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I Accept And I Choose


If you want to move into your light body and ascension status more quickly, the best way to do that is to accept yourself exactly where you are. Most people think that if they accept where they are they are giving up and just settling for unwanted conditions. And then they think that means giving up on their dreams.  Many on the ascension path think they have to first mold themselves into something else before they are worthy of being loved and accepted by their soul.

There is a saying, you cannot release something until you love it. And that holds true for this as well. If we want to release the conditions that we find uncomfortable, that are not up to our heart’s desires, the first step is making peace with where we are at.

The mind does not like that so much. The mind wants to take action to make changes. But it does it from a place of fear and lack primarily.  It’s what the mind has been doing on our behalf.  It’s been in pretty much survival mode for eons.  And as we know, it hasn’t been able to take us where we truly want to go.  It has been trying to protect us by controlling and orchestrating our life.  The mind judges things and situations. It likes to separate things out into right and wrong, and good and bad. If we feel that something is bad or unwanted, we want to change it as quickly as possible…(and that usually, from the mind’s perspective, means taking action or pushing something away.)  But the benefit of being in a dense, slowed down environment on Earth is that we can see how our feelings create our reality, how we create from within.  It is here we are literally face to face with our own unresolved issues.  And we are here now to resolve and transform them with our soul-self, with love.

In our awakening, we begin to recognize that we need to go through the steps. Instant manifestations may be coming in our reality, but for now we need to go through the stages of enlightenment. We want to feel the unconditional love from our soul, and we get glimpses of it, but we tend to push it away. 

One of the most important steps is allowing, or self-acceptance.  But most people want to bypass this step altogether.  And understandably.  It can be challenging to feel into our unresolved aspects (the parts of ourselves that are now surfacing to be integrated) without wanting to either change them or push them away.  Yet without accepting those parts of ourself, those parts that feel unwanted, confused, angry, wounded… parts of us we consider to be unevolved… we won’t be able to move into our true enlightenment.

In the earlier stages of enlightenment, many of us went through the analyzing and processing of our emotions, and that had its place, but now all we need do is accept all the feelings when they come up, to accept that we may feel depressed, angry, doubtful, confused.  Perhaps bored.  We may be experiencing a physical disease or discomfort, a financial or relationship or job issue.  Can we now just allow that to be o.k.?  To make peace with that?    To not try to resolve anything, heal anything?  To not try to push anything into place, especially our enlightenment?

We begin to dramatically transform our life by first accepting what is, without judging it as bad.

Many of us successfully moved out of family and relationships that no longer were a good fit or were disrespectful of our own choices.  Then we found ourselves in the same situation within ourselves, with parts of ourself that were in our face and not respecting our feelings.  But now those parts of ourselves feel something different in us.  They sense the love we are beginning to have for ourselves.  And as we share that love with them too, whether they are an aspect from our past, or a cell in our body, they will respond with greater trust and will move with us to accommodate our hearts desires.

Notice how differently you feel as you practice self acceptance.  You will begin to feel a sense of peace.  Your body will respond positively over time.


As a master, we get to choose how we want to feel, no matter what is happening outside of us or within us.  We have slowly detached from the mass consciousness and respond less and less to events or world news out there.  We have learned to honor other’s truths, even if we do not ourselves embrace those truths.  We know that if we want to be honored for our truth we also need to honor the truth of others.  It doesn’t mean we need to keep company with those people if it doesn’t bring us joy.  But we are awakening to the realization that we can have any reality we prefer while living alongside the rest of humanity. That in taking total responsibility for our joy, we can no longer hold anyone else responsible for how we feel.

As masters, we are coming to realize that we need to do the same thing with our own aspects and our mind.  Parts of us are conditioned deeply to being a certain way, of feeling certain things, and we need to be o.k. with them as they are.  It doesn’t mean that when those feelings get triggered, either from our mind or our aspects, that we need to respond to them.  We can allow them their reality while choosing how we want to experience our reality.  But this requires total trust in our soul because we are our soul also, and our soul wants to come in now to be in an intimate relationship with us.  And it’s our soul that knows unconditional, all-encompassing love.

As we choose how we want to feel, and as we choose from a place of joy, our soul is very responsive to that, because our soul is the very epitome of joy.

