Is Getting There Still Half The Fun?

Creativity is defined as “the ability to transcend traditional ideas, rules, patterns, relationships, or the like, and to create meaningful new ideas, forms, methods, interpretations, etc.; originality, progressiveness, or imagination”

In an earlier post entitled Your Life Is Your Canvas, I pointed out that an artist enjoys the process just as much if not more than the end result. And we as creator gods feel the same way.

It’s just that we forgot about the creative process in all of this. As little children we scribbled and painted with vivid colors, using our imaginations, not knowing exactly what we were creating.  But how much fun it was to smell the paint,  dip our fingers into it. Or maybe it was clay. We were more intrigued with the process than the end result.

And so it is in life. As creators, our natural proclivity is to enjoy the process of Life on the Planet. Unfortunately we have become a goal oriented and result oriented world. Most people are working at jobs they do not enjoy for a paycheck. They look forward to the weekend or a meager vacation so that they could finally relax and possibly enjoy themselves. We have become a world of delayed gratification.

Even relative to the Ascension process, we have forgotten that getting there could be half the fun.

The Ascension process is no walk in the park.  And if there was a magic wand I think we would all be pushing each other aside to get to it so we could get ourselves past some of the really uncomfortable aspects of the process. But wouldn’t you agree that there is something about going through what we are going through that makes where we are going even more divine? This unlayering process that we are experiencing where we literally are destructuring ourselves so that we can become restructured into an entirely new being. We are discovering as we go along more and more about who we really are. And that I think is delicious. Would we really want to miss this part of it? It would be like getting right to the orgasm without any of the foreplay.

I know, when we are experiencing pain, disease, discomfort, boredom and other symptoms of our transformation this information doesn’t seem helpful. But I wager that if we were handed our enlightenment from the beginning of our awakening, and that is a different point in time for each of us, we would not be satisfied with that.

I remember when I used to paint I would start on a fresh canvas, so excited, but then halfway through sometimes the colors would get pretty muddy. I would lose inspiration, and I would just want to throw the canvas out. But then I would take a break… go for some coffee, come back and start fresh and I would transform those muddy colors into something that delighted me. Working and reworking that canvas was so exhilarating to me. Sometimes it would flow and other times it was laborious. Sometimes It was very mechanical and unenjoyable. But it was good because it was the process that engaged my passion. I had an idea of what the end result would be but it never worked out the way I expected it to. And really it didn’t matter because I was having so much fun that I almost didn’t want it to end. Sometimes the canvas would be overworked. Sometimes I would finish very quickly and it looked terrific and better than I expected.

As much as I enjoyed the end result and the appreciation from others for the finished product, there is one thing I am certain of. If someone handed me a beautiful painting, and said, “This is something you’re capable of so why don’t you just put your name on it and say it’s yours?” I would not be pleased.

It would feel as if the most joyful part of the process, the creative process was stripped away from me.

It’s something to consider as we are going through our enlightenment, as we go through a recalibration of our bodies and as we go through a total recalibration of our lives. Are we forgetting to enjoy the unfolding?

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44 thoughts on “Is Getting There Still Half The Fun?

  1. Reblogged this on elizabethsadhu and commented:
    Yes yes yes! BEing in our joy…. Every second. Embracing it all……. A friend and I were talking recently that we would not give up any of the pain and crazy family and suffering that we have had. We are grateful for all that had made us who we are and gotten us to where we are!

    I continue to wallow in gratitude and joy for all that I AM and all that I have.

    Muah muah muah

    Beautiful post, sistar goddess! Thank you

  2. Yes yes yes! BEing in our joy…. Every second. Embracing it all……. A friend and I were talking recently that we would not give up any of the pain and crazy family and suffering that we have had. We are grateful for all that had made us who we are and gotten us to where we are!

    I continue to wallow in gratitude and joy for all that I AM and all that I have.

