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Befriending The Discord



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This ascension, embodied enlightenment process has a way of blowing up our life as we knew it.  And of course our mind is having a hard time with it. And it’s reflected in our body.  Maybe our finances, relationships, job, and on and on.

Everything has been disrupted.  And our mind keeps trying to make sense of it.  It keeps trying to figure out how to make this transformation smoother, more graceful, less painful.  And that mind truly believes that will happen if it keeps trying to find order in the chaos.  That is what our mind loves doing above all, is to order things, label things, organize things.  It is most comfortable when things are formulaic and predictable.

It may be boring, but it is safe.

So, here we are, old systems and patterns changing.  The new energy, an energy of freedom being introduced into our reality, into our bodies and minds. It doesn’t follow the same ordered patterns of the old energy.  And this drives our mind crazy.  We believe then that there is something wrong with our mind, and our body.  There is so much discord.  Our mind is fighting for the old ordered reality, and it just can’t seem to make that happen.

Trying to make sense out of the discord is futile.

The first thing to understand is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the discord.  Just because the mind sees it as bad, it doesn’t make it so.  Because within that discord is a beauty and freedom.  Within that energy of disorganization is a freedom from duality, freedom from divisions, and freedom from stagnation.

And as the mind slowly lets go of its controls, it will feel into the beauty of the discord, the freedom of that energy.  It will begin to understand that it is opening up, along with the body, to a different reality in which ordered patterns are no longer necessary.  Yes, it will still co-exist in a world in which there is that quasi-ordered reality but it will have an awareness that there is so much more.  There is a brand new energy.And within that new energy is the new body, and the new mind.


As the world we live in is being infused with the crystalline light, people are beginning to experience their own discord, and it’s creating an escalation of fear and more attempts to control.  Do you notice people talking about the good old days even more now than ever?  They are scared of a world gone mad.  They see systems falling apart, social, government, political, economic, and even mother nature.  They see global warming, tsunamis, earthquakes, and different species leaving the planet and believe these are signs of imminent disaster, or of mankind devolving.  They are not yet understanding that the seeming discord is just a natural process of a new energy, a new consciousness emerging.

They are very uncomfortable within a reality that is re-patterning itself, or more aptly put, that is slowly moving out of patterns.  So they attempt to keep order by going back in their imaginations to what they consider simpler times.  Or they consume medications in an attempt to numb themselves from all the fear and maintain a sense of control.  There is more abuse of these types of medications than ever before mainly because the mind, which has been the foundation of one’s identity, is losing its edge.

 We are not only feeling into the fear of the mass consciousness but we are also in the process of releasing our connection to old patterns.  So the fear from our mind is actually not who we are.  It’s the old energy mind trying to maintain its identity, which is a mind that was created hundreds of thousands of years ago.  It was ‘standardized’ at a time when people wanted to make everyone similar.

But now, as we awaken and claim our mastery, we no longer are going to rely on that old mind.  And we are no longer going to be creating old patterns, whether it’s in our body, mind or reality.  Reality is shifting on this planet.  Albeit slowly for most of humanity.  But those of us on the accelerated path are not willing to wait for the rest of humanity to ascend.  We are in the process of doing, in this one lifetime, what would normally take many more lifetimes to do……we are going for the quantum leap.

So, when things in your life feel out of control, or seem to be falling apart, take a step back.  Take a few deep breaths.  Take a sip of wine, coffee or indulge in your favorite treat.   See the discord and chaos in your body and mind as an excellent sign that things are moving along as planned.

