Clearing Your History

Yesterday I realized that my mobile device was running a little sluggishly, and it occurred to me that I hadn’t cleared my browsing history and data on it for….well since I bought it.  I clear it on my home computer regularly, but I use my tablet more often.    It’s more ‘mobile’ and has become a part of me.  So I went to the settings and saw the options before me:. Clear history from (1) today (2) last week (3) last year (4) from the beginning.


I hesitated momentarily.  This was a big decision….there were literally thousands of websites I visited over the past two years.  What if I eliminated something important?  For a second I thought I would go through all of them to see which ones I wanted to save.  But then something inside me just reached for option 4.  I cleared my history FROM THE BEGINNING.

Obvious analogies aside, we are in the process of clearing our history from our consciousness.  And if anything is important to our life and our joy it will be there.  (just a ‘click’ away.)  It doesn’t mean we have no memory of events and experiences but it means we no longer need to identify with them in the same way, as the human personality that responded and reacted to all of it.

But it is why we are feeling a kind of detachment from life.  The life we knew so intimately is no longer a part of our consciousness.  Our bodies and minds are becoming freed up of the energies, patterns and memories so we can be more clear to accommodate spirit.  The part of us that so much wants to be a big part of our life here.  That part is excited.  It knows that this clearing, mentally, emotionally and biologically is in preparation for a deeper embodied experience.

It’s our birthright.  It’s called evolution.

Releasing ‘stored’ energy from our body and mind is a liberating experience.  Yes, there will be fears because it feels like we are letting go of important parts of ourselves.  Even if those parts were holding us back.  They are familiar.

I love frequenting a local coffee shop.  But over time, it has become a place of associations with others and I know there will come a time to release those associations.  It will be time for me to move on.  Find a new coffee shop to hang out in.  Sounds easy enough, but there is still a part of me that feels very attached to it.  It’s been the one constant in almost fifteen years of tremendous inner change.  I have seen people come and go in my life while sitting there with my coffee.  I have gone through the most intense transformational experiences while sitting there day after day.

So a part of me doesn’t want to leave that history.  That so familiar ‘community.’  My energies have blessed that place and it has blessed mine.

But a part of me knows, when the time is right I will be moving on.  And I also know that the sense of familiarity and security is being replaced with a reliance upon my divine self.  Nothing could ever replace that foundation. My eternal and enduring ‘mobile device.’

So now my tablet is running much better.  It’s faster and much more fun to use.  And now I’m creating a new ‘history’ with much more joy-filled websites!

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36 thoughts on “Clearing Your History

  1. This made me question how much of my history that needs to be cleared is still occupying space unnecessarily and which is probably why I am, I have been feeling stuck???? Thank you for this awesome post! 🙂

    Blessed be….☀♥♥♥☀NadineMarie☀♥♥♥☀

    1. Yes, NadineMarie…it’s definitely a process and for many of us it feels like it’s just not happening quickly enough! We pioneers are an impatient lot…and rightly so…we want to get on to exploring new spaces and creating new realities…which we are doing. I find that asking my soul to assist me in getting the stuck energies moving does help. Or if you have a favorite archangel, Michael for example that you can work with, they are available to us….And then stepping aside and allowing….I think the frustrating part is for our mind….it wants more tangible evidence that this process is real, and when we see things not moving the mind believes nothing is happening…..but there is so much more going on than we are humanly aware of…but you speak for so many of us with your question. Thank you. 💜💛💙

    1. Indeed it is a blessing Fred…the prevailing belief is that if our memory is not ‘intact’ we are failing somehow…whether it’s a factor of ‘getting older’ or not having a clear mind. Yet, it IS a factor of clearing anything that no longer serves us. 💙💜💚

  2. Elila

    Hi Maria!
    I read like the first couple paragraphs of this and went straight to settings & hit the big clear button too! Then came back to finish reading LOL. I have also in the past cleared all my bookmarks, keeping only the few i love (duh–soulsoothinsounds!)
    And oh wow i so get what you are saying about the cafe. When i first arrived here i experimented with different walking routes until one fit just right. Bit the longer i walk it the more people get used to seeing me, then greeting me, then short chats….& now anonymity is shot to hell! Some days are more talking than walking and i think boy i need a new route haha.
    And i too have forgotten so much of the past, but ive grown to appreciate it because often now when a memory surfaces i get an icky old energy drag-back sort of feeling? Im much happier in the now or even looking forward at this point than reliving even pleasant memories.
    Love to you lady!

    1. Oh Elila…you crack me up!! I’m telling you, it’s getting to be like living in a fishbowl…the community gets smaller and smaller…whether it’s shopping or even hanging out in another coffee shop..I seem to run into the same situation…I can’t even hide behind my dark sunglasses… 😎 too many people know my name, and it’s not NORM! Funny, most people would want to have more friends and acquaintances…..I find myself dodging people, even very nice ones, simply because i can’t do the small talk. Although I find myself occasionally doing so just because I may be feeling a little isolated and bored…just some human contact is nice. I know what you mean, too about finally finding just the right route that satisfies your needs…I feel that way about my coffee shop…It has so many of the perfect ingredients to suit my needs…it’s like I want to stay and just chase the intruders out and let THEM find another coffee shop….(HEEHEE) Ahhh crap it’s all good.

