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Setting Everyone Free


Hello my dear friends!

Well, I’m breaking my word and coming back a little early from my retreat.  (Life is full of little surprises!). It seems I am quite refreshed and ready to reconnect.  I hope you are having an enjoyable summer (or winter depending on your location).

I appreciate each and every one of you in this wonderful little community!  I say ‘little’ because in the scheme of things we are not a large group, compared to where most of the planet’s population is at right now consciousness wise! But as Abraham of Abraham-Hicks wisely stated, “There’s never a crowd on the leading edge!”  Besides, you don’t need a majority to create a paradigm shift.

I am proud and honored to be in a small but devoted group of souls who are bold enough to slowly let go of their story. Even though that story has been their identity literally forever! Brave souls who decided a while ago that enough is enough, and began their journey of no longer playing the victim in life.  So you opened that door to your freedom, and began allowing your Christ Consciousness in, even though that blew your life apart as you knew it. Even though you weren’t quite sure as the human what it meant and where it was all leading, you did whatever it took to initiate your freedom. So I hope that, no matter what you may still be going through, you have the deepest compassion for yourself.  If you can laugh, you are doing well, because it’s just too easy to feel stuck and start believing the stuff the mind churns out.

For me, it’s been an interesting couple of months. I did some venturing outside my community and took a few road trips to some areas of Florida I had not been to. It was refreshing to get out of my neighborhood without having to board a plane…not fond of flying these days.

But the most interesting ‘trip’ was the one that happened all too close to home.



It’s been about three months now since I left my cafe community. After almost 15 years, it was time to walk on and release some old, stuck energies and associations I formed there with others.  It was bitter-sweet because that cafe was such a big part of my life.  And there were so many aspects to it that I thoroughly enjoyed.  I wasn’t walking on from a place of… ‘I can’t wait to get out of here’ but rather from a place of… ‘It’s simply time to move on.’

And once I did I found myself in quite a different reality. It changed the dynamics of how I interact with others.  I find that I don’t draw the same dynamics to me like before, specifically from those who want to feed off my energies.  It also opened up my eyes wide to something I want to share with you.IMG_0350

Mid-July someone in the cafe community emailed a YouTube video to me from the national news service covering a story about an elderly man who, after his evening coffee run at Starbucks, shot and killed his next door neighbor execution style (six times in the head and chest) and then proceeded to shoot and kill himself.  The news stated it was a tragic ending to a long-standing feud over grass sprinkles and parking spaces.

This man, Steve, was an acquaintance I sat with over the past couple of years at the cafe. He could be very pleasant, and we had some enjoyable conversations. Yet I felt, from time to time, an undercurrent of anger in him, which you could say was familiar, since I had been in a few relationships with angry men. He sought my company whenever he saw me there, inviting me to sit with him and sometimes along with a circle of his friends. They seemed like very nice people who were quite fond of Steve. But in recent months I became less comfortable sitting with him. A natural byproduct of more awareness and self-love.  Over time he seemed more agitated and distracted, especially when he brought up his conflict (supposedly over sprinklers) with his next door neighbor in conversations.  At the time I assumed that he was just blowing off steam.

He had an impatience with people, especially close friends and family.  When we did sit together, I would try to make him feel more comfortable so I wouldn’t become the brunt of his anger.  Trying to ‘diffuse’ his anger.  A familiar knee jerk response that many people practice, especially women, with their male counterparts, to protect themselves. (A role we women on the forefront are letting go of.)

I had no concept of the magnitude of destruction this man was capable of.  That he could act out his own sense of despair and abandonment so extremely.  Yet, somewhere in our DNA, in out galactic memory, especially as women, we sense that the imbalanced male energy (which could also be present in women) is potentially volatile.  But for the most part it’s not part of our conscious awareness.

In retrospect I realized I was a touchstone for him in order for him to feel more comfortable in his state of consciousness. Such a familiar role for me and for many others, especially women. A kind of ‘default’ behavior of nurturing and support. It comes from a concern that, if we don’t do this, they will most likely behave badly. So it is a soothing of their anxieties for them.

The person who sent me the video said Steve kept asking where I was. I hadn’t announced to anyone there formally that I was leaving.  In fact, I could sense him looking for me.  As we release others, they often do not want to let go of us.

As I see it, as I unplugged from the cafe and from him, (and from other ‘walking-wounded’ there) it helped to set him free.  It set him free to face himself, to then deal with all his feelings, and continue his journey.  Even if that journey had him acting out that anger and sense of abandonment, that sense of shame… and ending his life on this planet.


I began to realize how important it is for those of us who are empaths, as women especially, to let go of holding energies for others, let go of being their energetic support, because we are not really helping them, and in fact we often hold them back from their soul growth!  We just delay them doing what they will do.  Especially if they are not looking for resolution to their issues through self-love and self-acceptance.  And by now we know whether someone is ready to be in that space

Dimming our light to accommodate others, to make them feel more comfortable is not a blessing to anyone. And we end up all too often downloading their unexpressed emotions into our body.  We can’t afford to do that anymore.  We assume we are doing this care-taking, holding of energies for just close friends, mates and family.  But we have been care-taking the emotional wounds of humanity in general.  Add to that the wounds of our ancestors and our spiritual families!

Is it any wonder many of us are dealing with physical issues that seem relentless.

So isn’t it time for them and all of humanity to face themselves?  To work out their galactic issues?  To continue their personal and soul growth?  And what that soul growth looks like is really not our responsibility or our business! It may not bring joy to our hearts to see what some people are capable of as we release them.  Their soul growth more than likely involves some falling down. Some deep stuff they need to deal with. Just as we did. Their growth may not involve anything so violent or extreme but isn’t it time to just set ourselves and them free and let the chips fall where they may?

Many of you already have been working consciously with this awareness and know that we best serve others,  not by making them more comfortable in their state of consciousness, (or unconsciousness) but by detaching from them, not from anger but from love, self-love. We are a blessing to others by developing a deep compassion and love for ourselves, by embracing our own divine selves, and then that just radiates out. We just carry that self-love wherever we go.  And what others then do with that is not our concern. Some will see us as selfish, because they were used to a pattern of us giving them our energies.  So they will feel abandoned (but of course they already were feeling abandoned). Some may see that we are enjoying a self-love and they want to enjoy that self-love too. We are a role model. Not a healer. They get to heal themselves. In their own time.

It’s a bold step, and a radically different position, especially as a woman.  We are so accustomed to appeasing and nurturing and trying to control their responses (especially their anger) that we don’t realize what is actually happening.  Of course I am not speaking for all women, but most women to one degree or another, and some men too, have an innate sense of survival tied into keeping their male counterparts appeased.  This is a galactic issue that has been playing out over and over on the planet for eons of time.  (For a more in-depth explanation of this galactic issue see my post, He Said She Said.)

As many of us have discovered, with our ascension, and our embodied enlightenment, we are in the process of releasing these care-taking roles for good.  But until I saw this galactic issue being so dramatically played out on such a personal level, I did not understand truly what we are letting go of.   And the significance of where we are going.

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Author: soulsoothinsounds

Our lives are like great paintings or great pieces of music. If we focus on all the technical 'imperfections' we will miss the true beauty of the work. We won't see, or rather, FEEL the essence and spirit of the masterpiece. I no longer identify myself as a writer, artist, or musician. Rather I express my divinity, and my humanity through the media of art, music and writing. I began this blog because I wanted to give voice to my experiences and insights, and I wrote for myself primarily. Eight years later, I am still writing for myself, and I am discovering that my experiences are not personal but universal - galactic even. And now I am more sure than ever that I am a new consciousness teacher, as each of you are. The way we teach is by going through the very human experiences, and as we ascend and shed our old selves, with love, and as we embody spirit in this lifetime, which we are all doing, we become the standards for others of the new divine human.

128 thoughts on “Setting Everyone Free

  1. Thank you for sharing the intense reality of this experience. To maintain a clear boundary of your energy and responsibility for your self alone is a good lesson for me. Your choice to witness and honor the pent-up anger, confusions and actions which this coffee shop acquaintance chose to manifest, without judging or getting tangled up in it, is wise and inspiring. I am finally growing out of my own awkwardness around others and feeling responsible for anything that goes wrong. Your story is a needed example of clarity, respect and self-empowerment.

  2. yaaaaaaaaaaaaay you are back! 😀 😀 😀 and wow what an experience! I am so glad you took the next step and detangled from people whose energies don’t benefit you. very intense though!
    My exoeriences lately have been less dramatic, but still important.
    I hope you had a great time overall and enjoyed you trips around the country, too.

    So glad you are back dear Maria 🙂

  3. My dear Kat….i read your comment first thing this morning and it put a big smile on my face!!! Its so good to be back. And yeah, I’m ready for not so extreme examples of setting ourselves free. But the hardest has been the entanglement with my own mind, bless it!! I’m looking forward to hearing some of your experiences and insights!!🙌💕

    • Glad my comment made you smile 🙂

      Well I had a little test two days ago. That’s how I see it anyway. I realised I can’t find my wallet with all my bank cards, driver’s license and ID in it (and much more). I remembered that I last used it in the store that’s opposite my house, but I couldn’t go there and check because Sundays everything’s closed in Germany (well the shops and stores are). I called my bank to check if any cash withdrawals were made with my card and they said there weren’t.
      Usually I’d be agitated and nervous all day in such a situation, but the nervousness faded quite quickly and I was completely relaxed, realising that there is nothing to stress about.
      I went to the shop opposite my house first thing in the morning on the monday to ask if they found it there and voila the nice gentleman gave it to me. So yeah I definitely have become much more relaxed about stuff. I noticed it before but that “test” confirmed it for me.
      I am curious what else you have done in the past two months. Where have you been ?

