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I’m O.K. With That!


You know how in the New Age community there’s all kinds of mantras being offered, from, “I am that I am, I am at peace, all is well,” and so forth. Well, there is one mantra that beats all the rest:

I’m OK with that.

Now on face value that may sound a bit wishy-washy. Being OK with things. After all, we haven’t done all this work just to accept things as they are. We are becoming more discerning as to what we will invite into our life. But that’s not what I am talking about here. What I have discovered over time, is that as I just accept where I am at in the moment, and I mean really accept it and not just say I am accepting it, it dramatically changes the energies.

For example, many of us now are feeling rather detached and board. Rather passionless. Yes we have our moments of passion and feeling connected to our soul, but there are times where we just don’t have it. So rather than trying to manufacture some sort of passion by trying something or doing something to make that feeling real, I now just say to myself, I’m OK with that. Because I have tried the other way. I have tried to do things, go places, bring in a new experience so that I can feel some more passion. Well you probably already figured out that does not really work. That is actually coming from the mind and not the heart. There was a part of me that was not OK with feeling passionless. Of course, it is not the most comfortable place to be when we are feeling disconnected. And of course we want to feel passion and connection to our soul. But I have discovered the way there is through saying to myself, I’m OK with that. I’m OK with my mind feeling bored. I’m OK with me not really wanting to clean the house. I’m OK with me not really wanting to be creative. I’m OK with me wanting to just lounge around and watch Netflix.

Many of us feel the physical and emotional discomforts that naturally are brought up in this process of embodied enlightenment.    We may feel that it is taking so much longer and is harder than we anticipated.  Can we say, “I’m o.k. with that?” because our body and emotions are doing their best in this major transformational process…especially our body, for it is the last generally to catch up because of its density and old programming.  But it will, and it is also responsive to our state of consciousness.  Just like a dear friend, it responds much better to praise than to criticism.

So as we exercise this being o.k. with where we are at in any moment, an interesting thing begins to happen. The energies shift and change. As I accept where I am at in the moment without judging it as bad, the energies move and shift. I begin to feel more passion. Perhaps not immediately, which is OK. But it does happen. The self acceptance transforms energies. It is true alchemy. We tend to think that if we accept things the way they are that means we are just giving up on our desires and dreams. Of course that is not the truth. Allowing things to be, in a non-judgmental way, is not giving up. Well, it is giving up the old ways of the mind trying to change our reality. That old way that demands that we take action, that we analyze things, and that we force energies to do our bidding.

It is giving up the notion that it has to be difficult.

This also applies to feeling angry, sad, hopeless, or any of a number of feelings. This is true masterhood. It is allowing all of the feelings that come up without identifying with those feelings. I have talked about this many times but it can’t be stated enough because there is such a tendency to go back to the old way of doing things.

But as we do the allowing and accepting of where we are at in the moment, it invites our soul in because our soul is already doing that. Our soul already accepts us just as we are, wherever we may be. And the advantage of having our soul with us so dynamically and intimately is that life become so much more rich and passionate and fluid and prosperous and healthy.

Who would ever believe that such a simple formula could be so potent?  The I’m OK with that formula. And the I’m OK with that also includes being o.k. with getting ourselves into a little drama with ourselves or other people, playing victim. That’s a hard one to be OK with because we keep slipping into the belief that because we’re on the spiritual path we need to be these perfected beings that display patience, compassion, and understanding at all times.

Our soul is OK with that. But don’t expect your soul to participate with you in those moments of drama. Your soul will step back in those moments but it does not mean that your soul is not accepting of where you are at. It understands what you have been through, and has compassion for all the feelings you are feeling.  So it is challenging of course to do this but I have discovered it does get easier.  Little by little my mind begins to get on board with it being OK to be bored for example. And rather than trying to fill up that boredom with some activities, my mind actually enjoys the feeling of being connected with me and with my soul.

And as I say, I’m o.k. with that, it moves stuck energies, and I then choose how I want to feel, and that brings to me tangible evidence of those joyful feelings….I experience new creative opportunities, more material and monetary abundance in ways I would never have anticipated….. and life is so much more fun!

