Are You Ready For Your Financial Fortune?

moneyThat may sound like a silly question. You say, of course I am ready to receive my financial fortune. I deserve it. I put my time in with developing self-love and cultivating a relationship with my soul. Now I wish to reward myself with plenty of money so that I can truly enjoy life here on the planet.

And you are absolutely correct. You’ve been working diligently on clearing any old issues relative to money. Especially as a spiritual being, there were so many overlays and hypnosis and beliefs around money and spirituality. And if we are providing spiritual services, we need to value ourselves and our gifts.  Those who believe that spiritual services should be free need to take a look at whether they are valuing themselves as spiritual beings.  It comes down to self-worth. Having grand amounts of money in your life should be relatively simple at this point. You have learned that true joy is an inner quality and nothing on the outside can make up for that type of joy. You have learned that it’s not so much your actions that create prosperity but what you are sending out on a vibrational level. If you are emanating lack then that is what comes back for the most part.

Especially now with the new energy, it seems taking actions from anything but passion and joy backfires anyway. We simply can’t get away with doing things in the old way anymore. And that of course is a good thing. We can no longer compromise our joy for a paycheck. Or compromise our integrity for any kind of security.

If we look at money as just a type of energy, then we can begin to understand that we play with energies all the time. That energies are here to serve us. That what we need comes to us in a very synchronistic way. So money is just another form of energy.

We’ve all heard stories of people who came into a financial fortune only to become almost destitute in a couple of years.

Money, energy, just magnifies where a person is at vibrationally. If they attract money but are still in a place of lack, the money just magnifies the lack. They may be very good at attracting financial abundance, but they are not so good at receiving it. So they may lose it in a variety of ways.

Every once in a while just for fun I would ask a friend what they would do if they came into several million dollars. Their answers were always so interesting. Almost everyone said that they would give some of the money to their family, their children, their friends, the needy. While on the surface that sounds quite generous and virtuous, it also highlights some imbalances.

Especially if the first thing on the list is to give the money to someone else before they give anything to themselves. If they think others are feeding off of them now, just wait until they have lots of money! The following is a very important point that can make the difference between receiving your fortune and not allowing your fortune into your life.

forex_1730692cYou need to feel ready to handle larger amounts of energy. There may still be a part of you that believes you can’t handle it or you will mismanage it and it is too much responsibility or that it will distract you from your enlightenment. You also may believe that because you have so much energy, money, that you must then provide for others. But what you’re not taking into account is, are those others ready to receive so much energy themselves? I know of people personally who are not ready to receive in that way. When they do attract that energy in the form of money especially, they end up being even more in debt. So many of us who have been emotional caretakers, giving others emotional hand outs, or bailing them out energetically, may be especially susceptible to doing that if we had large amounts of money.

We may think we are doing a wonderful thing but we just need to be careful in discerning who would benefit and who would self-destruct from a generous amount of money. It’s really no different then being an emotional care-taker with those people. We are not really helping them and in fact we are enabling them.

Consider your motives for being so generous.  If you can give to yourself generously, and it feels joyful to then give to others, of course it’s a wonderful thing.  But if you say, “I choose to give without any strings attached, simply from the joy of giving” but then if the one receiving uses the money for somethiing you do not approve of, or if you become upset because they didn’t even say “thank you” to you, you are attached to an outcome and are giving from the wrong place.  Over-giving, whether it’s money or time or energy sets up a dynamic between the giver and receiver that is one of expectations and obligation, even if those involved are not aware of it on a conscious level.

When you do come into your financial fortune hopefully you will be prepared for that type of energy. In fact you are in training right now for it. As you release your care-taking role and as you release your energetic bonds with those who you know are feeding off of your energies. And you know who those people are because you can feel it in them. You know how you feel after you have interacted with them.  So you are preparing yourself to receive. Just be grateful you didn’t receive it before you were truly ready. I am not kidding about that, because these energies that are coming in now are potent are they not? Look what they are doing to our mind and our body already.

