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Letting Go Of Victimhood


Art by Maria Chambers

Every one of us going through the ascension process has felt like a victim at many points in our lives, and on some level still carry the victim energy to one degree or another.  Whether it’s feeling the victim of a health issue, heredity, a relationship, an emotion, of the aging process, of the government, or of life in general.

A victim even of this ascension process.

And forget about the rest of humanity!!  They for the most part are living lives of victims on a daily basis.  They are feeling the victim of “if I don’t work hard I won’t be able to survive.” Organized religion tells them that they are at the mercy of a judgemental God, so they are controlled by doctrines and rules that go against the very core of who they really are.  Some religions and even new-agers are the victims of Karma.

A victim mentality teaches that there is a force or forces outside ourselves that are in some way harming us or will harm us.  So the natural response is to protect ourselves from them by running from those forces, fighting them, or following the rules of this outside force in order not to be harmed.

Most people are not conscious of the motives or beliefs that drive their everyday behavior.  But those of us awakening are becoming more aware of the truth that we do create our reality and that we have freedom.  That freedom includes playing the role of victim.

So where did this feeling of being a victim, of the feeling that life is not safe, originate from?

Art by Maria Chambers


Source, all that is, in order to expand and know itself in new ways, set parts of itself free and granted those parts total sovereignty.  Those parts then left the whole, and ventured out to explore.  But in the process those parts went into a void initially, and for the first time, felt fear. Because they were for the first time separated from the love of source.  Some of us remember that first day in kindergarten, and the fear we felt as mom or dad waved goodbye.  We may have suddenly felt the overwhelming fear of the unknown.

So as we made our way into the other dimensions and realms, we forgot our origins and developed a fear and felt the victim of outside forces.  The separation into our own sovereignty and unique identify came with a price.  We began to do battle with other entities who also felt threatened.  We felt a growing need to protect ourselves.  And this was happening even before Earth was birthed. These were the true “Star Wars.”

And here on Earth we have continued playing out those roles.  We have felt separate from God, and have put up divisions.  Divisions have existed since the beginning of time, between family members, between old and young, between genders, between races, between ideologies, religions, governments, countries, social institutions, and the list goes on.

This separatism had brought us to the dark ages and consciousness on Earth reached an all time low.  All because we forgot who we were and that created fear.  We believed we were alone and vulnerable to outside influence.  We believed that we needed power, whether that was brute strength, weapons, mental control over others, fortresses, armies.  That control even came in the form of sex. Our hearts were for the most part, shut down.

And of course a major form of control and power were possessions, resources, land, and more recently in the Planet’s history, money.  Talk about control and power.  We believed we needed power over these outside forces.  A power that we already possessed within ourselves, for within each of us was the same creator ability of Source.  We were source expressing through physicality.

So our galactic history has been playing itself out.  When the entity know as Jesus came onto the Planet, he planted the seeds of a new way, and reminded humanity of their true origin.  (Sadly, his teachings became so distorted that the original message was lost.) He taught that light and dark were from the same source, from the light.  That the so-called dark is our collective repressed emotions of fear, doubt, shame and other so called negative energies.  Although we have been living with these dark emotions for eons, they originally were very unfamiliar to us, and so very uncomfortable to us, having come from Source, from the light, where such feeling did not exist.  Yet, in its love for us, a part of our Divinity took on those emotions for us.  Today we refer to it as our shadow self.

So there was the beginning of a new spark that many of us on the leading edge of awakening have been working with.  We kept the Christ seed hidden for many lifetimes until the time was right to share it.

As we awaken and become aware of our original nature, we can no longer play victim, and are now in the process of reclaiming our God given creator abilities.  But patience and compassion are required because we are in the process also of reuniting all the lost, wounded and fragmented aspects of ourselves from this and other lifetimes.  We are in the process of letting go of fears that have kept us in victimhood for eons.  Can you see now why this ascension isn’t personal.  That the seeming personal issues you face, physical or emotional, have their origin before you even came here?  That the fear you are feeling is galactic in nature?