The master says out loud, with FEELING, confidence and self-respect, “I am healthy,” if she wants to experience good health.  The master says out loud, “I am wealthy” if he wants to experience that.  “I am passionate” is something the master says if she wants to feel and experience that.  The master knows that it’s the FEELING that draws in the energies.  He also knows that he may not be feeling passionate at times, and that is also o.k.  And she doesn’t try to make anything happen from her mind. And then doesn’t keep checking to see if it’s happening but just trusts that it is done.  She knows that feeling joyful and expansive is her true nature, and that if she is feeling anything less than that she can choose to reconnect with that feeling any time.

As we practice this more and more, and nurture ourselves every chance we get, to feel as joyful, passionate and expansive as we can, and allow our soul to be in our everyday life, the universe has to deliver our desires to us.  It is a law of the universe and of manifestation.

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Author: soulsoothinsounds

Our lives are like great paintings or great pieces of music. If we focus on all the technical 'imperfections' we will miss the true beauty of the work. We won't see, or rather, FEEL the essence and spirit of the masterpiece. I no longer identify myself as a writer, artist, or musician. Rather I express my divinity, and my humanity through the media of art, music and writing. I began this blog because I wanted to give voice to my experiences and insights, and I wrote for myself primarily. Eight years later, I am still writing for myself, and I am discovering that my experiences are not personal but universal - galactic even. And now I am more sure than ever that I am a new consciousness teacher, as each of you are. The way we teach is by going through the very human experiences, and as we ascend and shed our old selves, with love, and as we embody spirit in this lifetime, which we are all doing, we become the standards for others of the new divine human.

13 thoughts on “I Accept And I Choose

  1. wow what a great article. And how it resonates with my situation again.

    Yes acceptance is key and every time I do something out of fear it doesn’t work out,

    After I received the rejection letter last friday for a job I applied for and spent more than a month in the application process for, I felt the old existential fears rising up again. But this time I chose indulge in them. Maybe indulge isn’t the right term, but I can say I bathe in them and I’m not trying to get rid of them.

    This fear has been the catalyst for my actions (applications for jobs) for quite a while now and it hasn’t worked out. The situation hasn’t changed because I acted on them out of fear, I applied because I so desperately wanted to get out of the necessity to be dependant on the jobcenter, but the results are zero.

    I m letting now the old fear come out and I don’t mind it. It’s not really that bad to be honest. The love is always there anyway, I can feel it.

    Be blessed you insightful and beautiful woman


    • Thank you Kat. You leave me blushing!😆💝
      Yeah, if I had a nickel for every time I took action from that place! Whether it was a health, financial or relationship issue. Applying this new way is a little awkward for me, but like yoiu, I am beginning to feel the benefits.


    • Hello kat !!

      Im pretty much in the same boat, looking for job for almost 2 years now.

      And although there are plethora of opportunities and I do have the required capability,

      something just doesn’t feel right, too clunky inside regarding this.

      It prevents me from putting out any full effort into it.

      All the applications I make somehow ‘wondrously’ either get withhold somewhere in the procedures,

      or I myself withdraw at the first slightest hint of obstruction.

      Looking back .. the unemployment seems to be a gift from spirit because that allowed me time and space to

      undergo hussles of the this whole transition process.

      Now is that taking to the daily chores feels more manageable,

      I started looking for job once more because I didn’t wanted to be a burden to my family, got tired of

      doing nothing and my friend’s advices of ‘stop ruining your CV’ started getting to my mind.

      That wondrous invisible stopcock is still quite there, not just in synchronicities,

      but the own inner-heaviness that comes while making any application, because any job that’s out there,

      is DENSE to say the least. Few years ago, I wouldn’t have mind working in such environment, but now its

      downright unacceptable to work in a places/with people that are still quite sleeping.

      I guess such trying-hard instances is panicking of mind that causes us to stop trusting in the spirit’s plan.

      Ignoring this side worked well for so long, but it felt it needs be tackled sooner or later,

      Its not really about the job/finance/security,

      but more about the trust in the spirit to provide for us and in the best way possible.