    Muah muah muah

    Beautiful post, sistar goddess! Thank you

    1. Elizabeth, yes, as I sip my morning coffee here at the café…looking out at the palm trees…weather is heating up…just the way nature intended…just the way I like it! And yes, even the not so great moments, even though we have every right to curse at them, they are also part of the incredible painting!! Love to you dear sistar goddess.🙌🐸🌴🌴

  3. Kat

    Maria, great article once again 🙂 And the timing is spot on as usual. The other day I thought how everyone of us who is on this journey has their own individual way to reach enlightment or bliss or however you wanna call it.
    When I started the ascension process back in 2002 (not knowing what it’s called but I knew it’s gonna be really tough) I read Eckhart Tolle’s book the Power of Now. In case you are not familiar with this man, he is a spiritual teacher who experienced a sudden death of the Ego and got enlightened after a long period of depression. He says that true bliss is in the present, because there is nothing else and that we should stay with our thoughts in the Now if we want to experience true happiness (to cut it very very short). I tried not thinking for 3 weeks (haha) and I mostly managed it, but I felt that it’s not it. That’s not my path.
    The fact that I went on and kept clearing all my buried emotions and traumas out, analyzing them first, was much more fitting to my personality than just following some other person’s teaching. I believe Mr. Tolle helped loads of people, as did other spiritual teachers, but that just wasn’t for me. The being in the Now thing seemed “too easy” (but clearly it isn’t ) and not thorough enough.
    I preferred to go down the absolute way. Absolute, because I believe there is nothing more extreme and intense than clearing out your own emotions and facing your issues.
    And yes you are completely right – despite the hardships, the depression, the panic attacks, the pain – it was a road definitely worth travelling and I don’t think I would have it any other way.

    1. Kat
      I agree that certain teachings are just not for us. We seem to be on quite a different trajectory than most….even those in the ‘new age.’ We are not all about light and love at the exclusion of the dark. Most people are not prepared as you know, to handle the shadow in themselves. (Which is why they project it outward). SO a lot of teachings focus on thoughts and trying to control them, or not think them. WHich we know, doesn’t work very well.

      We few on the planet who took the path of embodied enlightenment like you said knew it was going to be a tough road, that few have traveled. And being the ones who always are on the leading edge of change, we have become seasoned in things being challenging. I hope that ability to be so challenged doesn’t work against us in the new consciousness, because where we are going it is a place of ease and grace, where challenges and adversity are no longer needed. What are your thoughts?

      1. Kat

        Interesting question, as I, too, thought that we have become very accustomed to challenges. Most of us even before this process started, but then definitely during this very unapologetic Ascension process.
        I think there won’t be too much of a problem for us to adapt to the new energy of ease and joy, if we give up the thought that we need the feeling of overcoming challenges in order to feel some kind of gratification. It might be hard to imagine a world like you described (mentally anyway, because our mind prefers to create challenges and problems in order to have something to do) but an energy of ease and grace doesn’t mean it’s going to be boring. I’m sure we will be enjoying that new way of life very very much, but it won’t be dualistic anymore at all. We’ve already moved out of duality for the most part, but parts of us are still stuck in the old system. What we just need is time to let these parts of ourselves resolve themselves naturally. I kinda have the feeling that I’m in that exact same process right now – still feeling some discomfort in my body but not being bothered by it at all. It will go away, I’m sure. And something tells me that that is the final part of the Ascension process and the result is the kind of life you described in your comment.
        Maybe it’s not even that bad that we cant imagine what life will feel like once we’ve completely arrived in the new energy, because that makes it even more interesting and adventurous for us and don’t we on the forefront of Ascension all need a bit of adventure? 🙂

