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Cutting Out The Middle Man



Drawing by Maria Chambers ©2016

I’ve always considered myself a cutting edge artist and musician and my work pushes boundaries and some people are uncomfortable with that.  For the most part I have come to terms with that.  But when it comes to playing it safe I tend to still do that to a degree in my every day life.

I still default to my mind and its wanting to be in charge of things.  You know, those pesky things like paying bills and making dinner and trying to get an order for a new appliance right, navigating the highways and shopping, and trying to get my environment just right, etc.

And that goes for health issues.  And sometimes financial issues.

It’s exhausting.

And all too often, out of that sheer exhaustion, I stop, and take a deep breath and say, o.k. I give up!  I can’t do this anymore.  This is insanity!  This is not any FUN!  If this doesn’t change and soon I’m outta here!!!

I told you what I want, spirit, and how I want to feel and it’s just not working!  Its total B.S!!!  This is f*****g impossible!

Then I may or may not have a good cry.

Then I feel better.  But I’m even tired of having to put myself through all that drama to get there.  Now I find it interesting that it is possible to get to that place of feeling at peace, of just letting things be what they are, and of feeling spirit in my body, and allowing spirit to do the hard work for me.

It’s interesting that I thought I had to go through the very human efforting, trying, struggling and micromanaging first, in order to get to the same place I could get to without all that emotion and commotion.  All that pain and struggling.  All the Hawaii 5-0 swooping in to fix, rescue and entertain with endless shoot-outs and car chases!

It’s almost like without all the time and effort first, it won’t happen.

That’s o.k.  it’s changing.  Especially as I am allowing my soul to be more and more present in my body for longer and longer periods of time.  In spite of the physical challenges I may be experiencing.  And when I do it feels so amazing and my mind now has registered that it is possible and it is more trusting that there is another more expansive part of me that does exist and is wanting to be in my body with me here.  And now I no longer use the conditions or symptoms, physical or emotional or even environmental as a gauge for how much light I hold within me.  In fact I see that the more I open up to these crystalline energies the more they trigger those things in me that need to transmute in order for the light body and my soul and divinity to integrate with my own body.

So, nothing to fix, nothing to heal.  Just allowing this awesome presence into by body and my life.  So then why is it still hard to feel spirit more often?  Because we’ve been conditioned not to.

This small but aware group that I’m speaking to knows this.  Like everyone else, they feel the frustrations, the delays, the discomforts.  They too are at their wit’s end at times, wondering how much more.  Sometimes wondering if they somehow got genetically screwed and will never get to butterfly stage.  Especially relative to their physical body.  And that really pisses them off.

Because they know deep inside that they were born to be an ascended master and to enjoy spirit in their body in THIS lifetime, and that they are equipped to pull this off.

And they are.  They most certainly are.

They don’t really need to though.  They wanted to experience their enlightenment in physical form first.  But If they get to a point where they say, I’ve done everything I can as the human as far as allowing, but this body is just too slow in getting on board, they can leave this earthly environment knowing they ARE enlightened.  And they will take that wisdom with them.  And then if they decide to come back again they do not need to go through the old type of birthing process, and they will just want to have fun here.  Even if their stay is for shorter periods of time.

They know they are some of the first wavers.  They are not particularly looking for someone or something to fix or heal them.  They are no longer trying to fix or heal anyone else, not any other human or group or even mass consciousness.  The are past flowery, airy fairy words or concepts, not buying into crystals or rituals or portals or alien theories, or any other spiritual distractions.  They are pretty nitty-gritty, pretty independent of all that, not that it didnt have its place in the earlier stages of their awakening.

And because they are pretty focused on wanting more than anything this connection to their joy, which is what embodied enlightenment is all about, they will not settle for anything less.  Even if it means giving up the middle man.  Their story, their mind’s insistence that it be in charge.  And they are recognizing that yes, it’s ok to be where they are at, to accept their humanness.  To honor it.  It is what it is.

And they are also recognizing there is another part of them who is now integrating with that very human part.  Who wants more than anything to just be with them.  Just love them.  To take care of all their concerns in a highly refined and highly synchronistic way.  And if you ever doubt your divine self’s ability to create for you, go outside at night and look at the stars.  Look at the beauty of nature on this planet.

Your divinity is well equipped to create anything.

But this vanguard group of awakening humans I am addressing is not going to just take my word or anyone else’s for this truth.  They are going to experience it first-hand.  Because that’s the only way it works anyway.

copyright © 2016, Maria Chambers, All rights reserved. Please feel free to share this content with others, post on your blog, your Facebook page, etc, but maintain this article’s integrity by including the author and source website link: Maria Chambers at

Author: soulsoothinsounds

Our lives are like great paintings or great pieces of music. If we focus on all the technical 'imperfections' we will miss the true beauty of the work. We won't see, or rather, FEEL the essence and spirit of the masterpiece. I no longer identify myself as a writer, artist, or musician. Rather I express my divinity, and my humanity through the media of art, music and writing. I began this blog because I wanted to give voice to my experiences and insights, and I wrote for myself primarily. Eight years later, I am still writing for myself, and I am discovering that my experiences are not personal but universal - galactic even. And now I am more sure than ever that I am a new consciousness teacher, as each of you are. The way we teach is by going through the very human experiences, and as we ascend and shed our old selves, with love, and as we embody spirit in this lifetime, which we are all doing, we become the standards for others of the new divine human.

