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Letting Go Into Our Expansion


Photo by Maria Chambers

It’s been three weeks now since I left my coffee shop community of 15 years.

Over all those years I felt so comfortable there, sitting and having coffee each day, and writing in my journal, sometimes for hours at a time. It was close to home, and I could even zip back and forth a couple of times a day.  Everyone there was so warm and welcoming. Yet I knew it was time to move on.  Because over time it became congested with too many energetic entanglements. It felt like my freedom to just be was infringed upon by too much attention from others. It became harder and harder to set boundaries, especially with those who were used to me participating with them in the old way, in which I would accommodate their needs even if it made me feel uncomfortable.   Even when I tried to make myself less available and stated my desire to just sit alone, there were those who simply didn’t want to let me go.

So, while I had already made the decision, and had already released all my associations to others there, and to the energies there, it was bitter-sweet.   Its walls and tables, chairs and booths were infused with so many memories.  The idea of not spending time there any more felt so sad.  It felt like I would be too lost and lonely without it.  After all, being there was such a big part of my life.  It was  a home away from home, a familiar and cozy refuge from the storms and uncertainties of so many life changes.  Even with all the energy feeders frequenting the place, it felt comfortable and safe.

one of my new cafes

One of my new cafes

But what I discovered was that the feeling of comfort and safety was within me all along.  That I get to take that with me wherever I choose to go.

Now I rotate my visits to various cafes each day so that I don’t fall into the same patterns.  And it’s kind of fun.  Makes me feel more carefree, like I’m on vacation.  Just passing through.   No ties.

The community I live in is also becoming over populated and I am beginning to feel a desire to live in a less developed, less congested area of Florida.  Perhaps in time I will move geographically to an area that feels more expansive to my soul.


It is what this whole embodied enlightenment process has been about, moving more and more toward our own expansion.  Releasing congestion.  Which as we know begins within us and then is beautifully reflected in our life.  Yes, it comes with emotions of sadness and fear, because we are letting go on so many levels.

Not easy considering there are those who do not want to let go of us: people, family, here and even those on the other side of the veil.  Including all of our ancestors.  We are not the only ones resisting this process, but we are the ones who have the opportunity now, through this recalibration to set ourselves free.  (And that in turn sets them free).

But that requires a devotion to loving ourselves, and to not allow ourselves to get sucked into all the distractions outside of us, and within us.

We can’t pull this off by staying inside the matrix, by giving into our mind’s worries and concerns.  And as we are discovering, those worries and concerns are not really ours.  They have been downloaded into our bodies from the beginning of time.  They are not something we just happened to pick up this lifetime.  But we end up playing them out over and over in our personal lives.

Most people take pride in their family heritage and enjoy discovering who their ancestors were, and even for some, who they were in past lives, and that is appropriate for them, but we on the ascension path are in the process of letting go of all of that. Not the actual events or memories, but our energetic ties with all of that. It’s releasing mass consciousness. The story we have been living for eons of time.

Because just like places we live, things get congested…with patterns, old ancestral energies and diseases.  Addictions to playing small, playing victim.  To believing that we are doing this ascension by ourselves, without our soul.  Addicted to trying to figure it out.

We may not like how this process feels to our minds and our bodies, but it’s happening.  Embodied enlightenment isn’t about ascending from these bodies and this Planet.  It’s integrating our own divinity into these bodies and walking this Planet in an Ascended state of consciousness.  But in order for that to happen, there’s a lot of congestion that needs releasing.

There are days I wake up and I feel like I can’t do this any more.  Like it’s just too much for my body to endure.  It feels endless and it seems there’s no relief. That this whole ascension is impossible, just a big, dangling carrot! But I discovered that the voice speaking that is not my truth.   It’s the voice of the tired human, and even of the emotions that were downloaded into this human’s body from ancient times… feelings of hopelessness, and of fear.  I honor that human because it can feel impossible and frustrating at times.  Especially where the physical body is concerned.  But more and more my allegiance is with the voice that feels the richness of life on this planet, that enjoys the sensuality of this body and this environment, that knows that this ascension, this embodied enlightenment is my destiny…it’s your destiny if you want to stay here and enjoy your freedom.

