It’s Time

Don’t make anyone else responsible for how you feel, or for holding you back.  Don’t put that burden on them.  Whether it’s your spouse, your job, your family, or humanity.  That story’s time is over.  It’s time to be your divine self.  It’s time to stop pretending that you don’t know how.  It’s time to take real steps. To walk your talk.

It’s time to stop tip-toeing around your divinity.  That doesn’t mean to stop being your human self.  But it does mean stop using that self as an excuse.  That you are too scared.  Or too ‘broken.’  You are not broken.  You are magnificent.  You are spectacular.  You are beautiful.  You are sensuous.  you are safe to be sensuous.  You are safe to be magnificent.  You are safe to be beautiful.  Why?  because you are not of this world anymore.  You are not.  You are becoming more of who you are.  That is, a being of light, who is expressing through a physical body.

It’s time to consider how you have been playing the role of the victim.  It’s time to honor that role, but to set it free.  It’s no longer serving you, especially as a woman.  It’s time, as a woman to own your divine masculine and divine feminine.  It’s time, as a man, to own your divine feminine and divine masculine.  It’s time to let go of your story that had you separate from your god-self.  It’s no longer a virtue to suffer and to sacrifice for love.  It’s no longer necessary to put anyone else first.  You are first.  It’s time to be bold, and to choose to be first, to love you first, to give to you first, regardless of what the rest of humanity has to say about that.

It’s time to dismiss anything that humanity has to say about giving being better than receiving, about the necessity of compromise, of putting aside the needs of the few for the needs of the many.  It’s time to express your sensuality, to express your soul’s fire, that fire that comes not just from your heart, but from you belly, and from your pelvis.  It’s time to allow yourself to feel safe in doing so.  To stop pulling back your light, and your sensuality, in fear that you will be misunderstood, especially as a woman.  Aren’t you tired of holding back?

Aren’t you tired of putting up with a body that feels worn down?  Don’t you want to declare your freedom from all the restrictions?  This is your time.  This is your lifetime.  You set this in motion.  You were the brave one who said you would change the course of the consciousness on this planet.  You have been such a blessing.  Such a radiance.  You feel it, don’t you?  You feel that fire.  you know you have it, even if it feels mostly like a spark.  Others feel the shift in energy when you walk into a room.  Your neighbors feel it, and your community feels it.  Some do not like so much light.

It’s time to honor your human self, your personality, for its journey.  It’s time to love that human self for everything it’s been through and for just being here.  You know how to do that.  You are an old soul.  This is not really new for you.  But it is new to stay here, on the planet after you integrate your divine self into your physical body.  You have opened so many doors.  Walked so many miles.  But now it’s time to rest your feet.  Let your self enjoy the freedom that you said you would do anything for.

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4 thoughts on “It’s Time

  1. i just set up a wordpress account so i can follow you and get all of your post.i just think you are awesome and i do not want to miss anything that you share.THANK YOUfor being who you are.First thing i am going to do is buy your ebook.THANK YOU AGAIN.

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