      • just to add: I wasn’t sure I left it in the shop, it was just an idea I had. I could have lost it on my way home or someone could have stolen it from my bag.
        The interesting thing is though that I had such a sense of peace and “knowing” that it is safe and noone stole it, which proved to be true in the end.

      • Kat…mmmm….I love your story. I know so intimately that feeling, especially as it relates to our wallet…it feels like my whole IDENTITY is in there….there’s something about the fears associated with that….cudos to you for detaching peacefully from that. And from recognizing that all is well. The other day I thought I lost my drivers license and I started going into a panic! Only to find it in a different place in my wallet. I notice lately that I tend to forget things and leave valuables different places…probably a factor of moving into different states of consciousness.

        I drove north of here to a place called Crystal River, which is less populated and it felt like I was really in the country. Especially in the evening, There’s a beautiful state park there. it was so magical with beautiful night sounds.I also traveled a bit south past Sarasota to Venice. A beautiful community and beach area. But it’s interesting as beautiful as these places were, there’s something about my area here in Tampa Bay, despite it’s population saturation and traffic congestion, that I prefer. It’s all to do with energies. Go figure.

      • Kat, what you share so speaks to me. lately so many situations where not reacting to things that try to pull you into worry or fear seems to allow the outcome to just unfold more peacefully. 💜

  4. Welcome back Miss Maria!!!!
    I had been feeling that you would be back a little earlier than planned, so I went on your blog the 21st, and saw where you had changed your “image”, and I was like okay she is back but not writing yet, then last evening I went back and you had written, and I was SO EXCITED just to be reading your words, and it didn’t matter what they were, but oh how they hit dead center as to what I have been experiencing/releasing/setting myself free from!!!! What a HUGE SHIFT these past 3 months, PHEW!!!
    BIG (((HUGS)))~~~~Annette

    • “I had been feeling that you would be back a little earlier than planned, so I went on your blog the 21st, and saw where you had changed your “image”, and I was like okay she is back but not writing yet”

      Haha yeah the same here! I kinda sensed she’d be back a bit earlier and I am happy she is 🙂

  5. Hi my dear Anette! It’s funny because I had this sense that it wasn’t necessary to wait till September, and so you’re right, I began ‘prepping’ the blog and I said, hell, why wait, lets get back and resume the fun with our dear friends!!! You’re so right, it’s not our words is it? It’s our energies that make us feel so connected to each other. And from what you are sharing along with others about releasing and setting free, it seems it’s a timely topic for us on the forefront. I look forward to all of us sharing here again. I LOVE YOU TOO DEAR AMAZING FELLOW-PIONEER! Big HUGS back to you!💚

    • A very timely topic indeed Maria, I can’t begin to tell you just how very much! And YES it is not our words that is connecting us all to each other……most assuredly Our Energies 💞🌺💞

  6. ” as beautiful as these places were, there’s something about my area here in Tampa Bay, despite it’s population saturation and traffic congestion, that I prefer. It’s all to do with energies. Go figure.”

    I completely understand what you mean. Berlin, being a big city, is full of hustle and bustle and sometimes the noise of screaming children (well not sometimes, but always :P) and ever barking dogs drives me up the walls, but I feel so comfortable here. And yes it definitely is about the energies. The vibes just suit me 🙂

  7. And yes you are completely right. Our whole identity (well our official one) is in our wallets.
    I haven’t looked at it this way, and thats why I love being here and exchanging thoughts because there is ALWAYS something new to learn. Thank you.

    • Kat…I had a feeling you felt that way about your geographical location. I suppose our soul just follows its nose and be’s where it’s supposed to be! I especially like the option of more than one coffee house to choose from! You know, the simple pleasures! The one I left was a Panera and Starbucks in the same location. So it was a nice meld. I haven’t quite found as nice a ‘fit’ since, but it’s so much better in general. And I also love that we get to share and learn from each other here!💕💕💕

  8. yay 💜💜💜💜 Maria!!! so happy ur back 🙂 this was basically me and Kat and Elila while you were gone lol….

    and good gracious this post sums up my whole summer! it’s been this intense trial phase of repeatedly having to make the choice to not get pulled back into old energy where i would have to navigate, tip toe, appease, problem solve for, cater to, over nurture for, dim my light for, or in any other way sacrifice my own spirit for that old masculine energy… and yup i faced it in men and women. and gosh Maria you perfectly capture how we so strongly sense the subtle “warnings” in our instincts! things others make no notice of are these giant energetic red flags for us… even if we can’t get a figure on the specifics of it all, we can just feel the need to be free of it, whatever “it” may be. i feel like the lesson i keep learning lately is the importance in honoring those feelings even if we have no understanding or explanation for them. and with each situation i’ve resisted getting pulled into, if i’ve peeked back just to take notice of it after a bit, each time i’d see the situation unfolding as it should without me having to step in and carry the burden of any of it. just more baby steps in untangling from who i no longer have to be.

    i hope you enjoyed your walkabout… but we missssed you 🙂 💜💜💜

    • “so happy ur back:) this was basically me and Kat and Elila while you were gone lol….”

      hahahah so funny sweet pea and SO right! 😀

      “just more baby steps in untangling from who i no longer have to be.”

      That says it all actually.

    • Ditto Sweetpea!! 💞💚💞

    • Dear sweet pea, first of all…i love the puppy dog!!! And ditto…i missed you guys too…thus the early comeback. Sometimes you have to get out into the 3d world to appreciate your 5d you know!!!!

      And this, “things others make no notice of are these giant energetic red flags for us.”

      Well said. Along with what you say about peeking back to see the situation unfold as it should. Wow. What an empowering place to be, especially as a woman! To trust more and more your feelings and honor them. Congrats!! And it gets easier and easier. Building that new home base of se!f love. True womens liberation! I have a feeling we will be hearing from oters with similar awarenesses.

      Thanks so much for sharing this with us!💕💕💕💕

      • “True womens liberation” …yes! so true!

        and so so appreciative to read your words again. 💜 💜 💜 love having your voice and way of capturing things as a light on my way.

  9. Maria, your returning early and sharing this is so divinely timed for me to hear. Thank you so much for sharing. Last year after being shunned by my bio family I wrote a letter to my mother before moving to Florida. My inner divine wrote it with no exageration; things like ‘ Dad beat me, I had bruises, you watched and didn’t stop him, you never comforted me or told me he was wrong to do that…’. There were many (a lifetime) of such recollections. Eight months later (2 months ago) I received a voice mail from my sister that our mother passed away the day before. Her body had started shutting down, she was sick from different things and decided against surgery for a perforated bowel, bringing in hospice and passing on from the leakage of poisons from the perforated bowel. It’s a strange feeling to have your mother not want to connect before dying. I called my sister for more info. She won’t return my call. There’s such a deep sadness in me. I finally chose to stand up for ME and now I live with the consequences. Today I asked myself if knowing what I know now would I have done things differently. My answer was and is no, sadly, no. It’s a strange dicotamy to live with. I’m crying a lot. Thank you for sharing Maria, I completely agree with what you wrote. It’s time to stop taking on other people’s energies. Sincerely, Holly

    • Holly, I think the hardest thing we deal with is our own self-judgement. But from our Divine Self’s perspective there is absolutely nothing to feel bad about. Everyone creates their own reality. Everyone is doing the best they can. And it’s definitely time to let ourselves off the hook, get ourselves down from the cross!

      And once we let go of the self-judgement we also let go of judging our past, and the people in our life, especially our biological family.

      Perhaps your mother felt guilt and shame for not standing up for you. I know my mom didn’t support me as I was growing up under the controlling domain of a Greek father. But she had so many fears of being cast out if she did….I of course didn’t recognize her position until much later in life, after she passed away. We didn’t have an ‘ideal’ relationship while she was alive, but Holly, I can tell you, my relationship with her NOW is better than it ever could have been while she was alive…now there’s not that mother/daughter thing that gets in the way of two souls just loving and respecting each other.

      You can now have that connection with her you always wanted. She wants you to continue your life here as a woman who embraces her divinity fully so that when she reincarnates she doesn’t have to deal once again with all the limitations and controls that women have had to deal with.

      It’s absolutely appropriate to mourn her death, but consider it a blessing that she is now free from the role she had to play and from her failing body. She absolutely loves you and does not judge you in any way. She knows you had to stand up for yourself. All is well. Thank you for sharing your story. 💚

    • Dear Holly,
      Your story touched me on a deep and profound level, sending you MUCH LOVE, LIGHT, AND HEALING!
      💞 Annette

  10. Dear Maria, Thank you so much for sharing that wise perspective. As I read your words I felt myself, finally, move out of the broken record mode, you know when the record skips and plays the same thing over and over. I felt the accuracy and truth of all you wrote and can feel my mother smiling that I’m unstuck now. I can allow myself to be happy again. I needed to share what I wrote; thank you and bless you for giving me the space to do that and the expanded awareness I was missing. Love, Holly. SO GLAD YOU’RE BACK AND DOING WELL!

