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Our New Normal


We as human beings are great adaptors in life.  If we weren’t, we wouldn’t be here now.  Our bodies and minds have amazing abilities to adjust to changing environmental conditions.

We adjust to things in life.  We adjust to financial lack, to illness and disease, to not so joyful situations, jobs and relationships.  Little by little we adapt our bodies and minds and the unhealthy situation becomes our normal.

Of course it’s important to see the good in all situations.  And these situations and conditions are just pointing out where we are not aligned with ourselves.  And as we awaken we are less and less tolerant of anything that isn’t joyful.  We can no longer sweep it under the rug and adjust to less than joyful conditions, even if those conditions include our minds coming in and chattering in our ear that we are not doing it right!

There is still that part of us that tells us we should just settle.  That doesn’t yet trust that we can have our heart’s desires.  Maybe we will stand out too much from the crowd.  After all, people are suffering all over the world!  Or we believe we are not yet ready or worthy.  That we are not perfect enough yet spiritually.

You know, Jesus often doubted himself, but gradually recognized that he was perfect just as he was.  He felt the weight of mass consciousness, which by the way was much more dense back then, and he took time away.  We are not required to be available 24/7.  The notion of struggle and suffering to be spiritual is going by the wayside.

We are house cleaning on all levels:  physically, emotionally and even our actual homes.  We may find ourselves clearing and cleaning old energies in the form of furniture, books, papers and a variety of other objects in our homes.  We are becoming more sensitive to energies that no longer resonate with us.

They say you can’t release something until you love it.  Well you can love that financial lack as a messenger that gifts you with valuable information about yourself.  And the same for whatever bodily imbalance you may have.  And then you can choose what you prefer.  Without guilt or trying to justify why you want it.

Many of the conditions we settle on are the result of long standing emotional patterns and vibrations.  As the unsatisfying conditions manifest now, we have the opportunity to allow our soul to clear out the patterns and heal and balance our bodies and our emotions.  We know on a deeper level that we are not meant to just put up with them.

We all have aspects from other lives that were also balanced emotionally, financially and physically.  That perhaps had qualities and skills that we appear not to have.  We can call on those aspects now to bring forth the qualities we desire.

There is no longer any need to suffer, there is no longer a need for lessons.  There is no longer a need to believe we are not yet ready to allow spirit to love us and to be a part of our everyday life.

It is time to see ourselves as spirit having a human experience, not as mere humans struggling to find god.  Sometimes it comes down to, how tired are we of the struggle, and the settling and the adapting to less than joyful conditions?

For many of us, this will be our last lifetime on Planet Earth.  We have completed a cycle of lifetimes and we will be choosing other options.  So why not go out being a shining example of joy, health and wealth?  Why not truly enjoy life as an embodied master?

That may seem like a fairy tale for some but it is closer than you think.  Those gifts are waiting, they are already done on the spirit plane.  But most of us are not comfortable with the receiving step.  But as we awaken we are pushed to do or die.  We can’t remain on the fence.  We need to let go of control and trust that we are ready and we are worthy of a joyful life experience, from the inside out!

Author: soulsoothinsounds

Our lives are like great paintings or great pieces of music. If we focus on all the technical 'imperfections' we will miss the true beauty of the work. We won't see, or rather, FEEL the essence and spirit of the masterpiece. I no longer identify myself as a writer, artist, or musician. Rather I express my divinity, and my humanity through the media of art, music and writing. I began this blog because I wanted to give voice to my experiences and insights, and I wrote for myself primarily. Eight years later, I am still writing for myself, and I am discovering that my experiences are not personal but universal - galactic even. And now I am more sure than ever that I am a new consciousness teacher, as each of you are. The way we teach is by going through the very human experiences, and as we ascend and shed our old selves, with love, and as we embody spirit in this lifetime, which we are all doing, we become the standards for others of the new divine human.

22 thoughts on “Our New Normal

  1. Greetings Ma’am,

    I guess we would eventually ADAPT to abundance as well :p

    It feels like initial swimming pool fear while standing on verge tipping the water with toe !!

    It feel much better once we get comfortable with the fluidity and buoyancy.

