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So many on the ascension path are feeling detached from what once gave them pleasure, from people they once resonated with, and are experiencing a general sense of aloneness.

Many who are experiencing this are interpreting it as bad.  Something is wrong.  Maybe, they think, I just don’t want to be here anymore.  Life just doesn’t hold the same meaning for me anymore.

But what they are not taking into account is that they are detaching from old energies, from the old way they connected to life, not detaching from life itself.    There is a difference.  For example, many of us have detached from world events and aren’t plugged into the news.  No, we are not burying our heads in the sand, we just know that the world is doing what it does and needn’t affect us.  We have compassion, not pity, for all those on their own sacred path, even if that path is one of war. We are not interested in saving anyone.  We understand that one who is connected to their Soul is millions of times more powerful than millions who are disconnected from their source.

We know that all is well and that we are of greater assistance to others, and to the world if we are in love with ourselves and our own life.  Feeling detached in this case is positive for all concerned.

Feeling detached from friends and family can cause lots of concern and guilt. We are not so available for them emotionally or physically anymore.  We are understanding that the energy of worry toward others just helps perpetuates their issues.  How wonderful that we are finally giving them the gift of solving their own problems.  Of being their own source of comfort and joy.  What a beautiful gift to anyone – to help them to become empowered!

We are detaching from drama, in others and in ourself.  Not responding to emotions that pull us into feelings of hopelessness and powerlessness.  While we honor the feelings, we allow the feelings to come and go.  We’re even detaching from worry about our own medical issues or health issues.  Well meaning friends or family fear we are in denial, but in fact we are finally surrendering it to spirit.  Allowing the healing process to take place without trying to do it ourselves.

We are detaching from goals, plans, from trying to make things happen in our life.  Whether it’s to lose weight, get buff, build a career, you name it.  Many of those things may not be important anymore to us, or if we do desire something, we have a knowing that it is already there, and we just need to allow it into our experience.  It’s the struggle and trying and needing to prove worthiness that we are detaching from.  This may be interpreted by others or ourselves as being lazy, or as wishful thinking.  As not being ambitious. We may still be unfamiliar with our limitless creator abilities, but we do know that the old ways aren’t working.

These feelings of detachment can initially created a void that is interpreted as a loss of identity. Who are we without our old role of caretaker, of artist, musician, writer, wife, mother, father, best friend, even of someone striving for spiritual enlightenment. We may even become detached from that one because we are awakening to the realization that we are already there. We don’t need to seek god, for god is within us, within our bodies and hearts.

So we are systematically detaching from the old ways of doing things.  And this can leave our minds reeling…..wondering what in the world is happening.

What is happening is the most incredible experience a human will ever have!  Releasing old worn out ways of being so they can embrace their soul and create with joy and ease.  To have a partner with them who loves them unconditionally, who has no fears, and who can clear up their disease, their financial lack or create with ease their hearts desires.

So the detachment isn’t an issue, it’s our interpretation of it that brings us pain.  And it’s being in the place that new energy pioneers find themselves:  doubting themselves, being uncertain of what lies ahead, shaking in their boots.

But it’s a place of adventure.  If you are reading this, you are an adventurer.  You love exploring the new and unchartered.  The bigger the adventure, the bigger the fears.  So dear adventurer, give yourself credit for blazing new trails!  You didn’t come here to play it safe.  Don’t let the feelings of detachment be a negative.  See it as a springboard for reconnecting to life in a whole new way.  And that way will make itself known to you, a step at a time.  Your only requirement is to trust that.

 And to continue doing things that bring you joy.  To continue accepting and loving who you are in each moment.