Enjoy, You Are My Destiny from Cosmic Blend:

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Author: soulsoothinsounds

Our lives are like great paintings or great pieces of music. If we focus on all the technical 'imperfections' we will miss the true beauty of the work. We won't see, or rather, FEEL the essence and spirit of the masterpiece. I no longer identify myself as a writer, artist, or musician. Rather I express my divinity, and my humanity through the media of art, music and writing. I began this blog because I wanted to give voice to my experiences and insights, and I wrote for myself primarily. Eight years later, I am still writing for myself, and I am discovering that my experiences are not personal but universal - galactic even. And now I am more sure than ever that I am a new consciousness teacher, as each of you are. The way we teach is by going through the very human experiences, and as we ascend and shed our old selves, with love, and as we embody spirit in this lifetime, which we are all doing, we become the standards for others of the new divine human.

24 thoughts on “Letting Go Into Our Expansion

  1. Blazing that highway to Heaven and recording the map along the way..You are Beautiful!

  2. Thank you Maria, I so appreciate you! 💞

  3. You are so very welcome Annette.💚💕

  4. Oh man Maria–i soooo underatand and resonate with your desire and need to extricate yourself from an environment that once felt comforting & light but now feels limiting or even intrusive! I have also recently started walking at a different time simply so i can be by myself and not encounter all the usual (pleasant, but, still…) chatters. And its a refreshing, lighter feeling now, like some tension was released from not having so much attention from others. Good for you for shaking up your groove!
    And i had the same issue when i was in Florida–the congestion and never-ending tourist season. Its doesnt even seem like a season any more–its become an almost all the time thing. Of course I was in Fort Lauderdale so its no surprise! And im thinking now, as i was then, that Ft Laud most definitely does not fit my vibe, so i dont want to go back there, and like you, when i come back id like to be somewhere far less congested and more quiet–but i dont have a clue where that is?! Do you have any ideas about places you’re considering?
    And i too have days where i wake up with a groan, thinking I cant possibly go through these motions anymore, and wonder if its all just the giant dangling carrot–i mean its been SO MANY YEARS–lately a question has been forming in my mind & recurring more & more. What if i woke up tomorrow & things started clicking into place and running more smoothly? What if some of the pain subsided or went away, what if “conditions” began to clear themselves out, what if the oppressive extra weight started melting off effortlessly, what if direction became clearer & funds became apparent, what if i could finally start feeling the lightness and freedom & love & beauty of my soul and life was just EASIER???? And i find that this little train of thought soothes me some and helps me feel my way a bit into whats surely coming …….
    Love to you, my dear companion on this path!!!

    • Wow Elila……First, congratulations to YOU!! That’s so great you chose a different path, (Choosing a different ‘time’ to walk) I love it!! And what I’m noticing in my new environments is that I am not so open to allowing in the people who want to engage in conversation. It feels a little awkward to set those boundaries, but as we know it’s much more painful not to. Yep, good way to put it, that it’s lighter and refreshing.

      I’ve never been to Ft. Lauderdale, but I can only imagine the crazy energies there…being the go to place for spring break, and snowbirds to live 6 months of the year. I live near Clearwater which is it’s own nightmare during tourist season. I always look forward to summer here because the snowbirds have gone back north, and school is out so we don’t have to contend with school buses and school traffic…

      Like you, I also don’t have much of a clue where I would move to. I sense it would still be here in Florida because frankly I can’t tolerate cold or even cool winters anymore! I don’t sense I would want to be too remote either, just close enough to civilization…you know, shopping, cafes, some cultural diversity. But I don’t need all the entertainment and nightlife either. It’ll be interesting to see where my soul guides me.

