jobs to keep themselves afloat are really just running from themselves.  It’s not conscious on their part, because they, for the most part, are still asleep to their deeper self.

So as difficult as it is, it is better to just welcome the void, which actually isn’t a void, in fact it is filled with activity.  Within the void there is an opportunity to really be with you.  It’s your soul calling to you, inviting you closer.  And when you become entangled with other issues, other people, you can’t find the clarity you need.  This is not about stopping all interactions with others, but it is about not becoming entwined with them, and you know the difference.  I have had to pull back my involvements a few times with others when I sensed that happening.

Others are a mirror for our own selves.  If they seem needy, maybe we are not tending to our own needs.  Just pay attention to your motives for becoming involved with a person or a situation.  Is it because it feels uplifting and supportive of who you are?  Or is it coming from a place of boredom or loneliness?   It can be challenging while still living in a world in which others are conditioned to do things and be with others from a place of lack.

Sometimes when you just allow that space, you begin to feel creative, and then it’s your choice to take inspired action on how you want to express that creativity.  Sometimes I find myself wanting to create a new song, or just fiddle around with my blog design, nothing major but it satisfies the creative need to express.  Other times I just sit around and watch Netflix and eat something yummy.  There’s really no right or wrong, it just comes down to personal preference.

So the void is a temporary space in which you will find an ever deeper connection to yourself and you will experience a deeper love for yourself, and from there a more profound love for others, no matter what path they decide to take.

Whatever feelings come up in the void, whether it’s sadness or anger or shear boredom, honor those feelings.  Don’t over analyze them.  Just feel them, and then they will transmute.  They may not even be yours to begin with.  And, interestingly, even if they originated with you, even if their source is an event from this lifetime or a past one, THEY ARE STILL REALLY NOT YOURS!  Feel that for a moment.  You took those on from others around you.  And then you made them your own.  The void is an opportunity to just allow these emotions to come up and out.  They no longer need to reside in your body.  Because holding them in your body ties up your physical and spiritual energies.  You probably heard the expression, “Emotions are energy in motion.”  That is what they are.  They are just energy in motion.  Can you trust that your new body of consciousness can ” process” these emotions for you, and all you need to do is just allow them to move through you?

So dear fellow ascenders, if you find yourself in a void, bless it, oh, you can curse it too.  All feelings are allowed.  But recognize its significance for you on your spiritual path.  You have done nothing wrong.  It is a time of integration and regrouping.  It won’t last forever, but it will go more smoothly if you just go with it, don’t resist it.

The Caretaker

Resist the temptation to take on your old role of caretaker for others.  Lightworkers are prone to attracting energy leeches, and it takes discernment to recognize who they are.  Because of our empathy we feel others’ pain, and want to soothe it, even if they themselves don’t recognize it. But those days are done!  If we are to take our ascension, our enlightenment seriously, that role has to go.  And it is, because in the new energy it has no place.  But letting go is not always easy.  Often we identified with that role, and in the void we can feel lost without it.

But we are recognizing that we can now play that role with our own selves.  Taking care of ourself takes priority now.  And that makes us the leading edge role models for others to do the same.  So, enjoy the void.

10 thoughts on “Don’t Avoid The Void

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  2. Seems like I’ve found this void, off and on, for the past three years or more, and it is expressing itself the most right now, living alone in the least validating place I have ever lived in. And I wonder when will me and my soul reunite?

  3. Singing Tree….I’m thrilled you are resonating with the posts. And you ask the billion dollar question: when will you and your soul reunite? To the human personality, that question feels unanswerable. But what I have found is that it is a process, in which our soul is also getting to know us more intimately.

    Everyone’s experience is of course unique, but it requires a deep trust. Because we have invited our eternal self into our body and our life, there are adjustments on both parts, the human and soul, that are necessary.

    It’s a relaxing and allowing process. And the void seems to come as an integration phase. It cycles back when it is needed. Granted, it’s a lot slower than any of us would have expected, or would have liked, for sure, but there is also a purpose to that.

