Spiritual Alchemy

Art by Maria Chambers

We’re in the process of releasing on a deep level so many patterns and old fears.  In the process we can feel mildly inconvenienced to deeply overwhelmed.  Physically, mentally and emotionally.  We wanted this to be the lifetime and we wanted to experience enlightenment in these physical bodies.  We got more than we bargained for.  And on top of that we are becoming more and more sensitive and are feeling the energies of all of the others on this planet, who are feeling the energies coming into the planet from the crystalline realms.  Even those still asleep are wondering what the hell is going on, as they see things heating up globally and their own lives are in seeming chaos.  But they do not have the perspective you do, that this is all part of the plan.  That it’s a spiritual revolution the likes of which has never been seen before.

And that in spite of all the shaking in your boots, you know that all is well.

In spite of not knowing exactly how this whole enlightenment, embodying thing is going to work out, you know that you can’t go back to the way things were.

In spite of the exhaustion, the physical illnesses, the mental chaos, the emotional overwhelm, you know that you wouldn’t trade this experience for anything else.

In spite of not getting the support you would have liked from your immediate family and friends and local community, you are determined to stay the course.

So can you give yourself a big, warm spiritual hug, for the amazing work you are doing?  Can you look in the mirror and see the beauty of the person you are.  Look into your eyes and see the wisdom in your soul? You spent lifetimes hiding your Divinity because you didn’t feel safe.  And this lifetime you were determined to take that Divinity out of the Spiritual closet.  You knew you couldn’t hide who you were anymore, not even if it meant being abandoned on a human level by family and friends and lovers and husbands and wives. Or you leaving them.

You could no longer compromise yourself for anyone or anything, in the name of love or security.  But you are discovering that you truly lose nothing.  You learn that you can still be in the world, and accept others where they are at, make new friends, and connect with a new family – an online global family, that gets you and knows you on a level that your biological family can’t at this time.

You are discovering that the most important relationship is with your Divinity.  And soon you will not feel so lonely because you are beginning to allow that Divinity to come closer and closer to you, allowing it into your body, your mind and your heart.

So as you look into the mirror, can you have the deepest compassion for the road you have travelled as a human being on this Planet?  Can you honor yourself and everyone who helped you to become more yourself (the ones you thought were against you)?  Can you allow all the darkest feelings to wash over you and then let them go?  Can you open your palms and receive the Christ energies that are there for you without conditions?

Art by Maria Chambers

You Are A Spiritual Alchemist

You are literally a spiritual alchemist.  You take energies and transform them.  You have been doing that for a long time.  Some energies feel harder to transform than others.  Some seem to take longer.  The new energies coming onto the Planet are being grounded by you, as you bring them into your own life and body, and allow them to transform your old, stuck patterns for your own enlightenment.  You are allowing Spirit, in your own timing, to breathe life back into your cells, releasing disease and imbalances, bringing life force back into your physical body.  You are becoming Masters at choosing joy over pain.  Of deciding how you want to feel, and of allowing the mind to step back and making Spirit your partner in creating with you. That is your gift to all others.  To this Planet and the Universe, and the many old friends of yours on the other side of the veil who are preparing to take on a physical body and go through their own enlightenment.

Are you getting the picture of how awesome your part is in all this?

So in spite of all the chaos and fears and frustration, all the fatigue and boredom, sadness and loneliness, all the losses…can you take a deep breath and treat yourself to something well deserved for what you are doing… because what you are doing is something that most of the world doesn’t acknowledge, can’t acknowledge at this time?  But it is acknowledged by your non-physical family, by those watching and cheering for you every step of the way.

Well, now for some well deserved cookies and ice cream!!!

You are dearly loved.

© Copyright 2017 Maria Chambers, all rights reserved. P!ease feel free to share this content with others but maintain the article’s integrity by copying it unaltered and by including the author and source website link: Maria Chambers, http://www.soulsoothinsounds.wordpress.com

7 thoughts on “Spiritual Alchemy

  1. Greeting Ma’am !!

    Ever since childhood,

    I always dreamt of being a legion commander, a warrior of some sort,

    yet the military and fighting never ever fully convinced me, didnt made sense.

    Deep down I always knew im here to create tides and definitely not in a small or ordinary way.

    At long last I found my missing shoulder badges ^^

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