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The World Outside the Cafe


As I sit here at my local cafe, sipping my morning coffee, I feel a deep love for this Planet.  I do love being here.  I enjoy being surrounded by fellow humans, taking a break from their schedules, and relaxing with a coffee and sweet or sandwich.  Some poring over their laptops or tablets.  I enjoy the hum of their conversations.  They are good people.  They are doing their best.  The are, for the most part, at the beginning stages of their awakening.

So, this is nice.  As long as they don’t bother me.  As long as they don’t come over and want to sit with me at my table or booth.  (Oh crap…I think someone’s coming over now.  No, wait…false alarm.  Whew!).  While most people seek out friends, I prefer my solitude. In spite of that choice, a few of the other regulars seem to want my company.  There are times when I have to say “…no, I am in the middle of a project,  I am writing a post and have a deadline.”  Which I don’t, but it’s an easy excuse.  Most respect my request, but some don’t.  Like a needy dog, they want to hang around.  Some even say, “I won’t bother you.  I’ll just sit here.  Keep working.”  Can you imagine???

But, as a woman, there is still that part of me that thinks I have to take care of the walking wounded.  But that’s going.

So, that covers the cafe.  I have been pretty detached from what’s going on in the nation, and in the world for a long time.  The last time I was any kind of activist was when I participated in a ‘sit in’ over the Vietnam War in the early 70’s at University.  And I think it was because there was a cute boy involved!  I did a little ‘bra-burning’ feminism back then, being heavily influenced by Betty Friedan.  I even took up smoking a pipe (tobacco only) to show the world I was a ‘liberated’ woman.  Little did I know what true liberation as a woman meant.

I was never particularly interested in saving an endangered species or saving souls.  Although I considered, again in the early 70’s, joining the Peace Corps and going to some third world country until I found out that the inoculations would probably kill me before I even left this country.

The current political candidates here in the United States do nothing for me.  The whole thing seems surreal.  In spite of it being fashionable to dis President Obama, he’s the only one I would vote for again if it were possible for him to run a third time.

I believe he and his wife, Michelle are advanced souls who took on an impossible position.  While there was so much he did for this country, one of which was just holding a type of light that was so needed, his efforts were thwarted from the beginning of his office.  Trying to work within a system that is so deeply entrenched in the old energy, and having others behind the scenes working constantly to undermine his efforts.

He represents the balance of the Masculine and Feminine, and the Planet is not yet ready for that balance. So he found himself compelled to comply with a system that has lost it’s integrity.

So, having said all that, I am not really concerned about the next president, because, frankly, it doesn’t matter who gets in office.  This country isn’t going to change dramatically overnight, one way or another nor is the rest of the world.  Oh make no mistake, the planet is being bombarded with light of the Christ Consciousness.  People are feeling it, and are wondering why they are feeling things they never felt before.  They are in more fear than ever.  They are seeing that the systems in place that once supported them are not working very well.

They can no longer depend upon the government for the support it once provided, as they see their support dwindling.  Health insurance rates skyrocketing, losing homes, jobs and even their local church doesn’t seem to give them the answers they seek.

They are at the very beginning stages of their ascension.  We’ve been through most of that.  And while our lives aren’t where we would like them to be yet, we are in the later stages of our enlightenment

Because of the work we have been doing, that deep inner work, their journey will be easier.  And so many of us here now will be providing that support when they begin looking for a new way.  They will find their way to us.

Which is why we need to be a living example of a divine human, who is in love with themselves.  Who is healthy, and has unlimited abundance of resources because of that love.  Someone who has integrated the part of themselves that does all the hard work.

 But, really and truly, our only task as awakened humans is to just enjoy life.  Hmmmm…think I’m ready for that second cup of coffee.

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Author: soulsoothinsounds

Our lives are like great paintings or great pieces of music. If we focus on all the technical 'imperfections' we will miss the true beauty of the work. We won't see, or rather, FEEL the essence and spirit of the masterpiece. I no longer identify myself as a writer, artist, or musician. Rather I express my divinity, and my humanity through the media of art, music and writing. I began this blog because I wanted to give voice to my experiences and insights, and I wrote for myself primarily. Eight years later, I am still writing for myself, and I am discovering that my experiences are not personal but universal - galactic even. And now I am more sure than ever that I am a new consciousness teacher, as each of you are. The way we teach is by going through the very human experiences, and as we ascend and shed our old selves, with love, and as we embody spirit in this lifetime, which we are all doing, we become the standards for others of the new divine human.

