What’s Love Got To Do With It?

Art by Maria Chambers

Love…that four-letter word…is probably the most overused and shamefully misunderstood word in the dictionary.   It’s been used to describe things that have little to do with love.   Most of us know more about what love isn’t.  We were taught that love is a selfless act, putting the needs of others before us.  That in relationships, love is often painful and one must sacrifice and compromise.  Your lover ‘completes’ you.  You are one half of a whole.  Another’s love heals your loneliness.

Love is conditional.  It’s given for a job well done, for being a good girl or a boy who performs well, or a man who achieves and works hard.  Love is given to women who are beautiful or who are accommodating and sweet. A woman who was willing to carry the wounded hearts of others was seen as virtuous and worthy of love.  As spiritual beings, we are told it is up to us to love others, to ‘be of service’ and to want to create world peace, where everyone is treated equally and everyone holds hands and sings Kumbaya around the campfire.

Love is awarded for  ‘virtues’ like self-sacrifice, hard work, fame, fortune, and being loyal.

Love is bought regularly by those same things.  Love is bought and sold all the time.

How many are addicted to ‘feeling’ in love and even to feeling its uncertainty, to avoid true intimacy?  They got the message, early in life, that love is somehow mixed up with shame, guilt and feelings of abandonment.  And so in their adult relationships, unless they are in fear of their love being unrequited, unless they are somehow struggling to prove their worthiness, usually with an emotionally unavailable partner or love interest, they believe they are not experiencing love.

 How many believe that love means needing to be needed?  That if someone is not needing them, they are not truly in love with them.

So, with so much imbalance connected to love, is it any wonder that when a true love presents itself, we do not recognize it?  Because where we are at now, in the new energy, we are being presented with true love.  That love, which comes from spirit, from our soul, is not like the love we were taught about and witnessed around us.

That love is given freely without agenda.  It expects nothing in return.  There is nothing to do to receive that love.  No hoops to jump through.  No sacrifices to make.  There are no contracts or fine print.  There’s no co-dependency,  no obsession, no guilt, no power games.  It can’t be bought or sold.  We do not have to subscribe to any religion, or put any god above us or before us.  It includes love for all the dark as well as the light.

There’s no trying.  There’s only receiving.

Spirit, and by spirit, I mean the expansive part of who we are, is able to love us so unconditionally because spirit is already fulfilled, and gives freely from that place, it shares its love that it already has for itself.


Art by Maria Chambers

Our human experience has kept us in a cycle of unrequited love in which pain and suffering were glorified.  As our songs attest to, Love hurts.

No, it does not.  If it hurts, it’s not love.  It’s a cry for help.

So, as the human going through embodied enlightenment, we are inviting our soul to come into our bodies and our lives in an intimate way.  And because we have opened our hearts and bodies to this new lover, we have been feeling all the ways we were not loving ourselves.  Those ways are being extracted from us.  All those parts of ourselves that were rejected by us, but that another part of us kept in the shadows for us, are now coming to us to experience that true love.  A love that allows all of us in, not just those parts we deem ‘worthy’.

So, if you feel a little bored, and maybe a little passionless, consider this.  Have you ever been in a relationship or witnessed one in which both people are caught up in intense emotions, where they are so drawn to each other but when they are together there is a mismatch of true values, so ultimately they fight and split up?  Then someone comes along who is a much better match to the core of the other.  But, there are no ‘fireworks’ so the other rejects the new love because there is no intensity, no push-pull.  No projecting of unfulfilled desires, no neediness.  No rescuing or being rescued.  None of those ‘familiar’ feelings.  So they believe it’s not true love.

Where we are going is profound.  We are moving into true love.  We will recognize it if we just stop defining it in the old way.

Enjoy my song, Here’s To Love, from my album, Cosmic Blend


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7 thoughts on “What’s Love Got To Do With It?

  1. Elila

    This resonates with every fiber of my being. I believe love shouldnt suck. It shouldnt batter your emotional health or be a roller coaster ride with no safety bar. And relationships were never supposed to be “hard work”. Thank you for writing this, for putting words to it!

    1. Elila
      Isn’t it wonderful to reunite with that love and wisdom that was always there, within us? Our human self can be too quick to say, “too good to be true!.”. But we ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

      1. Elila

        I completely agree! This is just the tip of the true love iceberg we are beginning to see & experience. I was also thinking after i posted that reply that if i said those words (especially “relationships shouldnt be hard work”) pretty much anywhere but here, i’d surely be met with some very un-loving words in return. But just wait! The truth about love will get clearer & clearer, & my words wont seem so blasphemous anymore! ☺️💕

        1. And to add to your comment, more words that would have people’s eyes rolling would be, “There’s nothing that should be hard work when we integrate our soul into our bodies and our lives.” In fact, the hard work is letting go of it being hard. 💙💜💚

  2. Elila

    Spot on with how im feeling it! Right after i hit post i thought “yeah….& LIFE isnt supposed to be hard work either!” I sometimes feel like perhaps the reason im here is simply to be a quiet example of what “NOT hard work” could look like….

    1. Indeedt!! You ARE!! The idea will eventually catch on with the rest of humanity, when they see a role model of someone who has it all, who embodied spirit and allows life to serve them. And can eat as much chocolate as they want!💕💕

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