Our Journey To Enlightenment

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Our journey to our enlightenment is as varied as is each of us…..each a unique ‘snowflake’ traveling a road that has twists and turns, detours and pitfalls, beautiful, expansive vistas as well as dreary, confining environments.   But each experience was just a step closer to our enlightenment.

In the throes of relationship drama for example,  from my human perspective, I saw it at the time, from just one angle.  But seeing it from the eyes of my soul, it all makes sense.   Each connection and experience was synchronistic, and has led me back home.  For example, my first marriage was ending after ten years, and I knew it was time to move on.   Ideally I should have waited awhile before becoming involved with another man, but in the scheme of things it was not possible.  I was being led a step closer to my awakening.

So husband number two was a computer whiz, and he set up a PC for me.  I think it was a Dell.  Later on, Gateway.  Before that, I had no concept of what a computer was capable of other than the handful of data entry jobs in which I worked.  I had no real interest in computers.

I never owned my own computer or knew much about this phenomenon called the internet.  Yet it wasn’t long after we moved in together that I was all hooked up and had the entire world at my finger-tips.

Because my husband was seventeen years younger than me…that’s right ladies…you heard it here…he was computer savvy and was able to troubleshoot any computer issue imaginable….and back then (the early 90’s) we were stuck with clunky technology, including the turtle-speed of dial-up.  Because my husband was devoted to online gaming…dungeons and dragons and similar genre, he would spend hours playing with his buddies, both in person and on-line.  While there was a part of me that felt lonely in the relationship, it also gave me the opportunity to focus on my own inner spiritual journey without too much distraction.  But at the time I didn’t recognize that truth.

And I had no conscious idea that I would need a computer to enter that world even more deeply and make critical connections.  Initially it seemed like surfing online was just a distraction from the stress of a new relationship and a new living situation.  But as I navigated the internet I came across some websites that seemed to begin answering some of my burning questions.  And as it usually happens when we are open to more knowledge, the appropriate websites find us. While I did glean some valuable information from books in the ‘new age’ section of Barnes and Nobles, this was a brave new world at my fingertips….I felt like I was connecting to my true spiritual family.  I no longer felt so alone.

Within those energies were the mentors and guides I now recognize as old friends and fellow teachers.

And the relationship I was developing with his mother, who I was closer in age to than I was with her son, was also synchronistic.  She led me to some unexpected opportunities in which I would be able to work less and spend more time developing my spirituality.  And this came in handy even more so after husband number two and I divorced.

Ending my relationship with Husband Number Two was quite painful, and I tried my best to keep him in my life.  But alas, a younger man…the age gap getting larger and larger as time rolled on…and his wanting to start a family of his own….no surprise there.  But again, another blessing.

A phone call out of the blue came from a long-lost first cousin, inviting me to come down to Florida.  Getting off the airplane in December and being greeted by a balmy 80 degrees, palm trees and ocean air…who could resist?  It was a long winter of my soul and I was so ready to begin a new chapter in my life!

Here in Florida I met up with old (lifetimes old) relationships that supported me as an awakening human, and others that were dissolved because they were no longer part of the new energy in which I was entering.

One relationship in particular was karmic and difficult.  Yet, it helped me to initiate my passion for music.  I started out playing back up guitar for my Greek cousin’s harmonica playing, and that evolved into writing and performing my own songs.  Again, about a ten-year run, and it ended with me resolving never to allow an emotionally abusive relationship into my life again.  And shortly after I disconnected energetically from him, he transitioned.  I was left feeling empty and scared, because I didn’t realize how much of myself I had invested in that relationship.  But I knew that this was going to be the beginning of something profound.  I now see that relationship as a blessing because it pushed me to finally end an old pattern that as a woman I had been in for a very long time.  Again, all part of the awakening process.

I was slowly unravelling the old care-taking role. I became more aware than ever that these relationships were sacred and appropriate but that ultimately the most important relationship was the one with myself.  My songs in particular expressed that truth, and I wanted to share myself as a musician with more than just the local bars and coffee houses.

I dreamed of recording my songs in a real music studio with back-up musicians of my own.

