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New Abundance Streams


Many of us who chose this lifetime to awaken, to take on embodied enlightenment, arranged to create a lifestyle, probably unbeknownst to us on a conscious level, so we could devote ourselves more fully to that awakening process.

That lifestyle may have involved government assistance, the financial support of a spouse or family member, or perhaps some of us had windfalls or family inheritances that kept us afloat.  and in so doing, we didn’t need to work for a period of time or worked just part time.  We knew it was imperative to have minimal distractions and a full-time job or career or family could pose a major distraction.

So our basic needs were met and we could more easily devote ourselves to taking the inner journey, which left many of us physically and emotionally exhausted!  We needed time and energy to devote to ourselves and our bodies.

But now many of us are feeling the restrictions of that very support, not that we didn’t feel them before but we were willing to compromise our freedom.  The restrictions may have come in the form of control by those providing the support.  There may have been a control on our actions, behaviors or even on our finances.  Some government assistance programs limit the amount of money one can earn on their own while on the program.  As we expand our consciousness that type of relationship can become a liability.  And that is because our soul is not about limitations or restrictions.  Our soul will not compromise its freedom.

Now that doesn’t mean to abandon the assistance.  But it will become more and more uncomfortable as we integrate our soul into our body and our life.  Our soul sees the bigger picture for us.  What feels just o.k. or acceptable to your human self will feel like a limitation to your soul.

Your current support may be limiting your abundance.  If you allow it, your soul can create the energy for grand abundance.  So much so that you no longer need to depend upon these limited sources.  But it requires a deeper trust in your soul and in the benevolent nature of life.  It requires a bigger vision of what is possible.  We have been taught that we need to figure it out and set goals and follow a linear path to having money.  Don’t restrict the way the abundance can come to you.  We have been taught that it comes in only through certain avenues, whether it’s a job, career, an endeavor or winning the lottery.  Let all of that go and allow yourself to feel into the type of lifestyle you would enjoy.  Don’t muddy it up with how, when or what ifs.

If those resistant thoughts come in, be aware of them but don’t give into them.  If you do, stop, take a break and come back later to your dreamscape.  And rest assured, that dream is as real as the ground you are standing on.

It’s amazing how many restrictions we have put on ourselves as humans.  They would fill up a thousand football stadiums!  Per human!  Is it any wonder we have been living rather mediocre lives?

All the old patterns of not feeling worthy, of believing we have to work hard and struggle are leaving.  Also the ones that tell us we have to somehow change before we can receive our heart’s desires.  We have been in survival mode for eons of time, because we haven’t had the benefit of co-creating our reality with spirit in such an intimate way.

Again it is o.k. to be where we are, and to honor our ability to create these temporary support systems.  There is no need for judgement around them.

We are in the process of allowing our soul to co-create with us like never before.  We are trusting more and more in this dynamic relationship, even in the face of illness and other difficulties.  And for many of us, we are beginning to see tangible results of that trust, as we begin to allow ourselves to feel into a joy we haven’t felt in a very long time.  Things like worry and fear are beginning to take a back seat in our everyday lives.

It takes a very unique human to allow this process, to allow their lives to be so disrupted on the outside and the inside.  But we wanted to experience in this lifetime a freedom that only our soul could provide. This process may seem endless, but there is an end point and it is sooner than later.  That point where you integrate with your soul and life does become a joy.

Continue loving yourself just as you are as best as you can.  And your soul magnifies that back to you in its unconditional love and support.

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Author: soulsoothinsounds

Our lives are like great paintings or great pieces of music. If we focus on all the technical 'imperfections' we will miss the true beauty of the work. We won't see, or rather, FEEL the essence and spirit of the masterpiece. I no longer identify myself as a writer, artist, or musician. Rather I express my divinity, and my humanity through the media of art, music and writing. I began this blog because I wanted to give voice to my experiences and insights, and I wrote for myself primarily. Eight years later, I am still writing for myself, and I am discovering that my experiences are not personal but universal - galactic even. And now I am more sure than ever that I am a new consciousness teacher, as each of you are. The way we teach is by going through the very human experiences, and as we ascend and shed our old selves, with love, and as we embody spirit in this lifetime, which we are all doing, we become the standards for others of the new divine human.

