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How Far We Have Come


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Many of us take for granted how far we have come and how much we have advanced in our ascension process.  It’s good to shift our gaze away from the symptoms of ascension and look at our present state of consciousness compared to even a short time ago.

I love frequenting the local neighborhood coffee shop.  I love sitting alone in a booth, writing in my journal, working on my blog from my tablet and iPhone, enjoying the aroma of freshly brewing coffee and cinnamon buns.  I love the feeling of being alone, in my own sacred space, yet I am surrounded by people and life.

This scenario mimics how we as ascending masters are beginning to enjoy being here on Planet Earth.  Being fully ourselves, living alongside other humans, while being joyfully detached from the world.  How delicious that place is!

We have moved out of giving away our power to an outside god.  We have grown bored of talking about these concepts of embodying spirit and we now want to experience it.  To live it.  For the most part we have moved past the stage of creating drama outside ourselves, of being in caustic relationships or jobs, of worrying about the disorder in the world, and of trying to change the world. We are more easily able to choose how we want to feel, and we understand that our minds are trying to integrate with our new consciousness.  We have learned patience with our mind and our body through this often overwhelming transformational process.

We are learning to detach from our own internal drama as we put into practice living alongside our mind.  We are living in our human personality, with all its ‘issues’ without allowing our darker feelings to rain on our parade.  We are learning to give those feelings room to express, but ultimately not identifying with them.  Not feeling a need to change them just as we no longer feel a need to change the world.  Another healthy detachment.

Yes, it can be boring at times, with no drama being stirred up, not playing victim so much any more and not so attracted to enjoying the hard road.

Yet we know in our hearts, regardless of what feelings may come up, regardless of what conditions we are experiencing in our bodies, that we are moving into something profound.  Something more fulfilling than we have ever felt before as a human being

We may have forgotten that we are here as pioneers and leaders of the new consciousness.  This transformation from human to divine human can leave us feeling so incredibly vulnerable, that we don’t quite buy that we are forerunners.  But that is precisely why we are the leaders, up in the front of the line.  Most humans are not ready to be so vulnerable.

So each of us in our own way, are leaders.  We are here to be in service but in a whole new way.   Not in the old way of sacrificing or compromising ourselves.  Or from a place of misguided altruism.

As we look at the world and all the strife, civil unrest, wars, man’s inhumanity to man, we see a belief system playing itself out that says there needs to be a price paid for freedom.  We see that these outer battles are but a reflection of the inner ones.  People believing they need to protect themselves from an outside force.

We on the forefront of ascension know there is no need for such protection.  That in fact, the more we try to protect ourselves the more we invite in the ‘enemy’ with our frequency of fear. We are discovering that we are safe, have always been, and will always be divinely guided.  That we are eternal.  That there is never one moment when we are not loved fully and unconditionally by our soul, by our divinity.

Our non physical counterparts, the grand archangels, the Ascended masters forget sometimes the challenge of being in human form, the fears and concerns of having a physical body to contend with.  The upkeep alone can leave the most evolved being scratching their head, asking themselves, “What have I gotten myself into?”

There are times we feel that the impossible is being asked of us:  to allow a total transformation of every cell in our body in order to accommodate spirit?  Make that statement to someone not awake and they will see you as delirious.

Let’s not underestimate the density of this environment we live in:  both the emotional and physical gravity.  The pull from mass consciousness, our own old programming and our ancestral download of disease and dysfunction.  All of which is changing.  Our moving into self love is bringing up buried energies, both emotionally and physically that we find ourselves having to move through, (actually those energies are moving through us) with no support from the world around us.  But we are doing it.  And we are doing amazingly well.  We are treading in places most humans are not yet prepared to go into.  We can’t comfortably share the depths of what we are going through with even those we feel close to, because they have not gotten there yet.

So see the place you are at now, and revel in the progress you have made in a short time – this lifetime in this body!

Our non-physical friends are in awe of us.  They can’t believe we have been able to do what we are doing.  Embodying Spirit in this one lifetime, awakening to our Christ Consciousness, and staying here on the Planet.  We are here as alchemists, moving energies within us, which in turn moves energies in the world around us, opening up potentials and doors for others to walk through.