23 thoughts on “Cutting Out The Middle Man

  1. Aaah, thank you dear Maria. This felt like a great pep talk, a good old fashioned coach-in-the-locker-room-when-your-down-13-to-zip-at-halftime (did i just make a sports analogy?? How did THAT happen?? Lol) morale booster. We can do this. We WILL do this. We ARE doing this!! Its a total bite at times but we ARE moving towards what we long for. Maybe we should design some giant gaudy rings that we get to wear when we stumble through to the other side of this–Enlightenment Super Bowl rings LOL. Or perhaps tee shirts that read
    “I went ALL the way throught ascension and all i got was this bloody (yes thats real blood) tee shirt!”

    Love to you! 💜

  2. Reblogged this on Infinite Shift and commented:
    A great article from a First Wave…

  3. oh goodness Maria so much of this sums up me right now lol. the 3d “problems that need to be solved” have been reeeelentless lately 😦 unfortunately a bunch of em are the kind i can’t sneak around having to “solve”(like i have to fix my computer problems for my job, or i have to attend to certain physical issues), but i think the one thing i have felt myself starting to do is ask for help… like “pray”? in a sense. like literally just saying “i can’t sort this on my own, please guide me to a solution”. i don’t know who or what i’m asking for help from lol, but it at least takes me out of my head a bit and helps me loosen the grip on the pushy micro-manage-y efforting mode. and honestly each time i truly ask… the solution does come. maybe that little process i’m trying in itself is a baby step in transitioning from the habit of “fix-it” to allowing.

    but the “fix it mode” seems to pretty much be with physical world stuff for me anymore. when it comes to the big picture stuff, like the spirituality and this whole journey we’re on kinda stuff, i’ve been surrendering and allowing better than i ever have. mostly cause i’m too exhausted and my care cup is just empty anymore haha, but yes all the spiritual distractions i used to put so much energy into have just kinda fallen to the wayside for me… doesn’t seem much point to any of it anymore, but also too much trying to grasp and control something so beyond what i can grasp or control. i miss that stuff a tiny bit cause like you mention, i can’t feel spirit much anymore, and i feel so uninspired now. 😦

    this phase of integration is a bit of a weird place to be i guess? almost like we’ve grown stronger wings, but we’ve being given deeper roots at the same time…forces you to be even more present in a place your spirit has come to find more and more unbearable :\ …yup surrender and allow is all i got left. 💜💜💜

    • Yeah, sweet pea,
      I agree…the 3d problems HAVE felt relentless lately..Mine too were computer related for awhile and I thought it would go on endlessly…then the washing machine fiasco….and in between the physical bodily challenges….and I like your statement, “I can’t sort this on my own, please guide me to a solution.” because that’s where we are going, into that deeper trust that our own soul-self can and will guide us, no matter the issue or problem, nothing is too big or too small. And it’s not limited to just the spiritual aspects of our life but to the everyday, mundane stuff. Our soul wants to participate in that with us. Hard to believe isn’t it? We may ask, why would our grand ascended self want to be in THIS place with me? I mean I don’t even want to be in this place, of having to do this daily stuff, this day-to day living in the 3D world stuff.

      So we tend to push our divinity away and tend to it ourselves, as we always have. But what we’re noticing is that while that used to work o.k. in the past, it’s not working so well anymore. So it appears life is kicking our butt more and more. It’s like if we don’t allow more of our soul into our lives, in a real way, not just as a spiritual concept, life will be harder and harder on us.

      And I notice as I invite spirit in closer, I tend to not worry so much about the details, and I am led to more joyful experiences. Because you’re right, if we as the human personality don’t enjoy doing something, our soul isn’t either. It’s like we need to tend to that feeling of joy, making choices based on that more and more even in the face of not being ‘practical.’ You say,

      “surrender and allow is all I got left.”

      you said it sister!!💙

      • yes Maria this is perfectly how it feels when i’ve been trying that…

        “that’s where we are going, into that deeper trust that our own soul-self can and will guide us, no matter the issue or problem, nothing is too big or too small.”

        i was hesitant for using the word “pray” because it doesn’t feel like the same awkward bargaining game “prayer” was in my religious upbringing… more just deciding not to give it to my brain to tumble over, and instead just asking my inner knowing to guide me and trusting it to do so.

        and yes so so much to all of this….