31 thoughts on “New Abundance Streams

  1. My reply to this could have been a novel. : ) Oh, what a journey it has been. I have been dealing with guilt due to this process, although I have been challenged to the core for a good 8 years now. Every challenge and symptom ever noted due to this process and then some. And, now I have no idea where I fit in, if this makes any sense.

    • I wouldn’t mind reading your novel. I’m sure others would benefit from it too! And yes it sure does make sense. We could write volumes on just those words: fitting in. That may be the biggest challenge of all, because we are losing our identities based on our past as this human personality. And the human wanted and needed to fit in somewhere, even if it was on the fringes of society. And so we find ourselves between worlds. The old world of duality has lost passion for us, or we for it, and we are still in the process of trusting our soul to drive our experience, to create a joyful life for us. A life In which there is no. fear, guilt or shame. And interestingly, the elixer to transforming those fears is to just accept them. But not own them as our truth.💜💜

  2. Beautiful article again Maria. Thank you

    “But now many of us are feeling the restrictions of that very support, not that we didn’t feel them before but we were willing to compromise our freedom. The restrictions may have come in the form of control by those providing the support.”

    I must say, that I have relaxed into that situation much more as time has passed. I was absolutely tense and unhappy at the beginning and wanted to get out of it, as I hate being dependent on their assistance. The fact that I am relaxed now could have something to do with the fact , that my person responsible in the jobcenter suggested me for a job, that I am still waiting for the answer for. So he can’t put me under pressure with something else now. But generally, I don’t stress about much as I used to. I know there is a reason why the situation is the way it is, I have done my all to get work and somehow it never worked out, so be it.

    “Your current support may be limiting your abundance. If you allow it, your soul can create the energy for grand abundance. So much so that you no longer need to depend upon these limited sources…. Don’t restrict the way the abundance can come to you. We have been taught that it comes in only through certain avenues, whether it’s a job, career, an endeavor or winning the lottery. Let all of that go and allow yourself to feel into the type of lifestyle you would enjoy”

    I thought about ways having abundance (although I couldn’t think of any alternative ways) without having to work or winning the lottery as well, because even playing the lottery feels like too much effort. I feel like abundance should come to me without me even thinking of ways how. Exactly how you decribed. But I also feel that it will come in due time. I can’t accelerate that process, so I feel the situation now is necessary as it is, and that even the feelings of being uncomfortable with it have their right to exist, because I dealt with my fear of being dependent, because maybe there is no true independence if you are scared of being dependent ? Even if it’s just of government assistance and the fact that they have power over you and are in the position to force you to do stuff you don’t want (like take crappy jobs, way below your qualifications, take part in senseless courses, just so you don’t appear in the unemployment statistics anymore).

    “But we wanted to experience in this lifetime a freedom that only our soul could provide”

    This! This is the essence of my heart’s desire put in one simple sentence.
    I often reminisce about the times when I was little and felt limitless. Yes I really felt like that day in day out. Life was a big adventure, and it really always felt like one, even when on the outside nothing spectacular happenend. But this beautiful feeling of I can’t even describe it, was always there in the background. I really hope it comes back.

  3. I read something today, that I’ve written in other words under other articles of yours, but I think it also applies to this one. It’s one simple sentence, but it says so much.

    “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional”

    Pain, or growing pains, is inevitable in this process. We need to get through stuff in order to release those old stuck energies and realise that this was necessary, but suffering, meaning holding on to pain, isn’t. Release and Realise.
    I also think it’s a very subjective thing whether we are in necessary pain, that will lead somewhere, namely to our enlightment, or if we are unnecessarily suffering, just because we are used to it.
    I also feel, the more pain we process and learn from, the less we’ll be inclined to unnecessary suffering, because of our grown self love and because we will have grown tired from it. We will have realised that we have the choice to not suffer and enjoy life, like we are intended to.