    • Dear Holly, I like your expression, “broken record mode.” It aptly describes that feeling of being stuck! I am so happy you are giving yourself permission to be free! It takes courage and devotion. We need some good role models of the new enlightened woman who is in the process of falling in love with herself!! And Yep, it’s good to be back! 💜💚

  11. GAAAAAAH!!!!! Im late to the party!!!!! Maria im so HAPPY to have you back and that we are all together again!!! HURRAY! Sweet pea your puppy pic is perfect LOL. I also checked back here the other day and saw the graphics changed & thought oh shes back! But then somehow time got away from me with all the drama happening around me and i didnt get back until now. I gotta say the title of this post damn near gave me a heart attack, because i thought oh no shes setting US free!!!! Nooooo!!! So i read it frantically with chest tight–and then the relief when i realized that wasnt what you were saying–PHEW!!! But what you WERE saying was so INTENSE. I can hardly believe that situation Maria–and im so glad that you have not been dragged into an emotional entanglement with it. Beautiful wise woman. Gosh i missed you!!!! It sounds like your summer was an “enlightening” one for sure! I cant wait to hear more about it and your latest realizations. I know i need to read this post again tomorrow after ive slept and the excitement calms a wer bit LOL.
    And kat & sweet pea–holy crap we have that thing going on again, where we are all experiencing the same stuff–i mean good heavens its been SO INTENSE, and i have been totally at a loss for words to describe it (other than the sharing we did on the last post) –until sweet pea said “….where not reacting to things that try to pull you into worry or fear….”–and im like thats it!!! Thats what has been happening. Ugly old things coming up one after another trying to pull me into worry and fear. Some of it was over crap from FIFTEEN YEARS ago! When i was not only an entirely different person, but had a different (last) name too! And like you, kat, i felt calm when i normally would have panicked. And this new feeling of awareness that this is old old energy and no, we are not gonna go there or succumb to it. The “all is well” sort of overlay. Amazing! But i could sure live without all the extra drama for petes sake LOL. Sweet pea you said it so perfect
    “…its been this intense trial phase of repeatedly having to make the choice to not get pulled back into old energies where…etc”. Thats exactly how its been for me. And having to really amp up my trust in Spirit/Self!!!
    Maria im so so thrilled to bits to have you back you insightful blessing of a beautiful pioneer! So glad we are all back together in this space, and this conversation has given so much clarity and relief already. Its 2am where i am and im so tired and overwhelmed at finding all these great words, so much i want to respond to or say, but i gotta sleep first! But i couldnt not jump on the welcome back wagon before i do!
    I love you all,
    PS –a shout out to annette–glad to hear you again! And to Holly–i felt your story on such a deep level, the similarities to my own experience, and me STILL trying to work out old feelings with my mother who didnt protect me, or “tell me it was wrong for him to do that”–that phrase especially choked me up. Im so glad you shared here, and that you found some peace in Maria’s and others words here. Love to you.

    • Elila…i just read your words over my morning coffee here at Starbucks, and they felt so loving and sincere. Very beautiful. Interesting too because i had been thinking about you since i woke up this morning and was hoping you would ‘join the party ‘ soon!!!

      And congrats to you too for being the master and not responding to the mind’s drama! And it’s s not about having to be in that space 24/7 but it’s the awareness that we get to choose where we place our allegiance. With our mind😞 or with our divinity.😂 And your awareness is your mastery! I hope you realize how far you have come!!!

      No, not always easy. If it was everyone would be doing it. But it gets easier.

      So glad you checked in and look forward to our playing together. Meanwhile, sweet dreams!💕💕💖💖

    • yay, hi Eliila 🙂 💜 yes feels like so soooo many layers of letting go of who are not. it feels so never ending, but i just keep trying to allow it cause… well what else ya gonna do? lolllzzzz. i so passionately want to become that true me i feel in my soul, so i’ll let go and let go and let go however need be to to find my way there. 💜 💜 💜

    • Hi Elila! Thanks for the shout out, you made me smile!!
      Love and Big (((Hugs)))

  12. Dear Maria, Annette and Elila AND everyone. I’m kind of a newbie to this Soulsoothinsounds site and am so glad I found it. It’s easy to feel alone for people like us who naturally ‘live on the edge’ ‘outside the box’. It’s so lovely to share and find others going through similar circumstances. I sometimes have doubted my choices on my way to freedom but some things just seem to be hard wired in. It’s hilarious how I love the comfort of ‘fitting in’ but doing that often goes against my inner voice which always takes precedence. I’m so glad I found Maria’s site and all of you, I feel I fit in here. Anyone else noticing ‘flow’ and ‘allow’ to be operative words for this new paradigm or wherever the heck we are?! Love, Holly

    PS Someone mentioned fear and it made me realize I haven’t felt fear in so many years now. Ain’t that cool? It’s important to notice the blessings.

    • hi Holly 🙂

      i feel so lucky to have wandered my way here too 💜 and what you say about fear makes me happy to hear. “fear” has always been such a dominant force in my journey. like Elila, i too relate to the kinds of things you share of your family dynamic, so fear was all consuming my whole life from the start, and finding my way out of fear and into love has been a tough go. i truly believe that as i learn to give less power to my fears, the less and less i will feel the fear like you share, and find my way into more and more love.

    • Holly…Yipeeee to no fear!!! Thank you for sharing that!!!💚

    • Dear Holly,
      I feel that “fitting in” thing, as I have not felt like I fit in much of anywhere these days, but like you…I FEEL LIKE I HAVE FINALLY FOUND A PLACE THAT I FEEL THAT I FIT IN…YAYY!
      LOVE AND BIG (((HUGS)))

  13. I am so happy you are back!! I had a feeling that maybe you would peek back in before Sept!! What a timely post! There has been a lot going on lately that keeps the question in my mind of “am I carrying the load for some people in my life?” With my closest relationships I seem to experience an aloofness from them when I am with them and I feel a sense of “needing my space”, but when we are apart I feel expansive and they are all sorts of loving and kind from a far. I will take it day by day because releasing any of these relationships would be massive life upheaval but I trust more and more will keep being revealed and expressed. I have received so much from these relationships, so its not completely one-sided, but these are some definite feelings and thoughts I have had these last several months.

    • Stephanie, good to hear from you. Yes, I know what you speak of, vis a vis relationships. It ‘s a process, and you’re right, taking it a day at a time is wise. And so important to trust our feelings…we have a sense of what feels good and what doesn’t, especially as it relates to to others in our life. The following story is an example.

      A friend of mine called me yesterday and said her car had broken down and she was at a gas station a couple miles from my place. She said she didn’t know what to do. I felt anxious to help her so I called a few local mechanics at her request. I was thinking, oh boy, I may have to get involved, go pick her up, help her get her car towed, etc. And honestly, it felt like a nuisance, yet we are close dear friends. So there was some guilt on my part for feeling that. Not 5 minutes later she calls me back and said, “Maria, I was getting frantic about the towing and it just felt too hard, so I just sat in my car, had a cigarette, and said, I just want a mechanic to come here and fix it for me.”

      And within a couple of minutes a man leans in and hands her a business card, seeing that her hood was open. The card read that he is an auto mechanic. Apparently he was hearing impaired. The woman inside the gas station convenience store just happened to be his interpreter, since he was a frequent customer there. He repaired her car (it was a loose steering belt) and charged her only $40.00. She also mentioned to me that she was initially going to stop at another gas station that was closer but it just didn’t feel right.

      So vis a vis our concern for others and having to take care of them emotionally or physically….we can take a deep breath and know that they are just fine. As we let ourselves off the hook, it’s amazing what resources come to their service.💚

  14. Oh my goodness you guys theres so many gold nuggets of wisdom here i hardly know where to start. Sweet pea when u said “…untangling from who i no longer have to be…” –that was so profound for me because that is it exactly. And everything you said to holly about fear gets a big “meee too”. And hi holly! Glad you found our little group!
    Maria ive had this question burning in me for so long, and your experience with steve and some of the stuff we are all experiencing here with some very low energies…..well do you have any thoughts or insight into how it is that we can still even be in the same space or attracting such low vibrational stuff when supposedly this whole YEARS LONG process has been about raising our vibrations, and hi vibe and low vibe supposedly cant exist in or share the same space for very long –so for example how is it that a clearly hi vibe pioneer like yourself can have someone like steve, who must be vibrating so low to have acted in such a fashion–how can someone like that even be in our orbit let alone at the same table? Why are we still attracting or encountering this kind of thing at all? It seems to me we should be well past it, but i am also getting it wandering or sometimes barreling into my field too, and a lot of us have noticed a lot of low energy stuff pestering us relentlessly. I get that part of it is to continually make the choice to not give in to the fear and the minds machinations (wish it didnt come with all the stomach churning 😣), and its part of mastery–but im having a difficult time seeing progress when it just keeps coming and its hard to make sense of? I mean each time i feel a tiny bit stronger but overall im so worn down and exhausted i dont know if i can keep up. Your experience with steve seemed to bring it into stark relief and is such an extreme example of my confusion. How can we still even be in the same space as energy that low? Id love to hear your thoughts on this. Im certainly experiencing the same thing on a less extreme level.
    And there is still so much of the caretaking to box up and let go of –just when i think ive emptied the room i go back in and there’s more to move out. I thought i had gotten pretty good at it but now there are people very dear to me experiencing heavy challenges, and i feel the need to detach from that too. Similar to your story about your friends car trouble. Im feeling a bit overwhelmed by the realizing of how much further i need to go, and am so tired already & so much in need of something to boost morale so to speak–something great to happen to keep me going ya know?? I know we are all MORE than ready for some good times!!!!