        “…Our soul wants to participate in that with us…why would our grand ascended self want to be in THIS place with me? I mean I don’t even want to be in this place….It’s like if we don’t allow more of our soul into our lives, in a real way, not just as a spiritual concept, life will be harder and harder on us.”

        haha that’s soooo so me. and wow i guess i never thought about it quite like that… like i think i’ve figured all along that this place feels so awful cause my spirit can’t stand to be here, but what if this place feels so much worse because i’m resisting allowing my spirit to be here with me…. so the disconnection from my spirit makes it worse, not the allowing of it. 💙 💙 💙

        • sweet pea, you say:
          “haha that’s soooo so me. and wow i guess i never thought about it quite like that… like i think i’ve figured all along that this place feels so awful cause my spirit can’t stand to be here, but what if this place feels so much worse because i’m resisting allowing my spirit to be here with me…. so the disconnection from my spirit makes it worse, not the allowing of it.”

          And there’s the solution.

  4. Whoa! First of all you are amazing and I love you dearly!!!!! This is so timely, and such a perfect message for us ALL! WHAT AN AMAZING JOURNEY!!!! HANG N THERE SOJOUERS WE ARE ALMOST HOME!!!!!! 💞💗💞

  5. What the heck happened to my picture!? Weird 🙃

  6. I definitely feel “genetically screwed” and I really resonate with that part. I have so many twists and knots in my body that I’m not sure this is your “normal” “average” ascension, not that there is one but I’m just trying to get my point across if you get me. I’ve been literally physically unwrapping this energy for about 5 years now, and although it feels better over time the more I flow with it, it’s just so slow and it feels endless. I’m not sure if it’s down to the density of the planet, or whether my ego was just completely twisted unbeknown to me before awakening and I’m now experiencing the reflection that had on my body. I hope this made sense Maria, but it’s like trying to get blood out of a stone trying to find a teacher or someone out there who has experienced a similar type of awakening. Thank you so much for all of your guidance.

    • James
      From someone who has had her share of physical symotoms that seem to have gone beyond the typical ascension related ones and are labeled by the medical world as irreversible diseases, i have complete compassion for you!

      It truly does feel endless. I dont think any of us knew how this would play out. That being in carbon based bodies there would be such a delay in seeing our consciousness reflected back to us. There could be so many reasons for our particular symptoms, but mostly we have inherited through our bloodline so much of the attributes and proclivities, both physical and emotional. And yes some of it is from our own resistance to allowing spirit into our bodies. But all of that doesnt matter. What matters is you are opening to spirit and it will trigger all the stuff that has resisted that love and freedom. But it will also resolve all of those as you trust more and more in that love. It takes time considering we’ve been in duality since the beginning of time. but it need not go on endlessly!! And you have endless love and support so you are not going through this alone.

      No this embodied enlightenment is not for most because it does tear us apart. So if you’ve come this far you are truly a pioneer. 💕💕

  7. Thanks so much Maria for writing exactly how I’ve been feeling. Its like there’s this disconnected part of me (my spirt, soul) watching the human me go through the mechanizations telling me it doesn’t have to be this hard. I often cry when I’ve had enough, the momentum needs a place to release. Its such a duality! The energy is SO SO strong right now; I can feel my spirt; but on the other hand the human part of me goes off on a tangent. My spirit will observe and watch the human part of me and make observations, and when its over (whew!) I wonder why did I go there?! Being such an intense empath, I also get so effected by other’s energy, so there’s that to contend with also. Being alone is when I can center. Hope all this makes sense. I just wanted to thank you for expressing exactly how i’ve been feeling!

    • Sherry
      Your wisdom comes in and knows all is well. You are spot on about your soul telling you it doesn’t have to be this hard! And in its love for you, your soul won’t push or assert itself on you either. So it’s kind of a dance, human with divine, in which both are mutually loved and respected. And as far as picking up others energies, yes that’s challenging. And you’ve probably noticed that moving from your human to your soul’s perspective those emotions are irrelevant. And as a woman you are releasing the caretaking role which includes processing others’ energies for them. That’s a big one.

      Having the utmost compassion and acceptance for ourselves through this process is the key to transforming these very stuck energies! Thank you for your input. 💕💕

  8. ‘Your Divinity is well equipped to create anything.’ Yes, It Is. And You ARE 🙂 (From a fellow Mission Specialist of the Vanguard)

  9. Thank you ❤ you give me so much comfort

  10. I agree with james–maria gives so much comfort here
    Sending loads of gratitude energy

  11. I feel divine intervention has brought me to the reading of these words. They match me so perfectly and all my frustrations with this Ascension path and where I’m at right now. Its such a support to know there are others having the same angst and are still choosong to put one master foot in front of the other …even when somedays its pretty hard to do.

    Many thanks and lots of love my Lightworker commrade. May we persevere and fulfill our absolute embodied enlightment wishes in this lifetime.

    ~Melissa xo

    • Melissa, I agree it’s such a comfort to know we are not doing this alone. The closer we get to our freedom, sometimes the more resistance there is that needs to be transmuted. And we are in good hands. And many thanks to you, my fellow wayshower. I like your words, “May we persevere and fulfill our absolute embodied enlightenment wishes in this lifetime.” 💕💕💕

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