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I’m Here, I’m Clear, Get Over It!



Drawing By Maria Chambers © 2016

More and more people on our beautiful planet are awakening to their own magnificence.  It is still a small percentage of the world’s population that are on the forefront however.  And you know by now that you are one who is on the forefront.  And if you are not sure, check your life.  If things have been falling apart, and you are growing more and more sensitive to things, to energies, if you have less to do with wanting lots of people in your life, are not really invested in what’s going on with the rest of the world, you’re on the forefront.

If you are more discerning about who you want in your life or in your energy, you are on the leading edge.  You begin to recognize that you don’t need anyone out there to provide you with love, attention or make you feel valuable.

You love sharing who you are with those who are beginning to see their own value.

You become OK with your path being unpopular.  In fact, you begin to take pride in the fact that you stand out as being different!  It’s the mark of a true pioneer, an innovator of new ideas….a new consciousness pioneer!

So your website or YouTube channel may not be getting a million hits (unless you feature a cute puppy or kitten making a phone call). Your ebook may not be flying off the shelves with sales. Yet, if you are not appealing to the masses, you are doing it right!  Someone very wise once said, “There’s never a crowd on the leading edge.”

And that is why you tend to falter many times.  You will wonder if what you are doing is of value.  Because you compare it against what society and culture deems as valuable.  It’s no wonder it gets to be a lonely and frustrating road.  Yet if it were not for the steadfast inner work we have been doing, this Planet would not even be here right now.

But you also discover that as you love yourself more and more, just as you are, that energy invites in your expanded self.  And in that energy, as you are discovering, none of that other stuff really matters anyway.  You are not terribly interested in that noise out there or even the noise coming from your own mind.  The noise that tells you that you are an ineffectual human being.  That perhaps others are doing more important work, or that they are happier because they are more engaged in life.  Especially if that involves achieving and excelling.  Not that any of that isn’t wonderful, and appropriate for them, but you, my friend, are on a totally different trajectory.  You are, as you have noticed, in a different reality than the rest of the world.

And, by the way, many people try to attain that state of consciousness, that is natural to you, by ingesting all kinds of herbs and drugs.  Even meditation is limited.  Now we are incorporating spirit into our bodies and everyday lives, not just when we create art forms, or meditate or channel.

And we are not just inviting in the light.  But all the parts of us, our so-called dark, our wounded aspects.  Even our mind.  Even our ego.  Nothing gets left out.

And then in this way we let go of the stronghold 3D has on us…we are no longer fighting it.

It may appear passive but it is anything but.  It is the most awesome and dynamic process imaginable.  It is spiritual alchemy.  Taking seeming opposites…dark and light…and melding them to create new energy.

And, yes, we get stuck, which is just resistance from our mind.  It doesn’t want to give up control.  But as we move along in this process, we notice that our soul starts to build its own momentum, and the mind begins to lose its influence.  A critical mass is reached.  Then the mind and all the thoughts and emotions associated with it slowly takes its place, as background noise.  The mind is still there when we need it, but not to orchestrate our health, our finances, our creativity, and especially not to manage our ascension.

So congratulate yourself for your place among those few who had the courage and capabilities to be here at this time and to be the first wave of new energy pioneers.

Enjoy Nothing Left To Fear

New Energy Music

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Author: soulsoothinsounds

Our lives are like great paintings or great pieces of music. If we focus on all the technical 'imperfections' we will miss the true beauty of the work. We won't see, or rather, FEEL the essence and spirit of the masterpiece. I no longer identify myself as a writer, artist, or musician. Rather I express my divinity, and my humanity through the media of art, music and writing. I began this blog because I wanted to give voice to my experiences and insights, and I wrote for myself primarily. Eight years later, I am still writing for myself, and I am discovering that my experiences are not personal but universal - galactic even. And now I am more sure than ever that I am a new consciousness teacher, as each of you are. The way we teach is by going through the very human experiences, and as we ascend and shed our old selves, with love, and as we embody spirit in this lifetime, which we are all doing, we become the standards for others of the new divine human.

32 thoughts on “I’m Here, I’m Clear, Get Over It!

  1. It has certainly be tough the last few months, as I have encountered some health issues. Unfortunately, doubt has reared its ugly head. I’m not one to complain, yet I have had some of the most unusual symptoms and I have sought assistance from the medical community. I have no more answers than when I started. In a nutshell, I can’t seem to be able to eat anything, due to what I believe creates some kind of unusual allergy symptoms as well as vertigo. Hoping this let’s up soon, as it has been trying. Trying to stay positive.

    • Pocahontas,
      I have complete compassion for what you are going through. It’s tremendously challenging emotionally during this transformation, and add to it physical issues and you have quite a cocktail of angst. It takes trust that this too shall pass. Going to doctors can help our mind but often we are still left with the symptoms. Your ‘allergies’ could be old energies coming up to be released and your body know how to do that. Your soul can assist and that of course takes trust. It takes feeling very vulnerable. And it takes just simply loving ourselves just as we are. I have gone through some very intense physical issues and some have come and gone. I trust yours will be set free.