      1. Elila

        I know right? Its like being pursued by paparazzi everywhere you go. I go to the grocery store and hear “hey! You’re the walkin lady!” over & over. I cant go anywhere without being “recognized” lol. And i went to great lengths to get a route thats just right (a public restroom! Trees & birds & moving water!)–i would also like to chase out all the others! I often find myself altering my path just to avoid conversation, even though most of the folks i encounter are pretty pleasant. Just not as pleasant as my own peaceful company!
        I love how you said its like the community shrinking–thats exactly it LOL.
        Another thing is that i find a lot of the general public is just so STRESSED OUT–and im just not comfortable around that vibe anymore!

        1. oh, geeze, a restroom, birds,trees and moving water….that cant be given up without a fight!! Let’s see, have you tried…asking those folks if they’ve been ‘saved’ no that probably wouldn’t work, at least not around here…I’m kind of in bible country. Or have you just said you are a new consciousness pioneer, and you are in the process of changing the consciousness of humanity beginning with yourself and so on…sometimes that moves people along…getting all animated with your own subject matter can kill ay social interest in you. Then there’s just ignoring them and pretending you don’t see them or hear them……too radical? And then there’s the ultimate solution (besides moving to another geographic location)…..telling them them you really appreciate their interest in you, but you really are enjoying your space with just you….

          Yes..I noticed that too…that there’s a general stressed out feeling in the public…that is certainly real…I notice it when I am driving..I used to really enjoy driving, even in lots of traffic, but now it doesn’t feel relaxing at all….so I avoid certain times of the day if I can, to drive and I avoid going to places like Walmart….👀👎 I begin to appreciate that I have so much more control of my schedule than most people I know.

      2. Me too I love this crew. It is all so recognizable. What can I say more? I feel the same things and I am glad I am not alone (something I though for far too long…). LOL
        Fred Delameilleure

  3. Kelley Davies

    Sooo good. I’ve blessed Starbucks, lol. Maybe you and I are purifying the energy of these places! That’s how I like to look at it.

    Resonated with this on so many levels. You are a great writer!

  4. sweet pea

    Maria i so agree about the detachment… it feels so empty at times, but it’s so so needed as we let go of the old. i can’t say any of my human journey experience wise has ever truly felt like “my life” anyways so clearing my history when it comes to stuff like memories and my old identity has been all kinds of easy… i feel like i can’t clear it fast enough most days lol… but i do struggle quite a bit with letting go of old limiting thought patterns i formed along the way :\ if only there was a way to instantly clear history on old belief systems that hold you back lol 🙂

    Elila and Maria, boy do i feel ya on the being left alone struggle. if i could just disappear into a cabin in the woods gosh i would. i work from home, so the only place i ever really go is the grocery store twice a month(and i go at like 6am lol)… i pretty much order everything else online. other than a daily walk where i luckily don’t really see anyone, i don’t venture out hardly never. i’ve withdrawn from the world as much as i possibly can, but i swear it’s still so so hard to just be left in peace… i live in a small 5-plex in a quiet neighborhood where me and 3 of the other neighbors are all super reclusive quiet single people, and we all leave each other be. unfortunately the 5th neighbor is a couple with a child, and they are so sooooo energetically needy 😦 the wife is always needing random favors that make no sense that she can’t do herself :\, and i’ve had a bunch of different exhausting situations with the husband just crossing boundaries in all kinds of ways 😦 and of course being an empath, i constantly feel the energy of their “internal issues” behind their external actions lolllzzzz. i’ve been pretty obvious in trying to set boundaries with them, but i swear energetically needy people don’t care one bit how clear you make it, and they tend to take your request for space as a challenge to cross your boundaries more. :\

    i think that’s the hardest part for me… most people are still so so externally energetically needy and their “normal” interactions are actually incredibly energy draining of one another… and when you’re no longer resonating with those energy feeding connections, it’s so exhausting to be around “normal” :(. if only we could all create our own little magical kingdoms where we could be alone with our chocolate and cupcakes and just shift universal energy in peace haha ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. sweet pea..that’s funny about living in a cabin in the woods…(I actually did live in Iron River Wisconsin years ago in such a cabin in the woods…far from neighbors…unfortunately though I had ‘room mates’…boy you must be ahead of morning traffic at that early hour…about the ‘needy’ ones around us…absolutely! It’s good you do set boundaries, but I know what you mean, about them just ignoring that…same here. It seems more so with men, but also some women just want you to give them attention…like little children. Whew. Sometimes I ask myself, are they a mirror for our my inner child that has been needing my attention? To a degree, but I do agree that as we become more inner directed and self sufficient, the world outside seems like hungry dogs. Like you say, it’s their ‘normal’ interactions with each other. Now I see why Jesus had to get away from time to time to the desert or the mountains…too bad he didn’t have a land rover…he really could have got himself out of town!!