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Author: soulsoothinsounds

Our lives are like great paintings or great pieces of music. If we focus on all the technical 'imperfections' we will miss the true beauty of the work. We won't see, or rather, FEEL the essence and spirit of the masterpiece. I no longer identify myself as a writer, artist, or musician. Rather I express my divinity, and my humanity through the media of art, music and writing. I began this blog because I wanted to give voice to my experiences and insights, and I wrote for myself primarily. Eight years later, I am still writing for myself, and I am discovering that my experiences are not personal but universal - galactic even. And now I am more sure than ever that I am a new consciousness teacher, as each of you are. The way we teach is by going through the very human experiences, and as we ascend and shed our old selves, with love, and as we embody spirit in this lifetime, which we are all doing, we become the standards for others of the new divine human.

32 thoughts on “Befriending The Discord

  1. Thank you Maria for this timely reminder! I know…it’s so easy to get sucked into all the drama. The fear in the mass consciousness can be so influential that we can be easily swayed to see the chaos as ‘wrong’ and which needs to be ‘fixed.’ Thankfully, I’ve learned to take a step back in recent weeks and was guided and reminded to just compassionately observe what’s going on. And what you wrote hammered that message further, thank you! 🙂 Brightest Blessings to you! ❤

    • Nadine Marie
      Yes, the fears around us are so present even if others don’t speak them out loud. Congratulations for being able to “just compassionately observe what’s going on.” And really, that compassion, that loving detachment… is what is so needed now more than anything. To understand that others are just on their own journey. Blessings to you too my friend. 💕

  2. Reblogged this on elizabethsadhu and commented:
    Love love love! So right on again, as usual, dear Sistar Goddess!!!! So beautiful! So confirming. Ended up connecting with a kindred on the train yesterday. We talked for 7 hours!!!! And talked about what you say here….. Loved this! “And as the mind slowly lets go of its controls, it will feel into the beauty of the discord, the freedom of that energy.” Wooooohooooo!!!

    Wallowing in gratitude and joy and love!
    Warrior Goddess of Joy
    Spirit Translator-Psychic

    (I AM supposed to share my gifts and the Angels are instructing me, and all, to shout it from the rooftops.)

    • I just knew you would relate to this topic sistar goddess!!! And are already sharing your wisdom and joy with others!!! And yessss….it’s definitely time to shout it from the rooftops!!! For you ARE indeed a beautiful WARRIOR GODDESS OF JOY! Thank you also for reblogging on elizabethsadhu…love to you😘💕💕💕

  3. ” So they attempt to keep order by going back in their imaginations to what they consider simpler times.”

    haha that’s me. But not because I ‘m scared of the current situation on Earth, but because I sometimes miss the feeling I had when I experienced those events that I like to think of. It’s getting less now though, because I’m more content within myself.
    Thank you for the reminder though. You are spot on as always dear Maria ❤

    On another note: I've been hearing that "the veil is thinning" more often now, because of the energies. Meaning, that the wall between our material world and the spirit world is being dismantled.
    Would you agree with that?

    • Me too Kat, there are some very sweet moments from my past that I do feel from time to time. But we don’t lose those, they just get integrated. I guess you could say that we disconnect from any unhealthy attachment from all of our past.
      And yes that’s a good way to put it, that the wall is being dismantled between the spirit world and the physical material world. So both worlds are in the process of integrating. It’s like now we get to have the best of all worlds. We get to have it all. Our soul, through the light body gets to integrate with the physical body and experience the joys of being human, all the sensual experiences of being physical, and the human self gets to feel that eternal, expansive self while remaining physical. And when we leave the planet we actually take the ESSENCE of the physical body wirh us and then we can recreate it in the other realms….so again, it’s the best of both worlds.

      • ooooooooh how amazing that sounds Maria! Roll on those good times 🙂
        Much LOVE and hugs



      • Yes!
        If I were to exit tomorrow, tonight, whenever my Soul is ready, I just want you to know how much I ❤️ You, and how much you have impacted my journey!
        You be the best!! 😊💖😊

        • Boatloads of love to you my dear Annette…aahhhh… day we will all be sipping coffee or wine at the Ascended Masters Club, and having a good laugh about what the heck was going on here…telling jokes about our adventures! Certainly no boring humdrum lives)😊💜💕😁

      • ” and the human self gets to feel that eternal, expansive self while remaining physical.”

