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It is Time To Claim Your Magnificance


It is time to stop seeing yourself as a frightened human being. It is time to stop seeing yourself as limited. It is time to stop seeing yourself as incapable, as vulnerable. It is time to claim your magnificence.

While it is important to honor all of your feelings, it is also important to honor your soul presence. To feel its presence in your life. To feel that love, unconditionally. To know absolutely that you can have anything you desire. To know absolutely that you can have a healthy body, That you can have a lifestyle that you enjoy. That you can have support and passion.

A dear friend of mine, who I see as a visionary, is now manifesting a situation that is helping millions of people and it is now creating grand abundance for him. It has helped me to see myself as a visionary, And that I also deserve to reap the rewards of my inner wisdom.

Those of us in the later stages of enlightenment are still surrounded by a world that is in the early stages of their enlightenment. This can cause a feeling of doubt within us. We often wonder, are we on the right path? Are we capable of all these magnificent gifts that we are told we have?

So, it is critical at this point to connect with like-minded people, and to remind ourselves that yes, we are on the cutting edge, and if our lives do not appear to be what we would like them to be at this point, it is not because we are doing something wrong. It is that we are taking a very different, and often difficult path that most others are not ready for. And because we are still surrounded by those who do not understand where we are at, we tend to believe that we should be perhaps doing something different. In fact, for most of us at this point, it is not about doing. It is more about  allowing, allowing in the magnificence of who we are, allowing in that love from spirit.

Whatever you may be feeling and experiencing right now, whether it is fear of a physical condition, financial, emotional, or relationship issues, it comes under the same heading of trust. Trust that where you are is okay. That what you’re feeling is absolutely appropriate. But it is not who you truly are. Who you truly are, there are no words for. Can you feel into that magnificence even for a moment? Can you entertain the idea that you can create anything you desire. That you have carte blanche. That you don’t need to perfect yourself before you create that joy in your life. You do not have to prove worthiness. You are worthy. You are worthy of anything your heart desires. If you want to be on this planet as an embodied master, you will need health, and abundance. Do not settle for second-best. This integration of the soul into our bodies has been an ongoing process. All imbalances are coming up to be cleared. They may have begun with our ancestors or with early childhood, it really doesn’t matter. All that matters is that we now are in a place of allowing all we need and desire into our life.

We are the trailblazers. This is not the easiest of paths to take. Sometimes we may wish we were back in the old days of just having a mediocre but relatively stable life. But it is truly like the caterpillar before it becomes the butterfly… the caterpillar is being crushed, but it does not question that process. It knows intuitively that it is about to become free and soar the landscapes with its beautiful wings spread out for all to see.

Author: soulsoothinsounds

Our lives are like great paintings or great pieces of music. If we focus on all the technical 'imperfections' we will miss the true beauty of the work. We won't see, or rather, FEEL the essence and spirit of the masterpiece. I no longer identify myself as a writer, artist, or musician. Rather I express my divinity, and my humanity through the media of art, music and writing. I began this blog because I wanted to give voice to my experiences and insights, and I wrote for myself primarily. Eight years later, I am still writing for myself, and I am discovering that my experiences are not personal but universal - galactic even. And now I am more sure than ever that I am a new consciousness teacher, as each of you are. The way we teach is by going through the very human experiences, and as we ascend and shed our old selves, with love, and as we embody spirit in this lifetime, which we are all doing, we become the standards for others of the new divine human.

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