How often do you stop to consider what you are doing, what is actually happening to you at this time, in your body, on this Planet?  That you are at the end of a vastly long cycle of lifetimes.  That you are moving out of a very old energy into an entirely new one.  That you are bringing back together all the parts of you that were lost and separated.  That you are allowing your soul, your divine self, into your life and your body on a more intimate level than you have ever felt before.  That you are recalibrating your body, so that you can go from human to divine human.

For many of us, this will probably be our last lifetime on Planet Earth.  We are ending a 25,000 year old cycle and are literally beginning a brand new stage of our evolution.  This new stage actually began during the time of Jesus some 2000 years ago, when the seeds were planted that would bring forth a new way for humanity. But the timing wasn’t quite right until more recently to allow that new way to be expressed.

Many of us could have left lifetimes ago.  We could have ascended.  But we waited.  Why?  Maybe because we knew this would be an incredible time to be here.  That the energies would be ripe.  Not even to necessarily learn more lessons.  But just because we wanted to be here at the most amazing time in the history of mankind.

And maybe there were other reasons.  Because once we push that elevator button, we know we will be saying goodbye for the last time to our entire past, from the time we left home.  We will be saying our goodbyes to our ancestors, to our friends, the few we have left….to this beautiful place that was home to us for such a long time.

In spite of the hardships we endured here, it’s understandable that we would hesitate, and want to prolong our stay.  We want to continue tasting one of the most profound experiences in all of existence:  being human.  Being a sentient being on this beautiful planet.

Many of us then, are at the cusp of our ascension.  And in some ways are looking forward to moving on.  (Which could be in 5, 10, 15, 20 or 30 or more years).  But in the scheme of things, even staying here another 60 years is a very short time, isn’t it?)  But we are already feeling the stirrings of wanting new adventures.  Perhaps we will be going to the New Earth, which is being birthed and is a place in which it is much easier to be both physical and ethereal.  Or perhaps we will be exploring other dimensions and other realms.  And by the way, we are doing this now in dream state.

And if we do come back to this Planet, many of us will probably not opt for the old re-entry way of biological birth, which is a painful way of infusing our soul into a body.  It had its place, as did the experience of having a human body.

We learned a great deal from the experiences of living within a human body. We came to understand that having a consciousness reside in that body could profoundly affect that body. But to a large degree the human biology is designed from a very old template. And maybe originally it was more pure and adaptable to consciousness, but history shows us that there were bugs that needed to be worked out. We learned a great deal from those bodies, and did our best to make them our own. But really, they are the product of a whole lot of ancestral imbalances.

It’s why this transformation has been so difficult.  And it’s been tough on our mind with all its inherited limitations.  So our soul decided there needed to be an easier way to express through physical form.

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We will be able to take advantage of a new way of infusing our soul into a body, and it will be through nanotechnology.  It’s being worked on now, and will be available sooner that anyone could ever imagine.  In this way, the body will not be contaminated with biological predispositions, with issues of aging, and disease.  The body will not feel like a burden.  It will have the capacity to have parts replaced and it will be able to be shut down when the soul wants to leave.  It will be available in a fully adult template.

This new type of techno-biology will not be embraced by others, at least at first, and especially by those in the organized religions that teach that god is outside of ourselves.  And that life is about pain and suffering.  They may even call it ‘The Devil’s Work”…It’s interesting because some will declare that there are robots walking around pretending to be human…and, yet, isn’t that what most of humanity is doing now?  But people will continue to argue for their own limitations.

So many of us could have left.  But we wanted to hold off on pushing that elevator button., because we were not quite ready to say goodbye.  In spite of all the heartache, the physical and emotional turmoil….

But as your soul, you take it with you, not the pain, but the love, the wisdom, the experience of being human.  There’s nothing like it.  It’s not for the weak of heart.  Many will be coming here and wanting to go through their ascension.  And because of the work we have devoted ourselves to, their path will be so much easier.  You may want to come back for short visits just to experience the sensual pleasures of being here.  You may want to continue working with those here who need assistance in their ascension, but you will be doing it in a different form, whether it’s in your transformed human body, (because you decided to stay and go through the recalibration from carbon to crystalline), whether it’s from the New Earth, or in the new technological body you are helping to create.

And wherever you decide to go when you leave, remember that you take home with you.

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6 thoughts on “Beyond

  1. Reblogged this on elizabethsadhu and commented:
    Love the synchronicities….. Over and over with you, Sistar Goddess!

    I turned 59 in August and have always KNOWN that I would live to be 120. But I knew it would feel good and I would still be doing cartwheels and that the numbers would not mean shit. 😀💛

    Too tired to write more but you give me comfort when I feel so alone on this path I AM on. 😀😀💛💛😀😀💛💛😀😀💛💛😀😀💛💛

  2. Kat

    “Because once we push that elevator button, we know we will be saying goodbye for the last time to our entire past, from the time we left home. We will be saying our goodbyes to our ancestors, to our friends, the few we have left….to this beautiful place that was home to us for such a long time.”

    I think that is what causes bouts of bittersweet melancholy sometimes. It is accompanied by thoughts of how I love this planet. Bit strange to feel melancholic about loving sth. isn’t it? But what you write here perfectly explains it.
    Ahh I really love Earth ❤

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