        I thought about those words of yours yesterday and it explains why I have been feeling nostalgic and thinking about the beautiful moments of my childhood.

        When I think about these moments, nothing extraordinary happened on the outside, it is the state of being that I used to have back then that makes my mind go back there. It was exactly as you write: a state of expansiveness, of eternity. There was just me and the moment, or better, I was the moment and everything in it. That is one of the joys of childhood. Our mind and its worries haven’t taken over yet and we just lived.
        I believe we are going back there again, a bit wiser maybe, but I believe that this state of being is coming back.

        • Kat

          You say so perfectly, “our mind and its worries haven’t taken over yet and we just lived.”

          And you are right, we are going to be experiencing that more and more….being in the moment and just enjoying this life. And we don’t have to travel the world or have a million dollars, because as you say it’s a state of consciousness.

          And it doesn’t necessarily mean we will be issue free or that we will be 100% recalibrated, but it does mean that our soul will be in our house with us.

        • Stephanie

          First, congratulations on not owning those feelings as yours, any of the guilt or sense of having to suffer for anything! And the back and forth are totally natural because your mind is trying to tell you not to trust this new way, of relying on the more expansive part of who you are. That dear mind is getting a little frantic because it fears it will soon be out of a job:. That being orchestrating and controlling and pushing and worrying.

          But its not about trying to kick the mind out or suppress the fears and concerns….acknowledging them….being o.k. with your human personality’s conditioned responses to life….even if they are not yours….and it sounds like you are not taking it personally… that’s BIG!?

          And then inviting in your soul, your grand self, whatever you like calling it. And it sounds like you are doing that….and this is the hard part :. Then relax and go about your day….because that gets the energies moving…

          We have a tendency to second guess these new feelings that all s well…and it will take a little time to build that trust in that part of us that can resolve all these issues in an easy and synchronistic way.

          You are a beautiful teacher and you will be teaching what you are going though to your students. And remember, the discord is a good sign you are much closer to your freedom..💕💕

    • I sure do Kat! You said all that I couldn’t find words for…..Thank You 💞

      • Boatloads of love to you too Maria, and how wonderful it will be having wine/coffee at the Ascended Masters Club!! 😀🍷☕️😑

  4. OH my Maria, ( I always think of that song)….whoa, so timely! Thank YOU so much! Nail on the head from start to Finish! 💞❤️💞

  5. I’m moving SO FAST, that I missed the video, which is the way I experienced my day today! Great day in the Morning….YOU ARE BRILLIANT MY SOUL SISTA ❤️

    • Thank you, as are you my dear soul sista!!

      Speaking of time…I was surfing Amazon in search of something to watch that I hadn’t seen before, and I found Sabrina, a teenage witch…a comedy that seems to be geared toward young girls, but I guess I was just looking for something light, whimsical and entertaining. It was filmed from 1996 to about 2003, almost 20 years ago and it seems so contemporary as if it was filmed yesterday. It just seems like the last 20 years has somehow been compressed into just a couple of years, maybe an indication of how our path has been accelerating. Just a thought.

      • Aaah I loved Sabrina the teenage witch and especially her talking cat Salem. He is hilarious.
        Just listening to your song. Soo nice and relaxing

        • Kat
          Yeah I’m really enjoying the series…it was kind of ingenious…and the lead character is very well cast as were her aunts. The one with the blond hair has been a stand up comediane for several years.

          I like the story line and all things considered it doesnt seem to profile women too much…

          And Salem…yes great writing for sure!!! Reminds me a little of Tunsis the driving cat from Saturday Night Live.