      • Oh how glad I am to read this aayas. It’s always so good to know that someone else has the same experiences. And yes you are completely right. There sometimes is a sense of heaviness or rejection inside when I send off the application, or if not that – a knowing that it’s not going to work out anyway. Adding to that, I don’t even really know what kind of job would be fitting for me. Ironically, the longer I’m unemployed (and I have been for quite a while now), the choosier I get when it comes to jobs. I guess it can be explained by my spiritual evolvement: the more time passes, the more I become myself and hence the less will I be willing to work in conditions that don’t perfectly suit me. Even while typing this I feel guilty (the old conditioning kicks in again ) but I think that’s just the way it is. Adding to all of this, my passions are asleep now anyway so even in my heart I wouldn’t know what to do.

        At the same time there is this sense of trust that it all will work out well, but in a way that I can’t imagine now,

        On the other hand though: physically I’m good, I passed through the heaviest things the ascensionwise (I’ve been on it since 2002) so I could be doing something. It’s not that I can’t get out of bed due to ascension related ailments. So why hasn’t it still worked out?

        These are roughly the things that go through my mind…

  2. Greetings Ma’am !!

    Last few months, I have been in a ‘correction-panic’ mode,

    trying to correct as many things as possible in my life (only trying, with no avail :p).

    This alongside a deeper understanding of the fact that things always are as they supposed to be,

    and everything evolves in its own time, so there is no need of panic.

    Still it seems panic and content go hand-in-hand :p

    • “Still it seems panic and content go hand-in-hand”

      This actually nails my current emotional situation. How interesting that people in this process go through very similar things simultaneously.

      • It is in fact becoming more and more difficult to accept things that are out of alignment with our inner-selves … work, situations, places and people alike.

        I was bewildered to see how people have to belittle themselves and accept humiliating/exploiting circumstances in the current enslaving jobs just for the sake of survival and various social stigmas.

        Survival doesn’t feel like an issue anymore against doing something which is out of tune to our heart.

        Working an underwhelming job in a dense environment wouldn’t be easy for us in any way. Everyday people are forced to give up on truth in direct and not so direct ways for the sake of continuing their slavery.

        Then the feeling of heaviness should come as no surprise, is in fact a positive sign that we are really rising above mass consciousness.

    • Aayas
      Well put. The trying is something we all have become used to and it will take time to trust spirit and life to provide for us. Yes I spent almost 50 years working at jobs, that mostly were from a place of survival. And I also could not imagine doing that any more. I guess you could say that many of us awakening ones are becoming ‘gainfully UNEMPLOYED.’

      And I am starting to get that we on this unique path are learning to allow all the thoughts and emotions of fear, lack, doubt and so on, while CHOOSING to feel whatever we want to feel in any now moment. That’s true freedom. That it doesn’t matter what we just felt or did or didn’t do a moment ago or a lifetime ago. All that matters is what we choose RIGHT NOW. that’s empowering and takes a tremendous trust. It’s truly taking total responsibility for our own joy and our own creations. Amazing!

  3. Maria i just keep wandering through your site and just so so grateful i have found this place. this post is right where my heart is and i need the comfort of these words so much.

    these past few years i have been through the darkest of places i could ever imagine. i’ve gone through what i think most of us on this path go through in having pretty much all my connections to the mainstream world and pretty much all my physical connections stripped away… which as hard as it was feels more right than anything and i can’t ever go back.

    but what’s been hard since then is every layer of everything i find comfort and hope in keeps getting stripped away. when i first started this path and was in that analyzing and processing phase i found comfort in some places with ascension information, but then the places i was drawn to stopped speaking to me… it’s hard to explain, but even the ascension stuff began to feel too limited? and wasn’t bringing me peace. so the solitary path became even more solitary :\. but then i still had a connection to my angels, and signs, and guidance… but then i went through all these confusing things where the guidance began to contradict, and even stopped coming all together. this one i’m still struggling with because my angel connection has always been the only way i’ve ever felt “God” with me. but even when that comfort was gone, i still had this tiny spark of a connection to who i am in my own soul. that feeling that no matter what is happening in this reality, i still feel the “ME” i am in my soul no matter what. the past few weeks i can’t feel that. 😦 it’s the darkest feeling i’ve ever known. right now i feel like i can’t feel at all, like i’m stuck in the head and the creations of the mind are all i can see. im a soul who’s home is in the heart… i need to feel so being stuck in the mind is literal hell for me. your words here are perfect… and i’ve been trying to desperately to “do” something… “anything”, like you say, to take action, to make changes, just to get out of this place and to find “ME” again. but the creations of fear just keep manifesting like crazy, and because i can’t feel that connection to my soul, i don’t have my truth to believe in, so i feel like i’m allowing the fear to be true.