Are you truly enjoying, as best as you can the money that you already have?  Because that draws to you more joyful experiences.  It sends a message to those parts of you that are reluctant to allow that kind of enjoyment.  And remember, you are not doing this from purely your human personality.  You are engaging your soul.  Because your soul has expensive taste.  If you allowed your soul to decide for you, she would pick the most luxurious of things and experiences.

Just as your soul loves you without you having to prove your worthiness or to change who you are, so it is with money. You absolutely do not have to prove worthiness, and really don’t even have to earn it. Being open to whatever avenues it comes to you from is also important. Just allow it to come in  easily and joyfully.

That means to stop thinking that the only way It can come is through winning a lottery.

moneyforeignMoney in and of itself is in a neutral state. But, especially in our society, and in the world in general, it is an important energy and it seems to be the easiest exchange for goods and services.  You may have heard that money will become obsolete, but if you intend to remain here on the Planet for a few more years, you will be needing money.  Granted, money is more of a concept then an actual physical thing. How often do we even use paper money these days in exchange for food, paying our bills and for goods and services?  Some places will not even accept cash these days!!!   Isn’t it interesting how we have placed so much value and power in what has come down to just being digits in a computer somewhere?

Actually, financial balance is one of the easiest things to achieve. Much easier in fact than physical balance. The body is the last to catch up with all the changes in consciousness.

So it is imperative that we allow ourselves to receive without reservation, without guilt, without limitation.

And it is also imperative to allow others to create their own prosperity. It is much better to be a role model of someone who allows life to serve them. It’s been said wisely:  Give a man a fish… You know the rest.

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34 thoughts on “Are You Ready For Your Financial Fortune?

  1. Annette

    Wow Maria, this was some POWERFULLY WISE GUIDANCE……Thank YOU!! ❤
    Nothing like a little Mullah Topic to grab one's attention…LOL

  2. elizabethsadhu

    Reblogged this on elizabethsadhu and commented:
    Oh yes!!! “Especially now with the new energy, it seems taking actions from anything but passion and joy backfires anyway. We simply can’t get away with doing things in the old way anymore. And that of course is a good thing. We can no longer compromise our joy for a paycheck. Or compromise our integrity for any kind of security.”

    “Just as your soul loves you without you having to prove your worthiness or to change who you are, so it is with money. You absolutely do not have to prove worthiness, and really don’t even have to earn it. Being open to whatever avenues it comes to you from is also important. Just allow it to come in easily and joyfully.”

    “So it is imperative that we allow ourselves to receive without reservation, without guilt, without limitation.”

    thank you dear sistar goddess!

    love it so much!!

  3. Kat

    Lol Maria, I swear that is not the first time you read my mind, because it is so timely.
    Just yesterday, I have been playing the lottery (again) and missed out on the jackpot which was 90 million Euros.
    I was asking myself today in all seriousness: would you have wanted all that money in the first place and my emotions responded with a no. If I’m honest with myself I really wouldn’t have, because that amount is a huge responsibility and at the moment I’m not ready to carry such a responsibility. Don’t get me wrong, I’d happily say yes to let’s say 30 million but 90 just feels so overwhelming. Or maybe that is just my interpretation of it, as you say it’s just digits on a computer screen, I m not gonna have a room full of cash at home if I win it. But still, that amount just doesn’t feel right.
    I also agree with what you said about money magnifying our current vibrational state. That is why I believe the saying “money alone doesn’t make you happy” is true. It is not going to fill a void if there is a void in your life/soul. If you are already full and happy with yourself then money can be the icing on the cake. In some cases it can be a life saver,like when someone needs a huge amount of money for their medical treatments or such. But there have been cases of people blowing their lottery win on cash and drugs. They ended up in much worse states than before their win. It does depend on the person how they deal with it.
    And yeah, I’m also one of those who wants to get their family sorted after a huge win. I’d buy my sisters and my parents each an apartment, but would keep the rest for myself. I probably wouldn’t tell most of my friends, but only my boyfriends (it helps that my friends are scattered all over Europe haha), and I have no problem saying no, so I wouldn’t allow anyone to take advantage of me.
    What would you do?