And interestingly, that dream evolved into something even more amazing that I could never have imagined.  But there’s a little more to the story before that part is revealed.


I did record a couple of nice albums on my own, using a simple recording device, and I did record some songs using a recording studio and someone to master them.  But I put aside the bigger dream of having other musicians to record with for the time being.  Meanwhile I was feeling the calling to share what I had learned along the spiritual path, and I felt a growing desire to share my experiences and wisdom with more people than just those I would meet in my local community.  I tried to set up classes and workshops at my local library and other community centers but they never seemed to pan out.  I became intrigued with the online presence, and soon was drawn to the WordPress blogging world.  It was relatively easy to create a blog, and for the basic version, it was free!

When I moved here from New Jersey, I had no computer of my own any more.  Consequently, a short six years ago I was attempting to create this very blog from the local library’s computers.  There was a limited window of time to use them, so the original blog was quite rudimentary, and I could not upload images to the site.  My dear friend called the library and asked them to install thumb drives into some of the computers, and that was an amazing next step for me.  I could then introduce images into my writing.

Enlight1-20The same friend eventually asked if he could gift me with a laptop, or an iPad, because he knew I enjoyed spending time at cafes, writing in my journals.  I eventually said yes, and off we went to the Apple Store…but we left with a state of the art iMac, keyboard, microphone, and all the other equipment for me to create and produce music.  Thanks to his gift, now I had my own home music studio replete with all the software to add any instruments and sounds I wanted to my own voice.    Not only that but now I could create music videos and continue my writing and developing my blog, soulsoothinsounds.  I could incorporate my art, my music and my videos into my blog.  I now was in complete control of the entire production and world-wide distribution of my creative forms.  And in the comfort of my own home!

It’s almost as if the dream becomes fulfilled by our soul along with the loving support from others, but often all of the participants are not even aware of what’s really happening as it’s unfolding.  It’s often not until afterward that we can look back and marvel at how it all came together.

And along the way I was not always that clear about what I wanted to create, other than to express my soul in as many ways as seemed joyful.  Often the road would take a different turn than expected, which would create doubt and fear in me.  Yet to my surprise things ended up even better and more expansive than I could have imagined.  So it seems the less I tried to figure things out and just do what brought me joy, there was always a wonderful surprise awaiting me.  One of my favorite surprises is the blessing right here at soulsoothinsounds, of an amazing, supportive community of courageous and outrageous divine humans to share this journey with.

copyright (c) 2016 Maria Chambers, All rights reserved. Please feel free to share this content with others but maintain this article’s integrity by copying it unaltered and by including the author and source website link:. Maria Chambers at http://www.soulsoothinsounds.wordpress.com

22 thoughts on “Our Journey To Enlightenment

  1. Reblogged this on elizabethsadhu and commented:
    Dear sistar goddess! Love hearing about your journey! And I love being part of this community. Joy joy joy!

    I got a new title from my guides/angels Tuesday….. Warrior Goddess of Joy!

    I have been hearing over and over from the Beans (my guides) that are human imagination and ideas about what we can do are a bit limited. So many things have happened in a much BIGGER way, in an awesome way, that I could not have visioned. Letting go……. Letting Goddess-Universe-Home Office-Inner Voice-Source Energy…….

    Love you!

    1. Elizabeth

      Thank you for reblogging on elizabethsadhu. It’s amazing how we are so in tune and getting strong similarities in our personal (universal) guidance. Love it and love you dear sistar Warrior Goddess of Joy! 💕💕😍

  2. Kat

    Thank you so much for letting us be part of your journey Maria. I love reading about your life and how it all came together. Have a blessed day 🙂