      2. sweet pea

        wow Kat, so many things in common lol. The Power Of Now was the book given to me by a counselor right after high school when this ascension mess about kicked in for me. i can say it was one of the first things that pushed me “out of the box” of all of the biblical and religious dogma i was raised in, but it wasn’t any kind of right for me either. and yes Maria, that’s perfectly why… it was mental work! and yup along the way any teachings that are “mental work” like that never ever felt right for me. anything in the head isn’t my path… i’m called to the path of the heart ❤

        and Maria your last sentence is EXACTLY what i've felt so so strongly for the last year… while i see how the challenges grew me and pushed me forward in the past, i have come to a place where they just don't anymore. the challenges have just become recycled nonsense to me :\. i've more than once looked up and said "universe, this is no longer growing me" 😦 and it's not unwillingness to grow, it's that pain and conflict are no longer the right teachers for me. i even spoke it once as that i am no longer learning anything from pain, i'm ready to learn and grow through love. in fact if put energy into looking deep into the challenges for the lesson like i used to, i instantly feel myself pulled backwards into things i've already grown past and don't need to give energy to anymore.

        what someone else commented here the other day about being in "neutrality" was so so perfect for me… i'm in that in between-y place where when the painful patterns are repeating, there really is nothing new left in them for me to learn… but i haven't yet got a figure on the beautiful new way of being without them. so that non-reaction and neutrality is so so big for me as the challenges are still coming… put down the need to understand it all, observe without attaching, and let things pass through.

      3. sweet pea

        yes Kat… so perfectly where i’m feeling myself at right now…

        “What we just need is time to let these parts of ourselves resolve themselves naturally.”

        i guess just trying to not resist anything, but not trying to push through anything either.

        patience and trust ❤

        1. sweet pea, you said so perfectly,

          …”pain and conflict are no longer the right teachers for me…”

          And interestingly, Yeshua himself admitted that getting nailed on a cross wasn’t really the message he wanted to send to others in times to come as a good thing…he said that playing the martyr got him NOWHERE, except to teach him that suffering and struggling get you nowhere. SO, fast forward to now, and here we are letting go of, after EONS of time, the pain and struggle. Wow.

  4. I am giggling a bit about being in the NOW, fucking hard, but important to do. And i read Tolle’s book and I find him so so so boring……… Tried his other ones, too.

    Kat—-i am an analyzer of my shit, also. Sheesh! And also embracing all of it.

    We have a beautiful and challenging path. Wouldn’t trade it for anything! I figured I officially started it with my first yoga class back in 1972. Either I am fucking slow about clearing or I have beaucoup to clear or both……heehee…… Proud that I am 58 and a half in 3D years but feel like I am way way way younger…..

    Love love to us all!!!

      1. Thanks Kat!

        An 18 years old friend insists that I am really only 18. like her. She is one of my favorite humans and dance partners on the face of the planet. 🙂

        Or, as I like to say, “the numbers don’t mean shit!” 🙂

    1. Elizabeth, You are young!!! 58 sounds very young to me…(I’m at medicare, social security age myself). But I know what you mean, we are ageless and becoming more so in this process. Yipee!!!

  5. Kat

    Sweet Pea,

    ““What we just need is time to let these parts of ourselves resolve themselves naturally.”

    i guess just trying to not resist anything, but not trying to push through anything either.
    patience and trust❤”

    Yes, that’s about it in a nutshell 🙂 ❤

    Hope you are well. Much Love from Berlin, Germany

    1. Thanks, Elizabeth, wonderful article by Brenda.

      So the less we take these conditions personally, the better, even the so called diseases that CAN be diagnosed by the medical professionals. I have been slowly releasing fears around such conditions as I remind myself that these cells that are not serving us anymore get triggered by the Light Body Process, by the christ consciousness we have invited into our bodies, and they are in the process of being transmuted by that very light.

      And yes, the body is the last to reflect the changes in consciousness. I have gone through a few of these myself, and these so called incurable conditions just went away on their own. Some seem to take longer. But when i allow the fear to pull me in, I remind myself of the ability of our body to recalibrate. Yes, indeed, science will be seeing more and more unexplained ‘miracle healings.’ Thanks again.💕

      1. Oh my gosh, what a great way to say it, “So the less we take these conditions personally, the better.” I love that! Ironically, I just ( a few minutes ago) picked up and was re-reading The Four Agreements, particularly the chapter “Don’t Take Anything Personally”. And I had not thought to use this in relation to the physical and illness. What a revelation! Thank you!