Art by Maria Chambers


The good news is we are beginning to know that life here is safe, because we are God, also.  How can God not be safe?

So humanity is playing out the old battles from the stars.  Things on the Planet are heating up and the old paradigm of power and control are frantically trying to hold on but are losing ground in the light of the New Energies.

And actually, as we remember who we are, we realize that power is but an illusion.  Power is defined as a force that is asserting itself, and a true creator needs no power.  Why?  Because everything we need is already there.  There is truly nothing we need to fight for, struggle for or protect ourselves from.

That statement sounds too good to be true.  In fact, it sounds a little delusional.  (Don’t tell anyone who religiously watches the news that there is really nothing to fear!)  But as we awaken we feel the stirrings of a type of love that we never trusted could exist before. That love for ourselves is what resolves all the fears and power and control issues.  That love is what ultimately makes us feel the joy which is our birthright.  That love is what sets us free and then we can live more peacefully alongside a world that is still to a large degree playing victim.  But we know all is well.  We can FEEL the truth within us.  No proof is needed beyond that.

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Author: soulsoothinsounds

Our lives are like great paintings or great pieces of music. If we focus on all the technical 'imperfections' we will miss the true beauty of the work. We won't see, or rather, FEEL the essence and spirit of the masterpiece. I no longer identify myself as a writer, artist, or musician. Rather I express my divinity, and my humanity through the media of art, music and writing. I began this blog because I wanted to give voice to my experiences and insights, and I wrote for myself primarily. Eight years later, I am still writing for myself, and I am discovering that my experiences are not personal but universal - galactic even. And now I am more sure than ever that I am a new consciousness teacher, as each of you are. The way we teach is by going through the very human experiences, and as we ascend and shed our old selves, with love, and as we embody spirit in this lifetime, which we are all doing, we become the standards for others of the new divine human.

21 thoughts on “Letting Go Of Victimhood

  1. Hi Maria,

    do you not sometimes get bored and annoyed by the fact that nothing seems to change on the outside? I must admit I m getting quite bored of the fact that I still haven’t managed to find a job, And there have been jobs I’ve applied for and which I’d really like and that I meet the requirements for. But why isn’t it working? What’s the point in sitting at home, hoping everyday to get a positive reply and not wanting to do anything else? I’ve just been on holiday and we travelled around – only stayed in one place for max. 3 nights and I absolutely loved it. I felt so happy because I could forget about the job situation for a while and of course because I have seen places I never saw before. Something I can see myself doing more often 😉
    But I really am bored and sick of the fact that nothing seems to change for the better in this particular matter (job and money). I don’t see the point in how it is helping me in this ascension process and in my spiritual advancement? It doesn’t at all.
    End of rant 😛
    Hope you are well,

  2. Kat, yes I sure do! I get bored. I get angry, no, FURIOUS!!! Sometimes I scare myself with the amount of anger that surfaces. I too wonder at times if the things I want will ever come to me. It also feels like some of that anger has been inherited from the bloodline of the women in my family, as with many women, anger has been repressed for so long.

    But it is infuriating at times. It is depressing at times.I’m with you on that.

    But there is also something else happening. I am feeling myself right where I want to be more and more. I hadn’t allowed myself that so much in the past. And it seems it is taking longer than expected because we are in the process of releasing our ancestral bloodlines. There is naturally a push pull there. We want to set ourselves free but there is the fears of cutting ties.we have inherited certain patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us.

    So what are your dreams? It sounds like one of them is to travel and explore new places? It seems in the new energy, our true hearts desires will be supported but we need to get really clear on what they are. For me too, some things I had been trying to create just kept eluding me, so I wonder, are they my true hearts desires or are they something I feel I need to do? A good test is to feel into the desire. Does it make your heart sing? Even if it has nothing to do with making money.

