Distractions And The Ascending Master

Photo Credit Maria Chambers

Many of us on the ascension path have come up against so many distractions, and at this point we are able to recognize them.  But sometimes it’s so easy to get swept up in this consciousness that we live within, the polarized Earth reality, and we just need a reminder that we are being distracted from our own ascension, our own embodied enlightenment.

So I have listed a few distractions that we may have all fallen into from time to time.

Relationships. Relationships are beautiful. They are a wonderful way for us to get to know ourselves through another person. However, if you are focusing on a relationship, trying to fix it, trying to make it better, or participating in lots of drama around it, that is a major distraction. These include relationships with spouses, partners, mates, friends, family, and coworkers.

Health.  It’s imperative to nurture the body, to love the body, and sometimes we need to do some things to help the body get back into balance, to assist it.  But if you find yourself trying to heal the body, trying to improve your health through diets, supplements,  exercise programs, trying to make your body better, it could be a distraction.  If it makes you feel joyful and alive to do any of these things like walking, running, exercising, and eating certain foods…if these activities feel delicious to you…then your body feels that.  But if you are doing any of it because you believe it will make you healthier, but it does not feel like fun, consider it a major distraction.

In this transformation we all feel symptoms, some of which may even scare us, so it is natural to want to address them.  That is fine, but if you seem to be having an ongoing struggle with trying to make the body change, and if it seems to take up a large part of your time, consider it a distraction.

Relaxing and allowing the light body to integrate with our body takes a lot of trust.  That’s because the mind feels like it’s out of a job, to fix things through action.  And yet, the mind also feels a relief, because it no longer has to take the responsibility on its shoulders to do what it was never designed to do.  (You know that tightness in your neck and shoulders you feel…that’s from believing you have to do it by yourself.)  The human and its mind are not healers.

Healing Others.   Speaking of healers, this is a big distraction.  If you are a healing practitioner, you know that you are not healing others but are assisting them to activate their own I Am which in turn assists their body to rejuvenate and rebalance, something that the body is equipped to do but not from the mind.  Yes, there has always been a great deal of miracle healings on the planet, most from a place of believing an outside force has healed them, laying of hands by faith healers and others who subscribe to a religious belief.  They are wonderful and have their place, but that is not where we are.

We are in the process of taking responsibility for our own creations.  Not from our mind or our human personality, but from our own god-self.  That takes much more self-love and self-acceptance.  Something that most humans are no ready for yet.  Moving from god is outside us to god is within. Walking around “Jesus Style” with the placing of hands and curing the sick at this stage of our ascension is…beside feeling nice for the ego, a distraction.

Someone I know said she would like to walk up to a homeless person, put her hands on them and tell them she understands where they are at, that she, too was there, and that they could change their circumstances…and then she would say a little prayer with them.


First of all, what makes anyone an authority on what would be best for anyone, no matter their situation?  Judging the situation as bad.  How do we know what this person’s soul wants to experience?  Perhaps they were grandly wealthy in their last lifetime, or even in this one.  What if they want to be truly free of all the mundane 3D responsibilities of a mortgage, car payments, alimony, child support, working a joy-less job day after day…or countless other reasons.

Perhaps, just perhaps this person is more free than many people with ‘plenty.’  And I had to laugh, because I suspect, at the end of the day, this person had more cash in their pocket than my friend, in spite of all her ‘assets.’

Maybe she should walk up to that homeless person and ask, “Hi.  I was wondering, could you share some of your wisdom with me?”

Saving The Planet.  This is a major distraction.  The planet is just fine.  It’s just where it needs to be.  It’s experiencing its own ascension.  It’s way past any potential to self-destruct, and that’s thanks to our light here. The Planet’s population is at the very beginning of its ascension process, of its own awakening.   So the idea that we are all going to ascend en-mass into a 5D nirvana is a huge set-up.  Ascensions are happening singularly, and in smaller groups.  The whole December 21, 2012 thing was a big disappointment to many.  People woke up that morning to discover they were still in the life they were in the night before.  But, it was a major landmark date for consciousness in which shifts were activated.  Things did change.  Many of us on the forefront of this awakening process came here at this particular time because we knew that the planet was ripe for change, that we were ripe for change, but everyone is going at the pace that is appropriate for them.

Aliens.  There is no race of beings in all of creation more advanced spiritually than the human being.  Yes, we all came from different planets and galaxies, but we have had enough lifetimes here on Planet Earth to have experienced an evolution of such magnitude and depth, going through first hand, millennia of darkness and playing out our galactic stories on such an intimate level.