    1. Kat
      I like your honesty. And your awareness.

      A few years ago I came into a small inheritance ($15,000 us) and at that time I was still struggling with setting boundaries with people in my life, so I kept it a secret for quite awhile. And even so, I ended up helping others but after awhile I could see they had patterns of lack and that the money in the long run didn’t help them, and in fact it put a strain on our friendship.

      I feel like I am getting more clear about who I am and handling larger amounts of ‘energy’ will be easier now. I would probably travel extensively for awhile, indulging myself in the best of everything that inspired me that money could buy. Perhaps buy a home here in Florida and one somewhere for the summer months when it gets too hot and humid here. I would love one of those Frank Lloyd Wright type dwellings deep in nature.

      Would I tell anyone? Good question. I think I might be discerning about who I would tell, at least until I feel more comfortable with it and with setting boundaries.

      And I agree, it is ‘icing on the cake’ because we have discovered that the true joy and passion is an ‘inside job!’

      1. Kat

        sounds like very good plan. I would also travel around and buy myself property here in Berlin and down in the south of Europe where my parents are from (my mother is from a little island. which is connected to the mainland but used to be an island, down by the sea. It is stunning) and buy a house there. Then I’d travel extensively as well. To all the places I always wanted to see.
        I figured that I love giving spontaneously. For example here in Berlin there are big amounts of pensioners, regular people (no drug or alcohol abusers) who go around and search the trash cans for empty bottles to get them back to the shops (you pay a little deposit on empty bottles here that you get back when you bring the bottles back to the shops) and it breaks my heart, cause these are people who worked all their lives and now have to resort to such degrading behaviour to survive, so I already gave some of them some money when I saw them dumpster diving and their gratitude made me happy 🙂
        Oh and if I get a huge amount I would invest in new jobs that give people who have been on social security for a long time and have been unsuccessfully applying for jobs a chance – because I know what a frustrating state that is. And it would mean I’d get sth. back as I’m not just donating but investing. So it’s a win win for both 🙂
        Hahaha I got it planned out as if it’s gonna happen tomorrow, but who knows…:)

  4. Kat
    Mmm…the south of Europe sounds just wonderful!! I could meet you there somewhere and we could share a good meal and some wine together! Wouldn’t it be nice for all of us here in the irreverent ascension masters club to meet and give each other great big hugs??!!

    And hey, it can happen more quickly than you expect! (So just watch what you wish for! Heehee)!💕🙌

    1. Kat

      yaay that would be absolutely marvellous! I would love to meet you and the rest of the gang there. The place is absolutely gorgeous. Google Primosten, Croatia, you can see for yourself. I absolutely adore this place. So grateful I have roots there and my grandfather built a house on the island that I can enjoy when I’m there. 🙂 would buy my own house if I get some money as well. And invite you all in 🙂 ❤

  5. Elila

    Oh man Maria this is so good. A couple eye opening moments in there for me! One is that hmm yeah whenever i think about winning the lottery i DO feel compelled to think about what id do for others–almost to make it feel ok–like hey universe see i deserve it cuz i wont just spend it all on myself, i will help others too, and share the feeling of relief and more ease with them….spread it around. The other is the term “over-giving”, which i am realizing i definitely have issues with, and its causing me great anxiety. I no longer feel like i want to be that person or friend or whatever that is always bailing someone out in some way. Rescuing. A hero complex? I dont know, but im tired of listening patiently to friends/relatives dramas and traumas, of trying to “help” in some way, of being the one thats “always there”, trying to find and illuminate the bright side for others, or struggling to find gentle ways to point out things others dont see (arent ready or willing to see!)–its exhausting. I thought i was well past all this and had done well with setting better boundaries, but now im seeing places where im still doing it! Im still doing a lot of emotional “bailing out” for example. Being the one who listens. And im seeing how that is causing ME so much stress and anxiety. It feels so weird to SAY this stuff–like hey maybe i dont want to be the “great friend” anymore who listens and is there and then just feels like a trash bin for others emotional garbage. This post and the last one on distractions has given me MUCH food for thought! Thank you for the reminders Maria!
    And hi Kat!
    Love and hugs 💜💜💜