That alone should make you feel a sense of passion for being here.  What an incredible adventure you have initiated.  You, as a souled being, on a soul-level, wanted to experience enlightenment, and didn’t want to wait 20 or 30 or 100 more lifetimes to do it.

You were clear.  you said, “This is the lifetime…whatever it takes!

And do not underestimate your soul’s resolve!

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Author: soulsoothinsounds

Our lives are like great paintings or great pieces of music. If we focus on all the technical 'imperfections' we will miss the true beauty of the work. We won't see, or rather, FEEL the essence and spirit of the masterpiece. I no longer identify myself as a writer, artist, or musician. Rather I express my divinity, and my humanity through the media of art, music and writing. I began this blog because I wanted to give voice to my experiences and insights, and I wrote for myself primarily. Eight years later, I am still writing for myself, and I am discovering that my experiences are not personal but universal - galactic even. And now I am more sure than ever that I am a new consciousness teacher, as each of you are. The way we teach is by going through the very human experiences, and as we ascend and shed our old selves, with love, and as we embody spirit in this lifetime, which we are all doing, we become the standards for others of the new divine human.

48 thoughts on “How Far We Have Come

  1. Yes, it is astonishing what we achieved, isn’t it. Weird thing is, I can’t feel a sense of pride about it, it rather feels natural; like something that was supposed to be done. But if someone told me 13 years ago, when that process started (or shall I say when I was pushed into it, like a toddler in the dark, stormy sea – excuse my pathos 😀 ) what I will be going though, I don’t know if I’d be willing to do it. I’d probaby run away screaming. Looking back, it was bloody painful as hell, there are in fact not enough superlatives to explain how difficult it was at times and that many times I just really didn’t know how I could go on. But the pain eased and maybe it’s like with women who give birth: they feel excrutiating pain during birth, but then later forget about it and many times can’t comprehend it anymore. So these days I remember how painful it was, but don’t in fact remember the pain anymore.
    What I did notice though, is that lately I’ve been waking up in the morning completely whacked. I feel like I’ve been doing construction work all night instead of having a good night’s sleep. And before that I’ve had a phase where I dreamt very intensely. Am I still doing light work during the night? Or how would you explain that tiredness in the morning. Oh, and for the past couple of days I have been feeling a bit of anger, some kind of annoyance. That’s probably some old stuff that wants to come out. I hope you are well

    • Hello Kat !
      I can confirm the night work thing which feels like heavylifting while the day light is for rest :p

      you wake up even more tired than when you had went to sleep.

      Also intense and sometimes meaningful dreams where all the core issues really unfold in full splendor compared to what comes up during wake time.

      Also I do believe that not all things we go through are our own ..

      (didn’t I resolved this thing a few months ago already !!)

      they are usually coming from the collective,

      one can sense and feel everything happening with neutrality
      and still can’t help but go through it all anyway,

      and then there is anger, anxiety, existential fears and irritation over seemingly petty things
      (things which the ‘sane’ world would consider a ‘norm’)

      they are all order of the day.

      so I guess its common to us all :d

      • Hi aayas,

        thanks for your reply. Yeah I definitely feel so much more tired now than last night before I went to sleep. It’s as if I was working really hard on something during the night. What you said about the resolving stuff for the collective; I read that we sometimes think that we have already fully resolved certain issues but then they come back and we get confronted with them again until they get fully resolved – they are our own issues most of the time though (according to that source, I don’t really remember where I read it though). To be honest, the thought that I am still resolving stuff for the collective, does make me feel a bit pissed off. I know that I have been helping others to resolve their big issues (I talked about meeting my soul mate or twin flame under another article here and helping him with his emotional crap, which was apparently part of our “thing” and I remember you writing that you had a similar experience) and I’m tired of it. I am ready to reap my rewards for being such a hard light worker. I want the pleasant times coming and staying for good! The collective can deal with their crap without me.
        rant over, but maybe you understand

  2. I’ll just add that as we love ourselves more, which we are doing, it brings to the surface old stuck energies and yes, wise to just feel them but not identify with them. In most cases they are inherited, and are moving through and out. I have been experiencing a lot of anger and I sense it is lots of repressed stuff from my lineage. Especially as women we were not allowed to be angry, and its not just from this lifetime. we as women are in the process of releasing our caretaking implant. I know for myself I have less and less patience for it.