        I have another friend who talks about filling the body with light instead of medicine. (Of course) Which I really like. I feel that I have gotten to a pretty darn good joy filled place and my body is dealing with some interesting things and I am mostly just loving on them and feeling grateful. And if I KNOW, and I do, that I am a vessel of light, how can I take any of it personally?

        And not letting the fear pull me in. I have always thought that if I ever got any kind of cancer or something (although I feel strongly this is not part of my path), I would not tell anyone since folks reactions, especially to the “c word” is pretty FEAR FILLED! 🙂 Who needs it? Not me……… ❤

        Loving the miracles, loving the beauty of all of us. Loving the connections.

        muah muah muah

        Love, E

        1. I agree, Elizabeth about being careful who we share certain info. with, only with those who also embrace the truth that the body is designed to rebalance itself, and that it responds to our consciousness. It’s too easy to get sucked into the prevailing beliefs otherwise. Yes, absolutely, LOVE is the elixer. Sweet dreams.🌛

    2. Kat

      “So it is that during this void, you may feel bored – for you have nothing to contemplate; anxious – for you are not seemingly doing anything to achieve your new goals; or anger – “Why me? Why is nothing happening for me like it appears to happen for others?” But you will not be fearful.”

      That is so me. I’ve been in that void for such a long time though, I wonder when I ‘ll get out of it.
      thanks for the link Elizabeth 🙂

  6. Sweet Pea—–what you said here…….YES!!!!
    “yes Kat… so perfectly where i’m feeling myself at right now…
    “What we just need is time to let these parts of ourselves resolve themselves naturally.”
    i guess just trying to not resist anything, but not trying to push through anything either.
    patience and trust❤”

    Oh my gosh…………….patience and trust. yes yes yes yes yes

    My major soul type is a “Can Do” and I just want to DO stuff to fix/help/etc. It is EASY for me to DO stuff. AND I have to sit on myself sometimes to just BE………………and let it flow…and be patient and trust that all is perfect divine timing. My guides, The Beans, like to say, “Flow with the go.” 🙂

    love love

    1. Kat

      “My major soul type is a “Can Do” and I just want to DO stuff to fix/help/etc. It is EASY for me to DO stuff. AND I have to sit on myself sometimes to just BE…”

      Im exactly the same – a doer. I had to learn to let go and let things unfold on their own and let it flow. Still learning now 🙂

    2. sweet pea

      yup Elizabeth, patience and trust ❤ ❤ ❤

      and ps… when you think about how time isn't really a thing and the universe is infinite, age really is pretty silly and pointless right? honestly age has really always seemed to me as just another illusion we get held down by in this world of limitation 😦 i feel like it holds women down especially, it's just used as something to devalue women in so many ways, so it's something i never really bought into as mattering much to me. :\ the energy of 16-19 always felt really good and just felt like "me" to my spirit, and even as i've wandered into my "human 20's", the energy of 18-19 just still feels like home for my spirit, so i just embrace that energy that feels true and right to me no matter the human timeline 🙂 ❤

      1. Yes! We are free at last, free at last…… Or at least it feels that way.

        Not bound by the limitations of 3D/society/shoulds. Wooooohoooooo!!!

        We are amazing warrior goddesses!

        Much love and grateful for the beautiful connections here.

  7. Kat

    Since we all have been on his path for so long Id like to ask you whether you had weird experiences so far, experiences that might be deemed paranormal?
    Because yesterday, I was lying in my bed, chilling and checking my phone, I suddenly heard someone snoring next to me. I held my breath, as I thought it might have been me, but the snoring went on and it couldn’t have been the neighbour or anyone else. It was then gone after about 30 seconds but left me weirded out.
    I had a similar experience 4 years ago when in the middle of the night, I heard someone else breathing.
    I thoght maybe the veil to the other side is thinning so we are more sensitive to these things?
    I still wonder who or what that was….