    Coming back to what I’ve written in my first comment, I have felt for a long time, in fact from the beginning of my unemployment, that I won’t get rid of that situation as long as I don’t accept it. I know, if I got a job at the time when I absolutely hated being on government assistance, the fear of being unemployed again would have still be there. But that acceptance seemed so unrealistic and so far away back then, it was my Achiless’ heel. But now I have grown much more acceptance and in order to achieve that I have gone through quite a lot of unpleasant feelings – I have gone through necessary pain or growing pains. I don’t think I could have accelerated that process at all though, and I don’t feel like that govermental support is blocking me from anything now, I feel all those restrictions and fears were in my head. I know it won’t be forever, but I also know that I can’t even imagine the way money will come in. I kinda doubt it will be from regular work, but it will be from something new, that I yet have no idea about.
    Thank you again for that thought provoking article Maria. It makes me realise a lot about myself and this very special process.

    • Kat
      Thank you for your perspective. You make some very apt points. You speak for many of us on this path. Isn’t it interesting that we can’t transform a situation until we accept it. And by accept I don’t mean just tolerate it but have a compassion for it and ourselves. To see the bigger picture. The hardest thing for me was to let go of trying to control and let my soul ‘figure it all out’ for me. But it is so liberating. What a huge relief not to have to do it alone anymore! I applaud you for detaching more and more from the worry and the situation in general. Most people think if we accept something and detach from it emotionally, it means we will be stuck in the situation forever. Yet like in any relationship, the more ‘charged’ it is with anger or frustration, the harder it is to release it. Interesting times we live in!💗

  4. Wow. Spot on again dear Maria!
    Everything being said here is so familiar & resonant its uncanny. Pocahontas–i would read that novel too. Heck i could write it as well! The heavy guilt, the years & years, the nowhere to fit in–i know exactly of which you speak. You ABSOLUTELY make sense to me (i think to all of us here!!).
    And Kat, i feel the exact same about my financial situation as you describe. Its utterly frustrating and demeaning, but i have relaxed as well. Its almost as if i just got tired of being so upset about it, and this relieving apathy slowly set in. I just dont have the energy to struggle with it anymore. And you said some things that are so dead on how i would describe my own feelings (funny how we do that eh? 😊)–I have also tried & tried to imagine a way money could come to me without having to work, and i just dont know how that could be as i certainly have no wealthy relatives and i also totally feel like the lottery is too much effort too!!! And you go on to say that you think abundance should just come to you without you having to even think of ways how–yes yes YES!!!! Thats EXACTLY how i feel too! And i also loathe the feeling of anyone or anything having any power or control over me because they sign a check!!
    This has all gone on for so long that i can tell i have been & am being slowly & subtely reconditioned for a new type o reality, one that i cant name or describe. One benefit of this is that with meager resources, i have learned to simplify and have become acutely aware of what i REALLY need to feel comfortable and have my needs met, and there is a plethora of crap in the past i THOUGHT i needed that i have realized i absolitely DON’T, that was actually weighing me down and holding me back, & letting all the superfluous go has been a pleasing revelation to say the least. So much less to need money FOR! Lol. I have learned in a very clear way what MY unique essentials are, and i love the freedom in that. But i too long for the freedom only my soul can provide, & i can hardly wait to see what that looks like. Its hard to sit and imagine a “dreamscape” of something i have never seen before, so im trying to take your advice Maria, and simply try to “feel into” what a lifestyle id love would be like? I’m not really clear yet on how to do that. Whenever i try to imagine so many limitations poke in and ruin it & i dont get very far. And at that point i kinda just hand it all over to spirit & say “surprise & delight me” & just trust that all of this has been for a very good reason & is leading to better! I agree with you Maria, that the hardest part is letting go of “trying to figure it all out”, and releasing the guilt and frustration and shame when we cant on our own & can only surrender to spirit & TRUST.
    Love to you all!!!

    • Elila you’ll probably laugh, but I did actually think of you while I was writing my feelings down about the lottery and how that is too much of an effort. I knew you’d feel the same way about it. 😀

      “This has all gone on for so long that i can tell i have been & am being slowly & subtely reconditioned for a new type o reality, one that i cant name or describe.”

      Yes. Same here, It’s a new quality that I can’t define yet, but it is definitely there.