  3. raisedinlove

    I enjoyed this post and reading of how your meandering life lead you where you needed to go. Helped me remember and dive even deeper into trust as I care-front another remaining painful aspect of my life, remember to trust these difficult emotions are arising for integration and greater wholeness, not for any other reason.
    I want to share two examples from my own life of how unexpected life can be. When I had trouble getting pregnant it was a deep dive into trust to listen to inner impulses on what to do. I gave my husband the choice of adopt or fertility, then on foreign or domestic adoption, no choice on having a child as that was a locomotive coming through my soul. He chose foreign adoption. One day we got a call say they had a 4 month old baby and we had the weekend to decide to go with that choice, even though my then husband wanted to wait until the paperwork was finished to proceed. He went for a run and came back and said no, this is not the right choice, even after we had done ceremony welcoming this baby, I agonized if I had missed “my” daughter as I had a powerful knowing there was one child meant for us. Much later I came home one day and the phone message light was blinking. We literally were coming home from the Guatemalan embassy after just completing all paperwork. I said, ah, it’s her and it was. We flew done there to meet her and I cried literally for days as I recognized her and had such a sense of relief that we finally we together again after eons apart. We later met the other baby while down there and KNEW she had not been right for us.
    The second story is how I got a blog and on Facebook. My marriage had started to crumble and my soon to be wasband had connected to a Canadian woman through an online poetry class and he had become obsessed with her, tearing our family and marriage further apart. Yet it was this woman who one day announced out of the blue I needed to write a blog. I would say it is no coincidence that I also started my blog six years ago, Nov.1, 2010. She INSISTED I start the blog even though I barely knew her and we were certainly NOT close. It was wild how she pushed me into it and I am truly grateful. Much later someone said I needed to be one FB and my wasband set it up for me the minute I mentioned it, something he never did acting so quickly for me even when we were married. Experiences like this help me know we are guided to where we are meant to be. Also love finding you and enjoying a deep sense of recognition.

    1. What an amazing series of events. It brought tears of joy to my eyes that you were finally reunited with your daughter…and fascinating about your blog…and how you were ‘pushed’ to write. And who knows, maybe the Canadian WAS someone from your distant past….eh? (LOL)

      Thank you for sharing your beautiful stories with us and thank you for sharing your beautiful radiance with others through your guidance and teachings. Love💜

      1. raisedinlove

        thanks love, lots of tears of joy lately, one sweet gift of the sensitivities. I am often in absolute awe of the courage this authenticity takes, especially when swimming against the tide of the mainstream. I know as we each take this steps, makes it easier for those that come behind. much love with a hearthug

  4. Elila

    Dear Maria,
    This is so helpful and comforting to me as im in the midst of releasing an almost 3 decades long difficult relationship with a dear friend. And im definitely at the point you spoke of where i am determined to not entertain any more abusive relationships. Just no. That is just OVER for me. While this dissolutuon process has been painful & sad, and at moments ugly, i do still feel some relief and excitement for a future not walking on eggshells, a freedom to attract truly mutual relationships and like minded kindred spirits like my “family” here. Thank you Maria, and others here for sharing experiences and stories–it really, REALLY helps me navigate.
    Love & appreciation to you

    1. Elila

      I can certainly identify with those feelings….sadness…anger…definitely relief…and excitement…yes, I know intimately about the eggshells…..and the drama…there was loads of that for me. So congratulations! Not too many people are in that place of self-love to the point where they are willing to walk away from their past associations….from this and all other lifetimes, in fact.

      As a woman especially it’s quite a quantum leap to show up in life as self-loving. Making yourself come first. Letting go of needing to please anyone else at your own expense. And I find that it’s ongoing, and right now requires daily maintenance…and being o.k. with myself when I find myself still in that care-taking mode…I have to remind myself that my gender has been doing that for eons of time.

      But it does get easier. And when someone has crossed the boundaries with me, no, I don’t always recognize it immediately, (because that disrespect is sometimes more subtle, more covert, and can even come in the form of someone being ‘nice.’ ) but often afterwards I will when I get back into my own space I will feel annoyed or confused, which are signals that it was not a balanced exchange, that there was a feeding going on.

