Letting Go (Home Coming)

As we integrate our soul self into our physical bodies, we may activate trigger points, which may manifest physically, emotionally or mentally as imbalances.  This happens so we can clear the issues or imbalances or the energies attached to us.  We need not do this mentally, by analyzing anything.  We just need to allow our soul to do it for us.  Because our soul is already whole and complete.

She knows what needs to be done.

But there may be some resistance.  Did you ever have a favorite blanket or doll as a young child, and after a while it wore out and your mother or father tried to throw it away?  What did you do?  You protested, and relinquished it kicking and screaming!  In some way you still found comfort in it beyond its ability to remain intact.

We do the same with old patterns and energies.  We may have taken on, out of love, the issues of our parents, and brought them with us throughout life.  Now in the New Energy we have the opportunity to release them but we cling to them because we believe that they keep us connected to our parents or loved ones, even if they are deceased.

There may be some sadness involved.  And as painful as those issues and energies are, as much as those energies do not serve us, we hold them close to us as we did with our raggedy teddy bear.  We may believe that it is the only way to stay connected to our mom or dad or whomever we may have been under the care of.

That’s alright.  Slowly we do begin to understand that our love and our connection to them is eternal.  That we all played our roles with each other.  We begin to understand that we are not betraying them by letting go, because we are  releasing the imbalances, not the people.  And in fact, as we do release those imbalances, we not only set ourselves free, but we change the entire dynamics of our family lineage. We set them all free.  We as ascending masters are in the process of setting our loved ones free.  How about that?!!

The ascension process can create sadness, a feeling that we have lost parts of ourselves, but really nothing and no one is lost.  It all becomes integrated.  As we expand our consciousness, and of course this happens naturally, we have more ‘room’ for all our wounded aspects and parts of ourself that didn’t feel loved.  They all come ‘home’ because they feel the safe space we have created.

So honor all of your feelings of sadness or grief but remember dear way shower, you are losing nothing, but rather, you are gaining an entire healed family.  Your family of this lifetime and all your ancestors.  So it’s a time to celebrate.  It is a home-coming the likes of which you have never experienced before.

Cosmic Blend Album Cover small

 Enjoy my song, Freedom, from my album, Cosmic Blend.  My music helps to ground the energies of the post, and if listened to in a quiet setting, can assist to heal and balance your energies.

2 thoughts on “Letting Go (Home Coming)

  1. Kat

    beautiful, just really well put. Happy New Year Maria, I hope all your heart’s desires will materialise this year and all the years after

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