Ascension Defecit Disorder

The worse your symptoms, physical, mental, emotional and financial, the closer you are to establishing that long desired connection with your soul.  You are going through a healing crisis.  Don’t mistake it for anything else.  Don’t be tempted to over analyze things.  Or to think you’ve done something wrong.  You haven’t.

The biggest hinderance to our awakening is our belief that we are not ready or worthy.  Because as long as we believe that, that’s what we attract.  More of not being ready or worthy.  And don’t be tempted to pull in some drama, either from others or from your own aspects.  Those parts of you who are in your face, waving their fists and accusing you of all sorts of things.  Those parts of you that try to convince you that something is terribly wrong and becoming ‘wronger.’  Where you are going life is sweet and filled with passion, without the drama.

Meanwhile you will feel a little lost, maybe bored.  Consider those feelings an indication of your progress toward your enlightenment.  

Often when the body is sick or injured, it will begin to rebalance itself, and in the process it will often begin to feel worse.  You may remember such times.  As children we understood this process intuitively.  We would stay home from school and lay in bed, knowing that we would recover.  We even enjoyed it because it gave us a needed break.

And that’s going on now, whether it’s an emotional, mental, physical, relationship, or financial issue.  Or all of the above.  This seeming breakdown doesn’t necessarily constitute drama, but how you choose to respond to it does.  You chose to awaken in this lifetime, to condense several lifetimes of learning into one.  Do you realize what an incredible undertaking that is?  Your neighbor probably doesn’t recognize who you are.  Maybe not even your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, or your children.  If you are connected to a religion, they most certainly don’t know.  That’s why it’s hard to see yourself for who you truly are.  That’s why you tire of the small talk with them.  Oh, make no mistake, you do love them, you just aren’t so interested in spending too much time with them, or talking about the things they are passionate about.  They may want to be in your energy.  They can feel there’s something different about you.  You radiate a light, even when you are feeling like you want to throw in the towel.

It’s easy not to recognize our light.  We tend to get so immersed in our issues.  In the day-to-day stuff we need to deal with.  But as we invite our soul and our spirit into our every day life, as we do those every day things, especially things that put a smile on our face, our life becomes richer, more balanced and we feel more connected to our true passion for living.  You find that you want to express and create from your soul. Not really from your personality-self any more, but from your true self.

And when you feel more connected to life, and the operative word is feel – you naturally bring in more energy.  And you can use that energy to create your heart’s desires.

We threw ourselves into the depths of the human experience to discover our true selves and then as embodied masters to be the standard for others to see.  It was never about perfecting our human selves in order to do that, but to love and accept our human selves as we are.  We wanted to go to the depths of sorrow and fear to know joy and freedom.  We no longer are required to do things so extremely to get the point.  There is a new way to live, and there is a new way to feel passion for life.  But don’t expect the old rules to apply any more.

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2 thoughts on “Ascension Defecit Disorder

  1. Kat

    Maria, can you actually read my mind? Today has been a tough day for me, with me feeling quite worn out and tired of this whole emotional clearing process. Your article just resonates again with me in such a profound manner. I would like to say a big fat THANK YOU ! 🙂 Be blessed.

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