    • oh gosh Elila, what you describe with the lower vibrating stuff… that’s perfectly the kinda energetic yuck that’s beat me up all kinds of ways the past 3-4 years. stuff i know in my heart i’ve long grown past, and lower vibration things i passionately want no sort to do with, repeatedly coming back around to bully me, or at least annoyingly linger in my awareness enough to make my soul feel so yucky and uninspired 😦 i’m totally with you in that space of wondering how and why it’s still so present?

      for the first 2 years of this stuff i was wide open to the “reasons” and the “lessons” in all of it, genuinely so so open to how i could grow and become better from it. i tended to hold onto that quote… “nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know”… but now??? i think that quote is baloney haha… this kinda stuff has not only not gone away, but it’s wore out it’s welcome many times over long passed the lessons learned lol. and i promise it’s not me being stubborn to growth, it’s that the same things coming back have truly stopped growing me, and it’s so much energy my soul can just no longer tolerate :(.

      i feel like i’ve been held back so much in this place of overcoming things i don’t want and letting go of who i don’t want to be, that i can’t ever get to a place to even start dreaming for things i do want, and becoming who i do want to be :\ so how do we ever shift to becoming better and shining brighter when we’re still so tangled up by energy that dims our light?

    • Elila, you raise such a great question. And the answer is not necessarily simple, but I’ll weigh in with my perceptions and experience:. While yes, we are advanced souls, and we are much further along in our consciousness than the rest of the planet… other words, we have so much more awareness, yet we are still operating on old patterns, and there is still a crapload of stuff we inherited that has nothing to do with who we are. Both physically and emotionally!

      But having said that, we are also on the fast track to embodied enlightenment. Yeah, i know, it feels like the slow track, the snail track. But from the perspective of us being here on the planet for eons of time, and this being THE lifetime for our integration, we are literally rebirthing ourselves in this one lifetime that would normally take many many lifetimes to achieve.

      The ascension is much easier when we don’t choose to stay here in these bodies that are transforming. But we chose to stay and be the masters for awhile before leaving the planet. And of course the option to leave is always available to us. And we dont need to come back again in a body that is subject to so much contamination. I will be posting on those other options soon.

      So we said we wanted to come here and be part of this unprecedented transformation. We were warned we would forget who we were in this dense environment. But being a team of experts in energy transformation, we had the confidence. And all the signposts are there to remind us of exactly that. The channelled messages, the info we resonate with….and what i sense is happening is that as we get those aha moments they expand exponentially and they come more and more frequently, we trust more, and at a point our soul kind of takes over more or less and we are no longer attracting certain people or situations anymore.

      Speaking for myself, the last two years i have let go of a lot and have allowed more of my soul in than i have in lifetimes. And people like Steve are no longer part of my experience. Its so easy to forget who we are. But it gets easier as we allow our divinity more say in our life.

      I so understand your fatigue! There are times i wish i could just be in my lightbody and get off this dense planet, it does feel like geeze how much more???!!!!????

      But Remind yourself of how far you have come. Are you the same person you were ten hears ago? Five years ago? Even last year?

      I love being part of this team!🙌💕💗

      • thanks Maria… that higher perspective of it all is so hard to keep a sense of, i need to be reminded of over and over and over lol. and yes so true that i’m not the same person even from 6 months ago.. it think the hard part is that every new me that unfolds still feels so far from the me i want to be :\

        yes this hits the spot for what it all feels like for me…

        “we are still operating on old patterns, and there is still a crapload of stuff we inherited that has nothing to do with who we are.”

        i feel mentally, emotionally, and physically stuck in a bunch of habitual not-me-ness… so it feels perfectly right for me to figure that so much of it was never even mine in the first place. prolly why the only thing that seems to allow things to pass through anymore is just shrugging my shoulders and not attaching to any of it. :\

        and yes, the lessons are baloney haha 🙂 💜

      • haha it sure could 🙂

      • hahaha totally.

        maybe a bit of this too…

      • lol sorry, i just realized that could get a bit annoying on the page, feel free to delete it 🙂 we all already make that face to ourselves many times over enough im sure haha 💜

  15. I just feel compelled to write down sth. considering manifestations that recently happened to me.
    It sounds like a little thing but I still found it pleasant.
    For the past week I have been thinking about buying some proper hair mask, because my hair tends to be quite dry. It was in the back of my head but I kept thinking how I can’t be bothered to go to the drugstore and browse through that massive amount of hair masks they have on offer. Nah, too much effort (gosh I sound lazy :P)
    Anyway, this morning when I was leaving the house, there was sth, stuck in my mail slot. And what was it? Yes a sample of a hair mask, a really big one. hahahaha
    So the universe did take care of it! I hope it’s good.

    • Kat, i love your story and its so interesting that there seems to be more and more of this occurring lately. And remember, a skeptic would say, aw, thats just a coincidence! But we know better!

      • Yeah we definitely do know better!
        I never received samples in my post before, ever. If that was a reoccuring thing I wouldn’t be that baffled, but it was the first time.
        I also love these little things, that give me the confirmation that the universe is looking out for me. Makes my heart smile 🙂

  16. Count me in for another shrug and giant eye roll!!! Ugh! Lessons??? Bah. Outdated nonsense. And “spiritual growth” –ive had it up to here!!!! The only thing growing now is my appetite and my ass. Im so over all this crap! Maria thank you for taking the time and putting your energy into a response. I do keep forgetting that so much of what we are enduring actually has nothing to do with us and is ancestral or having to do with mass consciousness or whatever. Your perception that the aha moments come and then expand exponentially–that bit hit me square and made a lot of sense. So maybe we are nearing the end part of this excruciating process and thats why some stuff is coming fast & hard & repeatedly? Hopefully? I dont even know if i dare believe that there *could* ever finally be an end to all this torment, and that we could actually begin living our heaven on earth–even a little bit would be so very very welcome! It seems its been going on forever, and has become my norm. And im so unspeakably worn out. My body seems to be falling apart, not thriving. My life is barely balancing in the absolute bare minimum realm. I dont recognize myself in the mirror. When does it start turning around? Ive all but lost hope of finding an oasis in this desert. Thank god for all of you here!! Id be completely spent without you. “Geeze, how much more?” –EXAAAAAACTLY!!!

    PS–i do also notice that fear seems to rarely visit anymore, and when it does poke in, its fairly short lived. I can actually tell that its on its way out. Whether or not i survive long enough to enjoy its absence remains to be seen! LOL

    PSS also maria your mention of an upcoming post subject has me intrigued…. 🤓

    • Elila, I totally get what you are saying. I have said it myself: “WTF!!! This is ridiculous!!I I wouldn’t wish this on my worst enemy!!! This discomfort is downright abusive!!!! I’ve had it. Enough is enough”…and that’s cleaning up the language considerably!

      And it’s significant that you are not feeling that fear so much, not identifying with it.

      I wanted to add too that the discomfort we are feeling,especially as WOMEN, especially physically, despite the love we have been giving ourselves, that seems to continue and even get worse….has so much to do with our history (EONS) as women enduring pain (an example is childbirth)….that enduring pain for humanity was seen as such a virtue. taking on their discomfort. It became such a deep part of our consciousness. So, even though we are allowing more and more of the self love, and even though the pain and suffering are not our issue, there is still that part of us that holds onto the pain. We as women are still afraid that if we show up as free to be a self-loving sensual woman we will not be received well by the rest of our fellow human beings. Because the freedom we want is not a freedom that hides itself…it’s not afraid to say, ‘fuck you’ to the rest of humanity. It requires a detaching from humanity. Even to the people close to us. Not necessarily leaving them but detaching from our old roles.

      So it’s all about walking away from the pain. And trusting that we can now feel safe as women on this planet to express who we are without being misunderstood. I mean really really expressing our sensuality through our bodies. Or any other way we want to express it. Allowing our soul to express through us. THIS IS BIG!!! There are really few role models and we are the first to go through this birthing into the sovereign women. So it’s the part that is needing to be let go of…the pain and suffering. As you look around to other women, do you notice that they are not truly free? Do you notice that they too carry a degree of pain and suffering? No matter what job they have or whether they are married or single or poor or rich. Not that men are not suffering in their own way, but do you notice that women allow themselves to hold that pain for others? No matter how liberated they may consider themselves? Does that make sense? This is not ours, this pain…it’s connected to our history on the planet, but there is still that part of us that holds onto it.

      it takes a brave soul to be a woman on the planet, considering the history of how she has been perceived and treated.

      And i wonder myself at times, will I really want to be here much longer if this body doesn’t catch up with my heart? Maybe not. It was never intended that we must endure the discomforts for what feels like eternity!! But then I realize that even if I decide to leave, I have been a blessing to the planet as have you and those others who are on the forefront….they are damned lucky we are here!

      And meanwhile I thank you for being such an important part of this amazing little group.💚

  17. Oh also i wanted to say hi to donnaljester –what you said here

    “… I am finally growing out of my own awkwardness around others and feeling responsible for anything that goes wrong….”