  2. Hi Maria,
    thank you for this article. I have to say that I am ready for abundance and that I’m so over being in a state of financial lack, but nothing changes. I know I love myself every day more and more, but yet nothing in the outer world changes for me. I do have a bigger amount of inner peace,yet I would love to have a job that I love and that brings me financial stability. I’m sick of claiming benefits and being reliant on the government. I’m eager to work, I have many skills and I’m capable and intelligent, but all my applications either go unanswered or I get a rejection letter. It is very tiring and annoying. I do understand that this ascension thingy is tough, but I’ve been on it for such a long time and quite frankly, i’m sick of always being in a challenging situation. It’s time for me to reap the benefits. I’m getting really impatient and frustrated to be honest. It’s as if I’ve been clearing my issues, working on integrating my soul since 2002 and have no real benefits from it in my outer circumstances. I did get over many fears and I do have more inner peace, but that isn’t enough.
    Sorry for the rant, but that’s how I feel at the moment.
    Much love,

  3. No apologies necessary! Your frustration speaks for many of us at this time! There have been many times I felt like throwing in the towel! Looking at others around me who aren’t even interested in the ascension, who are still asleep, who seem to have health and financial prosperity and are doing what they love, I scratch my head and say the same thing. What are the tangible benefits of all this devotion to my enlightenment?

    Why am I still struggling with certain issues when I feel I have come so far?

    These are questions on the minds and in the hearts of so many on this path. And I can’t even give what I consider to be a satisfying answer, other than to say upon closer look at those who appear to have it together in terms of the tangible manifestations, they have not truly found that inner peace..they need pills to fall asleep at night.. Or have addictions because they have not figured out how to be their own best friend. They still feel unfulfilled.. We have found that inner fulfillment, and others sense that in our presence and want to experience that too!

    Perhaps the outer manifestation takes more time than we expected.

    And we as lightworkers have come in with substantial handicaps. Low self worth because we didn’t have the support we needed.. Lifetimes of persecution perhaps. But we are frustrated because we now know that those aspects are not who we are, that those issues we originally took on for others we do not carry anymore. And yet it seems nothing changes for us. At this point many of us have had it and have grown quite impatient.

    And I say feel it and express it. Because it can be a bitch!! Many of us wanted to become enlightened in this lifetime. And we have transformed quickly when you consider it would have taken lifetimes in the past! Fifteen or twenty years is a very short time in that respect. But to our human self it feel like forever. And we do not want to wait another fifteen or twenty!

    I keep receiving messages that we are closer than we realize. That we are a breath away.

    Well, I appreciate your honesty, Kat, and your bravery for speaking for so many of us.

    Love and blessings,

    • Thank you Maria. It’s good to know I’m not the only one having these feelings and that you are familiar with them as well. I’ve always been quite outspoken and honest and I think this helped to keep me sane in my life. Addressing things that bother oneself is really important I think.

      I’m not even comparing myself to others, as I know that we all have our own paths and what makes someone else happy doesn’t necessarily make me happy. I just feel a bit forgotten or left out. Dunno how to put it exactly.
      Your words did calm me down a bit thogh and I know that trust (and patience is a form of trust, as impatience is a lack of trust) is THE big thing I (and probably many others on this path) need to learn; but both can be only learned if our trust gets justified (by manifesting our heart’s desires for example) , and I feel it hasn’t in the extent I wish it has. Hope that doesn’t sound too confusing. So you received messages, that we are closer (to full ascension?) than we thought. May I ask how you receive these messages? in what form? I wish I could receive messages, but my angels don’t even answer when I ask them for signs.

      • Yes, I wonder if we are still resistant to allowing things to come to us, things we want in our life. Especially those things that have a charge to them. Things that we want a great deal. You know, when the wanting is big, the resistant thought is too.

        I was thinking the other day, the difference between cancer and a small cut on someone’s finger. Usually we don’t focus on the cut because we know it will heal. What about if we felt that about cancer or any other disease, that it will heal, no big deal. And just go about our day.

        And of course we can apply that to finances, etc. The manifestations that please us, that we don’t think about that much, that we are creating every day, there is no resistance, no fears around them.

        But the bigger desires, we usually have bigger concerns about.. So we fall out of trust.. In my own life I have healed from a few so called incurable conditions…and it happened without me thinking about them..over time they seemed to just go away. And also financial concerns seemed to resolve themselves. But it was when I stopped focusing on them so much. Not always easy to do..

        But now it feels like some issues are coming up and in our face…but the same dynamic applies..the trust you talk about.. That is a the key..well put, Kat, that lack of patience is a form of not goes back to the cut on our big deal, it will heal, and usually pretty quickly.

        I receive messages from feelings, then I translate that feeling into words. If it feels good, then I trust it is coming from a higher source, my higher self, inner self. If the message is fear based, I know it’s my mind trying to control things.