      And I LOVE your ‘What if’s” because it’s giving yourself permission to FEEL into what your heart desires. And as we know that is the formula for attracting them to us. Because let’s face it, It’s all too easy to sit in that space of all the stuff that DOESN”T feel good!! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and your wisdom my dear companion on this path!! 💙💜💚💛😎👭

      Meanwhile, I look forward to you sharing more wonderful, new experiences!💕

  5. Yep Maria i have also become conversation-averse lol! More often than not it feels like an energy suck, and i am very much about conservation & preservation these days. And small talk just feels like bs brain clutter that counteracts my intentions of clear thinking? Or just mental quietude haha. And solitude just plain feels BETTER in almost all instances.
    I dont know how but i just KNEW you were somewhere around Clearwater or Sarasota area. I have lived for short periods on Anna Maria Island near Longboat Key and used to like the vibe there. I completely agree with you that i dont want to be entirely remote–i like Whole Foods & such, but im not interested at all in all the nightlife. FtLaud just screams “SEX&MONEY!!!!SEX&MONEY!!!!!” in an extremely relentless manner, and its just too TOO much in just about every way. The draw for me was the weather, a whole foods within walking distance, and easy beach access only a mile away, and great public transport, & therefore no need for a car at all. Also an airport reasonably close. But the negatives were far outweighing the positives when i left. I also feel same as you–i cant bear the cold (and SHOES!), and i cant wait to see where my soul will lead me. I look forward to you and I (& all of us here!) being able to share our new stories of breakthrough, discovery, and pure DELIGHT, with and in fresher, more enjoyable energies!!! I mean, wont it be fun when we start breaking through these “holding tank” energies & start experiencing IMPROVEMENT & exciting shifts into what suits us perfectly–and we can all share with each other and thereby multiply those experiences?!?!!

    • Well Elila….so beautifully articulated! All of it.

      I have heard that Anna Maria Island is beautiful…how is the hurricane activity there in your experience? For whatever reason the Tamp Bay area here seems to be protected from severe hurricanes. There are stories of spiritual types of ‘protection.’. That were initiated from the early tribes. Could be. We do know that storms are a type of energetic clearing of stuck energies.

      I so agree with you on breaking through the holding tank energies and experiencing more and more tangible evidence of our joy and our true selves. It’s interesting because we are able to manifest instantly in the non physical, but here we have the time lag (which is a safety mechanism to deter miscreating)…but really we on the forefront are not going to miscreate in the energies we are in now. We have too much balance to do that. So bring it on! 🐸💕🙋

      • Maria,

        I actually can’t comment on Anna Maria’s hurricane profile as i was never there during the season. I’m also pretty lucky when it comes to hurricane activity–it mostly seems to avoid where i am LOL, and i dont question why 😊
        As for more effective creating and manifesting–yes please!! Bring it on! 💙🐬🌺🌴💚
        I am a wee bit confused by the last few comments–are you taking a break from writing here Maria?

        • Elila,
          Yeah…ours is not to question when it comes to low or no hurricane activity!! And yes, I am taking a ‘summer break’ from posting and my online coaching service……(From July 1-till end of August) something that felt right at this time….just a kind of ‘resetting’ for myself….but the blog will still be online and I will be posting between now and the break but I just wanted to give everyone a ‘heads up.’

  6. big hug for your time away Maria 💙 thank u always for this place.

  7. Well you have a wonderful vacation my friend!! We all have plenty here on your blog to keep us inspired, however YOU will be missed!

  8. Thanks, Annette, I’ll be sure to bring back some travel gifts (not ones purchased from the interdimensional airport gift shop)…..💞💕💟

  9. Well Maria i COMPLETELY understand the need to periodically hit the RESET button! May you have the lovliest, most delicious break (perhaps with a little, or a lot, of break-through too!). I will miss your voice intensely–i wish i could accurately express how much your presence and words mean to me and how much you have helped me through this (sometimes agonizing) process, with comfort and laughter, insight, comprehension and camaraderie. I’m happy to fill your time away with yet another perusal of the archives–as long as you promise to come back!
    In the meantime, we’ll just have to “tawk amongst ourselves” LOL
    Sending you a big warm hug and will be waiting with open arms and anticipation for your refreshed return dearest co-pioneer!

  10. OK Maria we are holding you to that! And thank you sweet pea and annette–I just love our little family here. You ALL mean a great deal to me. Group hug! 💜💕🌺💕💜

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