    This got a big out loud “YES!” from me! All my life feeling that whatever is going awry must somehow be my fault. And i can tell that THAT is on its way out too. Hallelujah! You stated it perfectly so thank you for the clarity 😊💙

  18. Boy I sure did ENJOY the HUMOR Maria and Sweet Pea!!!!
    Hey, would everyone be willing to share where they are from!? I find it so fascinating that we can be so far a part and feel so very close!!
    I am from Riner, Virginia 🙂

  19. Hi Maria and Everyone, Just want to say a huge thank you to everyone for expressing your pain, fears and pissed offness. I’m 60, have been doing this ‘work’ for a lifetime and have fallen into a depression. Being in this place at this late date has made me wonder if ‘I’m doing it wrong’. Reading your words that express my experiences are helping me to not feel so alone in all this. I had different expectations as to the speed of progress but I can accept the way it is playing out. While drinking my coffee this morning and crying, my inner light peaked out (haven’t felt her much lately) and I felt her unconditional love for me. She said, ‘You are now noticing that regardless of the density you’re experiencing that there’s always been a light, at least one, to guide you, and you have always chosen to move towards that light. I am so proud of you.’ More tears, but these are happy ones. Right now people, you group of Angels willing to go through all this are my window of light. Huge thank you! Sincerely, Holly

    • Holly
      Your insights and wisdom are beautiful!

      60, eh! Aw you’re still a young whippersnapper!!! Many on the leading edge are ‘older.’. Baby boomers as we are called. But in ascension years you are just past adolesscence!!! What you’re doing in this lifetime would normally take many lifetimes to achieve.

      I am in human years 66, and that number feels surreal to me. I mean, what is the significance of that number other than to use it to be hard on ourselves?

      And as we now know, what anyone else thinks is none of our business, because as enlightened women we could give a crap about what the rest of humanity thinks, because lets face it, their perception of women is about the level of an adolescent.

      And i understand about having different expectations on the speed of progress…i think we all did. But we especially as women have so much in our history that is still working its way out of our bodies and our lives!

      And i am proud of you too! You are awakening to your true self. And will be a great teacher for others who follow!

  20. Lol lol…
    Oooooooh yes Maria-i too had to tidy up my language significantly! (This stuff DOES feel abusive doesnt it?) Frustration can sometimes breed a wicked potty mouth 🙄. . .
    After i wrote that about the fear, i thought to myself only half jokingly that perhaps it just seems the fear is leaving because the apathy has taken over lol.
    You bring up so many good points. Yes i do notice women holding pain and suffering all around me, not really free, i’m simply shocked that it appears im still one of them after all i have purged, released, and flat out lost? Does it ever end or get better? Is there a point to all this suffering? I know there is, but wow it is sometimes very hard to see! And to remember a higher perspective (i found a coopers hawk tail feather today to again remind me of higher perspective–what a coincidence huh? 😉).
    I often have the same thought as you–that if this body doesnt catch up to my heart …..oh dear. How am i supposed to ever be able to feel sensual again, let alone EXPRESS it, in this tired oh so heavy body that feels 150 years old and always hurts and is so distorted i dont recognize myself? Just four short years ago i was slender and fit and vibrantly healthy and reasonably youthful-ish. Thats all gone, despite me still staying with my very healthy diet, lifestyle, and daily exercise. It seems impossible but there it is in the mirror!
    Sometimes its all so confusing. Ok most of the time its confusing lol. You, Maria, and our little family here–you’re such an enourmous blessing and treasured comrade(s). I cant imagine what it would be like to experience these shocking anomalies and not have ANYONE to recognize the familiarity with! Or to laugh about it all with LOL! Yikes. So glad for you Maria, your insight, and the effort you put in to maintaining this life saving space where we can all huddle together until the storm calms. 💜💕💜

    Oh and Holly–i know just what you mean!! I never thought id find myself in this state at this late date in my life, and it has made me feel often that i must be doing it all wrong. I also agree with Maria in that the numbers dont mean diddley! But i AM feeling the impatience to get to a point of being able to fall in love w life before im too old, frail, and worn the heck out to enjoy it!! 😜

    PS hugs back annette!

  21. PPS –“Ascension”, and all its carrot-at-the-end-of-a-stick-ness & discomfort is the story i want to give up now!

    • Wow Elila, did you notice the time stamps from your last two comments? One was 3:33 and this one was 4:44.

    • Hi Elila, Love your PPS – “Ascension”, and all its carrot-at-the-end-of-a-stick & discomfort is the story I want to give up now!

      I hit that just within the last couple months. I realized I made it to a new paradigm and I’m choosing to re-enter humanity and experience health and happiness now. Not that there’s a stopping place but there WAS a demarcation where life is good again and it’s not possible for me to go back below that line. My health is back on line (and I was down to zero for about 5 years, had to get on disability), my ‘ascension weight’ is melting off rapidly (I’m eyeing my old bikini with glee) and I’m re-entering life and humanity and finding ways to connect, where our commonalities are. I find the old paradigm principle is still a good one to follow; don’t discuss politics and religion with people; just too heated an area (and this includes metaphysics until I get that we’re on the same page). I am so happy for the internet for helping me to navigate this journey when no one in my area was experiencing it but I really need flesh and blood friends in my life. It’s essential for me personally. Except for this site which I’ve been divinely guided to I no longer resonate with the past sites I used to love. After being ‘holed up’ for 6 years it’s delightful to step outside again, and find I like it out there.

      We must be in a similar place because as I read comments that I’m resonating with, I look at the name and it’s yours.

      Cheers to health and happiness here and now!

      • Holly,
        One MILLION times, THANK YOU. Your comment here means more to me than i can express. For literally YEARS i have been searching the net, asking questions, googling like mad, desperately trying to find even ONE PERSON who could tell me what you just have–not that it “will” turn around –but that it HAS. That life feels good again. That your body feels good again. That you want to go “out there” again. I knew somehow all these years that if i could just find that one person, it would open the door for more, and that includes me, and that once i could verify that it happened for SOMEONE, that it would only be a short matter of time for me to get there too. The relief i feel at finally seeing these words is enormous!! If i weren’t so exhausted (and headachey) id probably weep! When i got to the part where you said we must be in a similar place–it was Like confirmation of what id thought all along. I too have been holed up, unemployed, enduring crap health and discomfort, for about as long as you mentioned. Before this phase of ascension (because for me its also been a lifetime i think but it REALLY kicked into high gear around 2000), i wore bikinis every single day living in FL near the beach. Now im in the cold north with 30some extra pounds and my bikinis have dry-rotted from neglect. As soon as the ascension weight melts off i am treating myself to a brand new one!!!! And im so glad to know now for sure that it IS possible that i will regain great health, enjoy life, and wear the heck out of my bikini!!!!
        Thank you so much Holly for sharing this with me, and all of us here, because im prettttttttty sure im not the only one reading it & feeling the relief (it really doesn’t go on forever!!??!) and promise in your account!!!! Hurray!!!!!

        PS–i too was divinely guided to this site, and have not resonated with or visited any of the other sites i used to love for a few years now. You all are my PEOPLE!!
        CHEERS indeed for happiness and health HERE & NOW!!!!

        • Dear Elila,

          We each have to find what works for us by going within for answers but I’ll share that for me the weight only began coming off when I switched to a ketogentic diet. There are some of us that have bodies and brains that run more efficiently on ketones rather than glucose. We’re in a minority I think. Even though doctors couldn’t help me thru the years of transformation I kept track of the info I was given. One was that for some reason my body does not metabolize carbs well at all. The low carb high fat diet (keto) FOR ME was like cleaning off dirty eyeglasses. I can think and see and feel more clearly and with ease, and the weight is melting off fast even though my calorie intake is high. The only other ‘miracle’ for me was taking sam-e every day. Methionine is cheaper and does the same thing. It’s the precursor to sam-e so the body can turn methionine into sam-e. It’s much cheaper than sam-e but can initially take a little longer to kick in than sam-e. It’s OTC pill and is sold at any drug store, grocery store, wal-mart etc. You can buy it super cheap on-line at Vitacost. After years of pain, it only took 2 weeks for me to feel it was helping. It cleared up, for me, depression, severe joint pain (arthritis, carpal tunnel, bursitis, bone spur pain) phantom back pain (I’d go the ER crying in pain and they couldn’t find the source), fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome and more.

          I’m so hesitant because I don’t want to get your hopes up. But because they gave me a way out of the pain I’ll mention them here and you can try or not try them. I began sam-e/methionine about 10 months ago and still take it though at a lower dose. The keto diet I had to play with before I realized I must live on it. That knowledge took me a good 8 months because my body would crave sugar and carbs even though my body doesn’t do well with them.

          So much love and compassion for you, Holly

  22. Oh my gosh!!! I did notice the 3:33 last night but not the 4:44 today….hmmmmm….interesting huh!?!

    • Yeah what up Elila??? Maybe your angels are sending you code. I see 11:11 2:22 and 3:33 frequently . Not sure of the significance.

      • I have started seeing double numbers all the time at the beginning of my Ascension process in 2002, shortly after my mum had her first stroke and when it was really intense and painful with my twin flame. that was in 2007/2008/2009 though
        I have stopped seeing it for a while but lately it showed up again with me seeing 11:11 on clocks etc.
        I also wonder what it means this time. Maybe that we are on the right path?