      “Whenever i try to imagine so many limitations poke in and ruin it & i dont get very far. And at that point i kinda just hand it all over to spirit & say “surprise & delight me” & just trust that all of this has been for a very good reason & is leading to better!”

      Same here as well. It feels like there is a blockage in the mind when trying to imagine that. I can only relate to the past when I was a kid and when I felt that freedom and adventuresness.
      But I also know what will come is beautiful as well but different, nothing like we ‘ve ever experienced before, so it’s hard to imagine it, because how can you imagine something completely new and unknown?
      Love back to you xx 🙂

      • Kat-
        Ex-aaaaaactly! How DO we imagine something never before seen or experienced??? That is the “blockage” i run up against too. But then i think, well, someone imagined the movie Star Wars into being, or The Neverending Story, or even The Lake House 😉, and thousands of books about wild adventures and fantasies, or time travel, and i think gee, i need to up my game!!! Its the darned programmed pragmatism that rains on my ideas LOL. I need to reawaken a childlike imagination. Sometimes all i can do is recall an early scene in the second Chronicles of Narnia movie where the children are in a train station one moment, a train jarringly rumbles by in front of them, and when it passes, suddenly on the other side is the pristine and beautiful, familiar beach in Narnia. I could go for something like THAT!

        And i LOVE that you KNEW id feel the same way about playing the lottery!! HUUUUUGE smile when i read that! 😄😄😄 You were absolutely right!

      • Elila,

        I think we can’t imagine this, because the quality is so absolutely new and foreign.
        I have no problem imagining stories (I have written some before) but this is on a whole another level. We can sense in our soul that it will be great and wonderful, but how it’ll really look like, I beleive not even our soul exactly knows. xx

    • It’s important to have patience with this process, and maybe start small, and also acknowledge how far we have come, even if our lives do not yet reflect the inner changes…Acknowledge the ways we have been loving ourselves more…maybe we are giving ourselves more time to just relax, or treating ourselves to dinner out, or not allowing judgMENTAL thoughts about ourselves to stick like before….sometimes it’s hard to see it in ourselves, but we are changing, or rather loving ourselves more and more, and then that can’t hep but be reflected on the outside. The changes are first on an emotional level…not worrying as much, feeling more at peace, playing more…Elila, I like your expression, “Surprise and delight me…” because that is what we are going to experience more and more…because our divine self always surpasses what we can imagine.

      I want to mention a couple of experiences that I would consider unexpected, and did surprise and delight me:

      Recently I said to myself, “I want more money coming in than going out!” Then I didn’t think about it….I signed up for a webinar that cost $95.00. Within a day, someone donated $110.00 into my paypal account.. And then out of the blue, I get a call from my ex husband…(The first hubby, not the 2nd one)…and he says I would be receiving $5000.00 from a mutual fund that matured that we started together when we were married. Honestly, I didn’t remember any mutual fund, considering that was over 30 years ago. In fact, I hadn’t communicated with Walter in over 30 years!

      Another time a few years ago I had a clunker of a car that kept crapping out on me…one day, in frustration I said to myself, “I wish someone would just steal it so I can get the insurance money to get a better car!” Well, within a few weeks, I was shopping at a dept. store, I lingered longer on line than I usually do, and when I went outside to go to my car, it had been totalled. Mine was the last car hit in a 4 car accident…absolutely no one was hurt, and the guy who initiated the accident had great insurance and I got $3,000 for that clunker (which was worth only about $300), but the insurance wrote it off as unsalvagable.

      Bought myself a beautiful slightly used Saturn.

      Then a couple of years ago I was gifted a new car by an elderly man who I did some shopping for a couple days a week, and just keeping him company…he was 97 years old and didn’t have family close by and wanted to share his wealth with someone he considered family. After he passed away, he also left me a nice amount of money in his will. And just before he passed I was getting weary of doing care-giving, since I did that on and off for a few years with the elderly…I was really ready to retire from all that! And his generosity gave me that opportunity.

      So all these occurrences were unexpected and unplanned, and were not a direct result of my art, my music or my writing talents.