Well this post may has been a little long-winded, but I’m OK with that.:)

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Author: soulsoothinsounds

Our lives are like great paintings or great pieces of music. If we focus on all the technical 'imperfections' we will miss the true beauty of the work. We won't see, or rather, FEEL the essence and spirit of the masterpiece. I no longer identify myself as a writer, artist, or musician. Rather I express my divinity, and my humanity through the media of art, music and writing. I began this blog because I wanted to give voice to my experiences and insights, and I wrote for myself primarily. Eight years later, I am still writing for myself, and I am discovering that my experiences are not personal but universal - galactic even. And now I am more sure than ever that I am a new consciousness teacher, as each of you are. The way we teach is by going through the very human experiences, and as we ascend and shed our old selves, with love, and as we embody spirit in this lifetime, which we are all doing, we become the standards for others of the new divine human.

24 thoughts on “I’m O.K. With That!

  1. Hi Maria, I stumbled across your blog 2 weeks ago (I found the anger and acension post, clearly I meant to find it). I noticed that over the past year or so a lot of blogs/websites about spiritual/soul searching/ ascension related stuff popped up (not sure how to put it into one simple term), bur rarely do they really resonate with me. so I truly appreciate the few ones that give mme that ‘youre really not alone’ feeling. Thank you! K.

    • I am really thrilled that you found my blog and resonate with it’s messages. It’s so important to know we are not alone in this amazing and often overwhelming transformational process. And it sounds like you want to ‘keep it real.’ in terms of getting information and wisdom from those who have experienced these trails and tribulations first hand.


      • Thank you for your kind reply 🙂 Yes, I do try to `keep it real` with this transformation process, so thank you again for your “no nonsense” kind od approach, at least that is what I am sensing here 🙂 Have a great day & keep up your good work! greetings from rainy and cold Poland . K

  2. You know, your articles are always so profound that I reread them several times and each time I discover something I didn’t the time I read it before. I of course again agree with what you have written here again, and I’m on the same path now: to accept and be OK with things and yes it does make it much easier. I have the desire to just lounge around a bit, read articles on the net, comment, watch TV or series on the internet and basically do not much else. And I am enjoying it 🙂
    The guilt has mostly gone and it feels really good. 🙂 I dont feel that I need much else to be honest . Some type of inner satisfaction has fullfilled me, maybe you can relate to it
    Much LOVE


    • Me too, Kat! Maria your articles are always right on with what i am experiencing, and it is SO comforting to read I’m not the only one! I too just want to lounge in solitude, to watch a few youtube vids or read your articles (over & over), and i enjoy making myself nice meals (& eating them in a lounge-y positon 😄) & walking many miles a day. This seems to be enough for now–Kat your words “Some type of inner satisfaction has fulfilled me” hits it right on. A friend asked me recently, if you could do ANYTHING you want, what would it be? And i replied, i think im doing it! (Although I’d REALLY like to be doing it back home in FL, but circumstances & ascension have me in a much colder climate for the last few years–but….I’m OK with that….for now!)
      Much love,

      • Bravo Elila…and when the time is right, Florida welcomes you back!!!!

      • Elila it’s great to meet another fellow ascension lounger 😀 Your day sounds like mine, apart from the walking; I’m too lazy for that now :D. And yes, Maria’s articles always reflect what I am going through at the minute. It’s as if she’s on the same wavelength. It is also the only blog about ascension that I can resonate with fully (apart from maybe one more). I feel most others are quite out of touch with reality. This blog is, despite this spiritual topic, at the same time very grounded. Oh yeah and food is a big one for me, too. I adore good food and enjoy every bite I take fully. What I like doing, too, and what gives me even more relaxation is coconut oil. Every day after I take a shower I massage my body with organic coconut oil and it feels reeeeeally good. The oil itself is said to be some kind of super healer for all types of ailments and combined with the massages it is soo pleasant and relaxing. Maybe you wanna try it as well if you are not already doing it. Have a great day you two

  3. Wow Kat, it’s good to hear that! And, yes, the guilt is slowly going…a big one, indeed! It’s almost as if we felt guilty for just wanting to ‘be.’ And as we accept that, just feeling good in the moment, no matter what we do or don’t do, the universe (our soul) delivers more of that feeling, Definitely a win-win situation!