    This is the hardest thing to do because our mind wants to convince us we can’t dream big. We’re not being “practical.”. But I believe this is what’s being asked of us now. To trust that what we truly want we can create, but not so much the human, as our soul. And sometimes we need to just honor that we don’t have any big dreams today. But I notice that when I relax into that accepting place, the dreams begin to surface. The life force comes back into my body. Everything feels fresh and new again. Everything feels possible.

    It seems though, to be a back and forth with that. What we’re doing here is no small thing. We are releasing generations, eons of old patterns, emotionally and physically. We are changing the template of our human selves to accommodate our soul.

    Meanwhile, I honor your courage to go through this. Thank you for the courage to share your feelings. This process is not for those who slap on the smile and pretend it’s all good!!!


  3. Thank you for your quick reply. It is -as always – comforting to read what’s on your mind.
    There are things that make me happy – exploring new places is one of them. And I actually do like work, some creative job, preferably one that sends me abroad once in a while would be sweet. So I’m not completely clueless, although I agree, it’s not the end of the world if we don’t know what we want to do at all. I know that feeling very well, too. I used to think for quite a while that my destiny is to become a director and writer of my own films but since nothing seemed to work out regarding this(producers dropped out, the bureaucracy of the film industry here in Germany is ridiculous and makes it almost impossible for newcomers who didn’t go to a German film school to get funding – I went to study film in the UK) I lost my interest. It just didn’t seem that it was “meant to be” although – and that’s what I got told by numerous people – I do have talent in storytelling and film making, So I am wondering that maybe I’m not trying hard enough. But what’s to try if the will isn’t there anymore? These are the thoughts that go through my mind.
    And I also believe that we inherited some patterns from family. It’s understandable and natural. I see the perfectionistic streak and the impatient one in my father very well.
    So, yeah, this process is tiring and sobering and it makes me angry at times.
    P.S. I did have a beautiful moment of serenity a couple of weeks ago, though. I was just lying on the bed and then I suddenly felt that I am everything and that there is no reason to worry and plan or even think! I felt so free. (that was during my travels). Once back to Germany the old annoying feelings are back :/

    • You know this is such an interesting and frustrating process, this whole embodied enlightenment thing. Because we are on the forefront, we are the ones who have to experience it first. That means there’s no manual. Not even spirit know how it works. Spirit is learning and expanding through us! It’s why it feels so impossible! Explorers of new lands, pioneers in history were often perplexed and discouraged, scratching their heads and wondering what possessed them to leave the safety and love of their homelands.

      I have a masters degree in art, and I have never been able to use it in a practical way. I thought it would allow me to teach art at university level, which it could, but then I discovered I didn’t want to teach art. I just wanted to be the artist. And creatively I never made a living from my art or my music.

      And I don’t believe it’s about trying harder. To be honest I’m not sure what the answer is but it seems some of us are not highly goal oriented for a reason. We are here for vastly different reasons than others on the Planet But we have been programmed to believe that we need to earn money in some capacity. It’s the survival program. Tough one to break out of. Not that there’s anything wrong with wanting a career…but it seems we are going into an energy that puts us in a place of knowing that all our needs will be met easily and synchronistically.

      For myself, I never felt that type of drive or ambition. And for a long time I thought there was something wrong with me. But I now understand that it’s never been my path. It seems like you were in touch with your true heart’s desire laying on the bed during your travels. That feeling is your truth, that…. as you said:

      “I am everything…there is no reason to worry or plan or even think! I feel so free.”

      • I think you are right. I used to be goal oriented, but I never really followed through , never had that much passion for something that I was willing to go through massive hardship just to be become financially successful with it. And it’s not so much about a career with me, a job that I like would be enough. I also believe that we will be provided for, but does that mean that I’ll always be dependent on social benefits? I hope not

  4. I believe as we move more fully into our sovereignty and live more from our soul we can create financial prosperity. And that would naturally release any outside dependencies.

