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Thanks For The Memories!


Generally I don’t reflect much on my past.  Once I move on from a situation or a relationship i prefer to focus on the present and look forward to a future of unfolding possibilities.

But lately at night in my dream state I am having quite a few ‘reunions’ with family members, some alive, some dead, as well as with ex- husbands and lovers.

With some I am arguing about why I needed to move on, because they appear quite angry at me, in particular a cousin, an elderly woman who I used to help out.    Then there are the ex-husbands.  I find myself strangely comforted by them.  That sense of familiarity and safety.

I hear myself professing my love, at which they seem overjoyed.  Yep.  It’s official.  We are back together.  In marital bliss.  Unfortunately it doesn’t take too long to realize that the grass is always greener.  That as I move into that old space again, I begin to miss my current life, as imperfect and challenging as it is!  And the aspects of those relationships that compelled me to move on become soberingly apparent!

So now I am faced with the uncomfortable job of explaining that this just isn’t going to work out after all.  So much for my trip down memory ‘lame!’



The other part of this is those from our past want to feel our presence because they sense we are in a very different place now.  They are curious.

All of this tends at times to pull on our heart-strings.

So it is to be aware.  to have compassion for the part of us that wants to stay connected, and compassion for those who miss us.  But make sure the compassion doesn’t turn into sympathy.  It’s vital not to diminish our radiance by feeling sorry for them, or for anyone!  Because then you download all their issues and emotions into your body, compromising your own well-being and your own connection to your eternal self.

Sympathizing with them may seem innocent enough,  but we end up taking on their sadness, their sense of abandonment, their fears.  It then becomes a feeding off of our precious energies.

Many of us are now in a delicate place where we need to be giving our full attention to our own joy, our own soul connection.  It comes down to, it’s us or them.

It’s imperative that we become clear on what we want.  Do we want to walk this Earth as an Embodied Master?  As someone who has claimed their own freedom?  Or do we want to continue our old story of being the emotional sponge for others who are not willing to claim their own joy?

Many of us made that choice to claim our own joy, our own freedom.  I see in my own life how that is being reflected back to me.  I no longer attract emotional feeders or any kind of abuse from others.  Yes there is still some residual of that pattern, which is being worked out in dream state, and  so be it. But I am becoming more clear every day about who I am.

Because don’t we have enough to deal with relative to our own bodies and minds?  We can’t afford to compromise who we are becoming in the name of security, comfort or allegiance to anything or anyone.  No, we need not ask our human self to do anything that it doesn’t feel ready to do.  Our human self can only do what it has been conditioned to do for the most part, and that needs to be honored.  But our human self is in the process of allowing the expanded part of who it is, its soul, to be in its body and its life on a regular basis.  And that Divine part of us is what does all the re-balancing and the releasing for us.

It’s not an overnight process as we can see, but it moves faster and faster as we allow more and more of our soul to be with us on an intimate and ongoing  level.  Those of us on the leading edge are not interested in waiting a lifetime any more to experience first hand what it feels like to be our Divine selves in these bodies.

When I began this process of awakening, I thought I would be going right into enhancing my human experience with more health and joy and abundance.  I didn’t realize the amount of releasing and transforming that was necessary, at least for me.  I also didn’t realize that the essential ingredient in all this is self-acceptance.  That still at times challenges me to my core.  And most of all, I didn’t realize the amount of love that was just waiting for me from my own Divine-self.  With no agenda, no parameters.  No need to change who I am right now to receive that love.  Another mind-blowing concept.

I also didn’t realize what a relief it would be to let my human self, including my mind, off the hook for being responsible for creating joy and freedom for me.  That it’s just about stepping aside more and letting my soul drive.  Not dismissing my human self, but honoring my human self and my mind as valuable partners that get to co-create with my soul.  I keep ‘thinking’ it must be more complicated than that. And it isn’t.

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Author: soulsoothinsounds

Our lives are like great paintings or great pieces of music. If we focus on all the technical 'imperfections' we will miss the true beauty of the work. We won't see, or rather, FEEL the essence and spirit of the masterpiece. I no longer identify myself as a writer, artist, or musician. Rather I express my divinity, and my humanity through the media of art, music and writing. I began this blog because I wanted to give voice to my experiences and insights, and I wrote for myself primarily. Eight years later, I am still writing for myself, and I am discovering that my experiences are not personal but universal - galactic even. And now I am more sure than ever that I am a new consciousness teacher, as each of you are. The way we teach is by going through the very human experiences, and as we ascend and shed our old selves, with love, and as we embody spirit in this lifetime, which we are all doing, we become the standards for others of the new divine human.

32 thoughts on “Thanks For The Memories!