        I was feeling that yes, our ascension, our embodied enlightenment is closer than we think..we are not at the beginning stages, at least not those who are attracted to this blog and other material like it. We are seasoned souls..there are not many who are ready for the kind of freedom that we want. So while it feels tough at times, I feel that we on the accelerated path have what it takes to move through this stage and transmute old energies into a new way of being.

    • so true Ma’am !!

      I have a close friend who has made it big on career-sphere.

      I am jobless for 1.5 yr now after graduating
      (just because lack of passion or even mere interest in yet another number crunching job …
      also because of ascension symptom rendering me unable to do a full-time analyzing and mentally demanding coding job)

      she is constantly worried of my situation and thinks im depressed and lost and thats why not even trying !!

      I tried explaining a lot .. that im probably more happier than most ppl I see around.

      and how little you really need to be absolutely joyful and yet have no feeling of LACK whatsoever, which compels ppl to make it big in the first place/

      and now she even considers im procrastinator or a mentally-challenged and that I hallucinate :p

      yet also feels the different vibe of serenity and peace, sadly not in a place to understand it yet.


      what I wanted to say is :

      we are used to relate ABUNDANCE as having SURPLUS in whatever terms.

      whereas in the new context, abundance would mean being provided for whatever is that you really need in the moment !!

      (and not which we think we need)

      and having surplus or excess is not required anymore !!

      I guess thats the reason why :

      sometimes what we think we wanted is not provided for in the moment.

      but we really need happens automatically and from out of nowhere.

      Its more like we dont even have to care for our needs anymore 😀

      (bigger forces taking care for that, we having voluntarily opted for that care .. kind of like AUTO-PILOT :p)

      • I agree, it is really about being provided for in the moment, and we are raising our standards as to what we feel we deserve, that we can have more than just enough if we desire that. And, yes, I have had the experience too, of people worrying about me, not really understanding the iterations of this process.
        Good points, thank you!

  4. that’s why I love talking to you: it seems like something new and interesting always comes up everytime we discuss things. Good point about trust and not putting too much energy and thought into the things we want. Funnily enough I had the thought the other day – when actually something long awaited happened (it was nothing major, just a telephone call from a friend, considering a script I wrote), that it wasn’t worth the fuss and impatience I felt before, as the friend took quite a while to get in touch. I realised I wasted energy by thinking about when he’s gonna call. Might be worth a try to practice this for other (major) things as well.

    I read a story about a boy from an indigineous tribe in South America. I don’t know whether it’s true or not, nevertheless it’s a nice story. This boy lost one of his limbs but grew it back, because he was convinced that it will grow back as he saw lizards growing their limbs back, so he thought, that that’s the way it’s gonna happen to him. There are numerous stories about kids losing bits of their finger and growing it back. It’s all about trust in the end, isn’t it?

    • Absolutely, and I have witnessed so called miracle healings, even people growing kidneys where there werent any, or stomachs that were removed in surgery growing back! It is amazing what is possible when we allow the soul and body to co create together. We have been convinced that certain conditions are irreversible. Yet we see this belief being defied every day!

  5. I was thinking about the things we discussed here (trust, fear..) in the past couple of days and I concluded that it’s the best way to have trust that things will turn out in the most beneficial way for onself, but it is no good to ignore the fear during this process. I believe that in order to gain trust we must go through the fear: feel it, indulge in it (although “indulge” might not be the right word here, but you know what I mean), accept it. It doesn’t make sense to just think “yeah I need to trust” and block out all the fears that might still be in the system, which – if ignored – make real trust impossible. It’s about integrating everything, especailly the uncomfortable feelings. 🙂

  6. An interestink link about creation. This is – apart from yours – the only webiste about ascension I frequently visit.

  7. Kat, it’s an excellent site! And I like his style of writing. Yes, we definitely can’t use the old tools in the new fact, creating has always been about allowing. But we creatures are not very good at allowing. but that is the secret more than anything else isn’t it.?not trying to micromanage everything and trying to figure out how when where and why.

    And of course it all comes down to being in the now moment. I am learning to enjoy my life and that is helping me tremendously with my health and know, making more decisions based on joy and not lack. an example is I can spend money on things for myself and I’m pretty comfortable about that. But bigger ticket items, I am still uncomfortable with, even if the money is there. there is still that fear of money running out. because I have had a history of having to work hard and compromise for money, and I am beginning to understand that is not necessary anymore.