      • Maria,
        I LOOOOOVE this! Its like a bonus post within the post, and so helpful. I find it so compelling to read about the positive things that are happening for us all, and it helps me to recall that yes, good things happen for me too. Even though these are things that occurred for YOU, they still surprised and delighted ME, & i like hanging out in that vibe! Im so glad you shared them. And again its an excellent reminder that hey yeah, i DO feel more peaceful and worry much less and play more….

        And i have to say, i had a huge gasp when you said you bought yourself a Saturn–because my all time favorite car was the Saturn i leased just before moving to FL, and i loved it so much i bought my sister in laws used one when the lease was up on mine!

  5. PS
    I am a BIG fan of anecdotal evidence 😊💙😊💙😊

    • Yeah, I really loved that Saturn (station wagon) and even though I traded it in towards a beautiful little Hyundai, I was sad to say goodbye to it. And I was thinking, too that as we know, it’s how we enjoy life that is the true abundance, isn’t it? That wherever we may be physically or financially, we can decide to truly enjoy the moments or not. And that includes enjoying what we do have. We all know people with lots of money or beautiful homes, etc., who do not seem to be enjoying their lives at all. But now, with our Christ Consciousness, we get to have it all if we so choose. No, not necessarily over night, but it’s happening… assured.😎💙💜💚

  6. One of the biggest blocks to our abundance is, I believe, our old pattern of thinking we somehow need to ‘earn’ it. The old song, “she works hard for her money…” Is dissolving and we are beginning to acknowledge that it can come easy. That, in fact we already are abundance. Living alongside an action oriented world it seems stranger and stranger to me that people are working, working, working with so little to show for it. They may be bringing in large amounts of money but always coming up short in paying their expenses. And as we know money is just energy and it magnifies where we are at vibrationally. Its why so many folks who come into large sums of money often self destruct or lose it all. The money (energy) just magnifies their lack of self worth. And of course this lack mentality applies to not just money. But in ascension we are dissolving these patterns.

    • I can’t even imagine “earning” my money anymore the traditional way.
      I feel I will be earning it, not because I work for it, but just because I exist. That is reason enough for me to live in abundance. It’s so interesting how I slowly lost that belief that I need to work for my money, I just realised now that I lost it, after reading your post. So cool, that we dissolve old belief patterns without even noticing, isn’t it? And all this time I felt like nothing really changes, then suddenly I realise that in fact loads of it has changed.
      Thank you for being a catalyst yet again Maria ❤

    • I completely agree here–i think the paradigm of “hard work” is one of the most dangerous, limiting, and ultimately destructive ideas to ever be visited upon mankind. I too see plenty of people bringing in loads of money, but just as much or more going out, and their lives are frantic and stressful, not pleasant. As a matter of fact, even with all the difficulties that come along with the A.P., all its challenges to health & finances & relationships etc., i am STILL the happiest person i know, enjoying myself more than anyone else i can see, more peaceful & calm than those around me, and certainly loving & taking good care of my sweet self –which i really dont see ANYONE else in my circle doing! There is no one i can think of, not out of folks i know personally or even celebrity, who i would change places with, and thats pretty telling! Thats why is so luxurious to be here with you ladies, where its “normal” & “okay” that we put ourselves first & love the person in the mirror, & forgo the struggling and striving, and CHOOSE to feel good. I honestly cant imagine ever having to work again either–it seems like such an archaic (& unenlightened) concept, and i do believe the pattern is dissolving slowly, and i am holding a space for the newer energy, and simply being a quiet example of “not hard work” as i mentioned before.
      And Kat, your reply above about not being able to imagine our new space—when u said that you didnt think even your soul could exactly imagine it, i had an aha moment of “duh, yeah! Shes right!” And i also realized it is yet another area to let go of trying so hard!

  7. Hello everyone .. Hello Ma’am !
    This seems to have been one of the pressing issues for most of the people undergoing this transformation ..
    In a world which largely equates physical tangible productivity of a person with his social relevance, importance and overall contribution to the collective,
    Being an acute example of ‘non-productivity’ and ‘laziness’ is a bitter pill for the ‘productive’ people including those who support us.
    (and they are not wrong from their perspective .. we are the grasshopper from The Ant and the Grasshopper story xD )

    I for one know that even if I had any willingness to acquire a traditional full time job, I wouldn’t have managed to do it anyway owing to the intense physical, mental, emotional commitment this process requires.