  1. Hi Sweet Maria!
    I too have been having A lot of ‘reunions’ in my dream state, some have passed and some still around, just not around me. For the most part they are very lovely and healing, however as of late after coming out of dream state, it is very hard for me to function in this body for a while after waking up, and I can NOT have any noise what-so-ever!! I suppose my Soul is traveling more so than ever before, as I have always been a ‘dreamer’, but never experienced this within my body upon rising. Anyway, I loved your message, and I LOVED YOUR SONG, gave me goosebumps! You have such an amazing/beautiful voice!!
    I ❤ You,

    • Dear sweet Annette, reconnecting with our ‘past’ definitely can be very healing. And it’s partly because we go back with our current perspective and clarity. We are no longer attached to the drama. I’m happy you experinced such a healing!!!!

      And yes it does sound like your soul is doing more travelling. I’m also pleased you enjoyed the song!! Love to you my dear!!!💕💕💕💕

  2. YES!!! “When I began this process of awakening, I thought I would be going right into enhancing my human experience with more health and joy and abundance. I didn’t realize the amount of releasing and transforming that was necessary, at least for me. I also didn’t realize that the essential ingredient in all this is self-acceptance. That still at times challenges me to my core. And most of all, I didn’t realize the amount of love that was just waiting for me from my own Divine-self. With no agenda, no parameters. No need to change who I am right now to receive that love. Another mind-blowing concept.”

    Oh my gosh…………………thank you!

    Here here for letting it all fly and getting out of our own way.


    Love love love love love


  3. Wow is this timely for me Maria. The other day I cut off the friendship of someone I had known for over 25 years. I felt the way you described it here. It did feel like I was in a friendship with an “emotional feeder” Every time I left her I was totally depleted from being “there” for her. It came down to her or me. There was no sitting on the fence anymore. I was sympathizing with her, It was depleting my energy that I need for myself. There was no avoiding her or putting her off. I had to take care of myself first and foremost.

    • Sherry,
      Congratulations!!! Not easy to do…it takes a master who is falling in love with themselves more and more each day! Now you are freeing yourself up and that attracts those who are like you, open to self-love and can share that with you. Healthy, balanced relationships! Thanks so much for sharing …what a beautiful story!

      • It wasn’t easy Maria. She attacked me like an attack dog. She even sent me a letter berating me. The sad thing is I saw the parts of me who could love myself more (don’t we all have those parts?!). I doubted myself; thinking some of the criticisms were real. It came down to knowing I can only be the authentic me that I am. This road is not for those who don’t have brave hearts!

        • Yes, Sherry, I too had a similar situation with a friend and in the past, when she tried to provoke a response in me, I would let it go, not wanting to get immersed in that drama of butting heads with each other, and I would sometimes take the comments (and her anger toward me) to heart also. Thinking that maybe she saw something that I’m not seeing in myself, because she could be at times very insightful, and quite perceptive. But as the love for myself grew I began to trust my feelings and I knew there was an imbalance in our relationship, and I was less and less tolerant of these types of feedings from others. Often these relationships began when we were in a very different place and they helped us to get to where we are now. And it can pull on our heartstrings to let them go, but remember, they too are creating their reality and on some level they are feeling abandoned, and are drawing the situation to themselves. It’s in their ‘script.’ Yes it sure does take a brave heart to take this road. Allowing ourselves to let go of our story and to feel a joy we haven’t experienced ever before as a human being, and especially as a woman! 💕💕

  4. Dear Maria,

    while I had no reconnections with people from the past as of late, I have been feeling quite nostalgic for a while. Not related to my relationships with people, but related to a certain feeling I had in certain situations. That of magic, freedom and adventure. I kinda yearn it,
    I dont know whether it is, because I’m still in a limbo state, emotionally and everything-ly, or if it’s part of letting go of my past, even of the good times?
    Anyway, I feel I’m getting more and more ready for a new state of being, for adventure and freedom and joy. Hopefully not so long now!
    Big Hug,

    • Kat, yes, I know what you mean. I also have moments of that nostalgia because there were some wonderful experiences and feelings from my past. And while i appreciate who I am now, with all my current awareness, I also remember fondly those times when I felt kind of fearless and adventurous, and my body was more agile and capable.

      And as you know, we are in the process of becoming more light body, which has the potential to create even healthier bodies, but is it those feelings of passion and adventure that we miss?

      So to the question, are we also letting go of the good times? No, I get the sense that we are integrating all of it, we are blessing our past with our current wisdom and light. It all come with us, but it gets transfomed. The good and the so called bad. To our soul it’s just all an experience.

      And the adventure and freedom and joy you are looking forward to is what your soul is all about! It’s your birthright! Big hugs to you!! 🙌😘💕💕💕

      • Apart from nostalgia I ‘ve been feeling a stong fear of losing people close to me. I think I’ve always had an underlying fear of abondonement all my life (though I have always been very self sufficient and independent) and lately it seems to have increased. I hope it happens because I m processing and releasing this stuff. It’s not really pleasant, but I hope it is for something good in the end.
        How are you these days Maria?