Other civilizations ‘out there’ are more curious about our ‘heart’ than our technology or our minds.  That’s because they do not necessarily have the understanding of love that we have come to know.  No amount of advancement in technology can replace the most profound elixir of change and healing:  that of love.

Placing ourselves as humans on a level of less than is self-sabotaging.  Less evolved than our space brothers and sisters, less wise than the non-physical angels, guides, archangels, or ascended masters, less than god.  The healing of the planet comes from each and every one of us seeing ourselves as absolutely priceless and magnificent.  And not because we are issue-free, or super human, but because we are bold enough to fall in love with ourselves just as we are.  Which brings up the next distraction.

The Mind.  The mind is the biggest distraction of all.  That’s because as we clear out all the external distractions, we are finally face to face with the part of ourselves that tends to be very judgmental.  It tends to judge us harshly.  So it’s no wonder we kept playing with distractions.  Who wants to face the judge and jury?  All the parts of us that felt betrayed and lost and abandoned and were kept in shadow show up.  They got stirred up because we invoked our christ consciousness.  It’s all part of the process.  So even when we are alone, with no outer distractions, the mind still plays the game, and it may be in the form of analyzing our issues, processing our feelings, trying to figure out why, how and where they come from.  I played with that one for a long time, as most of us did.  It had its place but now it’s time to move beyond processing and just allow this divine self to be with us in our bodies and our every day lives.  When we shower, eat, shop, pay our bills, drive through traffic and on and on.

So being hard on ourselves can be another distraction because then we don’t have to love ourselves.  Because loving ourselves is the hard part, because it requires doing NOTHING.  No trying, fixing, healing, analyzing.  Just allowing ourselves to be human, to have issues and limitations, to feel at times like a big mess.

Our mind will never be completely satisfied with the answers to the questions it keeps asking.  It will only be satisfied when it actually FEELS spirit for itself.  And that’s what’s unfolding.  We are allowing, day by day, our soul to come in, to be in our body, to walk with us, to taste life through us.  When we take a deep breath, and feel our divine self breathing with us, THAT is all the proof our mind needs.

So, no matter how many distractions you find yourself in, just STOP.  Take a few deep breaths, allow yourself to feel that part of you that is already there.  Already at peace, already passionate about life, already carefree, already adventurous, already sensual.  And as you allow yourself to feel into that presence, you will feel the unconditional love for YOU that will bring tears to your eyes.

Your soul does not pity you.  It doesn’t feel sorry for you.  It has absolute compassion for you.  It’s actually growing in its own wisdom as it experiences life through you.  You as the human get to express your needs and wants, you as the human are as valuable as the soul, for without you the soul couldn’t be here.  And contrary to how it may feel at times, your soul wants to experience a fulfilling life with you, through you.

And for that to happen, you the human, with a mind and a heart, must be devoted to their enlightenment.  And by devoted, I mean to release the distractions.

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29 thoughts on “Distractions And The Ascending Master

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  2. Oh yes oh yes!!!! Perfect! Beautiful!!!

    “The healing of the planet comes from each and every one of us seeing ourselves as absolutely priceless and magnificent.”

    Yes yes yes yes yes
    “And not because we are issue-free, or super human, but because we are bold enough to fall in love with ourselves just as we are.”

    I just was writing this to myself this morning! 😀😀💟💟😀😀

    “Because loving ourselves is the hard part, because it requires doing NOTHING!”

    I love our synchronicity, dear sistar goddess!!!

    Thank you for stating it so well.

    Love you,

  3. Reblogged this on elizabethsadhu and commented:
    Oh yes oh yes!!!! Perfect! Beautiful!!!

    “The healing of the planet comes from each and every one of us seeing ourselves as absolutely priceless and magnificent.”

    Yes yes yes yes yes
    “And not because we are issue-free, or super human, but because we are bold enough to fall in love with ourselves just as we are.”

    I just was writing this to myself this morning! 😀😀💟💟😀😀

    “Because loving ourselves is the hard part, because it requires doing NOTHING!”

    I love our synchronicity, dear sistar goddess!!!

    Thank you for stating it so well.