    I have been jobless for some 2.5 years now after completing university ..
    and there seems to be an invisible wall being laid by my soul that prevents me from getting even close to any job … it was frustrating to the core for my human self since all these years,
    only now do I realize that the space, time and energy was required for the intense decluttering, clearing, releasing and transforming of our lives and being.

    I used to be fine with the idea of abundance coming into our life with ease and grace .. except for the guilt of not contributing back to the society for the services we take from others. This guilt eventually got released once I acknowledged that the society, the whole collective and in fact the whole earth and universe is one single being and we function as a single unit just as so a human body does .. it would be like ears feeling guilt for not directly participating in gathering food or eating or metabolism :p
    Ultimately we all serve spirit .. we all are permanent employees of it, we like it or not .. but with that role, we automatically deserve all the stuff we need to continue live on.

    I guess Lack and scarcity were themselves artificially created by spirit for experience .. since limitness and abundance is the default nature of being.
    And since this round of experience/lessons/adventure coming to an end for this cycle .. there cannot be but abundance taking over naturally from here on !!

    • aayas,
      I like the way you have articulated this process, and that you have released the guilt. Your statement:

      “it would be like ears feeling guilt for not directly participating in gathering food or eating or metabolism :p
      Ultimately we all serve spirit .. we all are permanent employees of it, we like it or not .. but with that role, we automatically deserve all the stuff we need to continue live on.”

      And yes, we are more and more noticing that anything that does not bring us joy…trying to push anything…doesn’t work in the new energy…because it is a new energy. It absolutely has different attributes. We are no longer restricted by a linear time and space. Trying to use old tools won’t work anymore. Thus the seemingly ‘missed’ opportunities. Or jobs or relationships just not working out.

      Everything is changing profoundly! It’s nice to know there are so many of us going through this awesome experience. We need never feel alone again. Thank you. 💕💕

    • So very well said Aayas!

      I had to laugh at this one “we are the grasshopper from The Ant and the Grasshopper story xD” hahaha 😀
      We might seem like this on the physical level, but we surely are the ant when it comes to heping this planet clear and ascend, which brings me to this
      “I used to be fine with the idea of abundance coming into our life with ease and grace .. except for the guilt of not contributing back to the society for the services we take from others”

      I understand that, but all this time, I felt like I am doing some massive internal work that is benefitting everyone on the planet, but I did feel that guilt as well though. It must be the old conditioning that we need to “work hard” in the physical. I have wished sometimes that people would be able to see and acknowledge the hard work that I have been doing all those years.

      • Yes, Kat and most humans are not ready to do that inner work because it sure is gruelling. Yes, in a patriarchal world, for the most part, where action and trying and achieving and competition are held in such high esteem, we won’t be seeing any ticker tape parades in our honor for sure! But, rest assured, in the near future many of those who subscribed to that way of ‘thinking’ will be looking for the new role models whose lives seem to flow with ease and synchronicity. That would be us! As we ascend and create joy and abundance it will show more and more on the outside. People will wonder how in the world we were able to create what seems like miracles.

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  9. Hi Maria

    Im just tired of waiting and doing nothing all day.

    How much time you spend doing inner work,meditation,being still and empty?

    How long does this soul embodiment process last?

    Thank you

    • Hi Mike
      It certainly does feel like being in a ‘holding pattern’ where nothing seems to be happening. While I can’t say how long this process takes, because it is such an individual process, I can say many of us are moving out of the ‘waiting’ stage and beginning to feel inner and outer shifts in a profound way. And that you may be in a place where things will begin to shift to a point where you can feel a change, you begin to feel so much more joy, and you are letting go of worry and concern. We all begin to feel it’s just a bunch of dangling carrots, and want to throw in the towel, but rest assured, it is happening…you are integrating your divine and human self, and the impatience is a sign that you are so ready for so much more in your life.

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