        • Kat,
          I can appreciate your fear of losing people in your life…I too go through that myself from time to time…it’s the fear of loss…totally understandable and to have compassion for your human self that can’t see the bigger picture….and yes, we have to wonder if these are even our thoughts and fears.

          Today has been a particularly difficult and strange day for me. I got into two minor accidents with my car, (each in different parking lots) actually one with my car, and then one with the rental that I will be using until my car is repaired. Both people involved in each accident were very similar…both young women, and I believe they were both Asian. Both were understanding and weren’t interested in placing blame for it. I think they understood that these things happen, and one said it is a new moon(?)

          But meanwhile, my human self is kind of freaking out because it was bad enough with my own car, but now I have to have the rental repaired and I believe it goes through my insurance….WTF!!

          I am trying not to be hard on myself, but it feels like I somehow drew it to me…I know that last night and this morning I was feeling very disconnected from my soul, feeling a lot of disappointment and a hopelessness about life…how it feels so harsh and like quicksand sometimes.

          So I am wondering if others are having similar experiences lately.

          Whew…so I am spending the next couple of days here at home…reconnecting to myself!! 💕

  5. gosh yes Maria, this couldn’t possibly be more for me. i never have had any kinda trouble when it comes to severing actual physical relationships with people… i’m actually a bit lighting fast at cutting ties right quick when people are harmful or just not good for my spirit… but long after i’m done knowing people i carry all kinds of energetic residue from them. until the past few years i was terrrrriblllle with it lol. i could know someone for 3 months, and it could take a good 2 to 3 years to recover from damage they caused. and yes it was perfectly cause i spent sooooo much time sympathizing and even worse… “trying to understand” them. my journey has been filled with emotional burdeners, so the empath in me just unconsciously took responsibility for trying to understand and energetically sort and solve all that stuff they pushed on my during the time i knew them…. and i would stay a prisoner to their energy SO disproportionately long after they were long since gone.

    it wasn’t until the past maybe 2 years i’ve realized what i was doing and felt brave enough to decide that all that residue isn’t mine to carry and i will never understand because it isn’t my stuff to understand… but i honestly have only got to this place by pretty much cutting off contact with 99% of everyone i ever knew. i think it’s halfway that you gotta stop knowing people who dim your light, but halfway you gotta stop knowing people who by knowing them, you dim your own light, and stay that old “you” that you can’t be anymore.

    and yes ma’am to this…

    “…It’s imperative that we become clear on what we want…”

    oh my gosh SOOOO so much yes. there was someone in my past who was incredibly harmful, and even though i cut them out of my life years ago, it’s taken most every bit of those years of climbing out of some really dark depths for me to not be gut wrenchingly affected by the pain they caused in my life. but just a few weeks ago i saw a photo of them. when i let people go, i almost forget they exist on a physical level, so this was the first time i’ve “seen” this person in so long, and it was soooo strange after how all that darkness i’d been through because of their intangible energy i carried, that physical version of that person had no kinda power over me whatsoever! in fact it immediately triggered this voice inside me that said “NO. you don’t get to hold me be back, you don’t get to dim my light.” i looked at this photo of this person who tried to destroy my spirit, and i just knew with all my being that i have the power to become and be the me i want to be… and that knowing in me took away any power that person could ever have over me. so yes ma’am again… “It’s imperative that we become clear on what we want.” i feel like that gives us the power to be unshaken by anything that tries to keep us from our freedom.

    • Sweet pea, thank you for sharing so beautifully on such a personal level. I definitely appreciate what you’re saying.

      Absolutely, it can sometimes take years to release the toxins in our bodies and our minds, from unbalanced relationships. Add to that, the issues we inherited both physical and emotional from our bloodline.

      It’s no wonder we have been tired and sick.

      I’m so happy you have been acknowledging that it’s not yours to carry or to understand. And yes, it does often take cutting off ties completely. I am also in that 99% place in my life. And as lonely as it gets sometimes it’s not as lonely as being in relationships where I was sacrificing my own soul.

      Thank you again for sharing. You are truly a master in the making. ❤️❤️❤️

  6. Maria,
    “I am trying not to be hard on myself, but it feels like I somehow drew it to me…I know that last night and this morning I was feeling very disconnected from my soul, feeling a lot of disappointment and a hopelessness about life…how it feels so harsh and like quicksand sometimes.
    So I am wondering if others are having similar experiences lately.”