    1. Elila
      Thanks for sharing your own experiences with the over-giving because it helps so many others who are still feeling stuck in that dynamic.

      And I hope you are not being hard on yourself, because this has been our patterns for eons of time, especially as women on the planet! So it will take a little time to move into a different way of being. I stopped taking it personally. Like it’s my issue. It’s really a galactic one that we have been playing over and over for lifetimes and lifetimes.

      And now here we are, new energy leaders, on the forefront of change. Changing the way we see ourselves and the way women show up in life. No small thing!

      And that’s why I tied this type of pattern in with having lots of money in our life, it’s so important to be aware of how the two tie together.

      And, ME TOO! I had done a whole lot of releasing of people and the care-taking role that exhausted me and made me literally sick. But there’s a small part of me that still identifies with that role. Especially with someone who I have felt a heart connection with. But more and more I see that I am in a vastly different place than when I began the relationship, and I need to own that new place I am in. And it sounds like you are too.

      And, I also can see much more clearly that with some people, it doesn’t really help them. (Especially as you say, they aren’t ready or willing to see, or begin to act on a different way.) In fact, holding their hand delays their own growth. But most importantly, we can’t afford to diminish our light now. Our energies are so precious right now and we need to give ALL of our attention to our enlightenment, to loving ourself like never before.

      Yes, we will not be thought of by some others as very ‘nice’ but oh well, why is that a problem? On a soul level, we could give a crap what anyone else thinks of us!

      Besides, they’ll thank us later.

      Oh boy, I love being on the leading edge of this new empowered women’s movement. How about you?

      1. Elila

        Aaaah Maria–thank you for this! I have been feeling the “oh well who cares what anyone thinks” for a while now, but i gotta say i felt some old residual guilt surface with the words i wrote in my comment. Like really? THIS is where we are? I dont want to even be a “good FRIEND”???!! But yep, i AM seeing that its exhausting and draining to even LISTEN. And you are totally right, i dont think it even helps them! Im seeing clearly now how the drama and trauma is such a pattern for most people, and how they unknowingly pursue it. I used to do it too! And i can see how the cycle is continuing without me, and how drama/trauma has become perhaps the primary way most people connect with others–over their woes and complaints. Listen carefully at any bar or coffee shop and it seems all the conversations happening are about “issues”, and not only that, I’ve also noticed how many are COMPETETIVE about it! Like oh–you think YOUR day was horrific (LOTS of hyperbole LOL), listen to what happened to ME!
        Im seeing how all this compassionate listening is never-ending. I see how the few people left that im “there for” keep recyling the same scripts with didferent casts. And i feel like im being dragged through it with them, having to experience the yuck vicariously, and i dont want to any more! No matter what i say to them (or dont say), the process will just keep repeating. So with this awareness, im having to find more new ways to opt out of the whole mess 😜.
        Thank YOU Maria, for creating this space here to discuss such radical concepts, where we can admit these strange new feelings and be safe, feel support and not shame or guilt over stuff that isnt ours to begin with!! Even knowing that this is such a place, i must admit i was a little nervous after putting it to words and hitting “post comment”–but there was a part of me that pretty much knew my fellow pioneers here would probably get it!
        And yep, being on the leading edge is no picnic most of the time, but i wouldnt change where im at, and i sure dont want to go back, so i suppose i AM learning to love the front line!

        1. “Learning to love the front line” well said, Elila!! Sounds like a great title for a book!

