A Personal Note To Women


I have said this many times in many ways, but I feel it is important to remind you of who you are and where you are headed.  I’m addressing those women who are in the forefront of this transformation from carbon based to crystalline based beings.  As women especially, we are releasing so much in such a short period of time.  We are releasing our galactic story.  We are releasing our connection to our bloodline, our spiritual family (whether it’s the family of Michael, or another name, it doesn’t matter).  We are releasing mass consciousness.  We’re letting go of our care-taking roles, of holding energies and processing energies for others.  We are letting go of trying to make the male energy less angry.

If you allow yourself to feel into that, of what you are actually doing, it will help you to understand why it has been so difficult.  Even the feelings of boredom are an indication of letting go of so much, the feeling that the family drama is leaving, that the emotional drama is losing its edge.  And as you allow yourself to feel into it, you will also feel them trying to keep you tethered to a degree.  Some are cheering you on, and some want you to stay.  They don’t want you to leave the family dynamic, as dysfunctional as it was.

In fact, 3D reality is really not designed to allow the kind of independence we are moving into.

And on top of that, there is a part of us that may still want to stay tethered to all of that.  Like a little child who feels lost without its parents.  It’s why we may feel the joy of having our divine-self in our life more and more, but we still slip back into feeling sad or hopeless.  The latter feelings are what we inherited for the most part, from our bloodline, and also are what we have been feeling from humanity.  And, as women, we have been processing those emotions as our own.  So when we feel anything less than joy, it could be a way of staying connected to our family.

Can we honor that part of us that is not ready to let totally go?  Be o.k. with that little one who is scared and wants to feel safe.  Feeling pure joy is happening more and more for us, but there is a ‘safety’ in feeling less than joyful because it almost seems we are betraying our family and our gender if we allow our light to shine too brightly.

How many lifetimes have we spent playing those roles, living those stories?  In fact, as women we did not feel altogether safe to radiate our joy because it was often misunderstood and we were hurt and humiliated and even killed for it.  Our connection to spirit was tempered by living lifetimes as nuns in convents, where we allowed ourselves a limited expression of our god-selves.


This embodied enlightenment isn’t about just some nice feelings of love and sweetness.  It’s about allowing our eternal selves to live in our bodies and our hearts.  It’s a full-bodied experience.  It encompasses all of our physical senses.  It’s becoming engaged in life on a very sensual level.  And traditionally most people tend to separate sensuality and sexuality from spirituality.  Those for many have become polar opposites.  And you don’t have to look too far to see how some organized religions have created some major sexual imbalances as a result!

As women we were seen as less than ‘honorable’ if we expressed that sensuality.  We were not even necessarily interested in engaging sexually with any one, but were simply expressing our own sensual nature.  But we were treated in a disrespectful manner and were given the message that it was ‘inappropriate’ behavior.  And we ended up using that same sensuality and sexuality to control and manipulate others because we felt it was our only recourse.

So it should be no surprise that we may feel reluctant to allow spirit the freedom to express through our bodies.  Yet if we don’t, our bodies can’t heal.  We can’t continue to shut down the life-force that wants to love us and express through us and expect to have a healthy and joyful life.

So even if you are feeling small measures of that joy, know that it is a big deal!  Because most people don’t even acknowledge there is a soul being within them.  Very, very few have any connection at all with their eternal self in this way.  It’s important to see how much you have accomplished and that your dreams can be realized in this lifetime.  But the critical step can’t be bypassed, and that is to accept ourselves just as we are, just where we are, and to also continue inviting our eternal selves into our body just as that body is right now.  Because that eternal self is so in love with us just as we are, and is unstoppable in terms of fulfilling our desires.  It’s a relationship that is in the process of unfolding, human and divine.

copyright © 2016, Maria Chambers, All rights reserved. Please feel free to share this content with others, post on your blog, your Facebook page, etc, but maintain this article’s integrity by including the author and source website link: Maria Chambers at http://www.soulsoothinsounds.wordpress.com

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