    YEEEESSSSSSSS–others ARE! You describe how its been lately perfectly. And i get sad thinking somehow im still attracting this stuff, & when will this groundhog day ever end–yes quicksand and hopelessness. And yep it feels so harsh and overwhelming, and im trying so hard to keep the light on, but i feel more worn out every day, and the flashes of connection i feel with spirit seem to be shortening and fewer, when before i felt like it was growing and strengthening–now it feels like i cant get my calls thru!
    Much love and understanding–and a hug dear comrade 💜

    Oh and sweet pea–im at 99% too!!
    I totally agree with Maria–im not nearly as lonely as i was while IN those relationships! I dont actually miss any of them, and am so glad to be able to direct all that loving understanding energy to mySelf!

    • Elila
      Thanks for weighing in here…it is comforting to feel your support and your compassion. On a human level, I was feeling like a victim lately, which as we know is how most of humanity feels all the time. The ‘accidents” were kind of a wake up call…And as traumatic as it felt today, it was a blessing because I needed a bit of a wake up from those feelings I was indulging myself in. And to see myself as so much more expansive than those emotions.

      Yes! It is that feeling that “I can’t get my calls through” to my soul. Well put!!

      I mean, what we are doing here is not easy…we are advanced souls living in a world in which this victim consciousness is predominant. And it’s intensifying. It truly is like a vortex that can pull us in…especially as we become more and moe sensitive to energies. I too have to be more vigilent about staying aligned with my divine self. And we have very few role models of humans who are living their divinity, WE”RE IT!

      My love to you fellow pioneer! 💕

  7. Dear Maria,

    yes it has been a bit weird and sad for me as well. Emotionally at least. Haven’t had accidents or such but it has been a bit hard lately emotionally.

    ” Both people involved in each accident were very similar…both young women, and I believe they were both Asian. Both were understanding and weren’t interested in placing blame for it. I think they understood that these things happen, and one said it is a new moon(?)”

    I see that as a sign from the universe/your Hiigher Self/your soul or whoever to show you that there is nothing to worry about. I know it is annoying, I’d be pissed off as well, but at the end of the day, it was just fender bender and noone got hurt. The ladies’ reactions were a mirror of that attitude. Shit happens, but that is no reason to be upset (it’s not as if I always follow that advice haha).
    “I am trying not to be hard on myself, but it feels like I somehow drew it to me”

    I know what you mean. I tend to attract accidents when I am too lost in destructive thoughts and not paying attention to the now. Thank God you are safe and didn’T get hurt during those accidents.
    Hope better times are coming for us all ❤

    • Hey Kat
      I like your insight about the two people being mirrors for my soul’s attitude of there is nothing to worry about.. And yes, no real harm done. And yep, me too about attracting accidents and not being in the now and being immersed in those thoughts that do not add to my well being.

      Love to you💕

  8. I just wanted to add another insight, that all of these things we are individually going through right now..whether they are with our body, our relationships, finances, etc…it feels like they are intensifying because we are needing to allow the emotions to come to the surface to be released. For myself, the emotions of fear and vulnerability (Victim energy) especially seems to be at the forefront lately. those emotions have always been there, but it feels like as I move more and more into my divine self, they ‘re getting triggered on an even deeper level, to be felt and released. And again, they are not really ours to begin with. For myself, a lot of these emotions go way back in my history, in my lineage. Thank you all again for your compassion and support for one another. 💕

  9. Thank you Maria, and all of you here–your insights and perceptions really help and soothe when my own are skewed. Kat i love your comment about the mirroring–that felt right on and i can apply it to some of the poo im wading through lol. I can always count on feeling a bit better after visiting you all here! I was thinking a little bit ago that lately it feels like my already rickety boat blew up in the middle of the ocean and im left trying to find any bit of wreckage that still floats… 😳
    Where oh where is the Coast Guard? LOL

    • Elila. You energy here is so appreciated!!! Thank you for being part of this group!🙌💕😘💗

    • sammmmeee here Elila 💜

      “…all of you here–your insights and perceptions really help and soothe when my own are skewed…”

      i’m with y’all here wading through some yucky energy right now too. i can’t really sort any of it to speak it, but i’ve been taking in what everyone is sharing and it does help the heavy of it all lift a bit just to take in the light that’s shed here 💜💜💜

      • hmmm….and I just talked to a friend of mine who says the same thing…pretty intense…good time to be especially gentle with ourselves…and indulge in that reserve of chocolate…or whatever goody of choice!!😍

      • yeah :\ never happy that anyone else feels yucky energy, but i’ve been going through a bit of the kinda stuff you’re feeling with the victim energy Maria, and reading what y’all are sharing here has helped me not take it so personal, and not take it on as much as i was at first 💜💜💜 …and vanilla lattes and chocolate mint cappuccinos help tooo 🙂 💜

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  11. Promised Land is my favorite. I hear peace in your post. Fret not, dented fenders show character..

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