          Yes, the drama trauma is the way so many people relate to others, and yes, me too. I was deep into it myself for a long time. A never ending cycle indeed! And now I recognize it pretty quickly when it does happen, especially in myself, when I feel victimized by my own mind!

          And thank you, Elila, for sharing yourself here and being bold enough to embrace a new way of being.

          So…new ways to opt out of the whole mess…..well, I have tried the following: stop returning their calls and text messages and emails. (doesn’t always work) Keep changing the subject and telling them how much I am enjoying life these days. (gets them confused…where did the old Maria go?) Doesn’t work so well for me because I realize that some of these old friendships were built on gnashing of teeth and wringing of wrists together. And sometimes it’s hard to let go of the relationship because there were some really solid good times together.

          But it does come down to, honoring where we are at now, and sometimes that means letting them go, especially if like you say, they are just repeating the old story with a different set of characters.

          And you are right, we just help them to perpetuate their stuck place by being their sounding board and even by trying to help them to see a new way. Sometimes it’s just an addiction to the feelings the drama gives them…it’s a kind of high. even if it feels awful. At least they feel alive.

          And moving into this new place, this sovereign place where we value ourselves so much that we are willing to let anything go that does not serve that new place. Bold indeed!!!💕

  6. Elila

    PS–i just had the thought that by even listening to others and their drama du jour, we are participating in the perpetuation of it, so by finding ways to opt out we help everyone! Its a win-win….in disguise LOL

    1. Elila

      ” But more and more I see that I am in a vastly different place than when I began the relationship, and I need to own that new place I am in. And it sounds like you are too.”

      …..AB – SO – LUTELY!!!!! That is exactly it! Perfectly spoken.

    2. Kat

      Hi Elila :),

      I think that applies to people that indulge in their drama and subconsciously don’t want to let go of it and keep repeating the same old crap all over again. They bore me to bits. Sometimes I do find it amusing and interesting though and I don’t mind listening, especially as it doesn’t drag me down anymore like it used to. I then see in what a good place I am right now, without having a stressful job (cause I have no job at all haha) or too many people in my life that might want sth. from me and, as that is the number one cause for drama: other people and one’s own job situation (although I do find myself bored sometimes being unemployed, still it’s better than having a shitty job). Oh and health, that is very important, too.
      I have been a good friend to those people who I call friends and most of them have been good friends back to me, but I figured how I love talking about non dramatic things more than about personal trauma (although I was never talking about my personal trauma as much, but more listening to that of others, I sorted mine out on my own, but I’m also done with thinking about it, it kinda gets boring and old now – I guess that’s a sign that I dealt with it). I do enjoy the company of people who don’t tend to unburden their heart every chance they get. I like to talk about politics, philosophy, psychology, those non personal topics and when it gets personal I prefer the funny and light hearted stories. I’m sick of the negative crap. I’m done with it.
      I have one friend now that is still caught up in a drama situation – we only talk on the phone every now and then cause she lives too far away now – the same she was used to ages ago (we lost touch for a while until I found her again via the internet). Not much has changed really. I do like her though, because she has an interesting energy about her and she does usually have a good head on her shoulders. Her drama talk doesn’t bother me that much if at all, but next time I will cut it short if she starts again, although it doesn’t drag me down emotionally anymore, it bores me to hear the same old stuff over and over again.
      Hugs to you Elila

  7. Elila

    So true about the old relationships having been built on the hand wringing and various shared angsts. And there is a little guilt around abandoning that bcuz yes there were some great times and a lot of love. Buuuut……it so doesnt feel good or right anymore to exist or interact on that level!
    I have tried all the same things as you, with basically the same results lol. The subject change tactic i still use and i tell ya i usually run out of topics and detours before the other runs out of drama or is sufficiently distracted! And the thing is, its become very lopsided–i rarely talk about any poo that may be happening for me (& i think there is less of it occurring for me due to this) bcuz i dont want to feed it with my precious limited (for now) energy! So its like two people in a leaky boat, one is bailing water OUT and the other is furiously scooping it back IN! Haha
    And you are also right about how they at least feel alive–i even had one of my more “enlightened” friends say it straight out that at least she felt alive with the drama happening. Yuck. More and more something in my brain shuts down when i hear that kinda stuff–i just cant participate–its so boring & like with a lot of stuff these days for me, gives me a vague sense of “outdated”. And those of us who are opting out of those types of relating are BOLD indeed!!! It seems very brave to abandon the old bad habits that most are still clinging to and unaware of.

