Beautiful Duality


For those of us in the forefront of the transformation from human to divine human, this is an amazing time to be alive!  Despite all the trials and tribulations that come along with it.  Going from a duality based reality to one in which polar opposites are melded into a wholeness we have never experienced before.

Some believe with ascension we will all come back together into a united, gooey spiritual wholeness.  Not at all.  We each are becoming uniquely sovereign entities as we bring back within OURSELVES all those parts of us that have separated out since we left home.  But now home is right here, in these bodies, as long as we are here walking the Planet.    And the parts that are coming back together are the light and the dark, the masculine and feminine, the human and the divine.


Duality by its definition is separatism. It is a reality in which there are polar opposites. There is the masculine and feminine. There is light and dark. There is good and evil. There is positive and negative. There is right and wrong. There is man and god. There is human and spirit. There is human and soul. There is past and future, there is heaven and hell.  There is freedom and enslavement.  And the worst enslavement has been to our mind.

That enslavement to the mind was responsible for the Planet coming very close to its own extinction not too long ago.  Fortunately, there were enough of us here on the Planet holding a light that began to shift the imbalance and to change existence as we knew it.

There is nothing wrong with this reality. It was a necessary stage in which ALL THAT IS separated itself out in order to know itself. And within that process galactic issues were created.  The issues that we have been working through with ourselves and each other since the Earth was created. In fact the Earth was created in order to work through these galactic issues. It was a perfect place to slow down creation in order to see in a real way, in a physical way, what was happening. The problem is things slowed down too much. We got stuck.  So, many of us here, starting lifetimes ago began to introduce a new way. We referred to that new way as the Christ Consciousness.

Now, what has happened to that concept is it has been twisted around and misunderstood and become a power and control issue for institutions and religions. Its original meaning has been lost.

So as we resolve and release our galactic stories and as we embrace our divinity, a new energy is created, in which there is no duality.  There is no longer a distinction between human and god, between human and spirit. Between light and dark. Between good and bad. Everything comes back together.  And it’s not about annihilating the mind, but it’s about now the mind being in service to the heart.  And it’s not about losing our femininity or our masculinity, but about those two aspects loving, honoring, trusting and supporting each other.

Spirit is spirit. It always has been and always will be. In order for it to express itself it needs a form. Just as an artist needs a canvas, or a musician needs an instrument. In order to express itself it takes on form. Right now with this Ascension, this embodied enlightenment, spirit is expressing through physical bodies. And because this has never been done before, these physical bodies need to morph and transform. It was never meant that these physical bodies and these human personalities become their own sovereign selves. But in the context of duality, that’s what had happened. Human and spirit became separate.

It’s why our lives have been turned upside down.  Up is no longer up, and down is no longer down.  We are being transformed from the inside out.  What we once relied upon from the outside, we now are relying upon from the inside.  It’s a game changer.  We used to feel like the crazy ones, because we couldn’t fit into a world of the asleep.  Now we see THAT world as the crazy one.  For the first time, we are feeling sane.

We took the quantum leap from relying upon the mind, and the human personality, to relying upon Spirit.  No, we are not yet free from the mind’s drama and limitations, but we have felt enough of that freedom to know that it is real.  That we are not just making it up in order to cope with the insanity of a world fast asleep.  We are waking up from the nightmares in which we are being pursued and getting a bigger and bigger glimpse of what our heart already knows.  That all is well.  That we are magnificent souls having a very human experience.  But this lifetime is like no other.  We are finally letting go of our galactic stories, finally reuniting with our long-lost lover and confidant, the ONE who has been waiting patiently for us for eternity, who loves us just as we are, and who is already free.

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14 thoughts on “Beautiful Duality

  1. gaeailona

    Thank YOU beaYOUtiful Lady, I really needed this, as I’m experiencing “A Dark Night Of The Soul”!
    This too shall pass, right!??
    Much Love,

    1. Yes dear fellow pioneer, this too shall pass! Having gone through it myself, and knowing what I know today, I can say with certainty you will get through it! Look at it as a part of you taking your training wheels off. It feels very uncertain and maybe frightening initially. But then you realize that the support comes in now from your own soul. You are not doing it alone. 💕💕💕💕

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  3. sweet pea

    love so much Maria 💜💜💜

    the struggle with duality has been the literal experience of “Hell” in my own journey. your perspective on it is so perfectly in tune with what feels right for me in how i sort my through it. it’s comforting to read. this stuff is the darkest depths of the loneliest and hardest parts of it all for me.

    this makes me want to hug you…

    “We each are becoming uniquely sovereign entities as we bring back within OURSELVES all those parts of us that have separated out since we left home.”

    i cry a lil’ bit when i read that cause that’s everything for me.

    and this…

    “It was never meant that these physical bodies and these human personalities become their own sovereign selves.”

    yes so much. that separation from spirit is the saddest feeling in the universe for me.

    always so grateful i stumbled here. your words capture things about my journey no one else has ever understood. 💜 thank u always

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