    • yeah that resonates with me. Thank you Maria, for being there and sharing your wisdom. It is very very much appreciated
      be blessed

    • And thank you Kat for your beautiful energy. ❤️

      • Kat, from reading what you said about how good you felt when you were traveling and how the negative feelings came back when you were back in Germany, maybe there is a reason that you can’t find a job in Germany even though you try hard.

        Maybe your Soul is preventing it from happening so that you don’t get stuck in Germany.

        Maybe your true path is somewhere else?

        Of course I know it’s easy for me to say and more challenging for you to do, so please just take what resonates and leave the rest 🙂

  5. Maria, I was thinking of you this morning…I am walking around in tears today, really grieving and wailing for no good reason, and I thought about something a woman I know said the other day. I don’t confide in many people about these extremes of ‘lower’ emotions I’ve been feeling, as I have to keep up appearances in day-to-day life, but I felt moved to tell this person for some reason. She kindly said it was probably hormones. 🙂 And I just sort of wonder– for some of us, IS it just regular old female human stuff– not ascension related at all? And how in the world would one know? And does it matter? If I believe it’s Ascension, it is, but if I go to the doctor and get meds (I never would :-)), then it’s estrogen and serotonin? I don’t feel I’m asking this as coherently as I’d like to, but maybe you can see what I’m saying…

    • Jen, your question is interesting because it’s on the hearts and minds of many women. I myself am well past menopause and I find myself sad, grieving and even very angry for no specific reason. I too was trying to figure it out. You raise a good question. Do we really need to figure it out? I have it from a reliable source that all symptoms now are ascension symptoms, including diseases, and emotions. And the good news is they are considered temporary, as the come to the surface because we are loving ourselves more and they need to move through us and out of us. They really are not ours to begin with. For the most part we inherited them. They are just old stuck energies.

      What I am finding is that my mind asks endless questions about the ascension symptomology, and as one gets answered another one comes up and I’m beginning to understand that the mind is just doing what it feels is it’s responsibility: to question things, doubt things, be in fear of things.

      I will say that if you found my blog and others like it you are absolutely awakening and ascending. This is a very special lifetime for you. And when those tears come up I hope you are allowing them. Even anger. I don’t want to say stop asking questions because the mind needs to do its thing in all this, but understand that we also have our soul, who is in charge of all of this and knows that all is well.

      The tears are also a letting go. A releasing of people, old patterns, old ancestral stuff, and its a bittersweet experience for our human self. We know we need to move into our freedom, yet we want to hold onto the familiar, even if it isn’t working well for us anymore.

      Thank you for your question.

      • I absolutely agree, that at this stage (those of us drawn to the kind of content Maria writes), that all symptoms are ascension symptoms, or part of detoxification and healing. I used to think, “what can I do to improve my PMS, what can I do to improve digestion, et cetera.” Now I conceive of changes or symptoms I experience as a releasing of energy. I’ve also had lots of “classic” ascension symptoms that come and go – ascension flu, excessively watering eyes, water retention, pins and needles/tingling sensations, brief tinnitus, skin hives that appear and then disappear as quickly as they came…now I don’t freak out, I just try and let it flow. Easier said than done, but it’s a process! I regularly google around on ascension symptoms and that’s how I first found this site! (regular reader, though I never comment 🙂 ). xoxo, mercedes.

  6. Maria,

    Your sweet words and understanding opened the floodgates again, as might be imagined. 😉 Thank you. It is good and reassuring to read what you’ve written. I suppose I can only ever be as I am, and the true sorrow lies in judging myself and thinking I ‘should’ be different. Many, many times I wish I were a ‘regular,’ mainstream-type person, the get-things-done-er that my loved ones deserve. But the best I can do at this point is pretend to be that person. 🙂 And perhaps on a soul level, the people I love understand who I really am, and know I cannot truly be different from that–

    Sorry for rambling, and I thank you so much.

