Trying No Longer Works

Trying-By-HomerAs I listen to conversations around me at the cafe, I hear people saying, “I am trying to lose weight.  I’ve been trying to eat less.  I should get back on the treadmill.”  I also hear things like, “I’m trying to save money.  I’m trying to cut my expenses.  I shop at Walmart all the time but I still can’t get ahead.”  Then there’s “I work so hard on my relationship.  I’m trying to make it work.”

In the new energy trying simply does not work.  Not that it ever did, but now we are required to live from a heart-based consciousness.  Doing things because they make our heart sing.  Now, if clipping coupons and shopping at Walmart do that for you then you are on the right track.  Personally, I do my best to avoid both!  Actually, it’s not so much our actions that create but the frequency we send out.  If what you are doing brings you an uplifting feeling, you send that out and the universe sends you more of that feeling.

I know people who keep downsizing, trying to save money by getting a smaller house, or move to a less expensive neighborhood, only to find themselves continuing to struggle to make ends meet.  They attribute it to the economy and to life just being more expensive.  So to compensate they find themselves working longer hours, and sometimes getting a second job.  They are truly believing that their actions, regardless of how colorless and joyless those actions make them feel, are supposed to bring them more prosperity, or more health, or more love and security.

Most people are in a just enough belief system.  Even if they are pulling in hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars.  If they believe that life is hard and they are entitled to only just enough, then they will somehow manage to end up with just enough to pay all their monthly bills.  So prosperity isn’t how much money we bring in.  It’s not even how we spend it.  It has everything to do with what we are feeling relative to money.  The same goes for how we are feeling about our bodies.  If we feel we are not enough or are unhealthy or vulnerable to disease, we can be eating the most healthful foods and still fall ill.  If we believe we are not lovable, all the trying in the world won’t create loving relationships.

Even in the ‘new age’ area, struggle is present. “I’m trying to become enlightened.  I’m trying to deal with my emotions and issues!”  Take a moment to feel the energy of trying, of struggle.  How does it feel?  Because that feeling that you are sending out will come back to you, and you will be facing more trying and struggle.  Underneath that feeling is the belief that life is hard, and that we are not deserving of things coming easily.  “They work hard for their money, so they deserve to have more.”  She tries so hard, she deserves a break.”  Newsflash:  We do not get brownie points for efforting and struggle.  Hopefully it’s the big lesson we learned by lifetimes of efforting and struggling and trying. 

We are in the New Energy.  The New Energy has a different feel to it.  It works differently.  And when we are on-line with our inner being, things have a way of flowing in our life much more easily now.  So trying, efforting, and struggling all fall away in the New Energy.  And we are left with allowing.  But allowing takes trust.  Allowing and trust will take some time because we have been so used to the struggle, we feel a little lost without it. Our mind believes it needs to jump in and manage everything.  But, we wanted to become free.  To feel our God-self while living here on Planet Earth.   Free from so many limitations.  And in the process, we are face to face with all the resistance to that freedom.  When someone tells us to just relax and allow, our minds jump in and want to do something, anything, because the mind thinks it’s the only way to create.  How’s that been working out?  No so good.  And it’s not to kick the mind out entirely, but give it something to do while you do the real manifesting.

This transformational process we are going through does feel like struggle, because it is so hard on our minds, our emotions and our bodies!  But in actuality it’s like the caterpillar being transformed into the butterfly.  The caterpillar is being crushed and losing the caterpillar identity in the process, but it knows instinctively that it can’t push it, that it just needs to accept it, and it does.  This new way of being does not mean we are wishy-washy and allow others to feed off of us, or to just accept a situation we are not happy with.  Quite the opposite.  Being the embodied master means we choose how we want to feel and what we want to experience.  And when we make those choices, we then trust that it comes to us, maybe not in the exact ways or the timing we expected, but it does come to us.  And in the process it may bring up all our fears and resistances to the thing or feeling we want.  If we want to feel more free, that choice will bring up anything in us that resists that freedom.  But then it’s to just allow those feelings to come through you, and not fight them.

This takes some patience and practice, since it’s a  brand new way.

Enjoy my song, Brand New Way

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2 thoughts on “Trying No Longer Works

  1. I’ve been trying … forcing … efforting without even realizing it … what a beautiful reminder to JUST BE! … and allow LIFE to row my boat today … tomorrow … thanks for this insightful post … blessings!!!!

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