    I don’t think any of us ascension pioneers feel supported by our intimate environments. It often feels like we are aliens in world that doesn’t really recognizes us, it can feel quite lonely. But eventually the loneliness gives way to a feeling of fulfillment. And those feeling may be just glimmers at first, but then they become more and more sustained. More and more joy from our soul.

    Gradually there is a sense of joy and partnership with ourselves that we could never feel with any other human. But meanwhile, yes, it can feel like a never ending Groundhog Day, and in that you are not alone. And you are not alone in that you have tremendous support from your non physical friends and those right here in this amazing blog community. 💜

    1. Soulsoothinsounds Maria, Thank you so much for responding.! Those of us, me, are often wonderstruck and also intensely grateful for those of you who answered this call many many years ago, when I was enjoying my human life so much I didn’t have the time or even interest to consider my soul. The human part of me often says, ‘you got here kinda late, didn’t you buddy,’ then the gentler side of me says, ‘everyone has a different path, a different purpose, yours is no less, nor greater than anyone else’s. Relax, it’s going to be all right’.So grateful for the reminders you sprinkle throughout your messages, to accept ourselves as we are.

      1. Yes Singing Tree, we are each unique and are discovering that everyone, every human will come this way, to Earth, and will ultimately awaken to their true selves. And thank you also, for allowing yourself to go through the experiences that will make you an extraordinary teacher of the new consciousness. 💜

  4. steve

    Maria…thank you for this article, my highest self brought it into my awareness, she
    knew how resonant and soothing it would be for me. much progress had already been made with my new void sovereign realty with much struggle and resistance as the price paid. your unique and fresh perspective has given me much solace, just knowing that i am not alone in this place and that other (humans???) are having similar experiences is very reassuring. back in early 12-2019 i passed thru some type of a portal or stargate a true and brutal exercise in faith and trust…total blahness, blankness, lull zone, no motion, dull looking and feeling , no flow no matter how hard i tried to get it going or what proven technique or method was employed…i just kept
    telling myself, this too shall pass and it eventually did i finally popped out the other side of the portal…this new very much enhanced sovereign multiverse feels much finer, higher vibrational, smoother, very detached, enhanced empowerment, non judgemental with a gentle forward flow…effortless and very cool…in a word smoother. and so it goes with each transition, getting a little easier each time. this article helped me immensely, my true intention is for it to reach everyone having a void experience sooner than later. your perspective of helping yourself first in order to be a better help
    to others is refreshing and powerful, looking forward to exploring your other articles.
    most sincerely, steve

    1. Steve, I’m truly happy you resonate with the message. Isn’t it wonderful how we connect with just the right energy when we are ready? And thank you for sharing your own experience and the wisdom you have gleaned being in the void. I’m sure others can appreciate and use it. We all need support and reassurance during this life altering transformation. Many blessings to you. 💕

      1. steve

        Maria…yes it is wonderful and empowering. your website, art, music, and writings, this collective of you essentially, all feel very calming, soothing to me, similar to the feeling of my core essence. which makes sense, as we and everything are all energy and one in unity. still this is new to feel it from outside of myself, and takes a little acclimation. what a wonderful validation that humanity, mother earth, and the universe are in fact flowing and transmuting itself into unity, oneness, wholeness, and equality even as most do not even realize anything is happening at all.
        when you said that by sharing my void experience, others may appreciate and use it possibly for support or reassurance, well, it’s difficult for me to wrap mere words around what that feels like to me…so “thanks for that” will have to suffice for now. enjoying your creations very much, you are truly helping many by just expressing the beautiful, authentic essence of you.
        most sincerely, steve

        1. Thank you Steve. And I liked this….

          “ what a wonderful validation that humanity, mother earth, and the universe are in fact flowing and transmuting itself into unity, oneness, wholeness, and equality even as most do not even realize anything is happening at all.”

          Oh-Be-Ahn, my friend.

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