Author: soulsoothinsounds

Our lives are like great paintings or great pieces of music. If we focus on all the technical 'imperfections' we will miss the true beauty of the work. We won't see, or rather, FEEL the essence and spirit of the masterpiece. I no longer identify myself as a writer, artist, or musician. Rather I express my divinity, and my humanity through the media of art, music and writing. I began this blog because I wanted to give voice to my experiences and insights, and I wrote for myself primarily. Eight years later, I am still writing for myself, and I am discovering that my experiences are not personal but universal - galactic even. And now I am more sure than ever that I am a new consciousness teacher, as each of you are. The way we teach is by going through the very human experiences, and as we ascend and shed our old selves, with love, and as we embody spirit in this lifetime, which we are all doing, we become the standards for others of the new divine human.

19 thoughts on “Detachment

  1. again a very good read. Isn’t it always our own interpretation of things that either brings us joy or pain? How often does it happen that worrying itself feels 10 times worse than the actual “bad” thing that happens eventually after having worried for so long (if it ever happens). I think very often. It’s never as bad as we imagine it to be, of course except real tragedies like what happened to the woman who got trapped in a car that drove into a river and she almost drowned. Her fear was based on a real threat for her life. But most of the time worrying does not even make sense.

    I’m still in the process of dealing with old fears : my lack of work does annoy me, but somehow I feel like this problem will be taken care of in a way that I cant even imagine yet. I’m getting pressure from the outsisde (the guy at the jobcenter who is my job agent for example as well as family and a friend) to find work, which is annoying enough as I’ve been applying for countless jobs and most of the time the employers don’t even bother to reply. So I’m made responsible for that whole situation and made feel like I’m inadequate or doing something wrong or not enough. It is not pleasant.

    But on the other hand, underneath that uncomfortable feeling there is this peace and serenity inside of me. It’s so weird to feel worried and serene at the same time. The peace is getting stronger though, which is a good thing. I guess the soul has found its way into my body more and more but the mind creates the worry so they are coexisting next to each other. Are you familiar with this, too?

    Much Love,

  2. Kat
    You speak for so many of us when you talk about feeling worried and serene at the same time. For myself, I tend to flip back and forth, but I do notice that the worry is less and less powerful. I guess we’re making the decision to not give it so much attention anymore. Because more and more, we just want to feel good.

    And you speak for so many when you address your work issue. You’re saying you are getting pressure from the outside, but in your heart you know that it will work out for you. Again, in my own experience, when I did anything, took action, from a place of fear, pressure, obligation, or lack, it never worked out well. The energies were responding to my feelings of lack, and delivered more of that!

    The more I detached from the have to’s and shoulds, the better my finances became. And interestingly, the money came from unexpected sources, not even directly connected to my gifts or talents (music, art, writing, coaching). But we do have the inner and outer voices telling us that we need to pound the pavement, get that job, earn that income, and if that gives us joy it’s great, but more and more we are wanting to be at ease in life, and just receive what we know to be our bounty.

    It can be pretty challenging. Especially living in a world that doesn’t see it that way.

    And you know, it’s interesting, this applies to anything: health, finances, you name it. We’re learning to step back more from action, and step more into allowing of the ‘essence’ of our desires. It’s that darn trust thing again….it takes trust that we are that powerful, and that worthy.

    Thanks for your input and great insights. It’s always appreciated.


  3. you’re right it’s this trust thing again. Work is my achilles’ heel, well it has been for the past couple of years. Gladly I have no trouble with health or relationships (I’m happily single) but yeah this work thing is my weak spot.

    And you are right: action based on fear or pressure from the outside doesn’t make sense and I won’t do it. It doesn’t feel right to stress about now and frantically apply for jobs. I do feel the pressure but I won’t act on it. Funnily enough I never felt anything like peer pressure because I’ve always followed my own gut feeling and never the herd, so I reckon that the pressure I feel regarding finding work is primarily rooted in my own mind. What other people say doesn’t usually bother me.

    Do you have any tips for dealing with this self imposed pressure? I feel that it’s the best thing to keep feeling it as long as it’s there without feeding it with worry and apprehension. I’m giving it room to exist and roam around until it dissolves itself.

    • What you said, feeling it without feeding it… Well put! Sounds like a great book title!