      • hey Kat so so much the same thing for me too!… i used to get all kinds of the double/triple/quadruple number signs – especially 11:11’s – evvvverywhere when this whole ascension stuff first hit me… was 2010-2013 for me, and like you mention they were big for me too during the whole twin flame mess about :\ prolly wouldn’t have survived that tough go without the number signs lol. i got them all the time in such needed and perfect moments those few years. then the past 2 years-ish they’ve faded almost to full gone 😦 along with most of my other sense of guidance gone quiet in the past 2 years too… the instinct feelings, the guiding dreams, the meditations, the guardian angel messages, in general most all the magical connection to “something guiding me”… it’s all kinda just gone quiet.

        but yup me too Kat & Maria, i too have gotten a bit of a sense that the guidance is coming back ’round a bit! suddenly the past few weeks the numbers have started again. the 11:11’s have been popping up, some 333’s, and a bit of 777’s for me too. i’ve also had a few of the “psychic instinct moments” coming back…. like today watching my favorite baseball team, 3 separate times batters came up and each time i had the certain knowing “he’s gonna hit a 2 run homer here”… all three times they did lol. that’s just a bit unreal for it to happen all 3 times in the first place, but for me to know in my gut with certain confidence that it would happen ahead of time all 3 times… a tad bit hard not to think somethin’ of it 🙂

        i’ve read so much the idea that as we come more into our own, the “signs” fade because we’re meant to be less dependent on external sources of knowing, like guardian angels or guides… but without those sorta “magic signs” i don’t feel more self-sufficient in my own magic :\, i just feel disconnected from any kinda magic at all. i genuinely feel so much more connected to my own soul when i feel those higher guidance connections, so i hope they are coming around again. 💜 💜 💜

        • Hey sweet pea
          I agree that we are relying more and more on our own soul’s wisdom and inspiration. And I feel it is just taking some practice because it’s a new relationship, like any other relationship it takes some time to get to know your new ‘partner’ who has been there but more in the ‘wings.’ I just love your wisdom. 💜

      • haha… so funny cause it is a bit of a weird thing i’ve had the tendency for even since whenever i was a kid. i’ve never put it to use with any betting though lol 🙂 i’ve mostly just weirded friends out over the years by “calling” big moments in games and everyone in the room giving me high fives haha.

      • oh my gosh Maria YES. i always have been able to. so strange you asked cause i’ve never shared this with anyone… one big place it’s been all kinds of present is that i can read how people are in their personal relationships. the best way i can speak it is that i get very strong energetic senses of things like behavior patterns, intentions, underlying reasons for their behavior, or just in general the energetic truth about someone in their personal relationships.

        i don’t psychically see specific details of things, but i get super clear “energetic profiles” is best how i can speak it i guess? like say i just meet a couple for the first time, after just a few minutes of being in their energy i’ll just really clearly know things like… “he cheats on her and is manipulative” or “she wants to get pregnant to trap him in the relationship” or “he is using this girl to make an someone jealous” lol… it’s so weird! it’s not anything based on fact or reason, it’s like i just get a strong sense of people’s personal relationship energy. it happens all the time where things i sense about people when i first meet them end up playing out in actual events later on. it’s honestly so strong for me that i always assume it’s something obvious and that everyone else is sensing the exact same things as me, so i end up super confused when other people don’t have the same sense of things, and a lot of times i tend to figure i’m just projecting my own stuff onto them… then when the actual events play out… ya know the couple breaks up because he WAS having an affair, or it comes out that she got pregnant behind his back, i’m just kinda like duh! i knew this would happen like a year ago lol. it’s not just couples either, like say with a mother and her child, i get a super strong sense of their dynamic and can read into why she does the things she does.

        the good part of it is that i have such strong instincts about people i allow into my space, again i don’t psychically know specific details, but i will fully sense when someone is lying or when their intentions aren’t good or i’ll be able to tune into all they’re underlying reasons for things they’re doing. i’ve removed quite a few people from my space before i necessarily know for certain they’ve done something harmful, and find out later i was perfectly right.

        the hard part is that i take on sooooo much energy of other people’s relationships that has nothing at all to do with me :\. i don’t ever act on what i sense or even tell anyone else what i’m feeling, but what i do is i internalize the energy and go through all kinds of feelings about it. i end up feeling this burden to sort things that just aren’t mine to sort. it’s soooo exhausting haha. it’s something i’ve been trying to get a figure on cause carrying all that external relationship energy is the biggest barrier to me embodying my own soul energy.

        sorry for the amble about, i’ve just never really thought all that out loud before lol :\

        • No worries sweet pea..thank you for sharing that. It is amazing and yes, can be totally depleting. Can I ask, is it necessary to take on their emotions, or whatever in order to be able to feel into their stuff? I don’t know how the whole thing works. I can’t do what you are describing, but I do have a sense of how someone is feeling in the moment I am connecting with them, and now I have to ask myself, am I then taking on their emotions. Yes, I believe so, because sometimes I’ll spend some time with someone, come back home, and I’ll start to feel stuff, whether it’s anger, sadness, a yearning to reconnect with them (that last one happened when I was romantically involved with someone) but it turns out that was not my desire, but theirs!!
          So this is significant. You are right. We are, especially as women, needing to let go of holding energies for others. Otherwise we can’t go into our enlightenment and our joy.

      • oh my gosh Maria, so good a question! i just realized from what you shared that it happens quite a bit differently for me depending if it’s someone i have a close personal relationship with rather than when it happens with people i’m not super emotionally close to or have just met.

        when it’s people i’ve just met or am not so personal with, i think the way to describe it is that i tend to take on more of a mental knowing-ness of the energy rather than so much feeling what they’re feeling emotionally. i still feel like a 3rd party observer to whatever i’m sensing, so i don’t take on the feelings like the sadness or anger etc., but what i do take on is this overwhelming responsibility for whatever i sense. like i feel responsible to analyze it or process it or solve it internally… almost like i’m being asked to be energetic family counselor or something haha…it’s so exhausting, it’s not my stuff! most humans are all kinds of dysfunctional in their personal relationships so it’s not like i’m tuning into good stuff! it always seems to be people’s “issues” that i pick up on lol :(.

        but what you describe with feeling the actual emotions, yes that’s perfectly how i feel it when it’s someone i have a personal relationship with. so the closer i am to someone, there’s a lot less of the mental knowing-ness of things, but a lot stronger of the feeling what they’re feeling. and yup just like you share it, since i’m close to them and feeling the actual emotions of it, it’s much harder to sort if it’s mine or theirs. i still get a strong knowing-ness of the intentions behind what i’m feeling from them, it’s just not so mentally clear, and much mushier sense of it. and the closer i am to them, that responsibility to process it or solve it internally is so so much heavier :(.

        so i think the best way to speak it is that if i have a heart connection with someone, i sense the energy with the heart and the emotions are there, and if i don’t have that close connection, i sense it more with the head but the emotions not so much.

        • Sweet pea
          It’s an interesting dynamic, this processing of issues and energies for others. It seems to be a common occurrence among not only empaths but those who have been on the spiritual path, especially women. This taking on others’ issues as if they are ours, and like you say, the closer we feel to them, the harder it is to know where they end and we begin. So thank goodness we are in the process of releasing that role, since it’s not healthy for anyone concerned!

          I’ve heard it described as “taking on the wounded hearts of humanity.” in service to them. And the one who described it that way also said it’s time for women to stop doing that. Our new service is to be so ‘selfish’ as to fall in love with ourselves. Even if that means disconnecting from others, and from humanity.

          And as you say, even with strangers, even though you don’t take on their feelings, you are still feeling responsible to process their stuff. It’s such an interesting time we are in right now, talking about this, and having the awareness. It feels like such a profound place we find ourselves in, a kind of crossroads. We now have the choice to release these roles for good. To walk into our freedom as women. We are making history for sure.

      • yes Maria perfectly said! it holds everyone back, and it’s time to stop doing it. i think for a long time the energetically burdened have been waiting for the burdeners to stop passing the burdens on for us to stop accepting them, but now we understand that we’ve got to just stop accepting no matter… and that it’s the best thing for everyone. i’m just barely in the phase of becoming aware of it, and that’s been powerful all by itself, so to actually become free of it will be amazing. 💜 💜 💜

        • Exactly sweet pea! We are in the awareness phase and as you say, “that’s been powerful all by itself…” The awareness that most of the stuff we are feeling that doesn’t feel uplifting isn’t even ours, and that we are not required to do this anymore. So when those emotions and thoughts parade into our energy, it’s so much easier to dismiss them or at least to turn the dial on that station way down. And at the same time, not be hard on ourselves as we fall back into that pattern, after all it’s been that way for eons of time. And to remember we have the backing of our Divine Self, and our soul, who really doesn’t give a crap about what the rest of humanity is doing or thinking. It’s not into suffering or playing victim!💜

  23. I see the master numbers all the time too. Just a little bit ago i happened to look at clock and it was 12:34. It happens pretty frequently and i always sort of loosley associate it with alignment and everything being in order? Its become kind of soothing–perhaps thats the point? I dont really know!

  24. wow i just noticed a message i sent earlier today to a friend has the 12:34 time stamp! Guess im on a roll today LOL. 😜

    Kat i have had that same “on the right path” perception too.

    I think today it must mean
    “Maria is back with us and all is well!”

  25. I just had an online chat conversation with and check out the time stamp:

    gotta love it!!!