    • Thank you and yes your words feel right again. Yes, women have been taking on that care taking role for a long long time. I think it is even harder if you grew up with parents that didn’t really know how to take care of their kids, but the roles were reversed. All my life I kinda worried about my parent’s well being. Be it the emotional well being of my father, who – if he was stressed or frustrated which would come up from out of the blue, completely unprovoked – would take his stress out on his children, especially me. My mother never defended us, she felt she would be adding fuel to the fire. Then we had to be careful that my mother doesn’t get upset, because she had high blood pressure – her health always being a concern. Never once did they really care how we felt in all of this. I have been aware of this emotional (and physical) abuse by my parents for a long time and I have been working on it since then, but maybe I’m still releasing these issues. And due to the fact that I had to be a problem solver and independent since early age I attracted people who came to me and told me their problems, many times complete strangers came up to me and told me their life story. Sometimes, it was interesting, I do like learning about human nature, and what better way to learn than this? But many times it was just emotionally draining. They all thanked me for making them feel better, but I was the one that felt crap, because I most probably took on their emotions. That’s the circle people, who had a similar upbringing to me, can fall easily into. Gladly I learnt how to block their emotions off and just listened to their (mostly interesting) stories.

      • and I guess now when somebody is playing the victomhood and wanting to be heard and sympathized with, neon red signals set off and alarms start ringing
        while you take 180 degree turn around ..

        not to mention people do get angry for us being ‘selfish’ :p

        but the ability to cut through the illusion and stories and see things for they are ..
        is just there now.

      • Kat,
        your story sounds eerily the same as mine, and as I have come to realize, the story of most women. I literally became sick years ago, to finally give myself permission to back away from that role, because I didn’t yet know how to love myself and set boundaries then. I feel more strongly than ever that we in the forefront of embodied enlightenment, as women, are in the process of finally feeling safe enough to be fully ourselves and feel free enough to love ourselves. You could say, the pain stops here, with us. As we allow this process of releasing our ancestral patterns of taking on the emotional and physical heartbreak of others, and set ourselves free, we set our ancestors free and become new role models of the enlightened woman. We as women truly are the new spiritual leaders.

      • @Maria:
        yes I think we are releasing this for most, if not all women. When I look around in my circle of family and friends, it is usually always the women that tend to embody the care taker (well my mum didnt with us, but with my dad, we did it with both of my parents, I did with certain friends.) I guess it is because men have been the care taker in the physical sense for a long time, they provided the meat from hunting (back when humas lived in caves) and later went out to work while women stayed at home. So while they were taking care of the physical well being, women took care of the emotional one. (These are all ideals, not every man worked, and not every woman was caring emotionally). But society has changed and women have been providing for themselves and others for a while now. The segregation of the sexes into roles (provider and care taker) is still prevalent in many societies, if not the collective mind though. When I think about my childhood Ive always really hated it, when someone told me I couldn’t do things, because “girls don’t do that”. I hated to be put into categories even as a small kid and I especially hated the girl/boy category. I was wild and that wasn’t what girls were supposed to be. So in a way I suppressed my feminine side, because I associated it with weakness, and I couldn’t be weak, because of my upbringing – I chose the rebellious instead of the submissive way to react to these stupid demands. The ascension process as a mostly energetic balancing and cleansing process, actually started to get the feminine and masculine energies within myself into balance. And I think this is the path for all now: become whole in ourselves, that means accepting all aspects, without thinking about whether it fits into our societal role or not.

  3. Hi aayas: I don’t really get approached like that anymore and I don’t really see my friends that often. And I do have different types of people in my life now, so that changed a lot actually. I must say, I still enjoy helping people though, it gives me a nice feeling when I do it from the heart and when I see how the faces light up, especially with old and physically disabled people. But that usually happens spontaneously and quite rarely actually.