      And awareness is the first step of course, for dealing with this self-imposed limitation stuff. The self-imposed pressure comes in when we are not trusting this process.

      The next step is deciding what we do want, and I guess the third step is just allowing it to come in, in a way that we may not have expected. And meanwhile to just distract ourselves from it in anyway we can. Not think about it too much. That way the universal forces can go to work in delivering it without our resistance in place.

      Sometimes I would focus so much on something I wanted, not being able to take my mind off of it, but unfortunately for some things I wanted there was a lot of resistance in having it. So all I did was I just kept pushing it away. So I’ve been learning to make that choice as to what I do want, and then taking my attention off of it especially if I have a lot of resistant beliefs around not having it.

      I guess the pressure we feel is just old fears that are telling us that we need to do something about it. We need to take some sort of action. Because if we truly trusted it was there for us, we wouldn’t need to push, or try to make it happen.

      But I guess we need to get clear on what we really do want. And maybe just be general about it not so specific. What do we want to feel. In other words if we want more financial abundance, we can say we want to feel more security, more free, more playful. In other words, feel the essence of the thing we want. Because the universe is responding to our feelings, not our thoughts. Do you notice some things just come so easily without you having to think about them? That’s the way it is supposed to be with all of our desires. They say it is just as easy to create a castle as it is to create a button. The same principle applies for both. The only thing stopping it is our resistance to having it. I do believe it is that simple, but also that difficult. Simple isn’t something that we embrace is it? We want to make things more complex.

  4. “But I guess we need to get clear on what we really do want. And maybe just be general about it not so specific. What do we want to feel.”

    Exactly! I was having similar thoughts because I always had doubts when people said “you need to know exactly what you want and only then the universe will give it to you”, implying that if we don’t get it, we made a mistake by not being 100% sure about every single detail. It just sounded too complicated and stressful to me and not right. I actually believe that many times we don’t even know what we really want; many people don’t even know their true heart’s desires but we all want to feel good (albeit there still might be resistance to it) and oftentimes good things just came my way and it was exactly what I needed and I never even thought about it or wished for it before.

    Maybe we don’t even have to think about it at all, just trust that the things we need will come our way when they are ready and we can happily dwell in the present. Now THAT would be a relaxed way of life 😀

  5. Maria I’m relieved to hear this because I have been overanalyzing why I feel this way. Much appreciated 😉

  6. Thank you, this resonates with me a lot and I really needed to hear that right now.
    Adventure on 🙂

  7. Greetings Ma’am !!

    no more ‘playing’ a little mouse running hither and tither to save life and secure bits of pieces once in a while ..

    while those still around in mouse-costumes see you resting and assume you are out of your mind.