  26. Yesssssssss!!! We’ll take all the alignment (& evidence of it) that we can get!!!! We are on the MOVE!

  27. Oops–i thought that first one had disappeared…my bad lol

  28. Aaaaaaah! Look at time stamp for me when i posted that!!!!!
    Oh poo i cant get the picture to paste–but it said 4:44!!!!

  29. Sweet pea,

    I also think I wouldn’t have survived without the numbers (11:11, 12:34, 333, 222, 777, and many more) and the constant signs during the Twin Flame period. I remember being so devastated one day, sobbing and crying my eyes out, because it all hurt so damn much, that I thought I coudn’t take it anymore, when suddenly some white smoke/fog appeared in my living room (it couldn’t have been cigarette smoke or anything else, it was much more solid) and it kinda started getting formed into a shape. I knew it was my Guardian Angel. It was just short, I think he just wanted to show me I am not alone and all is good, and he was gone the moment after.
    The numbers and signs dispappeared the past couple of years, almost unnoticed and I didn’t really missed them, I guess it’s because I didn’t need them.
    They have come back lately but they don’t have the same effect on me like they used to. While back then I needed them like someone dying with thirst needs water, these days I notice them but they don’t trigger such a strong emotioal response like they used to. I am almost nonchalant about them.
    Oh and the psychic instinct moments are familiar, too. Wish I was psychic enough to predict the lottery numbers haha

  30. Sweet pea,

    “i don’t psychically see specific details of things, but i get super clear “energetic profiles” ”

    That is so me, that has been me since childhood. I was always able to read people and I have a good instict about who I am letting into my life and who not. That’s why I rarely have drama with people actually, because I don’t even let people in who would cause sh***t and who are good for me ( well the older and more secure I myself I got the better I managed that).

    “it’s honestly so strong for me that i always assume it’s something obvious and that everyone else is sensing the exact same things as me, so i end up super confused when other people don’t have the same sense of things,”

    YES YES YES!!! I always thought that, too! My friends realised that my “predicitions” or my personality descriptions were so accurate at first glance, that they started asking me whether or not they should date a certain person and what I thought they were about.
    And what always boggled my mind was when someone, who was so obviously fake (fake friendly, but actually mean inside) could deceive so many people. How did people not notice, that that was all an act and that the energy underneath is not right? That was a big part of me not being able nor wanting to fit in anywhere, because most people just were not on the same “psychic” level and didn’t see stuff/feel stuff like that.

    • lol Kat meeee tooo…

      “…They have come back lately but they don’t have the same effect on me like they used to. While back then I needed them like someone dying with thirst needs water, these days I notice them but they don’t trigger such a strong emotioal response like they used to. I am almost nonchalant about them….”

      yes back then they were like air so i could breathe. i’ve only barely been seeing them again but same here in that this time round it’s just a small notice of them. maybe the difference in how we feel the numbers is a reflection of becoming more whole… where we used to so desperately need them cause we were so broken, the more we trust ourselves on our own, we feel them more as a “hey there, you’re doing good, keep going”. just a lil’ reminder we’re not alone and there is something magical beyond all this.

      and with the “energetic profiling”… so weird that it’s not just what everyone does right?? haha. just always having that super strong sense of people’s energy and intentions i never realized it was anything but what just happens for everyone :\ i do want to get a better figure on it to where i can have that strong instinct of people, without having to take on their energy :(. baby steps 💜

      • ” i do want to get a better figure on it to where i can have that strong instinct of people, without having to take on their energy😦. baby steps 💜”

        I m sure you can. I have been thinking whether I take on people’s energies when I read them and I concluded that I don’t. I think I have for a while though, that was when even people I didn’t know came up to me and told me their problems. I unkowingly took on their emotions then, but I grew some boundaries, so that their emotional state doesn’t drain me anymore and I don’t attract people like that anymore either.
        I’m sure you’ll get there

  31. yup Kat boundaries 💜 it’s funny cause that word at face value implies the idea of “restriction”, but every time i hear that word i feel like i can breathe so free. the beautiful understanding everyone here seems to have for the freedom that comes through boundaries is one of the big things that makes this site home for me 💜💜💜

    • Yeah, freedom but self-preservation in the first place. We need to do that in order to keep sane.

      • yes completely 💜 self-preservation. i think we can even call it soul-preservation with how deeply important it feels 💜 💜 💜

        • This thing about sensing energies is interesting. Even though my brother and i are thousands of miles from each other geographically and even in terms of differing beliefs, we seem to have a soul connection. Years ago i scraped someones car as i pulled into a parking space. Later i found out at about the same time my brother had a mild stroke..and he just texted me now to tell me his doctor told him he has diabetes. Weirdly the past day or so i was concerned about me having diabetes. which seemed strange that i would worry about something like that! We have to wonder how much of what we are feeling is ours to begin with.

      • oh my gosh yes Maria on this…

        “We have to wonder how much of what we are feeling is ours to begin with.”

        i wonder alllll the time on the idea of just how much of “me” is truly me. it’s not just feelings and sensing things for me, i feel like it applies to my whole existence on this journey.

        i’m one of the people who has been hit all kinds of hard physically by ascension. and the way i have been hit has mostly been through infection and toxicity. lymes disease is the big “3d” diagnosis i got when i was still stumbling through conventional and holistic medicine, but on top of the lymes disease, it’s been all sorts of things like infections, viruses, parasites, heavy metals, fungus, and so on. after exhausting everything physical i could ever do for any of it, i see it all different now. i see it all as energy. basically just all sorts of things that to me are like physical manifestations of me taking on energy that isn’t mine, or energy that isn’t mine invading me, attacking me, draining me… and it’s all cellular, so it’s deep within my being to where i feel like it’s part of me, and i can’t just be purely 100% a being of my true energy.

        but yes even beyond the physical “ailments”, i feel the same way about most of my thoughts and just the general energy i habitually embody most of the time… that most of it just truly isn’t even “me”.

        the only thing that really has truly helped me in the physical realm is different forms of “detox”. and it seems a bit never ending, but it also feels that i’m detoxing my body in layers alongside a process of detoxing my mind and spirit. my whole ascension mess about feels basically like a process of letting go of everything i’m holding in me that isn’t ME. and i think for a lot of empaths, that type of thing prolly makes quite a bit of sense.

        • Yeah sweet pea…i hear that! Our awareness definitely helps us to navigate an otherwise overwhelming process…and the physical challenges can be the most difficult. Yes we understand that we have taken on issues that are not ours, and that as we integrate our divinity those imbalances will most like clear themselves up. But on a day by day basis of having to live with them it’s tough to say the least. How we feel affects our body, but at the same time how our body feels affects our joy and life is less joyful if we are physically uncomfortable, I don’t care how much awareness we have.

          You certainly have had your share of those it sounds like!

          In my own life I have had many physical conditions, while not life threatening have been debilitating. Some over time seemed to clear themselves up…like IBS, chronic fatigue and I have shed a lot of weight over the past couple of years without doing anything different diet-wise.

          I too tried the conventional and holistic approaches at first with little effect…I still have a couple of persistent physical conditions and at this point I try not to focus on them anymore. But I agree with you that we can help the body by sometimes doing a cleanse, or even some bodywork by someone who is balanced (We don’t need to absorb the emotional issues from our masseuse).

          oh and I notice I have had a lot of ‘itis’s Colitis, dermatitis, vaginitis, and an irritation of the bladder wall. Women tend to get these, with our history of repressing our anger.

          And that’s another thing, all the processing and Louise Hay’ing the crap out of them, it still doesn’t seem to do much. SO I conclude it’s just about allowing this process to do what it’s doing anyway…allowing the love from spirit into our bodies and our lives on a day-by-day basis as best as we can.

          Loving and nurturing our body can only benefit it while we are going through this major transformation..

      • awww beautiful rainbow! 💜💜💜💜

        and lol Maria on the “itis’s”

        and yes! this…

        “all the processing and Louise Hay’ing”

        haha so funny cause i did all kinds of louise-hay’ing for a long minute. and i used to seek out this herb and that supplement and this thing for this ailment and so on… but now i fell like i’ve basically simplified everything into what i describe above… physically, mentally, emotionally, whatever… it’s all just energy that isn’t mine, that i’m letting go of. and yes ” allowing this process to do what it’s doing anyway’ is really the only thing left for me to do. really all i do in terms of the physical stuff anymore is i kinda just nourish and cleanse as my body asks. i eat what i’m hungry for…and that truly makes me feel more nourished than restricting myself from things or eating something only for health reasons ever did… and i do some different cleansing things that just make me feel better… but it’s “pampering” type things like detox baths and saunas. the biiiiig difference is that i don’t chase the ailments anymore, or the “deep down reasons” behind them lol.

        but i guess i find comfort in the idea that all the things in my energy that feel “wrong” feel that way cause they aren’t mine. and i guess i see this whole journey, whether it’s physical stuff, or things i tune into mentally and emotionally… becoming myself is really just about allowing my truth to rise up from underneath all that energy that isn’t. and yup perfectly said Maria…

        “allowing the love from spirit into our bodies and our lives on a day-by-day basis as best as we can.”

        • Aaaahhh sweet pea…you have such a wisdom…a breath of fresh air for you say,

          and i guess i see this whole journey, whether it’s physical stuff, or things i tune into mentally and emotionally… becoming myself is really just about allowing my truth to rise up from underneath all that energy that isn’t.