23 thoughts on “The World Outside the Cafe

  1. Love your blog. Always look forward to reading it!

  2. Reading this felt like peaceful acceptance.

  3. Maria,
    Gosh once again i am amazed at how similarly we see and experience things. This post gets another big ol “me too!” from yours truly lol! On the whole thing.
    Just this weekend i had yet anothern lovely person approach me on my walk, sheepishly introduce themselves, and ask if they could walk with me. This happens pretty regularly and while id like to believe the universe “only sends angels”, it feels more like constantly having to deflect unwanted (unprovoked!) advances. I gently explained that while it was lovely meeting her and chatting, i really needed my walks in solitude for my own sanity & well being. And then part of me felt bad, i know what it took for her to work up the nerve to approach me, and to try to strike up a friendship with a stranger. But i really need my solitude now to even begin to accomodate whats happening to me! So i must put my well being first. But its not easy–that feeling of disappointing another or somehow letting them down.
    Then again id feel worse if i didnt!
    I also completely agree with what you have said about Obama, & politics, and how it doesnt matter. Thats about as much as i can say on the subject lol, and its certainly not a popular opinion in the staunchly white republican city im staying in! So i generally do not discuss it at all–fine with me haha!
    I find that a LOT of the topics people so automatically go to & want to argue, like politics, or religion or pop culture, whatever, dont interest me even a little, and feels like a sort of torture to listen to. For example the lovely woman who approached me on my walk had a lot to say about caring for elderly, often difficult parents, how all her friends are in similar situations at this point in their lives, and how they all get together every week to talk about it and “support” one another. Now i happen to be in that position too, but everything in me was screaming “NO!!!!!” at the idea of getting together with a bunch of others to commiserate and talk endlessly about how hard it is!! I dont like to give it any more of my precious energy than i absolutely have to. So i see most things differently from the majority of people! And its so much more pleasant on my own where i dont need to “defend” my preferences or viewpoints–so exhausting!
    Heres hoping we both have a lovely undisturbed day (giggle)

    • Elila,
      Love hearing your personal experiences. It’s interesting, because today at the coffee shop, I actually enjoyed a conversation with a woman I see there regularly, who is unusually independent and has a lot of spirit and wisdom. Just spending a few minutes with her is always very pleasant. And I will add…she’s 87 years old.

      But aside from her, yeah, I’d rather just sit alone thank you very much! I agree that most conversations are so tedious now to the point of being intolerable! It literally hurts, unless the person has something to really share, that goes deeper than the mundane crap.

      I think because we are so open and compassionate and have gone through our own awakening, others sense that in us and feel an acceptance from us that they do not so much from others. But you are right, it’s not our job to care take them. And the guilt is just from our distant past and no longer is necessary.

      As women especially, we are concerned that if we shine our light too brightly, (Meaning if we take care of us, love ourselves so much we put our needs first) we will attract anger and resentment from other women who do not feel that type of freedom. But we will be shining examples of a sovereign, enlightened woman for those women who are ready to move into that themselves.

      And yep, no need to defend our preferences or our way of being. Thanks for sharing!!💙💜💚

      • Ha yes, there are a couple of people i really do enjoy interacting with–one is a gentleman in his 70’s that i see frequently on my walks. Its always a delight to talk with him. But mostly i prefer my own company!
        Thank you for appreciating my sharing–i do occasionally get nervous that ive perhaps crossed into “oversharing” territory, but my thought process around it is not about seeking validation, it goes more like hey- Maria is SO bravely putting herself and this priceless information out there to benefit all of us, and i want to back you up in any way i can! I cant begin express just how valuable YOUR sharing been to me, and so i want to support you and all of us here by being a little bit braver too.
        As women especially, we have been tricked into fiercely competing with one another, and i think its valuable to set an example of what it looks like to put ourselves first and foremost, and then use that strengthened position to stand with our sisters (& brothers, of course). Women supporting one another instead of clawing each other to get to some booby prize like man or a job 😜 So my intention anyway is to be more of a blessing than a nuisance

    • Oh my God Elila, I was actually telling my friend the other day, how these self help groups you describe would be an absolute torture to me. So funny, that we even experience similar kinds of conversations 🙂
      And I do understand the feeling of guilt as well when you feel like you have to disappoint someone. I think it’s human and normal to have them, but I also prefer to feel that guilt (until it wears off) than to not be true to myself and feel worse.
      I have that guilt as well when I refuse to help a friend for example. In the past couple of days I have been in 2 situations where I felt bad/guilty, because of the way I acted/the things I said, and that feeling was stronger than usual, but I stayed with it, because I felt, that it is important to do that in order to clear it out for good. I really think that some major clearing of old issues is taking place at the moment.
      Thank you for writing down your thoughts. They are a delight to read ❤

  4. hey Elila ❤ i would never ever worry about sharing too much, it's so so appreciated.

    i hope this makes some sort of sense, but others articulating these things helps me in the same way as if i were to journal it out or share on my own. i used to journal allll the time and i used to feel like i had so much to say in comments, but lately writing it out feels like trudgin' through a buncha mud. but i'm still holding thoughts and feelings of those old energies in me, and since i can't articulate any of it, it's a bit like other people writing it out and sharing it out loud to speak new thoughts and feelings into being helps clear the old stuff out for me? like reading this post from Maria, oh my gosh, so perfectly expresses how i feel about the political stuff, but ug, to write it out? good gracious, no ma'am. but it being said out loud by someone somewhere who just naturally felt called to express it… it's like it sets me free of having to hold on to it or carry the weight of it.

    so i guess what i mean is you being you and just openly and honestly sharing whatever is naturally flowing out of you is perfect and meant to be 🙂 definitely a blessing ❤