  4. sweet pea

    Maria, i agree with Elizabeth – perfect and beautiful 🙂 i sorta wanna quote a buncha parts haha, so big yes to all of it! i’ve felt and shared your same sense of all these things before.

    i do tip toe back and forth with healing my body because physical illness has been such a big part of it all for me. i’ve let go of layers of habits of the “healing processes” along the way, and i’ve let go mentally trying to force my body to change, but i still tend to need a lot of physical “cleansing” because i physically hold energy so stubbornly to where it becomes actual physical stuff i need to let go of… i’m still growing and learning with that one :\

    the healing of the planet – yes perfect! i’ve always struggled with how i feel about it… i habitually do things that are environmentally friendly and aware, but i struggle with the constant state of limitation and fear and guilt that whole subject tends to put me in :(. how you speak it makes perfect sense in that the planet is a powerful conscious evolving energy on it’s own <3.

    healing others, i couldn't be more done with this one… but yup, had to pretty much just stop having relationships with anyone to get here haha 🙂

    and for relationships, im truly grateful the universe has pretty much purged this distraction from my life… i don't feel like i will ever truly know genuine connection and love until i can seek relationships from my own wholeness. when i look around at a world full of people who haven''t turned inward to find wholeness, i just see a bunch of mess about of people trying to find and fix and fill themselves through others… no one's truly connecting with and loving each other, just acting out on each other and losing their connection to their own soul in relationships. i want to know and love myself and be so at home and free and connected with my own soul, so my relationships with others can exist from that true and pure and beautiful place too ❤

    the mind distraction… grrr. this one is my worst struggle, but baby steps and compassion as i grow ❤

    luv and hugs to u Maria 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

    1. sweet pea,
      first, I must say that I am so grateful for you and this online community, because it would be damned lonely in 3D otherwise! Because as you say, the world is still looking outside to feel fulfilled. Consequently, they continue to act out their stories, based in fear and victimhood.

      You say beautifully:

      “i want to know and love myself and be so at home and free and connected with my own soul, so my relationships with others can exist from that true and pure and beautiful place too❤”

      As much as we get that we are not alone, that we have our non-physical friends there in support of us, and that gradually we are allowing our soul to be our beloved in our life, still it is nice to have others to share our joy and our challenges with along the way. It’s not easy being the first, the pioneers of change.

      Our contribution to this Planet is doing exactly what we are doing: growing our christ seed, and falling in love with ourselves first. Which creates new potentials for those who follow. If we on the forefront all left right now, we will have already made our mark and done our work. Sometimes the thing that saddens me the most is not so much seeing how shut down the people on this planet are, but seeing those of us who have sown so many seeds of change in consciousness, not giving ourselves the credit we are due. Still believing we are not ready, not yet worthy of life serving us like royalty.

      About the body, I agree that for many of us the releasing continues, since there seems to be an endless amount especially relative to our bodies. After all, we have downloaded eons of ancestral garbage. And allowing that to happen is the key, with as little mental interference as possible.

      Ah yes, the mind, the final frontier! That’s the one that as a human we struggle with the most. And yes, baby steps. Compassion is the key. You speak wisely my fellow pioneer!

      Big hugs and love to you sweet pea!💕

  5. sweet pea

    yes Maria so much…

    ” It’s not easy being the first, the pioneers of change.”

    i went through quite a bit a of being hard on myself about how i feel about relationships until i finally realized that what’s so “wrong” and different about how i feel is what’s perfectly and purposefully how i am meant to feel cause it’s part of my soul purpose… but yeah can be a lonely, scary, confusing path to follow cause it makes no sense to everything i’ve ever seen around me. you’ve shared things here that so perfectly capture how i feel about so much of that… so so grateful, it helps me trust it and value it as a gift and a destiny instead of a burden or flaw 💜

    and yes exactly!

    “allowing that to happen is the key, with as little mental interference as possible. ”

    that’s so so much what has changed for me. i used to analyze and research and seek out and try everything under the sunshine that i possibly could find on a mission to try to force my body to heal. now i’m just listening to my body and caring for it as it needs, whatever it may need, for whatever reason need be.

    and yup…

    “Ah yes, the mind, the final frontier! ”

    soooo much compassion 💜 💜 💜

    grateful for you Maria 💜

    1. Sweet pea, i like your perspective here, and i agree about the processing and analyzing. I “Louise Hayed” the crap out of it myself! And a friend and i would talk for hours about it, which was good in the sense of feeling supported. But i too realized that we can’t figure this out from our mind. But dear mind has been our comfort zone. It feels safer there with all the limitations than trusting in some undefinable soul.