    1. Elila
      I love your wisdom! You say,

      “i rarely talk about any poo that may be happening for me (& i think there is less of it occurring for me due to this) bcuz i dont want to feed it with my precious limited (for now) energy! So its like two people in a leaky boat, one is bailing water OUT and the other is furiously scooping it back IN! Haha”


      It’s funny too, because I just finished writing a new post in which I use the analogy of two people being in quicksand together to describe that scenario.

      And it amazes me too that it feels so ‘yesterday’ to do the drama…even when I find myself in it all by myself, even when I get somewhat sucked into it just from my own fears and worries….(but not beating myself up for it because this is new territory)

      You are really embodying these changes. And it sounds like you feel on an intimate level how that is transforming your life. From the inside out. Owning more and more where we are NOW seems to help detach from anyone or any energies that try to pull us back.

      With those I felt closest to, I see how in some ways I would defer to their perspective so that I could keep the connection with them, or I would try to convince myself that they were further along in their consciousness than they actually were….another way to rationalize the need to stay connected to them.

      But the telltale signs were there and growing more and more.

      1. Elila


        “……or i would convince myself they were further along…..”

        Exaaaaaaactly. Me too. I have done just as you said, deferring in ways and believing they were further along, for the same reasons. But yep the signs are there and becoming more pronounced & insistent lol. There is also the inner feeling of being thwarted or held back or wasting my time/energy in a way?
        And yes the drama feels so five minutes ago even when im all alone in it! Ha!
        I love YOUR wisdom!

  8. Elila

    Haha Kat i so agree–i also feel glad when talking with others (or being talked AT) that i dont have a shitty job (no job at all for me too!) or crap health. I dont think most of it really drags me down any more–well some of the more intense dramas do; the empath still kicks in with certain very close people and i still feel the pull and residual anxiety sometimes, but for the most part its just tedious and boring like you said. And yep “energy vamping” is a term i use too! You defined it exactly –them feeding off the attention to their drama. Thats it right there.
    And i am also over all the negative crap! It amazes me how entrenched the habits of competetive drama, hyperbole, and negativity in general have become–it sometimes feels like theres so much of it around me i’ll drown in it! But you are totally right, im always thinking how glad i am that it’s not me! Even when i do have some anxiety or another, or even drama, i, like you, sort it out on my own now. Although in the past i was right there in the ring with my friends complaining, so it can be awkward now that my perspective has changed so much and theirs has not, and that i have abandoned so many of the old habits we used to share. But overall i think im navigating this new territory pretty ok most of the time lol.
    Hugs back to you! 😊

  9. James

    Wow Maria I really needed to hear this, thank you! You spoke to my gut the whole time! When I was growing up I had this feeling of not having the right to join in, join the rat race and chase money. Much worse is I’ve never had a desire for money ever, I would think when I was a child how amazing it was to feel bliss with needing anything (money), of course I love the experiences it brings but money in and of itself has never meant anything to me. However since awakening I have this intuitive feeling I will be rich one day (rich in societies terms) and it’s strong. It’s like some part of me already knows it’s done and I am fearful of that for some reason. Already fearful of what people will expect of me, how it will change the people around me. Yes I’m one of those people who thinks they would probably help others first lol but recently it has dawned on me how money wouldn’t help certain people and how incredibly destructive it could be, in other words I understand their position in life. Is it about me allowing and accepting and letting spirit take care of it when I get there? It’s been weird lately, money has come into my mind recently and these little fears have been arising. Again thank you ❤

    1. James
      I like what you are sharing here. Your honesty is appreciated. And it sounds like you understand that joy is something that can’t be ‘bought’ and that now you can receive that energy of money, financial abundance because you are in a more balanced place in your life.