    1. Hi kat, about a month ago, I was in bed mediating, at midnight and I heard a train whistle in my living room. It was loud, and I got up, and found nothing. It was loud enough that it was like a train was going through my living room. I went back to bed. Did not wake any of my kids sleeping upstairs. It happened again 20 minutes later. Again, the next night twice, and then just stopped. Haven’t heard it since. My friend passed away in a train accident last year, and my husband and I both wondered if it was her contacting us, but I am not sure. Your post reminded me of this.

      1. Kat

        Thanks for your reply Beth. That is very intriguing. I wish I wasn’t that scared of things like that though, because it might be really interesting to be in touch with the other side, but I don’t dare lol. I was less scared this time than last time, so maybe next time I’ll be ready to maintain the contact instead of telling it to go away.
        Did it freak you out when you heard the whistle?

    2. Hi Kat,
      I did freak out when I heard the whistle. While in meditation and while I am expecting it, I often receive intuitive messages and past lives about people I am connecting for. I know this is in my 3rd eye and a feeling within myself. In some ways, I am expecting it and I do have had much contact with those from the other side, in this way. But the train was different. I was not expecting it and it was really loud. I freaked out. You are not alone! I called my husband and asked him to come home. He laughed, but then after he got home and was in bed, we heard it again. Because I had never heard anything like that before, it did freak me out. In our old house, we used to have an oven light that would turn on and off on its own. I called an electrician and swear the words he used were, “everything is fine. you must have a ghost.” He was kidding but I knew the truth. It too felt freaky to me, but the more I connect with the Universe, receive messages and follow my intuition, trusting in the other side, the less I hope to get freaked out.

      You are reminding me to connect with my friend next opportunity I get. I imagine when these happens at first, it can feel freaky, but then over time, you will feel more comfortable. You can even ask the Universe to help you to feel calm when these things happen. The calmer we are, the more we can receive the information trying to come through. I am guided to ask you if you have read the ERIK books? After his death, he visits his mother in all sorts of ways, and some of them are funny. ❤

      1. Kat

        Dear Beth,

        thank you so much for your reply. So interesting! And yeah I know how you feel – if it’s unexpected it’s scary. I do sometimes have flashbacks about my own past life and also premonitions about the future; I just know things sometimes and that never scares me. But occurences when another being – something not from this dimension – is involved, and this unexpectedly, I do get scared.
        Hang on, I just remembered that there were experiences when I wasn’t scared.
        Once, when I felt really shattered emotionally and cried for help from above I suddenly saw white smoke in the middle of the room, like white fog; it then disappeared quickly. I am quite sure that was my angel telling me it’s going to be ok. Another time when I had a really bad night with panic attacks and nightmares (that was the beginnging of my Ascension process 14 years ago) I felt someone stroking my shoulder (noone else was in the room) and that didn’t scare me either cause I was too involved in that turmoil inside of me.
        I never heard of the ERIK books, but they sound interesting, especially as humour is involved 😀 Your guide must know that I’d like that. Humour makes everything so much easier, doesn’t it.
        Couldn’t find it on google either. Do you have the full title of this book ?

  8. Thank you Maria. Another wonderful post. When I look back on my ascension journey, I am amazed at all I have been through, and fascinated by how divinely guided it all has been. I have been speaking kindly and thanking my physical symptoms, for they have been a gift. I was taught to be in fear, and have been peeling back those layers of fear and doubt one day at a time, to know only love and the divine exists. I love image of slapping your name upon a finished canvas. We did not come here on earth to rush to the finish line, but to experience the shadow aspects of ourselves with love, to remember our divinity and to love ourselves through it all.

    1. Thanks Beth, for a lovely expression of what I believe so many of us are experiencing. And I have to remind myself, it does come down to “one day at a time’ as you put it. Especially when things get uncomfortable. And you are right the symptoms are a gift because they pushed us to go deeper. When you mentioned the train sound and your departed friend I got the chills. Felt like confirmation of your connection. Interesting!

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