  4. Hi Maria! Thanks for this important reminder–i think i really needed it and didnt even realize lol.
    Kat–oh my gosh i said “me too” to every last darn thing in your first comment! Incredible. This process started for me about 14yrs ago & i feel exactly the same way about it. Well stated.
    And aayas–i too wake up feeling more tired than when i (finally) went to sleep!
    Oh yes and Kat–reading your other comment i thought good grief–we even had the same parents (& attract the same kinds of people)–right down to colatile dad & mom with dangerous high blood pressure!
    I have also been feeling a heavy annoyance for the past couple of days for no clear reason. But what a lift i get from reading that i’m not alone (or entirely crazy 😜). Here’s hoping for happier, lighter, more EFFORTLESS days ahead for each of us! 😉💕

    • Elila, I liked you from the first time I read one your comments. I don’t know, butI felt you are a kindred spirit in a way. And I had to laugh when you said that about your parents, yes volatile is a very good description for my father. I like to describe him as unpredictable, too. One thing is good though when you have parents, who you feel you can’t rely on. You have to figure out your very own way in life very early on and people like us rarely become followers. As Maria said, we are ascension pioneers. Maybe we needed that upbringing, as some kind of preparation for the ascension? We already know how to walk off the beaten path and what is more unique than the ascension process? Just a though 🙂

      • Aw Kat! This comment made my day! Thank you for being so warm & welcoming. Its so refreshing to have the feeling of “fitting in” somewhere at this point. I definitely feel a kindredness here too–im always astonished at the similarities in experiences. And yes, i have often thought perhaps landing in this nutty family (a friend of mine said it perfectly–it was like being a monkey raised by ducks) was to prepare me for (infinitely nuttier) ascension? Its a good thing no one told me what was to come…LOL😜. I would have run screaming too!

  5. *oops–that should read “volatile dad”

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  7. I resonate with every word of this post! So much is coming through and out. What an intense time, but also a very calm and peaceful time. I have had a lot of the stop and take a look at far you have come moments and it is pretty astonishing all of the transformations that have occurred! Its kind of funny to me that all of this has undoubtedly happened, but no one physically close to me would register what has been occuring. Im always smiling to myself as they are relating to me, thinking “if you only knew the depths I have experienced……..and why Im always needing a nap!!” HA!! I remember over a decade ago when this process became a central awareness and to realize now all that was in store……., I would have scalped my tickets for this show and stuck my head in the sand!! LOL I feel like I could be on the cusp of truly experiencing the kind of joyful, energetic existence I “KNEW” was coming before this process took hold. At this point, Im just going with the flow and have ZERO expectations about what is around the corner. Self love is at the forefront…..finally!! Took awhile for that to sink in! Love that there are people “out there” that get it. Much love to you Maria!

    • Much love to you also Stephanie….<3

    • Stephanie-
      I literally laughed out loud when i read that you would have “scalped tour tickets to this show…” I love how hilariously you put that & totally agree LOL (Oooooo i’d be in BIG trouble without a sense of humor to ride on!)
      And i too so often marvel at how no one in my life has even really registered the incredible mind blowing transformation i have undergone (still undergoing). I frequently feel people relating to a “me” that doesnt even exist any longer, & its kinda weird sometimes!

  8. Thank you Kat, for your perspective. And again, it was similar for me. I rebelled in my own way, against an over controlling father who saw me as vulnerable and unable to make my own decisions. And my mom was too afraid to speak on my behalf, for she herself felt oppressed. And I was in ways their emotional caretaker. IIt took me awhile to define myself outside that role. Now I see myself as more androgenyous, embodying a good balance of both Masculine and feminine. But like you, early on I identified more with the male qualities because that seemed to have more freedom. 💗

    • Wow Maria–the dynamic you describe with your parents is eerily similar to my experience as well, althought i was too frightened of their physical violence to rebel much. The part for me that still stings is never having been stood up for or defended–by anyone, which continued into adulthood–attracting others (especially mates) who never stood up for me. So i have had to learn how to stand up for myself & set boundaries–in a way it has made me much stronger of course. And now i am in the position of caring for the elderly mother who was unable to care for me….challenging at times!
      And Kat–yes! I have had the body parts getting really hot thing–at times the bottoms of my feet get so hot i need to put them in icy water! And lately i also will suddenly get extremely cold, seemingly from the inside out, even when im snuggled under blankets with a spaceheater on in the room. I also see things in my peripheral vision but cant identify. Also vibrations in various parts of body that feel like my phone is going off –but its on the table next to me!

      • Elila
        I understand the challenge of having to care for your parent…and also giving yourself the time and space you need for you…especially as you go through your own ascension.
        Interesting about feeling cold…I experience that from time to time, as you say, from the inside out, even though the room is warm…and it takes a lot to get myself warm again….and then suddenly I could have a hot flash (not menopause related)….
        It’s why I favor warm climates, after living in cold ones all my life.