    this post is so so perfect for me because no matter what i try to “do” to heal, to resolve, to transcend, or anything to change where i am, even if it worked before, it just doesn’t work anymore. :\ i was in tears in your first paragraph because this is exactly what i feel…

    “Most people think that if they accept where they are they are giving up and just settling for unwanted conditions. And then they think that means giving up on their dreams.”

    i’ve felt terrified to accept what is right now because accepting this present reality, when all of it is all kinds of hell, feels like letting go of every dream in my heart.

    i could go on and on about how this post speaks to my heart, but i already wrote a book.

    just so grateful i found my way here. thank u Maria.

    • sweet pea, ironically, the last stages of this awakening are sometimes the hardest. You would think by now, after all we’ve been through it would be much easier….but it’s that feeling that we are on the edge of sanity that pushes over into that place of being our soul. We seem to be in that place of knowing we could never go back, and are so close to that part of us that IS us, it’s frustrating. It wouldn’t be this frustrating if we didn’t know there was more. And the ‘more’ is actually so easy that it’s hard. hard for our mind to grasp. But so easy for our Soul to create. And, actually, it’s not really creating it, that Soul, our Soul IS everything already. How simple is that? Yet, from our mind’s perspective, seems like a fairy tale.

      It’s o.k. Our soul has the greatest compassion for us, for our mind. Our mind will catch up, and so will our body. You are doing better than you believe. Your dreams won’t go away. There are right there, just waiting for you.


  4. thank you Maria ❤

    sometimes i feel like i'm doing more terrible than possible lol. it's like just when i think i've been through the worst my heart can take, even harder comes. i can't possibly be doing this right if it keeps gettin' more unbearable right? pushed passed edge of sanity and then some.

    as all my comforts and connections keep getting stripped, i've been trying with all my might to hang in here alone for so long, but alone is really alone when you don't even feel like you have you. your blog has come to me right when i felt nothing felt right anymore. you've so perfectly worded what i feel in this phase where there is nothing left but acceptance of the so painfully unacceptable. that kind of surrender is only possibly if the soul trusts there truly is more than this and that those dreams are still real somewhere, even if i can't feel them right now.

    just curious if it's ok to ask a personal question? as i read through your posts, you seem to share such incredibly similar things to what i feel, but have never really seen other places – even in ascension stuff. i feel like you share things that were missing pieces i couldn't find before.

    the first post of yours i stumbled on was the "solitary path" post and your take on relationships is so perfectly in line with what i have felt in my heart since i can remember. the ideas of wholeness and divine relationships. one of the most significant things that really has made me feel so alone on this journey is how i feel about connections and relationships. i feel like reading your words is the first time i've heard these things outside of my head. it's hard to explain, but even in places where people are on an awakening path, i started finding it hard to connect to anyone anywhere who is still wrapped up in the types of old energy relationships you speak of. which makes it hard because most days i feel those kinds of connections are how 99.99% of people live… so i constantly question what is wrong with me, even though the kinds of relationships i dream of… those relationships from wholeness, feel so right.

    i don't know, that aspect of things feels like it's like the core of my journey. i guess i'm just curious if it's like that for you? and i see that same energy in other people who have left comments here. do you think that's a big part of the energy that draws people here?

    • Definitely, sweet pea, I think as more of us awaken and realize we are whole and complete we will naturally attract like minded souls. Right now I prefer to establish a healthy relationship with myself first, even if I sometimes feel like it would be nice to have someone to share that with. And while it’s true that most of the world is still relating from the old, dualistic energy, it certainly doesn’t mean there is something wrong with us. Relationships are the hardest hit in this new energy. We can no longer squeak by with anyone who we feel is not on the same ‘wave length’….its difficult because relationships have been how we have defined ourselves and have been great mirrors for us. But now we are integrating our Masculine and Feminine, and we are becoming our own man or woman for ourselves. And from that place we will no longer seek to find fulfillment outside ourselves, and then, as if by magic that special someone is just there. If we want that, it will be there. But my feeling is that as we fall in love with ourselves, it will no longer be a burning desire but rather just icing on the cake!!!

  5. that feels like such a big hug to read, thank u Maria ❤

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