      And it is new to have friendships based on sharing and not feeding…

      Great hearing from you…💕

      1. Elila

        Aaah Maria–
        This is so comforting–you clearly get it EXACTLY. You nailed every point here right on. Especially about the drama (oy!) & not always recognizing the subtle but percasive jabs and disrespect in the moment, then feeling upset and confused when i get back to my space and can review. And then often i wish like hell my responses had been much different!!! But im learning slowly. Patience does wear thin as you say below. I also relate and agree with so much of what you have reaponded to others below–like how a sudden loud sound or someone being inconsiderate or a smell–YES!! A *SMELL*!!!!–can set me off into feeling irritable or outright annoyed when i was fine a moment before. And then not knowing if its me, everyone else, menopause, the moon, the holidays….oh yes yes yes this is my experience too. And also as you said, my sensitivity to others energy and environment just keeps increasing. I like the how you said if it’s not joyful its not mine. I have thought this too. But even intellectually knowing its not mine, its still difficult to feel thru it to the other side or wait for it to dissipate. So much discomfort in the dealing. Annnnnd yeppers!!! thru it all my own mind is the most difficult of all, constantly working it seems to betray any feelgood i manage for myself! Holy crap. But coming here i find so much soothing and assurance in reading your words and others experiences too–SO much like my own–and you and others so clearly “getting it” –oh man i dont know what id do without y’all. Thank you thank you thank you. You and the community here make all the difference for me and i appreciate it all so much! 💙

        1. Yes, Elila, the sensitivities can be the most challenging thing in this whole process!! And if it’s any comfort, or maybe you have experienced this yourself, it does pass…some really difficult sensitivities I’ve had are now very minimal. Others, of course are still present. ( And the impatience with others who are of a lower consciousness…well, I don’t know that we would ever get over that one…sometimes it’s just walking away from them.)

          …But what’s happening is that our light body, which is actually our true body, it’s always been there, but is now being activated…is integrating at a pace that is more comfortable for it and for the biological body. Otherwise our bodies would burn out….and, the sensitivities are the light body itself becoming more aware of things, because it has never been integrated like this before in biology.

          Here’s the interesting part of all this: have you noticed that you were probably much less sensitive to noise, smells, food, pollutant, or people in the past? That’s because the brain has grown accustomed to filtering out things to a large degree. But now with the activation of the light body, there is a whole new process of integration and it’s actually the light body that is adjusting to the new stimuli (new to the light body) that the sensual physical reality contains.

          So being so hyper-aware, or sensitive, is a good sign that the light body is integrating and activating. It’s in the natural process of learning to adjust to the physical.

          And the great news is as that happens, we can truly enjoy life here without all the burdens of the old carbon-based body. (And the mind gets transformed too)

          But it will take more patience on our part, and I know my patience has run dry many times. But as you say, we are blessed to have the support of those here who are going through this too.

          It’s incredible what we are doing. We are releasing so much on so many levels, being re-born. Wow.💕

      2. Elila


        Hmm yes a couple of the sensitivities have let up just a little, but Ooooooh yes the lower consciousness peeps–i have been doing LOTS of walking away, biting tongue, and outright avoidance! Good grief i dont see that going away either. But perhaps it will eventually soften to a benign eye roll and a quick forgetting? Lol
        And wow–this perspective is really insightful and thought provoking–about the sensitivities being indications of activation/integration–i hadnt thought of it specifically in that way and i felt a blast of reassurance as i read it–thank you for taking the time to articulate it! It was a very pleasant “eyebrows-up-hmmmmm” moment! 🙂💕
        The idea of being able to “enjoy life here without all the burdens of the carbon based body” and an upgraded mind–that is indeed enticing as heck–how i LONG for a PLEASANT experience of this life!!!!

        1. Elila
          Yeah the world outside this new, freedom-based emerging reality sure feels more and more foreign to me…and even what’s happening inside me feels so foreign….at least to the human part of me!!

          also when you stop to consider that we could have allowed this process of integration to be more graceful and easier if we did it over a period of a couple, or 3 or 4 lifetimes. But we were very clear in saying “it’s this lifetime or never!! No more waiting!!!” So consequently everything is much much more intense.