      • Yeah I used to get weirdly cold all of a sudden, too and I know what you mean with inner body vibrations. The symptoms really are very similar with all of us. And yeah, I suffered physical abuse from my father (and my mother) . My father trying to break me, or mould me to fit into the image he thought I had to fit in. He never managed though of course. Most of the time the beating happened out of the blue, without me doing anything wrong. He was just venting frustrations that he couldn’t vent to the person that was in fact causing it, cause he wasnt confrontational with other people. Always trying to be liked by everyone, Then his family had to take his crap, mostly me. I remember hitting back once, when I was 8 or 9 and my mum said he went as white as a sheet, Couldn’t believe what happened. Haha what did he think that I woudn’t defend myself? I take it that we all worked on our issues from childhood though, I can tell the way you all talk about it, and I m really glad I started dealing with this at quite a young age. Many people don’t and keep the pain buried inside which is not healthy at all.

    • Maria i too feel much more of an androgeny–i like that you articulated it that way. More balanced male/female energy. Yes. I also have not been the least bit interested in partner relationships for a loooooooong time. The freedom to be just me & not have to concern myself with another feels like such freedom & ……..well….LUXURY right now. I’m entirely open to that possibly changing–i’m also entirely open to it NOT 🙂

  9. On another note: I lately feel some of my body parts (especially hands and nose) getting really warm, in fact hot at times. My nose then gets red, leaving me look like an alcoholic 😀
    Any of you had any experience with body parts getting hot?
    Oh and I also see blue shapes (last time it was a square shaped object) in my peripheral field of vision. The colour is usually a very beautiful indigo blue, but sometimes I also see white glittering sparks. Anyone else?

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  11. Right, Kat, we carry these wounds throughout life until we face them with compassion. I believe that some of the emotions we are feeling are ours, but much of it is what we took on from our family and our ancestors, since they repressed their own feelings of abandonment etc .with our awakening comes a purging of those issues and an understanding of those past events, seeing them from our soul’s perspective. It’s very liberating.

  12. Maria–yes i have gotten REALLY good at loving myself well, setting my boundaries, taking care of me first (putting onthe oxygen mask so to speak). I have made myself a cozy little “studio” in the attic where i can be alone & mostly undisturbed, but still close if she needs anything.
    And yes again!–when i get cold it takes a LOT for me to get warm again, often having to take a hot shower, and at any time there could also come a hot flash that leaves me dripping in sweat. And they are not always “flashes” at all, as that term implies something short-lived–these often have serious hang time lol. Although in my case i couldnt tell you if its menopause related or not as i’m preeeeeetty sure i am doing ascension and menopause simultaneously–Good times!

    • (And i also favor warm climates after having lived in cold ones all my life! 🌴🌺🐚🦀🐠 Never had any tolerance for cold)

      • Elila
        LOL ” Doing menopause and ascension simultaneously….” Yeah, may as well get them both over with:) Having lived here in Florida for the past 15 years, I now have what they call ‘thin blood.’ So anything below 65 degrees I pull out the overcoat and sheep lined boots!

  13. Kat–wow again your experience is eerily similar. My father was the most violent & misogynistic, and vented his rage only on his family-mostly my mother and me as i am the eldest child & also female-but my mother, due to being beaten down by him, took out (still takes out!) HER pent up rage on me (no longer physically–but verbally. But that is abating as i have made it repeatedly clear that i am not her dumping ground & that treatment is unacceptable. Period.) Neither of them would dare be confrontational outside of this small circle–so the outside world thinks they are sweet kind people–which often infuriated me lol. I gasped when you said you once hit back–that was entirely unthinkable to me!
    And yes, clearly we have all mostly worked through all the childhood stuff. I can now simply relay an experience without it being painful or emotionally charged–it just is what it is, and in the past thankfully. Surprisingly–lately i have actually become really sick of my own stories from the past–they now seem tedious and benign, from repetition i suppose, and from working through it all, removing the barbs lol. Although i completely agree with you, Maria, that we are now in a space of releasing ancestral BS & heaviness–its like an overlay that has colored everything up until now…