    • Hello Jen,

      I truly believe we are helping everyone the best by being our true authentic selves,

      (however they may be judged through the classic social mindset .. )

      It always hard to figure out what gifts we bring knowingly and unknowingly in each other’s being,

      and people around us on a subconscious level do feel and appreciate our presence in their life,

      although their conscious surface reactions may not feel much approving.

      They feel the difference and know there’s much more to it than their ordinary lifestyle,

      just that its hard for them to believe that this kind of free-living through letting go and trust in

      divine orchestration is possible !

  7. Very, very nice, aayas! Thank you. ❤

  8. The good news is we are beginning to know that life here is safe, because we are God, also. How can God not be safe?

    Thank you Maria, I def feel safe here now, something I didn’t feel before the ascension program kicked in. Even though I know 3d is still going on out there, it doesn’t affect me, I don’t watch tv or read news. My inner voice tells me to live as if I’m already in heaven and create my world the way I want it, and I do. I don’t have many people in my life right now though but that’s because I moved, started over, and just haven’t met many that I like yet.

    I’m going through a lot of emotional repatterning within me lately. Emotional wounds pop up and get recharged in present time but since I’m such a different person now I attach a more truer story to it and poof, the energy is diffused.

    Things are def different, better, but it’s subtle, it’s the inner me that’s so different now, and because of that my world (not necessarily anyone else’s) is different. The changes to my outer world came gradually but over time it’s a totally different life financially, relationship wise, environment wise, health wise, it’s so different that to me the Holly from before is my past life. As if I’ve been reincarnated but never left this body. Oh, another good thing, my body and looks are def younger, healthier and more youthful, it took years to notice though because the reverse aging happens for me at about the same rate that normal aging used to, so it’s gradual.

  9. I must say, everyone’s comments here are very comforting. It’s good to know others are experiencing what you are.

    I am getting the sense that many of us are far along in this ascension process and we’re at some sort of crossroads within ourselves. So much has changed for us internally and that recently (last year for me) began making its way to our external lives… in not so good ways,
    I might add (e.g., job loss, relationship break-ups, health issues)… yet others around us seem to be skipping along like zombies (to quote Stefan). it’s great to think and even feel like you’re progressing at a soul level, but it sucks if you don’t know how to make that work in your life in a positive way.

    How will this work exactly, as the divide between the unawakened and the awakened increases? Since we’re leaving the world of the unawakened,, they have the advantage, let’s face it. We’ve done all this “work” and now we have to “create” New Earth – even in our own personal lives – from scratch? And do it in a world that is largely still sleeping? It’s like being sent back to first grade with a college degree and none of the first graders can appreciate your wisdom and you have to find ways to make your life work along side them. What fun is that?

    This is turning out to feel like an ill-conceived plan to me. On the days I feel that way, I yearn for my old comfortable, boring, even miserable, life back. On better days, I feel hope for a new future and pray I will be able to discern the breadcrumbs to get me there (assuming there even are breadcrumbs to find, because this new energy has me dazed and confused – nothing of the old is working; everything feels weird).

    Just another day in paradise, folks!
    Stay positive!

    • Lisa! Laughing out loud! You wrote:

      …It’s like being sent back to first grade with a college degree and none of the first graders can appreciate your wisdom and you have to find ways to make your life work along side them. What fun is that?
      This is turning out to feel like an ill-conceived plan to me…

      You’re me! I’ve learned so much but no one believes it until they get there. I guess it’s like being a mother wanting to protect her child but he/she won’t listen, has to learn for themselves. It was so magical for me at first, and in a way, compared to the past, still is, but I expected so much more, so much faster. I often think of my past life in this life; I had to take anti-depressants to get thru it and gave all of me to everyone without receiving back, but I remember being happy that way! Personally, I truly believe we tried as a group something faster and more ‘magical’ but it failed and we ended up having to stair step, a long slow process. Over the years I can see the blessings and magic, but I’ve worked SO hard, changing inner me is a full time job, only it’s 24/7 not 9-5. I def wouldn’t promote this to anyone, if it’s not something they truly want it won’t work, it takes everything I have, all of me.