          And the thing that helps me the most is reminding myself that my human personality named Maria can’t figure any of this out, (because every time she tries…well, you know what happens) and I have to step aside regularly and allow my eternal self, my new partner to just love me, and take care of things in my body for me. Not easy considering that it gets pretty uncomfortable at times…so it’s building that trust. In the face of a human history that has not experienced that kind of love from any other human. It’s like we finally are getting what we have been asking for for a very long time and now that it’s here we are reluctant to invite it in on such an intimate level.

          That’s o.k. It’s happening….and it’s amazing.💕

      3. Elila

        Lol Maria–yes “foreign feeling” about sums it up. And i must admit, the idea that we said THIS is the lifetime, lets just git ‘er done, i dont want to wait even one more lifetime….well that sounds just like me–not far fetched in the least lol.
        And yep radical self care and radical trust seem to be the name of the game at this point–not much choice in the matter it seems! And thank you for always reminding me that yes it really is amazing. Love to you dear fellow pioneer explorer 💙

  5. I really appreciate hearing about your journey Maria. I remember when I first started surfing the internet when my boys were small and little did I think it would lead me to finding like minded souls. When I don’t find the people around me understanding the awakening I’m going through, its SO comforting to know others understand and are going through their own.

    The emotions and feelings coming up right now can be so so intense, sometimes I wonder if it won’t break me. I’m extremely empathic and often wonder if I’m feeling the collective angst at times or my own that’s coming up for healing. I realize it needs to come to the surface in order to disipate, but wow sometimes……………………

    1. Sherry

      I can appreciate what you are saying about the intensity of emotions, and they seem even more so lately….the mind can drive itself crazy trying to figure it out…is it mine, is it mass consciousness….a full moon…the holidays….etc….I know I have driven myself nuts….

      So I have reduced it to a simple formula: If it doesn’t feel joyful, it’s not mine, no matter where it originated.

      Of course easier said than done, especially when the emotion feels so strong. But I have found that as I allow the feelings breathing room, not trying to figure them out, they do dissipate much more quickly. Kind of acknowledging them without identifying with them. Because it seems the mind’s imput tends to reinforce the emotions’ strength.

      Walking away from relationships that compromise our joy is difficult enough, but working with our own mind in all of this, that is the ultimate challenge…

      This transformation can be so uncomfortable on so many levels, and I am noticing that the more I awaken to my soul’s presence, the more sensitive I become to others’ energies, to my surrounding environment, smells, noise, sometimes to the point of distraction. I know it will eventually even out, as we integrate more of our light body. But sometimes patience does run thin, understandably.

      And yes, it sure is comforting to know we are not alone….💕

      1. mom2bzs

        That’s interesting Maria, if it doesn’t feel joyful, its not mine. Yes, its when the mind gets involved, when we try to “figure it out” that the emotions get more intense, as if we’re entangling with them.

        Oh yes, I didn’t think I could become any more sensitive to others’ energies.

        This is how it feels to me; its like the duality being a stick, at one end is the positive feelings, the other end is the negative feelings. I feel like I teeter totter back and forth sometimes, if that makes any sense. I feel like a little nudge will set me one way or the other. The energy feels so so strong!

        1. I like your stick analogy…yes it makes perfect sense. It is like being pulled from one to the other. I suspect it will become easier as we welcome our more expansive self in to our bodies and we feel that as our new standard. Bcause the world we still live in would encourage us to be pulled into the denser energies.

          Yes me too, I could be feeling great and a sudden noise or smell or someone not picking up after their dog could really set me off.

          And really, I thought it was a myth that the Ascended Master could be a real bastard…totally intolerant…but it seems that there is truth to that..the more refined our own energies become, the less tolerant we are for the bull shit! So it’s interesting, maybe its not so much that people around us or the energies around us are changing or intensifying, but we are changing dramatically and our sensitivities are wide open and we are a vibrational mismatch with the world we once found ourselves fairly comfortable in.

          But I’m confident it evens out because we are at the same time creating a new reality with others of like mind.

      2. raisedinlove

        I can so relate to both of you, yes, as we release the old puppet strings of allowing behavior that does not feel good in order to maintain relationship it can get very intense and painful. And yes to the sensitivity. Being an empath is not for cowards for sure. Blessing to all of us.

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