    • Pocahontas, I also wanted to add that the vertigo is often a symptom of the integration process. Your soul coming closer and you moving into a higher dimension physically…it throws the body off…and could be also why your body is not responding well to food right now. It may take a little time to integrate everything.

  2. Giggling a bit since on my radio show a couple of weeks ago, I said…..I don’t know if anyone is listening but I know I am still supposed to be doing it. Heehee

    Love the synchronicities, dear sistar goddess!!

    Thanks! Muah

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  4. PS. Love the fiddle! Xxoo

  5. Maria,
    Oh i needed this so much! Thank you so very much for these precious comforting reminders. I was especially hit by the idea that others actually take drugs/herbs to try to get to the relaxed peaceful state i hang out in pretty much most of the time now–in spite of all the crazy health stuff–which i think ive just gotten too tired to pursue answers for and have an “aw heck whatever” attitude at this point. Like let the chips fall where they may i’m too exhausted to chase reasons & body will just have to handle it somehow, cuz i just cant. Even with all the info in the world on the internet and youtube, etc–its too overwhelming for the physical me, so i just hand it over to spirit me and try to trust that She would not have brought me this far to end up in ill health. That its all really HAS to be temporary to make any sense!

    • Well, Elila, I couldn’t have said it any better myself!! Thank you for those words of wisdom, and I know all who read them here will benefit! IT’s actually the best place to be when we come to that point of just saying, THAT”S IT! Done!!! That place of surrender…the mind actually feels a great RELIEF that it no longer has to figure it out.

    • thank you Maria, for a few years i’ve been a bit stuck in the stubborn over some things i can’t let go of, and recently i kinda got so tired of it all that i found myself impatiently trying to “3D” my way out of it, so this was a gentle reminder that my answers aren’t in those old ways. ❤

      and gosh Elila i feel so much the same as usual lol… not much left but the apathy most days. when the physical stuff first hit me i was pretty heavy down the Louise Hay type path seeking the deepest reason in my soul for everyyyy lil' thing my body was goin' through… now i just don't have any more energy in me to excavate. i think it was right at first to get me to look in the mirror and see where i needed to grow, but after a while it started to become a million reminders of all the ways i feel trapped. so me too, moving into a place of just trusting that spirit holds what i dream of and it doesn't help much for me to worry how i'll get there.

      and this lol…

      "That its all really HAS to be temporary to make any sense!"

      i'm maybe finally exhausted enough to be in that place with all the problem solving, but it's been a bit harder for me to surrender and trust when it comes to emotional wounds that haven't healed. but the more i run in circles experiencing the same fears and blocks over and over and the more i keep desperately seeking to make sense where no sense is to be made, i find myself "aw heck whatever-ing" pretty much everything lol ❤ 🙂

      • sweet pea…thank you for sharing what you are feeling, what you are going through…it’s a great help to all of us in this often isolating process…where so many doubts and fears tend to seduce us into believing they are our truth. It’s interesting…the more we open up our hearts and bodies to spirit, the more we are faced with, as you put it

        “… a million reminders of all the ways i feel trapped.”

        In other words, when we want our freedom, we are faced with all the ways we haven’t felt free. But then as we are discovering, our job is to just allow and not try to ‘fix’ it. I love your “aw heck whatever-ing” policy!

        Many of us are leaving behind the how do I fix this, and as quickly as possible? Whether that took the form of doctors, healers, processing, analyzing. It’s challenging because then the mind feels we’re being irresponsible. DO NOTHING???? tsk, tsk….bad….don’t you care about your health????

        So it takes a leap of faith, and shear exhaustion…to just allow.

      • lolz Maria if you only knew how much this has been me lately haha…

        “how do I fix this, and as quickly as possible?… processing, analyzing…DO NOTHING????”

        haha so funny 🙂

        and yup this is pretty much what’s left…

        “So it takes a leap of faith, and shear exhaustion…to just allow.”


  6. Oh you are so right–the RELIEF! I keep referring to it as blessed apathy LOL
    Love to all my tired comrades!

  7. Maria & Sweet pea–
    Yes! I feel like ive spent my whole life in that “how do i FIX this?? Like NOW?!” mode–and the second i get one fire out another would crop up. Health, financial, relationships–like those candles that wont blow out its always something and i could never get a leg up! So the apathy IS such a relief. And sweet pea i know just what you mean goin all Louise Hay–i have done so much research & hunting for answers and solutions, analyzing the bejeezes out of EVERYTHING, made so many changes trying to fix things–and sometimes id find something that would actually work, for awhile anyway, but then at some point just …didnt? but i simply cant keep up any longer–not that i ever did–always have felt like I just couldnt catch up with it all. Now maybe we need a new acronym–“AHW” –aw heck whatEVER!!!! Heres to surrender and blessed apathy—and chocolate!