    • Oh my goodness sweet pea–make sense??? YEEEESSSSSS it makes sense!!! You just perfectly described EXACTLY how *I* feel about the posts here and the comments from you all! I havent been able to journal in forever, and so often even the *idea* of typing my thoughts out is simply too overwhelming. But somehow the discussions here really help to breathe new energy into things, provide clarity, and to release old stale stuff, sometimes far more effectively than if i wrote it myself!
      And Kat thats so funny about the same conversation–i was actually thinking as she described it that it sounded like torture! And good on you for putting yourself first even if theres some guilt. I know just what you mean–it doesnt feel great but it feels WORSE if i go against myself or do something i just dont want to!
      And Maria ive been chewing on what you mentioned about people sensing or feeling an acceptance from us that they dont feel from others–& i really think thats true. I also think they sense on some level that we dont NEED anything FROM them, that we don’t really need for them to BE anything other than what they are, because we are becoming whole in ourselves & nurturing that unapologetically–so it takes the pressure off others. I doubt they would be able to articulate that, but i definitely think they are sensing it on some level, and perhaps feel a relief in it, and it draws them to us.
      To all of you sensational ladies–
      I am so touched by your comments and positive feedback–im feeling the love up in here & sending loads back to each of you 💙💙💙💙💙
      Thank you for being part of my days! 😚💕

      • Elila,
        I Love what you said about others sensing that we don’t need anything from them. That is an excellent observation. In fact, I remember hearing that from someone. They said I asked so little from them in return for what I gave to them. At first I thought that was to mean that I am not able to receive, but in retrospect I see now that it means I am becoming more self-fulfilled.

        We had better be careful, or we will end up becoming so irresistible that we’ll need some kind of crowd control. 😎🙅. 👮

      • “… we dont NEED anything FROM them, that we don’t really need for them to BE anything other than what they are, because we are becoming whole in ourselves & nurturing that unapologetically–so it takes the pressure off others…”

        ❤ ❤ ❤ yup times a million…. sums up everything my heart craves anymore with any kinda connection with others. i think that's what i felt with what i wrote earlier in how y'all sharing helps me so much… the perfect thing that makes me feel like i'm truly "supported" on my journey isn't anyone sacrificing themselves for me or "catering to needs", it's others just being free in their own energy and just being their best selves. seeing others step into their light, not needing others to come drown in the dark. i'm hiding forever until everyone is in this kinda energy 🙈 lolzzz

  5. As for the “not needing anything from others”: I was told that a couple of times to my face, that was a while ago though, as I noticed that some people either come to me and completely open up about their problems and/or just feel relaxed and feel like themselves around me; like they can finally breathe after putting on a mask the rest of the time.
    But I’m kinda over that now. It feels old being the comfort pillow to others – at least to the extent I used to be. I still like giving advice and listening to my friends now and then, but all in moderation

  6. Maria i laughed so hard at “crowd control” hahaha–i often think jokingly to myself “darn papparazzi!!” when having to field too many approaches–it helps me to laugh & not take it so seriously that i get angry LOL.
    And yes a few years ago a neighbor who was trying to befriend me said to me “you are the only person i know who doesnt NEED anything from me”, & i didnt understand it as clearly as i do now, but it definitely seemed important.
    And sweet pea, what u said about the perfect thing u needed to feel truly supported–that was so perfectly stated! Others stepping into their light….not needing others to come down to the dark….excellent analogies & so true. And i laughed out loud when you said you are going to hide until the energy reflects that LOL LOL. Me too!
    And Kat–yep im kinda over it too. In moderation yes, but im exhausted from a lifetime if buffering for others, of processing emotions and energies FOR them. Im retiring LOL! It makes more sense to me to just let my life be an example of other possibilities

    • It seems we are done with the hard work. All that processing, all that taking on others’ energies. Now it’s just to allow our bodies and our abundance to catch up. And they are. Albeit a little slower than we would have liked.

      We certainly have a lot to look forward to…as we continue allowing ourselves to love ourselves…I really never imagined that enlightenment would be such a crazy journey, but well worth it. Love to all of you here. 💛💙💜💚

  7. Reblogged this on elizabethsadhu and commented:
    Oh yes! I am with you, sister goddess, 100%!!!!

    Especially regarding the Obama’s!!! I sure wish I could vote for them again! I don’t feel called anywhere else!

    Love and light to you and us all!!!

  8. Oh yes oh yes!!!! I am with you, sister goddess!!! 100%!!!!!

    Especially loved your comment about the Obama’s! They are such a class act, Light Bearers….. They are the only ones I feel called to vote for!

    Much love and light to us all!!!!

    • Elizabeth,
      Indeed they ARE a class act! Isn’t it interesting how we can FEEL that from them, even with words unspoken…

      And Thank you, sister goddess, for reblogging on elizabethsadhu.

  9. I love your mentions of humanity, advanced souls, energies, and the pull of the atmosphere. You inspire greatness!

    • Amber
      I’m so pleased you resonate with these words. It’s wonderful we can connect with each other like this during these intense transformational times! 💗💗

      • Oh for sure! Could you please do me a favor and tell me if you’re able to see my postings on my blog? I was just told that my blog is “empty”…

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