      1. Kat

        I know the problem with needy people, I used to have it for a long time, but it kinda disappeared or became much much less. I think it’s because I’m either not willing to feel it anymore, or because I did grow some boundaries. I rather think it’s the boundaries. I’m not willing to take on other people’s emotions anymore. I’m done with that

      2. sweet pea

        lol Maria, yeah having to have a roommate would cancel out the peace of the cabin 🙂 so grateful i can live by myself at least. and yeah the more energetically self sufficient i become, the more i crave to be graced with others around me being that way too :\ i just crave wholeness and anything but feels wrong to my soul.

        and Kat, yup it is that i still haven’t got a figure on how to stop feeling it. i grew up with everyone in my life making me responsible for their energy, and then having been on this path where we’ve carried so much collective energy… i haven’t quite got a figure on how to let go of the habit of being energetically sponge-y, so even when i set outward boundaries, i still let it permeate my energy. i think the more i continue to become whole from my core, those energetic boundaries will naturally form around my spirit. until then… i’m hiding in my apartment lol. 🙂

      3. Kat

        Hi sweet pea,

        yeah it’s just a matter of time. Once you settle into yourself I’m sure things will naturally fall into place the way it is ideal for you.
        I also think it depends on the country and culture we live in. German people aren’t as open and outgoing as Americans (I reckon you also live in the US) so people don’t usually get approached here that much in public.

      4. sweet pea

        yes Kat US 🙂 i grew up in the south too where everrryyyybody’s “friendly” lol 🙂 i think for me it’s more my own energy… all my life i’ve carried that victim energy that boundary crossers and advantage-takers sense from miles away. hasn’t been until the past year that i’ve truly started to grow out of that victimhood. so i think as i shed that layer, the boundary crossers wont seek me out as much, and even if they do, my own inner strength wont allow it.

    2. Kat

      “, but i swear energetically needy people don’t care one bit how clear you make it, and they tend to take your request for space as a challenge to cross your boundaries more. ”

      I think it’s because they are so desperate on the one hand, and on the other hand they do sense if someone has an ounce of softness left within them. They tend to hold onto that. So the best defense is really to build up solid boundaries me thinks.
      You are on a good path already though 🙂

  5. Elila

    Haha Maria now you have me laughing! Lately there have been a couple of mormon boys recruiting on my route saying things like “can we leave you with a picture of Jesus?” And i say “can i leave YOU with a picture of Ed Asner?” That gives them just enough befuddlement for me to scoot on past them LOL.
    And i often have the energetically needy people, as you put it sweet pea, who want to walk with me, and ive have had to use your “ultimate solution”, Maria, on them–explaining that it was lovely to meet them or chat but that my walking time is for me and that solitude is paramount to whats left of my sanity. 😜😜😜
    Sweet pea i like the idea of being able to “just shift universal energy in peace”!!! So agree! Like from my own deserted island haha! 🌴🌺🌴

    1. sweet pea

      yes my walking time is my sanity too ❤ ❤ ❤ so funny cause i always walk with my ipod, and more than half the time it's not actually on and i'm not not actually listening to it, but the earphones in my ears make it less likely for anyone to try to invade that space… the silly things we have to do for peace lol :\

  6. Elila

    Oh and PS–no amount of chocolate or cupcakes could make me go to walmart! I agree Maria, i used to really enjoy driving but now its a minefield fraught with DIFFERENT kinds of bird flying about if you know what i mean! 😉
    And sweet pea, i too have had more than my share of people who hear my request for solitude & clear boundary setting as “try harder to bug me!” LOL
    I mean crikey–what IS that???

    1. sweet pea

      lolzzzz yes!

      “people who hear my request for solitude & clear boundary setting as “try harder to bug me!” LOL
      I mean crikey–what IS that???”

      good gracious what IS that?? haha

    1. Elila

      Me too!!! Love love love. Maria i do the iphone thing too LOL. So funny all these little coping mechanisms we have devised (bcuz heavy drinking sure doesn’t seem like a viable alternative! 😄😄😄

  7. Elila

    Sweet pea what you said about everyone around you making you responsible for their energy–oh that one REALLY hit home! I hadnt thougt of it in that way but that is exactly what has happened with me for most of life too. I love the way you articulated it for me! It definitely doesnt happen so much anymore, so boundaries are clearly getting more effective–i think just naturally more than anything. Obviously i have put effort into it but i can also tell there is some kind of support for it that wasnt there before?

    1. sweet pea

      yeah Elila being forced into that role as a child it’s like we grow up not knowing we aren’t supposed to have to do that. i wasn’t really even aware just how much i did it, i guess cause i was taught that it was what i had to do to be loved and accepted… wasn’t until this past year i started to understand it’s not love at all, it’s me playing codependent to someone else’s dysfunction :\ i am still taking baby steps out of that behavior, but i think i feel that support too? even if it’s a tiny feeling of permission when i decide to not feel guilty about setting a boundary.

      1. Elila

        Sweet pea-
        No guilt! We are behind you and beside you dear sister, holding your hand and cheering for you!

  8. Patti Matera

    I have found that simply NOT making eye contact states YOUR sovereignty! If a figure intrudes on YOUR space, simply reiterate that “it” has done so, and move on! Bullies on the playground need discipline!

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