      Anyway, thanks for sharing, it feels good to not be alone in this. I know it’s all good but it DOES feel good to let off steam every once in a while.

  10. Maria, Your writings often mirror what Edgar Cayce said so I thought you’d find the below interesting. I like Edgar Cayce because his percentage of hits was remarkable, something that can’t be faked because he was giving medical cures, which worked, 14,000 readings. If the below is true it answers the question that plagues so many people, ‘where are we going? what are we becoming? and why there’s so many contradictions between channelers, higher selves and souls. Just thought you’d find it interesting:

    What may be surprising from the readings’ perspective, however, is that everyone works with ideals, even if it’s unconscious. For example, in reading 1011-1, the person was told, “Each individual entity, whether aware of same or not, sets before self an ideal in the material world, in the mental world, in the spiritual world.” Another individual was told that the reason he had so many problems and so much confusion in his own life was because he had never really established a conscious ideal (323-1). He often felt that he was in a state of confusion simply because the ideal he had established (to be sure, unconsciously) was that of a “wanderer.” He was encouraged to make a conscious choice and to begin to work with it, because what individuals dwell upon they become.
    Since ideals shape our very lives, our experiences, even who we’re becoming, then, by definition, they must be extremely important. But Cayce went even one step further. Oftentimes, people were told: “Then the more important, the most important experience of this or any individual entity is to first know what is the ideal-spiritually.” (357-13) Not only is it very important, it is the most important thing we can do.
    The challenge of working with ideals seems to be one where we’re encouraged to move beyond simply a personal intellectual exercise to one where we’re able to strategically map out how our ideal will affect our interaction with others, ourselves, even our surroundings.

    So Maria, I resonate with your writings because like you my ideal is a divine merging of my human aspect and divine/soul aspect. After reading the above I thought maybe the slowing down of this process that happens sometimes is that I’m not clear yet with ‘how my ideal will affect my interaction with others, ourselves, even our surroundings.’

    Anyway, just thought this was interesting, what’s your thoughts?

    • Holly,
      Cayce was adept at working with the non physical, the esoteric, and incorporating it into his teachings and remedies…balancing the physical, mental and emotional bodies….I would even venture to say that some of us had a personal connection to him in his lifetime. We assisted him and he, us.

      And I agree, that we tend to resist this process of integration because we (as our human personality)are concerned about its impact upon our body, our life, and our environment…

      Many of us are discovering that our soul, our divine self, is not so interested or concerned with what anyone else thinks about us, or how they will be impacted by its presence. It does not restrict or compromise its freedom.

      And especially as a woman, we may be concerned that appearing so free, and so joy filled, will not be taken with grace by others. After all a woman is supposed to be compliant and nurturing to everyone..and humble and hide her radiance lest others be uncomfortable..but what I am discovering is that as my soul, I am not always so patient for bull shit. And I am not so interested in nurturing as I am in being a role model of self love and self nurturance. And then yes, there is a profound effect on everyone and everything else. But not always candy kisses and roses…it will make some people very uncomfortable….some other women may be envious of our freedom, and some men will think we’re coming on to them.

      So our human self is very resistant at times. We are afraid that our freedom will cost us big time, even more than what we perceive we have already paid. And it wonders what will become of it, especially our mind. It’s biggest fear is job security…it may not be employed by us to solve all our problems any more..and yet, it’s also relieved of a long, long line of duty.

      So it’s our human self that needs the most compassion from us. And I sense we can work out this new relationship of human with divine so that everyone comes out feeling satisfied. Just like any other relationship. The human needs to concede to its souls desire to enjoy the sensual nature of life, and the soul will come to know that the human doesn’t necessarily feel comfortable running around naked in public. So some agreements will be met.

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