    Love ❤

    • Haha–Maria this comment didnt come up on my screen until after i posted mine above–but YES! The guilt over just wanting to BE. I think I have just wanted to BE for most of my life, but society doesn’t really accept that position LOL so I tried to fit in. But really it feels like my natural state & i am becoming much more solid in that–very unapologetic for my idleness. And wow does it help me SOOO much to read others saying the same thing! Thank you for “saying it out loud”!

    • ” It’s almost as if we felt guilty for just wanting to ‘be.’ ”

      Exactly. Because instinctively we knew that life the way society wants us to live is not for us, but at the same time we felt guilty that we basically just want to enjoy life. At the moment this is by being idle and only doing things that I want and living without effort (weird choice of words the last one but I think it hits the nail on the head). I can say for myself that the guilt came from not wanting to be productive/wanting to work, make an effort blah blah, something I (and probably many others) have been conditioned to and maybe liked doing for the most part of their lives. Now that this is changing feelings like guilt come up, because a part of us feels that it is wrong. This part will quiet down though, as you say, after it realises that nothing else is working anymore 🙂 And a big part of this nagging feeling has disappeared already 🙂

  4. Aaaaa-men sister on celebrating our freedom! And thank you–i know that somehow i will get back to my beloved Florida–in a pleasant and enjoyable way–no more struggling & trying (desperately) to figure out how to make it happen! 💙

  5. Kat–i love the “ascension lounger” phrase! Lol. I feel like the walking helps me immeasurably to process & release all this old dense energy thats moving through us these days, & also somehow to “download” the newer energies? All i know is if i dont walk, i feel absolutely rubbish lol. And me too again–this is the only ascension blog i bother with now because its the only one that truly resonates. I only read a couple others regularly, and i quit them about a year ago. My criteria for just about anything these days is: does it make me feel better or worse? I always come away from Maria’s sharings feeling better. Couldnt say that about the others!
    (Oh & i have never been particularly interested in work either. Of course i did it for many years, worked very hard actually, because hey thats what we are “supposed” to do, but it never felt good & i never felt passionate about any of it. Now i just cant make myself do it!)

    • I do understand the walking thing. I went through a phase, too, where I felt I need to walk around a lot each day, and felt kinda grumpy if I didn’t. I do a couple of gymnastics exercises when I feel like it at home these days. I guess we all have our own way to deal with the energies and our ways to deal with them change, too. And ditto on the work thing 😀

      • …and I will add that I enjoy walking late at night around my complex. I feel so connected to nature listening to the crickets and frogs and baby gators. And it’s so much more quiet. Most people are asleep! And yes, couldn’t imagine getting up each day to go to work.. Been there done that! 💟🌴🌴💟

  6. Maria i have found myself awake at night (finally falling asleep in the wee hours of the morning & then sleeping quite late) for the last several years for the very reason you stated–i just love how it feels when everyone else is asleep & its quiet! How i long for quiet ….
    And i so often want to walk late at night but am not really in an area where it feels comfortable. How i MISS the sounds of the crickets, frogs, and baby gators!! Enjoy!

  7. I feel a little bit shy to throw this out there…but what the heck…the one thing i’m finding quite challenging to “be ok with”– is my body/figure. This process has handed me 30 extra pounds to haul around, and i understand its purpose and i’m ok with THAT–but when i catch my reflection or feel my knees hurting climbing stairs…. Its seems counterproductive to have my confidence & mobility compromised at this point & i wonder if it will EVER come off! We have had to adjust to soooo much, it just seems like adding insult to injury LOL. And then i feel a little shallow for feeling this way because i understand so many of us are enduring much worse!

    • BTW The RIbbit Ribbit was in response to your previous comment…but regarding the extra weight… I gained about 60 pounds a few years ago…I guess I was eating for two (for me and my soul)….and no it’s not at all shallow to want to look and feel as you want to…and I can attest to the fact that it does come off and without effort…just continuing the self love and relaxing…

      • Holy wow! Yes that is when the weight showed up for me too–about 3 yrs ago–& i had the SAME thought of eating for two, and preparing to sort of “give birth” to a new self! I have actually been referring to my new buddha belly as “mission control” lol
        Thank you for the reassurance that it comes off!

  8. Elila, you’re welcome, and thank you for being so honest about what you are going through.

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