    • Elila, I like your candles that don’t blow out analogy. And I guess if we apply the law of attraction to all that fixing and trying, we were focusing on the unwanted aspects of our life and just attracted more unwanted aspects. And what’s interesting and tricky about this new energy is both wanted and unwanted can coexist. There’s no pushing anything away (which never works) but there is making the choice to feel good. To be OK with where things are at. And then our soul magnifies that feeling….it just takes more conscious application initially and then it just feels so good to feel good that it just becomes our default, like feeling bad was our old default. Here’s to AWH, indeed!!

    • gosh Elila, i know just what you mean, chasing down so many temporary fixes. so yup it’s just become a prayer of surrender mostly anymore… dear universe i just want the wholeness, the health, the beauty, the love, the freedom, the healing from the pain and fear, the peace in my heart… i just want to be one with the beauty in my soul ❤ having tried so passionately and pretty desperately at times to "fix" everything that keeps me separate from it, but still waking up everyday feeling so so far away from it all… ahw is all i got right now ❤

    And TRUST some more LOL

    • and yes the trust lol… in what i’m not sure most days, and where it will come from, not quite sure either lol, but trust, trust , trust, and trust some more 🙂 ❤

      • LoL sweet pea–im not sure exactly what the trust is in either. I just have a general sort of sense that whatever loving energy created me & keeps my heart beating couldnt possibly be sadistic–wanting me to suffer my way through this whole earth experience. There must be something loving at the core, and i think the main reason we are here is to find lots of ways to ENJOY being here–humanity just got very very lost in some very messed up dogma, like the “hard work” paradigm. But we are here to blow those silly patterns apart, just by being examples of “NOT that”, and refusing to take on those old crusty “supposed tos”. By putting ourselves first, making our feelgood & well being top priority.
        And yep my own prayer has narrowed down to a wish for EASE, DELIGHT, & VIBRANT HEALTH. I dont feel like i can settle for less!!!

    • Elila, this totally captures perfectly why i struggle with the trust…

      “…I just have a general sort of sense that whatever loving energy created me & keeps my heart beating couldnt possibly be sadistic–wanting me to suffer my way through this whole earth experience…”

      because of my religious childhood i’m still untangling my head from a sadistic version of god…the father figure god of fear who does want me to suffer. it’s been little by little that i’ve let myself believe in and reach out to that loving kind of creator you describe, but i admit i still peek over my shoulder in fear of my old version of “god” when i do lol. i can’t say i’m truly in a place yet where i feel loved and protected by whatever “god” there is, so any happiness i wish for still tends to feel a bit like rebellion.

      • Yep i feel ya sweet pea–i grew up in a catholic household. The religion never made sense to me and always contradicted itself. Over the years i have come to simplify it some in my head–like creation itself is expansive, and suffering is reductive–how could they ever go together? The only way i can make sense of being here is that its supposed to be enjoyable, and the things that feel good or bad to us are our guideposts, and i feel like we were meant to go towards things that feel lovely & back away from the not so lovely. But we got all tangled up in martyrdom and the twisted idea that suffering and hard work are noble, and this has left people confused and lost, because its just not natural–from my point of view. I guess i try look at some of this stuff from a childs perspective, to clear some of the muck. But i too do not really feel any love or protection coming from anywhere–except now from my own self–which is perhaps the whole point? I dont really know.
        Maybe sometimes all we can do is trust in the unknown whatever it is that keeps all the planets from crashing into each other 🙂 💜

      • yes this is so true!

        “creation itself is expansive, and suffering is reductive-how could they ever go together?”

        i luv luv luv all what you just wrote Elila, beautiful ❤ those are the kinds of things my heart wants to be free to feel about it all. to be able to go towards what feels good to my spirit, and back away from what doesn't… so simple a way to see it, but feels so peacefully right.

        and this…

        " the unknown whatever it is that keeps all the planets from crashing into each other"

        the more i release those old teachings of what "god" is, the more of an unknown "god" becomes, which is maybe perfectly what's supposed to be happening because what "god" really is, is more beautiful than my mind grasp right now.

  9. Hi Maria! I found your blog a few weeks ago and I just wanted to let you know that I’m really enjoying it. Your writing is beautiful and you so clearly articulate your experiences and insights. It helps to know that I am not alone in my experiences as yours seem to be extremely similar to my own. It’s like you are writing about your own life, but at the same time, you are putting to words what many people are experiencing while going through ascension. You help to remind me of what is really going on when I don’t seem to fit into society anymore. It’s wonderful! Thank you for your writing and I look forward to reading more posts in the future.

    • Lindsay, First I am so pleased you found your way here…gotta love those synchronicities! And absolutely, these experiences and feelings are not so personal as we had thought! So that in turn helps us to not take it all so personally. It’s nice to hear from you that you are also experiencing these things, because it confirms we are not alone and fortifies our ‘resolve’ to stay encouraged in this amazing and often overwhelming process….💛💙💜

  10. Sweet pea, i just got goosebumps all over reading what you wrote here, especially this
    “….what ‘god’ really is, is more beautiful than my mind can grasp right now…”
    Yes yes yes!!! I feel that too! Perfectly stated.

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