    I think we can all agree that certain things come easy to us. Things that we take for granted. as we are awakening and recognizing that we are creator gods, and that we are whole and complete, we know that we don’t need anything outside ourselves to feel joy. so we can enjoy this physical reality, which may include whatever our heart desires., without feeling that we will become unbalanced. If vast amounts of wealth came to us when we were not balanced we would probably self destruct. So yes I agree certain things not coming to us could have been a blessing.

    for myself, I feel like I am slowly raising my standards and allowing more joyful experiences into my life. Because the awakening process is really about awareness of self and loving and honoring our human self. it seems we are spinning out of us whatever is no longer compatible with our inner being.

    thanks for the link.

    • Ha, I knew you’d like it! I’ve been thinking about giving you the link to this website ages ago. You should read through the rest of it if you have time 🙂
      I especially like his point about wealth being a distration from enlightment. I can understand where he is coming from. And yes, it’s always about allowing, and this requires trust. It all sounds so easy, yet can be really hard, because we are so used to control.

    • Greetings Ma’am,

      I have a question ..

      suppose we like lots of chocolate,

      won’t somebody have to work to provide that to us ?

      like most of the goods we use has to be produced with human labour ..

      If we are consuming a lot of goods and not being productive that much ourselves,

      isn’t that injustice ?

      similarly how can we use more things without having the thought of millions of people starving ?

      why abundance on one side for some and extreme deprivation on some other people doesnt seem to make sense ?

      can there be equality ?

      (I know a lot of deprivation is man-made such as war and greed and there is possibly enough for all)

      is this inefficient structure coming to end as well ?

      (somehow enjoying alone when everyone else is crying doesnt make sense anymore)

      am I wrong somewhere ?

      • Everything we each are experiencing, take this includes everyone on the planet) individually, is being magnetized to us by our personal vibration. Whether we believe in this universal law or not, it is operating always. Now that the veil is thinning between dimensions, the manifestation time is shorter. The expression, “As above, so below,” really means if we want to know where our predominant feelings are relative to any subject, just look around at our experiences. If we find ourselves without enough resources or money to be comfortable, on some level, we are pushing it away. Whether its because we do not feel worthy, or because we believe its a distraction for our enlightenment, or because we believe its hard to come by. The same with any other subject. We could want many things, health, money, relationships, inner peace, but we will slow down the manifestation of it if we have strong enough resistance to allowing it into our experience.

        While it may seem unjust that some are wealthy and some desperately poor, every soul came to this planet to experience what it is like to be an angel in human form. And many of us forgot that we are creator gods, and have created many experiences on the long road to remembering who we are.

        The best way we can be of benefit to others is to connect with our own joy, to give to ourselves abundantly, and be the shining example of a human who is healthy, wealthy and wise. Who is courageous enough to shine their light and allow joy to be their predominant vibration.

        When a human experiences lack in any area, its good because now they have more compassion for other humans, and will be better teachers. So lack served a purpose. But continuing in lack will drain our life force energies that could be better used.

        There is a misunderstanding that there are shortages everywhere, yet there is an abundance of energy for whatever we choose. If you truly want an abundance of chocolate, you can have as much as you want. Provided you don’t have a belief that you can’t have it.

        Have you noticed that there are people who barely have enough money to pay their bills, yet somehow come up with enough for cigarettes, or lottery tickets or something they very much desire? I’m sure you can think of many things in your life that came easily. If your desire is pure, meaning that you want it, and believe you can have it. For me, even when times were really tough financially, I always seemed to have enough money in my pocket to have coffee at Panera each morning, and often each afternoon.

        War, hunger, and inequality are still alive in the world, and will continue to be for quite awhile, but depriving ourselves is truly not of benefit to those suffering. Honoring where they are at and becoming our own example of inner and outer freedom is far more beneficial.

        Being the embodied master is not for everyone. It is for those who are ready for true freedom. For those who take total responsibility for being their own creafor god. It does require being selfish enough to want your inner freedom. To want that deep connection to your soul no matter what it takes. Even if it means giving up the comfort of our self imposed limitations.

        Thanks for asking very good questions!

  8. Thank You Ma’am !!

    this clears a lot.

    everything that happens between people is synchronistic since we are all connected !!

  9. OMG Maria, Discovering you is finding a treasure trove of wisdom! I just found this one and I don’t know if you get these comments after such a long time, but just want to say THANK YOU! Sincerely, Holly

    • Holly, I’m glad you commented on this older post, because I just re-read it. I guess I needed to be reminded. The words I wrote are easy to forget if we are experiencing some rough waters. So thank YOU for helping ME to remember.🌹

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