Nothing Left To Fear

At this stage of your ascension/light body process…you have gotten through the worst of it, you have lived many, many lifetimes, some of those in this lifetime…and you have experienced just about everything a consciousness can experience.  You have gone through the dark night of the soul.  You have been rich, poor, young, old, healthy, ill, despondent, cheerful, free, imprisoned.  You have had many children, and you have had none.  You have had husbands, wives, girlfriends, boyfriends.  You have been popular, and you have led lives of obscurity.  You have been victims and you have been perpetrators.

You have lived just about every fear a human being can live.  You were blind, metaphorically, and maybe even physically.  You were kings and Queens, and you were paupers.  You wanted to experience all that life could offer you, because you weren’t one to play it safe.  You wanted adventure.  You wanted to be face to face with you deepest fears.  You wanted to delve into the darkest of dark because you knew that is exactly where your divinity resided.  You wanted to dive so deeply into experience here because this was the only place that spirit could do that.

But then awhile back you said, enough.  I am ready to get back to myself now.  I have learned everything I could.  It has made me who I am today.  I am grateful for each experience.  I am ready for my enlightenment.  So began your journey back “home.”  But you discovered that home wasn’t some far away heaven anymore.  You discovered you really couldn’t go home.  You began to realize that home was right here, in your body.  They say that wherever you hang your hat is home, and that is true.  You are home simply because you are no longer separated from your spirit, and your soul.  As long as they are with you, you are home.

You also recognized that you are just here temporarily, on Planet Earth, and if you choose you can adventure into other realms.  Whenever you are ready.  If you choose to remain here for a while you realize that then you have certain criteria.  You want to be here as an awakened human.  You want to be the Avatar, and use your creative abilities to their fullest.  But you know that isn’t going to happen over night.  Meanwhile, you want to be comfortable in your body, and you want to enjoy life here.

So you are here in a different capacity.  You are letting go of your fears of being in a physical body, because you know that you are so much more than physical.  You are at the point of understanding that even though you still feel fearful, there is really nothing left to fear.

Photo on 12-14-13 at 8.30 PM 4Enjoy my song, Nothing Left To Fear.

5 thoughts on “Nothing Left To Fear

  1. Wow woman! You are on a high vibe roll here!!! Your posts … and both songs! WOW!!!
    After weeks of unraveling layer upon layer of dross and debris … I am now actually getting very excited and the SURPRISE PARTY! we are invited to … you are an amazing lady!!!

  2. Whoopsie … I meant getting very excited ABOUT the SURPRISE PARTY! we are invited to.

    I’ve never been to an Ascension Surprise Party before … surely this is where they will have the ticker tape and cake and all that celebratory stuff we so deserve!!!

  3. Hey Joyful Sister, I am also looking forward to that party, celebrating with my fellow ascension ground crew, and eating all that great cake and sipping wine and special dark roast coffee!!! Our greatest supporters and fan club are waiting for us ‘behind the scenes’ as we speak! Thanks for your amazing energy and feedback. Hugs, Maria

  4. Kat

    Dear Maria,

    I m always looking forward to reading your new entries and again I feel like you and me are on the same wavelength and going through the same things. Keep doing what you do! 🙂

  5. Thanks, Kat.

    It’s heartening to know we are not alone in all of this. If we had an ‘energetic’ bird’s eye view from outside the Planet we would most likely ‘see’ many, many lights igniting all around the globe. And – keep shining yours!! Maria

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