      It seems that this new consciousness is about trust – trust in the expansive part of us, and trust in life. That it is safe to be here. I know for myself it’s brought up lots of fear of not feeling safe, in this body, and not safe in terms of being provided for, without having to compromise. I’m sure its different for each of us, but the light is bound to bring up stuff that may have been buried. And i mean buried in our lineage!

      And I’m grateful for you sweet pea. 💕💕💕

      1. sweet pea

        Maria i understand this one so much…

        “fear of not feeling safe, in this body”

        i can’t say i’ve ever felt safe in my body… ever. i think feeling at home and safe in my skin, and feeling “me” in my physical being… it’s prolly one of things i crave more than anything.

        1. Yes sweet pea…not feeling safe, especially as women, I believe it’s in our DNA, an old attribute passed down over time. One that is certainly not serving us anymore! And it’s why for the most part we haven’t allowed ourselves to be fully in these bodies. And to move forward in our integration we are required to be fully present, fully here. Not only in these bodies, but in the world. To own who we are. Take up space. And it’s happening, it’s coming. It’s all about self-love and self-acceptance. Being here for ourselves now. You know, letting go of our family lineage is a big deal. Not with anger, but with love and honor for them. Letting go of mass consciousness. Wow. We’re doing it. When you think about it, it’s revolutionary.

      2. sweeet pea

        yup Maria, yes to every word 💜 and we’re being called to do so in a time where lower masculine energy is in it’s last stand, and so it’s screaming and raging harder than ever as it falls away…i have always been realllllly sensitive to that kinda energy energy in the mass consciousness, but i can honestly say in spite of how much that energy is raging all around right now, i feel myself rising above it inside of myself more than ever … coming here helps with that too 💜 💜 💜

        1. lovely lovely lovely! music to my ears, as you say, “but i can honestly say in spite of how much that energy is raging all around right now, i feel myself rising above it inside of myself more than ever.” 💕

  6. Elila

    Wow Maria and sweet pea–this is all so dead on with my experience too!! Good grief i’d have to quote the whole post and the comments here–like, ALL of it!! Louise Haying the crap out of myself in the past? Check! Having to quit having relationships to get here? Check check!!! Trying desperately to heal my body and calm my mind? Cheeeeeeeeeeeeck!!! I wish i could say half of it as eloquently as you two have here–but all i got is the big “me too!!!” I feel like since you guys went to the trouble to put the words to all this and describe it so perfectly that i am greatly soothed and assured, that the LEAST i can do is let you know im feeling it all the same way and that you have hit the nail on the head and are SO not alone!!!!! I am so grateful for both of you!!!!! 💕💜💕
    And sweet pea, the way you describe your perspective on relationships, and the stance you want to be able to approach them from–well holy crap that is so so SOOOO EXACTLY how i feel too!!!! Your thoughts & feelings on it totally match mine too–and thank you for putting it so perfectly to words!
    And Maria–just everything you have said too, and i more than anything want to feel that unconditional love for mySelf and to finally allow that feeling of life serving me like royalty–THAT right there is the reason i stay here and keep going–to feel THAT

    1. Elila,
      You always make me smile…regardless of what you may think, you DO have a wonderful, authentic way of expressing your feelings and experiences, and I especially like your humor.

      And this allowing life to serve us like we are royalty…it took awhile to feel comfortable saying that, because you know, there’s that part of us from our distant past that doesn’t feel deserving…bla bla bla…but here’s the interesting thing. THAT part can still co-exist with the part of us that already feels worthy, magnificent, limitless, etc. (That part being our soul, divine self)

      So rather than trying to overcome our past, we are just identifying more and more with the I AM, whatever name you want to give it. NEW ENERGY is created by ALLOWING both to co-exist.

      Personally I feel a great relief, as Maria, that I am no longer responsible for my enlightenment. Because that would be impossible.

      Love and hugs to you Elila💕

      1. Oooooooohhhhhh….I am loving how you talk, dear sistar goddesses……

        Letting life serve us as royalty. My Leo part loves that and I will also have to say it over and over to myself a bit to get used to that idea. GREAT!

        I AM identifying with my I AM self. Woooooohooooooo!

        Thank you all for your beautiful sharing.

        love love love,
        Elizabeth aka Sadhu, Joy Child.

      2. sweet pea

        yes Maria and Elila to feel that worthiness is everything i want 💜

        and Elila meee tooo 🙂 i luv how you express things! 💜💜💜 when i read what you share i always go “yup! yup! meee tooooo!!” to pretty much every word haha. i’m grateful for you!

