It’s Time To Be Kind To Your Mind

IMG_0386Enjoy my song, The Speed Of Love while reading the post.

It has become popular to put down the mind as that aspect of us that keeps getting us into trouble. And we’ve been led to believe we need to relinquish it totally in order to move into our divine nature.  But what has happened is we have asked our mind to create for us, to keep us safe from harm, to micro manage our lives for us, and it’s been on overload.  It really was not designed to understand us or our lives from the broader perspective.

Your mind, bless it, has been doing its best, but without its partners, your soul, your heart, your divine feminine, it really just ends up spinning its wheels.  And now, with the new energies present, it has the opportunity to relax and just do what it was created for:  to store and retrieve information, to operate things physical, and other types of analytical functions.  But not to make life decisions and to create for us.  Because if you ask the mind to do that, it will do its best to retrieve information from your past that lists all the reasons why you can’t do something.  It will enumerate all the things that can and will go wrong, and then try to protect you from that potential pain.  At that point it begins working with the wounded aspects, who have their own agenda, and then anxiety and worry are added to the mix.

Then the action is stepped up and you run on all cylinders trying to bring in more money or heal yourself, or run to doctors, or pull in another bad relationship, or run to one spiritual modality after another.  It’s exhausting!


So poor mind at this point is tired and confused.  But it senses there is a new kid in town.  The Divine Feminine.  She is here to bring balance to a very out of balance situation.  Her job is to take the burden off mind and allow it a much-needed rest.  She is here in a profound way, and she now guides us in our life in an easy and graceful way.  She works alongside the Divine Masculine to create a joyful life for us.  She teaches us to open our arms and let life love us.  She helps us to open up to our feelings.  She reminds us that passion for life is what creates for us.  And that we need to open up and receive, without compromise, without question, and without any price to pay.

The Divine Feminine is our intuition.  Our inner GPS system. It’s always running, but we need to pay attention to it.  Its navigation will come sometimes on the heels of frustration or anger, which may be alerting you that you are going in the wrong direction.  But the biggest signal that we are stuck in the mind is the amount of drama in our life, those emotional storms or relationship crises that never seem to be resolved.

So the mind is oriented to protect us from pain, not to provide us with true joy.  If we unload onto the mind our true hearts desires and expect them to be fulfilled we will be very disappointed.  But the good news is, the mind is now ready to work alongside our heart.  So honor your mind and release it from eons of duty.  It’s time to be kind to your mind.

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