Moving Beyond Prayer

First let me start by saying there is absolutely nothing wrong with prayer. You have gone through the process of prayer as part of your journey as a human on earth. You have spent countless lifetimes praying to a god outside yourself, and praying for things like forgiveness, for health, for food, for your children, for your parents, for your community, for your country, for the world. I remember in my youth, kneeling on a very hard wood bench in the church in which I felt very uncomfortable. Everyone else was kneeling and they didn’t seem to think there was anything wrong with it. But I knew even then, that this was not the way God wanted us to act. What God would want us to worship him? That’s not God, that’s someone with a great big ego.

Prayer is defined as “a reverent petition made to God, a god, or another object of worship. It is a supplication, adoration or confession.”

As we move into mastery, we realize that there is no place for prayer any more in our life. We no longer find it necessary to look outside ourselves in the hopes of something or someone granting us what we can clearly create for ourselves. Again, prayer was absolutely an appropriate part of the process of discovering ourselves. But now it is time to step up to our mastery, to own our creatorship. To take total responsibility for our lives and our joy. It is time now for us to command the energies to serve us, without guilt, without reservation. And if we try to do this purely from our human personality, we come off feeling not worthy, and usually don’t follow through on allowing what we desire to come to us. But we are not doing it purely from our human personality anymore. We are integrating our divine self into our human self, so that it will not take any effort to command the energies to serve us. It’s a whole different ballgame.

You reach a point in your life, as an ascending being, where you no longer feel comfortable praying. You are no longer comfortable even in environments in which prayer is taking place. It will feel very foreign to you. And yet very familiar because it was part of your past – a very deep part.  You helped to build the early churches. But, the very early churches were not what they are today. The teachings of Yeshua have become very distorted and self-serving. However, as the master, you are OK with honoring those who still feel comfortable with prayer. You may not want to participate in it, but you understand because you have been there.

But now, you are beginning to taste the sweetness of that integration with your divine, God self. You are beginning to feel the expansiveness of who you are. You are beginning to know, and not just talk about, the truth that everything you need is just there for you.  And the word need is not really correct because as the master, there is nothing you really need.   A better way to put it is: You wish to expand on your joy, the joy that you as a master, as a soul, already feel so you create fun and joyful experiences.  You command the energies and the experiences come to you.

In fact, there is a lot of playfulness involved, because the commanding of energies to serve you are not mixed up with anxiety or doubt. You are no longer doubting whether you are worthy. Whether you are capable. Have you noticed that in things that come to you easily there is not much doubt or worry? So imagine that with everything in your life from the smallest to the greatest desire.

There is nothing wishy-washy about being the master. There is no supplicating, hoping, or wishing. There is just a simple commanding, and allowing.

The difference between you, the emerging master, and other humans on the planet, is that you are no longer afraid to take the responsibility of being your own God. Because in that responsibility, you can no longer play victim. You can no longer blame anything outside yourself for your experience. That is quite an awesome responsibility isn’t it? Most people are not ready for that type of responsibility. It is much easier to lay blame at the feet of anyone or anything outside themselves for why their life is not working.

But, you have the utmost compassion for that as well, because you also traveled that road for a very, very long time.

Your mastery did not come easily. You had to go to hell and back. You had to face some of the hardest challenges of any of your lifetimes. Fighting dragons outside yourself was a walk in the park compared to what you had to face this lifetime. The inner dragon is the hardest enemy to overcome. And surprisingly, you discovered that there really wasn’t any dragon after all. That all of those dark energies within you were just those parts of you that you had kept in shadow.

So, as the emerging master, you know that other people have to go through their own journey just as you did. You know that journey was sacred. And you know that they’re going to be just fine. Because you are. You discover, as you integrate your soul into your body, that you are safe. You always were. You discover that you are here for very different reasons than you thought. You discover that loving yourself, loving your human self just as you are as best a you can, and then allowing your soul to love you unconditionally, which only it can….is the formula for transforming your life and reclaiming your God self.

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11 thoughts on “Moving Beyond Prayer

  1. Elila

    YEEEESSSSSS! Can i GET a hallelujah up in here??!!! LOL
    I always felt odd in church as child, just as you describe. And i thought it was crazy to be forced into confession when supposedly god sees & knows everything already?? None of it ever made sense & there were so many contradictions. And i think the man called Jesus would be HORRIFIED today at the words that have been put in his mouth, and the actions taken “in his name”. The idea of “worship” has always felt so …..well just WEIRD to me. Worshipping anything or anyone–a god, celebrities, gurus, whatev–something in me simply doesnt get it, it never feels natural or neccessary. Another awesome article Maria! Thank you!

    1. Hallelujah and blessings all around!!!! Yes, indeed! And Yeshua didn’t have the benefit of being able to copyright his teachings. Youre right, no one ever asked his permission for using his name. Which wasn’t Jesus interestingly, But Yeshua. We’ve got it made compared to his deal back then. What with the easy all rights reserved type publishing, being able to get our messages across the globe in seconds, and connecting with our spiritual family all through the miracle of the internet. Which we had a hand as ascension pioneers in developing. 🌎💜

  2. Kat

    Jesus actually said “the Kingdom of God is within you”. That is in fact stating the same thing you did in the article above.
    And Elila, yeah I definitely agree. When I was a kid, my parents made us go to church every sunday (we are Roman Catholic) and I never saw sense in it, too. Religion actually planted some guilt into me about sexuality and myself generally. I don’t feel it ever did me any good. And yeah the confession thing was always weird to me, too. Why is it Ok to sin, then confess, so your sins are forgiven, and then go back to sinning again, then confess…and so on. It always seemed like a stupid cycle to me that made no sense.

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