        Elizabeth, my very best friends have always been Leos, i loooove leo energy 💜💜💜 somethin’ about that fierce leo confidence, especially in other women, it’s just a fire i love to be around 💜💜💜

    1. Elizabeth, That’s funny, I wasn’t sure how many would get the Louise Hay reference….I’m finding, as time goes on, that we all have so much more in common. I’m loving it!!!

      Anywhooo….sistar goddess…love love love to you 😍💕💜

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  8. Kat

    I had to think of you the other day, because setting boundaries has been such a big topic on your blog and in our discussions.
    Last week I had a day that reminded me of the time when I was younger when my friends used to tell me their problems and I felt like I was taking on their emotions.
    It hasn’t happened for a long time, because I have much more space now and not really these types of people in my life anymore and of course because I changed as a person.
    But last week two of my friends were really distraught and I lent them my ear and tried to make them feel better. The difference to my past experiences was that I didn’t take on their emotions at all. I felt quite relaxed during these talks while in the past they used to drag me down.
    It just doesn’t bother me anymore. Maybe this is meant by setting boundaries as well? Being there and helping without getting sucked into all that messy energy? Any thoughts on that Maria?
    Love, Kat

  9. Kat
    What you describe sounds like someone (you) who is moving into mastery! Who has become so clear about how she wants to feel that she stays true to that. And as she more and more owns that space she no longer attracts those who enjoy feeding off her. And absolutely it is possible then to not get pulled into their emotions.

    I have also gone through what you describe, slowly letting go of emotionally draining relationships. Even emotionally abusive ones. And now i have only two people i talk to by phone and in person. And if the conversation steers to them playing victim, with lots of drama as the subject matter, i stop them in short order and ask them, what do you want to feel? Because they have spent so much time and energy telling me what they dont want. And that gets them nowhere. And frankly i dont have much patience for that b.s anymore! Being a sounding board for drama is no longer in my wheelhouse.

    Especially if i see that they are not truly interested in letting go of their story and of playing the victim. Because, i noticed something. While talking to them i dont seem to be pulled in, but afterward, when they leave or we hang up the phone, i do feel stuff. Whether its sadness, or disoriented. So to a degree it does affect me, so i had to tell a friend that when she allows others to contaminate her energy that gets passed along in all her relationships.

    I guess at this stage of my ascension i need to be discerning as to who and what i allow in my energies. Because there is still a tendency to become sympathetic especially with those i am close to, and then i am feeling their pain, which doesnt help anyone really. And ive noticed a pattern with some people of drama and victimhood, no matter how awake they are at times, and i dont want to have to keep bailing them out emotiinally every time, meaning helping them to feel better!

    Its interesting because it seems to go against everything i was taught to be. Understanding, patient, nurturing, you know, all the qualities of a good woman. I am very compassionate now, but compassion is not feeling others’ pain. But if i allow myself to be in that drama energy that they keep describing to me is their life, i do get affected.

    1. Kat

      “Especially if i see that they are not truly interested in letting go of their story and of playing the victim. Because, i noticed something. While talking to them i dont seem to be pulled in, but afterward, when they leave or we hang up the phone, i do feel stuff. Whether its sadness, or disoriented.”

      yeah that is exactly that one friend of mine. She tends to move around in circles and not get out of her crappy situation. I am very honest with her and I tell her that only she alone can change the situation and that her boyfriend (who is the cause of the drama most of the time) is not going to change.
      And I so know that feeling of being drained afterwards. I was actually expecting to feel like that after that conversation with that friend the other day, but I didn’t feel it. I used to in the past though, but gladly not anymore. That’s why I think that I really managed to set boundaries in this respect (there are still other things where I m not perfect at setting boundaries). I still have things to learn and I m not always managing to feel the way I want to. but that is one big thing that I m really glad I managed. I don’t wanna give up contact with her either because I do enjoy her energy most of the time and we lost touch for 8 years because of my moving around and her not being in social media platforms.
      It is a process though Maria and i think it will unfold more naturally in the New Energy. We won’t have to “work on ourselves” anymore but just let Sprit/our Soul do the work through us. It sounds easier than it is, especially for those little control freaks among us (me for example, haha) but it certainly is getting better 🙂

  10. Yes absolutely Kat, it is a process and it does get easier as we allow more and more of our own soul to navigate. And for me as well there are aspects to the relationship I spoke of that I do value, so I’m becoming more clear with her too and seeing where it goes.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences and your wisdom! 💕💕🙌

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