What the Beep???

Most reading this would agree that we create our reality by our resonance, or our frequency.  Our predominant feelings.  And we have discovered that our human self, for the most part radiates lackfully:  lack of health, lack of wealth, lack of self-worth.  So, naturally what life reflects back , well, it kind of speaks for itself.  Not that we are not living wonderful lives filled with all kinds of blessings, but we could be living so much more fulfilling lives.

And we are noticing that life does get more fulfilling as we allow our expanded-self, our eternal self, our soul, our divine-self, you can call it by many names…when we allow that part of us to be in our bodies with us, in our day-to-day lives with us.  It’s what this whole embodied enlightenment is all about.  It’s about accepting our human self as being limited in its ability to create a joyful life for us.  To honor that human self, to love it just as it is.  It’s to stop putting so much pressure on it.  To allow the love and the assistance and the creative abilities of our eternal self to do all the hard work for us.  That eternal self is all about feeling joy, feeling fulfilled, feeling a passion for life.  And from those feelings, life reflects back more of that…more joy-fulled experiences!

We are learning that the emotions that just don’t feel good are really not from our heart/soul/divinity but are products of a conditioned human mind.  But we are so used to being in those emotions generated from the mind that we don’t always recognize them.  They have become our standard.  And so we just kind of accept them as our normal.  They have become our default browser in which we view life.  That’s all changing now that we have invited our christ consciousness into our bodies and our lives.  It takes time as we build this new relationship with our divine. and to trust that how we feel is our inner navigation system.

But meanwhile wouldn’t it be nice to have some type of signal that we have gone to those emotions that no longer serve us, like those built-in sensors in newer vehicles that warn us we are about to hit an object…?  And wouldn’t it be nice if the warning came in the form of a sound?

enlight1-2I have been working on developing an app for smartphones and iPhones.  It’s called What the Beep???  It uses technology, similar to biofeedback machines,  to scan the user’s body energy to determine if he or she is in the mind or in the heart//soul/divine self.

The user places their finger on the icon image and it sends a signal  to a database of responses that range from very joyful, ecstatic to deeply depressed and fearful.  Here are some samples and the corresponding responses (what we are feeling) translated into sound bites.

(Brilliant idea, or just too much time on my hands?) Enjoy.

I should help others.

No pain, no gain

Money doesn’t come easily

I’m never going to get it

I have no say in all of this

I trust this process and myself

Every day I become more and more the voice of my soul and my divine self

I am letting my human self off the hook for being responsible for my joy, my health and my financial abundance

I’m eating this because it’s good for me, but I’m not really enjoying it

I am at peace with where I am at

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11 thoughts on “What the Beep???

  1. Dear soul sistar—-I don’t just like this I love this! Oh my gosh!! I laughed so hard at the app and the sounds for all. Love love love

    And thank you so much for this beautiful reminder!
    Perfect perfect perfect

    Love, Elizabeth

  2. I Loved this, and that app would be awesome!!!!!
    Well it seems that the Energies have accelerated and I’m sure feeling the effects…..last evening into today I have experienced loud toning in both ears, but especially the left. I’ve had the ringing for a loooong time now but this has been quite strange, and a bit annoying! Not to mention the MACK TRUCK SYNDROME…..great day, it has not been, but I’M GETTING THERE 😜


    1. Annette,
      Yeah the ringing, or toning in the ears can sometimes be distracting. It’s not easy to shift into joy mode when our bodies have all these symptoms and sensitivities, for sure! We are told that this reality is but an illusion, well, maybe, but it’s the best damn simulation of things that hurt and knock us off our keester that I’ve ever experienced!

      Well put, the “MACK TRUCK SYNDROME” indeed!!!


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