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Light, Dark and Purpose


If anyone tells you, even someone from the New Age, or Spiritual community, that enlightenment is all about the light, run!

If they tell you that you are here to fight the darkness, run…run fast!

If they tell you that you are here to save humanity, get out of there as quickly as you can!

If they tell you that God, all that is, is pure light – and is all-knowing, make yourself scarce!

If they tell you that you must be always kind and loving and patient, and that a spiritual person is always peaceful, because that’s how Jesus was, smile at them and say, “Take a hike!

An enlightened human accepts the darkness in themselves and in the world.  They are not afraid of all the so-called dark feelings (sadness, fear, anger, impatience, frustration, anxiety, self-doubt, self-hatred…and I’m sure you can add some of your own)…because they know it’s not who they are, so those emotions can come and go quickly and easily.  They honor all of their feelings, even the ones generated from the mind.

They know that the way to feeling joy isn’t by shoving down those emotions.  They already tried that to no avail.  It just made their lives more chaotic and painful.  Because they then kept drawing in experiences and relationships that would activate those repressed emotions.  They began to realize that those emotions and thoughts weren’t even theirs to begin with, but were inherited from their family and grandparents and great-grandparents, and some from mass consciousness.  What others didn’t acknowledge, they would take on and process – making them their own issues.  It’s something lightworkers have done for eons.

But it’s a brand new day!

No longer is it necessary to do that – to process for others.  Now it’s all about being sovereign, all about feeling the joy.  It’s all about allowing all those energies of sadness, of despair, of boredom, to come and go.  Knowing that there is something far grander to experience.

That simply being here is enough for now, without having to prove anything to yourself or anyone else, without having to work at your enlightenment.  Without having to have a ‘purpose’.  You can have desires, and things you want to create, yes.  But purpose is defined as “the reason something exists.”

That’s a hard one to let go of, but it’s what is causing so many awakening ones such battle.  They ask, “why do I not feel any purpose anymore?”  Then they think there is no passion.  “Without purpose, why do I exist?  Why am I here?  Without purpose, my life has no meaning!”

So they find themselves running around trying to latch onto some kind of purpose.  Or they try to reactivate an old passion, but it doesn’t work.  In the new energy, purpose has no foothold.

We are being stripped, by our own request, of everything that no longer serves us, and it’s actually the mind that clings to purpose, not the heart.  “But without purpose, won’t I be directionless?”  It will feel that way to your mind, yes.  But there is no real direction necessary now.  There is just a beautiful unfolding from the inside out, a melding of your divine with your human, an acceptance of all your aspects, even the dark ones.

And as painful as it sometimes is, it’s a joy, and it doesn’t need purpose to justify its existence.

Purpose is being replaced by Just for the joy of the experience.

Album Art FInal

Enjoy my song, Left My Old Self Behind

Author: soulsoothinsounds

Our lives are like great paintings or great pieces of music. If we focus on all the technical 'imperfections' we will miss the true beauty of the work. We won't see, or rather, FEEL the essence and spirit of the masterpiece. I no longer identify myself as a writer, artist, or musician. Rather I express my divinity, and my humanity through the media of art, music and writing. I began this blog because I wanted to give voice to my experiences and insights, and I wrote for myself primarily. Eight years later, I am still writing for myself, and I am discovering that my experiences are not personal but universal - galactic even. And now I am more sure than ever that I am a new consciousness teacher, as each of you are. The way we teach is by going through the very human experiences, and as we ascend and shed our old selves, with love, and as we embody spirit in this lifetime, which we are all doing, we become the standards for others of the new divine human.

3 thoughts on “Light, Dark and Purpose

  1. YES thank you. Someone who speaks my language. We do things for JOY not any other reason. The reason those awakened may choose to leave this dimension is because they don’t want or need to put up with those beliefs 🙂 ive already been shown i can move on , so to speak, but i stick around for fun and to provide a space for others to RELAX. Thats it. I don’t NEED anything here.

    • While I’m typing this to you, having read the article and still feeling “YUK” your words captivated me. Liberated me. “I don’t need anything from here”
      What an awakening moment.
      I’m seated here in a plush office on the 27th floor to meet a recruitment officer.
      I quit as a business Banker and then filed bankruptcy. That is after going through the dark night of the soul. Left with nothing to lose. As a single mom, I was craving and desiring freedom to live like a nomad. Travel and rejoice life as a gypsy.
      BUT…I don’t have money
      Have a great heart but an empty pocket.
      And when I saw those words, there is nothing that I need from here, it liberated me.
      There is so much seeking going on. When the seeking stops, will I?
      Half the time I don’t even know what on earth is going on. Alien agendas, the matrix, the evolution of a human soul.
      I don’t know anything

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