      And your fears are coming up to be acknowledged and cleared.

      It’s interesting because those concerns about what others expect of us isn’t just around having plenty of money, but having plenty of wisdom, and compassion, and coming to understand that we can’t give others emotional hand outs nor financial ones. And it sounds like you have the discernment to know who those people are. So if you are letting go of holding their hands emotionally you will not fall into giving to them financially either. They both go hand in hand. Because it’s all just energy.

      If you just trust your feelings you will know intuitively what to do. And of course it’s not about trying to be perfect at this, it’s all just trial and error really. And it won’t necessarily change the people around you when you receive your financial fortune, but it could highlight their own imbalances.

      Having a great deal of money, we could say, is like having a great deal of light, of radiating more and more light (our I Am ) out and it doesn’t necessarily ingratiate others to us, in fact it can make others very uncomfortable because light has a way of exposing others’ issues that they do not necessarily want to deal with.

      That image we were taught of the masters of the past, of them being so loving and understanding all the time….it was often quite the opposite…they didn’t have time for bull-shit. They could see through the games others played. They simply didn’t allow others to feed off of them.

      The greatest gift we can give others is being a role model of self love and self acceptance. Oh, and of course, to tip well (HEEHEE)

      1. Kat

        “So if you are letting go of holding their hands emotionally you will not fall into giving to them financially either. They both go hand in hand. Because it’s all just energy.”

        You have a point and I think that is sth. people who are empathic are at risk of. But I think that financial assistance is often enough used as a substitute of emotional assistance as well. Like those parents who work so much and have no time for their kids but compensate this with monetary gifts.
        @James: great that you already know you’ll be rich one day. I reckon you’ll be balanced enough by then to be able to enjoy your new found wealth. And there is nothing wrong with giving away some money from the heart – for example to your fellow Ascension pioneer Kat 😀 haha. (jokes).
        I don’t have any “predicitions” or premonitions about my future, just a very calm and satisfying feeling about it, like it’s sure that it’s gonna be good. Maybe that’s premonition enough

        1. Absolutely, Kat, money is used often in lieu of other types of giving! Good point!

          And for control. Many are generous with gifts and money in order to control the recipient. (Even if they say, no strings attached, there usually are!). Wanting love or appreciation back. But of course there are no victims. Everyone is playing their role.

          And of course giving generously from a heart felt place is wonderful. And I think we are getting what the distinctions are. Hope you’re enjoying your day!🙌💕💕🌴

  10. Kat

    “And for control. Many are generous with gifts and money in order to control the recipient. ”

    Absolutely. Money definitely is a means of control in our society. The trick is to not fall into that trap and use money for our own enjoyment and/or true giving from the heart.
    yeah my day has been good so far. Hope you are enjoying yours, too 🙂

  11. raisedinlove

    Heart friend,
    Just stumbled on to your work. This post and the one about compassion vs. sympathy are exactly what I have been chewing on lately. You literally are expressing it better then I could and help me clarify and articulate to myself what is up. So much love and appreciation to discover such a clear and wise soul friend.
    so much love,

    1. savannah,
      I am so happy you ‘stumbled’ here and resonate with those posts…so many of us are so ready to move beyond the mind’s limitations (with compassion for that mind). And it’s nice to have others to connect to who share the same awareness. Welcome soul friend! 💕

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  13. Elila

    Aaaaah maria–re-reading this post and the comments feels so ridiculously synchronistic after our convo over in your other post!! Just another perfectly timed and apt reminder!! Love it LOL.

    And kat i still crack up when i read your response to james about giving from the heart LOL LOL

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