    • Ditto on the tiredness when talking about childhood stuff. Yes you are right,it is not emotionally charged anymore (as it used to be) when I talk about it now. Oh yeah I hit back and I did stuff knowing I will be beaten up and he did beat me up reall bad, not just a few claps on my bum (not to spite him, but because it was the right thing to do in my opinion). I was a daring little bugger, but always mixed with this feeling of uncertainty and danger around him, walking on eggshells and being a rebel at the same time, so to speak haha. And yeah I am the eldest, too 😀 Us as the eldest children are supposed to bear more responsibility than the younger children, in the parent’s eyes at least. I refused that resonsibility most of the time.
      Aaaaand my nose is getting hot again. Looking like a drunkard again hahaha

    • “so the outside world thinks they are sweet kind people–which often infuriated me”

      P.S. yes yes yes!!! I HATED it when I tried to tell my friends how horrible my father could be and they didn’t believe me, because he was always so nice to the outer world! And I hated it, too when his colleagues from work came to our house and told us that we are so lucky to have a father like that. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr

      • Kat-

        “P.S. yes yes yes!!! I HATED it when I tried to tell my friends how horrible my father could be and they didn’t believe me, because he was always so nice to the outer world! And I hated it, too when his colleagues from work came to our house and told us that we are so lucky to have a father like that. Grrrrrrrr”

        Lol lol…..EXAAAAAAACTLY!!!

  14. Maria-
    Lol thats exactly what i thought–get them both over with at the same time!
    I lived in FL for 12 years before coming here so i know ALL about thin blood 😎! I reveled in the delicious heat there, never even using a/c. Now that i’m back up here in the great white north freezing my niblets off…well i’m sure you know what i mean! You are probably the only person i know who can appreciate this–the other day the temp spiked up to high 60’s for a day or two. I was elated and put shorts on for my walk. While i was out i ran into a friend & during our brief conversation i realized suddenly & lamented “oh lord! I have become one of those people who put SHORTS on in the 60’s!! Where i come from, we call that……a tourist!” Gaaah!
    60 deg in FL & i would have had my long pants and wool sox on too!

    • Haha…yes, I often poke fun when I spot the ‘snowbirds’ here in their shorts in January. and having friends up north, I dare not complain to them when the temperature here ‘dips’ down below 65. Yet, as much as I love it here, I wish I could feel the same excitement I felt when I first landed in Tampa Airport some 15 years ago, for the first time…I guess I need to go somewhere cold for awhile to appreciate it here again. We tend to become complacent after awhile.

      • Well i don’t know if i’d recommend lol….but i can tell you i will be giddy as a schoolgirl with a crush when next i get to land at a Florida airport!!! I am terribly homesick–but all told ascension has “unencumbered” me of income–so this situation at least has me in a warm bed with good food ☺️, and i know i will get to go home at some point–its not forever. I often feel like ascension is like a reeeeeeeeally loooooooong layover at some cheesy old airport that still has ashtrays inside lol. Just find a way to stay comfortable, fed, and pleasantly occupied, and the plane will EVENTUALLY be ready to go…..

  15. Ummm–“RELATIVELY comfortable”, LOL

  16. Maria,

    ” I love the feeling of being alone, in my own sacred space, yet I am surrounded by people and life.”

    Yes yes yes. Spot on.
    I love to too.

    • Yeah, it’s a good feeling! I’m working on a post that describes the singular life and ascension.

      • BTW, I liked your poetic statement, “I often feel like ascension is like a reeeeeeeeally loooooooong layover at some cheesy old airport that still has ashtrays inside lol. Just find a way to stay comfortable, fed, and pleasantly occupied, and the plane will EVENTUALLY be ready to go…..”

  17. Maria i would be delighted to meet you for coffee. Im gonna hold you to it! And i can’t wait to read that post you’re working on! 💙

  18. I think I lost you and then I found you 🙂 the name Kat sounds familiar or maybe we’re just old souls and know each other from there. yes, your post is as if I had written it myself, only I’m not such a good writer as you are. Thank you so much for the work that you do and can’t wait to read all the posts I missed!

    • Ines,
      I’m so pleased you found these words, and they resonate with you…welcome! Kat is a beautiful soul who also reads the articles here…she comments frequently and I so enjoy her energy…..yes, I am sure we all shared past lives together which makes this lifetime and this ascension experience less lonely. Blessings, Maria

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