  8. Hello Maria!!
    Your posts have been resonating so deeply lately! Lots of old fears are coming up in a huge way right now. I am praying this means major breakthroughs are just on the horizon. The anxiety and overwhelm are intense. I find myself in major bouts of self criticism, doubt, and unworthiness…… unlike “me”. A past job situation continually revolves as a major source of fear, doubt and limitation. Almost a year ago I was very “successful” in an MLM business quickly earning my way up, meeting wonderful people, impacting others lives, I was seen as a leader, and someone who was going far……then it all became very blurry, and the enjoyment and positive feelings started to get further and further from me. Needing to put in continual “hard” work, effort, and lots of action felt absolutely awful and not in alignment at all with this very deep calm place within me. I entered a very lonely, scary time of trusting this feeling moving more within myself and having faith that I was on a unique path. My income has steadily gone down, my husband is struggling with whatever I am going through and cant do it much longer, he has tried to be understanding and very patient, but wants his driven, ambitious, “do anything” for the family wife back. I have had really strong moments where I am confident and totally trust where I am, and then I have the overwhelming—“OH MY GOD, what have I done to my life moment….who do I think I am to believe that I can be at home with my daughter loving our home and schooling her and nurturing my family while diving more and more into this unique spiritual path I am on, and still achieve financial freedom to live and travel and enjoy an untethered life!”—–I am trying to force myself to get back into my business and trying to figure out where I have become so flawed and make that a jump off point to commit, work, sacrifice, and try to achieve that freedom…..everything I read says that there has to be action. I feel like I am going mad, like there is no place in me anymore that can be calm, because it is all about “success is found outside of our comfort zones”—–AHHH I want to be out living my life, I do want more connection, and I want to experience amazing moments of moving through life…….but I truly don’t want to strive and just fake it till I make it, and do what I have to do……………………Am I kidding myself, just scared of success, and of looking like a fool for trying to jump back into this again, am I trying to convince myself that my life is going somewhere even if I don’t try to make something happen. I don’t know where to land here……..I resonate with everything your posts say, I read them all the time just to experience peace and calmness……I don’t want to be in the world in the “working for it” way, but I also don’t want to just keep kidding myself if it really does take hard work and action to experience a sense of freedom and opportunity from a world that is based on money. I feel like I am losing faith on both ends of this spectrum. I need my life to mean something again, I want to be impactful, I want to be peaceful, full of love, and faith, and a knowing that all is indeed in divine and perfect order. “Lord, please let this be a time of great upheaval before a beautiful time of peace and serenity” …………….wow I had a lot that needed to come out! If there is anything you can glean from this to use to impart more wisdom please do! 🙂

    • I will be responding to the above comment shortly. It is worthy of some contemplation.

    • To lightistheonlyway:

      You speak for so many on the ascension journey as you voice your fears, frustrations and concerns. We come to a place where we just can’t do things in the old way anymore-no matter what! First because it feels terrible, and second, it will backfire! No amount of trying or action will compensate for a vibration of lack or joylessness. The universal energies are always responding to how we are feeling, not the action, and will faithfully deliver more of that dominant feeling.

      The Christ consciousness is all about joy, and we on the cutting edge of the awakening consciousness know this on the deepest of levels. The problem is, we are still living alongside a world where effort and struggle are believed to be the way. So naturally we are sucked into self doubt. And totally understandable that you feel stuck in a kind of middle land where you know you want something more joyful and you want to create with ease, yet you do not yet believe that it could be that simple or easy. But in your heart you know you can’t go back to the old ways.

      And the belief that one must sacrifice for the family, do whatever it takes to provide the best life for the children, that is being redefined in the new energy. Children feel the discontent of the parents and would prefer role models who show that joy is more important than just a paycheck. Too many of us learned that love equals sacrifice and compromise. And the more we show our trust in this new way, the more circumstances seem to work out for everyone involved.

      In the new energy, the journey must be joyful. Working at things that give us little joy in order to get enough money to have freedom and a joyful life is becoming as obsolete as the horse and buggy. Abundance is a state of being and can’t be earned. As we recognize our inner value, we will then attract more money and resources.

      We are being pushed to walk our talk more and more. We are feeling more pressure from within to release control from our mind and allow our soul to co create with us.

      You have so much wisdom and insight. You took on a situation to transcend it and be the new role model and teacher for others going through this. Your daughter will benefit. She can see beyond the b.s. You’re right, it is a time of great upheaval where we are purging the last remnants of limiting thinking and finally begin to allow our soul nature to come home to us, in our bodies and lives, and help us create our hearts desires. But we need to show ourselves with small steps that we do trust this new way. Giving ourselves the love and respect we deserve and even if it appears selfish to others, enjoying life in the now moment. This also means not allowing the mind to diminish that joy with thoughts of not being worthy.

      Our passions are changing and while we may not know what the new passion looks like, we need to trust that we are exactly where we need to be, and we are qualified to invite spirit in to be a part of our everyday life, just as we are.

      Thank you for your courage to share your concerns here.

      Many blessings

  9. Yes, it’s a perfect time to write our own bible, since we are redefining spirituality as we speak!

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