          And it’s funny you talk about eating what you’re hungry for because that’s what I have been applying more and more. Eating something because we are told it’s ‘healthy’ never worked well for me. Yet having said that, I find I do feel better if I eat some kind of protein, especially in the morning, like eggs. Whether i have convinced myself that I feel better because of it, I just try to work with it.

          Whew, I tell you, it will be nice to have a body that doesn’t have to take so much time and attention…which BTW I have it on good authority that in the near future we will have a viable option for our soul in terms of the body that will be available.

          But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here….one thing at a time….😍

      • you know with the food stuff, i was actually a bit crazy about it when i first got “sick”. i went months without annnny sugar, i did all raw food, i did no processed food, i ate for my blood type even, and so on… and i think i just came to a place where restricting myself from things that were “bad”, or forcing myself to eat things that i “needed” but didn’t want, it wasn’t healing me because it just made me realllly sad! haha. i felt lifeless and i guess also like i was catering to the “sickness”? :\ the nourishment my body wants from food is in the energy of doing something loving and giving, and tuning in and honoring what my body is asking. and the more i honor cravings, the more i tend to naturally gravitate to a healthy balanced diet rather than having to force it on myself. like if i just eat the cupcake when i crave it, i’ll crave things like fresh veggies and fruit and healthy protein the rest of the week. and even some of the stuff i crave that’s “bad”, i can tell my body just needs it cause i feel my body balance when i eat it.

        but yes please to this….

        “…it will be nice to have a body that doesn’t have to take so much time and attention…”

        i so hope with everything in life we’re going in the direction of flow where can just do what feels good and just “be” 💜

        • Yea, I’m on board with everything you say about food and cravings…good point…that if we just feed ourselves LOVINGLY what we crave, the body will naturally crave other types of food to balance ITSELF out. Otherwise we’re just playing the deprivation game…and we know what happens when we deprive the little one inside us, don’t we? I think that’s what causes binge eating, the little kid gets pissed off for being deprived of treats…and then overcompensates by devouring an entire box of Oreos (I exaggerate for effect of course).
          and well-said:

          “the nourishment my body wants from food is in the energy of doing something loving and giving, and tuning in and honoring what my body is asking.”

          Now for some cheerios and milk…yum!!!

      • hahaha so funny!

        “the little kid gets pissed off for being deprived of treats…and then overcompensates by devouring an entire box of Oreos ”

        and totally true 🙂 💜

  32. Maria I am also familiar with things like that. Especially with family members there is usually a strong soul connection and we can sense stuff the other is going through. One extreme example would be the mother of Natasha Kampusch, the girl who was kidnapped and kept in a basement at her kindapper’s house for 8 years in Austria, but managed to escape in 2006, felt all along that her daughter was alive, even though the odds obviously seemed against it. Another mother felt that her abducted daughter was not alive anymore.

    • Wow Kat, good examples…it can be such a gift to be so tuned in, and as you say also to be discerning is important. It seems for me easier sometimes to read others energies than my own. Forest for the trees.

  33. Maria,

    ““the little kid gets pissed off for being deprived of treats…and then overcompensates by devouring an entire box of Oreos ””

    That is actually what I did as a kid. My mum always used to hide the sweets she bought somewhere, lock them up most of the times and I always managed to find the key and eat all the sweets because it was such a forbidden fruit. I also used food as a substitute for emotional care though I think.
    And sweet pea: everything you said about cravings and letting the body get what it wants and needs and not forcing anything on it, a big fat YES
    I always wondered how those people who restrict themselves and only eat really untasty food manage to do that for such a long time?

    • Kat, that’s FUNNY. i remember eating chocolates from one of thoise fancy drugstore boxes ,i think the were Schrafts, in the basement at home so mom wouldnt catch me in the act! And I agree, it was an emotional craving for the sweetness I felt was missing. I spent years eating sugar filled sweets. Usually while propped in front of our tv set! Fortunately i also had my creativity to turn to, in which i would spend hours drawing, painting and even writing. And i also spent time just in my imagination. I could entertain myself for hours just fantasizing this or that scenario. I feel like i lost that to a degree as i got older.

      • Maria, I swear I was thinking today that back when I was a child I could lose myself in my imaginations for such long periods of time. I could look at a painting (I especially loved paintings from medieval times that depicted a scene with loads of people in it) and make up stories about it, feel into it and bathe in those feelings. I remember having to go to church every Sunday and getting lost in the painting on the wall in front of me.
        Or I’d just imagine stuff out of the blue and indulge in it emotionally. These days however I feel that there is some inner power, some type of hastiness that prevents me from getting lost in my imaganiations that way, although I’m technically free to do that as I have no job. Weird, eh?

        • KAT, yea it’s true many of us here have ample time to indulge our imaginations…that art has been kind of conditioned out of us hasn’t it? Even to the point where we need something outside ourselves to get our imagination juices flowing. For me it seems to be in the media…I enjoy watching certain old tv shows or movies that have an esoteric edge to them…that go beyond the so called hard-bed reality. That help make that feeling of ‘anything is possible’ more real. That’s cool about the paintings you spoke of. I would sometimes imagine I was Joan of Arc or some kind of ‘anti-hero’ and I was usually a man in the fantasies.battling the enemy at my own peril. As I got older, the fantasies got more romantic in nature. But maybe now that we realize that we are not needing anything or anyone outside ourselves to feel fulfilled, the fantasies will take on a different feeling.

    • lol Kat i was one of those people for a long minute… and i was reallllly sad lol. im sure it was what my body needed at that time physically. i was super sick and i can figure it helped my body get a hold on things, but even so, emotionally it did make that dark place i was in feel quite a bit darker 😦 so so much limitation and so little joy. i do still eat really healthy in a sense of things like i eat mostly organic or all natural, i eat a lot of fresh food, i eat a ton of different fruits & veggies, i never eat fast food, i don’t drink soda… but, organic/all natural food is everywhere so it’s easy, i love fresh food so it’s what i want most days anyways, i don’t like fast food so no biggie to not have it(but if i did get a craving for it i’d go get some), and i’d rather have sweet tea than soda. but i do eat a lot things that im sure a nutritionist would hate, i eat what sounds good no matter what it is, and i don’t make myself eat things i don’t want. i just think for me the connection to my body i build by listening to it and that loving relationship i nurture it by honoring what it wants is what matters, no matter the actual food.

      and i feel like, not just with food, but the idea that things that feel good or decadent or really amazong are bad for us, and the things that are good for us are restrictive and limited… that’s old energy :\ i hope in my heart that who are becoming and the existence we are going to is where the things that make us feel amazing are the very things were meant to take in and passionately enjoy.

      • hey sweet pea,
        me, too. I mostly eat organic and healthy (I just had a home made chickpea Chan Masala mmmmh yumm) and I never eat fast food,except the odd meal, but that is usually organic stuff as well and no Mc Donald’s (though I do eat their ice cream once in 2 years or so). I do eat chocolate and sweets but I don’t exaggerate. So yeah it’s food that feels good to my body and my soul and that makes me feel good overall.
        Mmmmh revelling in the memory of the food I just had – the chickpea Chan Masala with greek yoghurt and some delicious Naan bread. Could eat it again now 😀

  34. Dear Maria,

    “I enjoy watching certain old tv shows or movies that have an esoteric edge to them…that go beyond the so called hard-bed reality.”

    Like Mary Poppins for example?

    ” But maybe now that we realize that we are not needing anything or anyone outside ourselves to feel fulfilled, the fantasies will take on a different feeling.”

    For me the times when I used to be able to get lost in my imaginations or just revel in the feeling of openness or magic of the present were the times when I had no trouble living in the present and most kids manage to do that, but most people lose that skill as they get older.
    I m slowly getting back to the point where I m living more and more in the moment, but with still some blockages in my system (that I wasn’t feeling as a child) it’s not the same thing of course.
    But the quality of life in the sense that life in general just feels better, has definitely improved and I m sure it will improve further for all of us.

    • KAT, absolutely! Being present in each moment is where we are going for sure! It’s interesting because i catch myself more wnd more when i get too ‘mental’ with things. I could be enjoying a meal or some coffee or taking in the essence of the balmy ocean air and its so sensual but then boom! Back to thinking about something and I’m out of my body. Makes me realize how mental we have been for soooooo long! I’m talking eons! But then when we’re trying to do life as just the human what choice did we have?

      But i find that its easier and easier to FEEL my soul in my body. And it just builds on itself over time.

      Well said that life just feels better.

      • “I could be enjoying a meal or some coffee or taking in the essence of the balmy ocean air and its so sensual but then boom! Back to thinking about something and I’m out of my body”

        I know , but I also became more aware of it. I noticed that I tend to surf the net while eating and that it takes away from the enjoyment of the food. I m not able to taste the food that well when Im focused on sth. else at the same time. I used to not be bothered with it in the past but I don’t like it anymore because the sensual act of eating good food needs to be enjoyed to the fullest and the internet can wait. I guess it’s a result of putting me first.
        We have come a long way Maria and we see it in these seemingly small things who are nevertheless a sign of growing self love.

        • Absolutely correctamundo my friend!! God IS in the little things for sure! And we can miss them if we’re not present. I am sure thats the first thing humans miss when they croak and find themselves on the other side:. They’re like, crap, i didnt even buy myself flowers! Or like, too much thinkin’ and not enough drinkin’.😊💕

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