          Glad you enjoyed the song!😊

      • Very interesting thought, and I agree! I remember Sabrina the teenage witch, but not so much watching it, I was stuck on Bewitched…lol

  6. I feel like my life is blowing up right now. Unexpected turn of events this weekend has left me feeling like a path I THOUGHT was flowing may be coming to an end. I am being asked to return to something that I no longer resonate with in order to “make as much money as I can” being accused of not being willing to “suffer for our family” I don’t know why I don’t feel the same sense of urgency, but I just don’t. I don’t feel like any of it is mine. I am provided for and that is my “fear spot” so to speak. I don’t want to give that up in fear of not knowing what I would do. I am in that sweet space of one minute feeling expansive and knowing that my next steps and systems of total support will be revealed and then the next minute asking “what am I thinking?!! What will I do for money, food, a place to live.”!! One second I feel like a beautiful awakened angel and the next I feel like a space cadet who cant make it in the “real world” anymore. Something is breaking down, I have been in this space before but have never felt compelled to take that next step I can always rationalize why my life would be “worse” if I did. Why where I’m at isn’t “that bad” I feel afraid of being ignorant, but am not sure that is even a real thing. I am praying the discord and chaos are indeed signs that things are progressing. I could use insight and prayers for clarity and understanding, from some like minded souls. ❤

    • Stephanie

      It looks like I replied to your comment to Kat by mistake…check it out above

      • Thank you very, very much for the validation. I am trying to honor the process and trust that this is all purposeful and I don’t need to go into “figure it out mode” “have a plan and strategy mode” I am recognizing but not clinging to the idea of “I’ve failed at life” in some way. I don’t want to put labels of right or wrong on any of it. How do we know if we are doing all that we need to be doing? I tend to believe I will feel compelled in the moment, but that is a very unpopular idea, and not one I am positive is serving me well.

        • Stephanie

          Our mind will ask many many questions because we have entered a new place in which the mind feels helpless. It wants the roadmap. Some assurance that it works out. But the mind will never be satisfied with the answers that come from the mind.

          That’s the mental, logical world we are leaving behind. Logic will still have a place, but it won’t be responsible for creating our joy. Or for creating our health, our wealth, or our enlightenment.

          So it does take a trust that there is that expansive, eternal self, that is right there with us, 24/7. And that ‘voice’ comes in as feelings not of fear or doubt our judgement but of peace and a sense of well being.

          And yes then it will feel right to go left or right. To act on that feeling. Or it may be saying no, not yet. Do nothing for awhile.

          And yes it goes against everything we were taught. So not to be hard on ourselves if we give into the old voice. The most important thing here is to accept where we are at. That initiates all of the changes we want in our life.

  7. Reading this is very comforting. Thank you for taking the time to connect. ❤

  8. Ok I’m currently watching this fascinating speech by Dolores Cannon and I strongly feel that I should share it here. I know it’s long but it is oh so interesting. She says many things you Maria and we all said here, too. I’m at 1:24:13 now. Can’t wait to listen to the rest

    • Hey Kat

      Thank you for this link…..She seems to be doing some very valuable work….I like her idea of going directly to ‘Source’ for the information that can assist. Meaning the inner being, higher self, god self, etc….I get the impression she is working primarily with those who are at the very early stages of their enlightenment…Those who still subscribe to ‘karma’ and coming back to ‘right their wrongs.’ or to work out certain issues with people in their life…. yet I like that she informs that there is certainly no judgement in any of that from our god selves.

      I am about 50 minutes into the video…..does she talk about the ascension or embodied enlightenment process?

      • “I am about 50 minutes into the video…..does she talk about the ascension or embodied enlightenment process?”

        She does. It starts around 1:01:00

        “.I get the impression she is working primarily with those who are at the very early stages of their enlightenment…Those who still subscribe to ‘karma’ and coming back to ‘right their wrongs.’”

        The video is at least 9 years old, if not older, so maybe there were still more people like that. Later in the video she does talk about that we can’t bring that old karma in the new world, or what we would call, the new energy. I see “Karma” here as a synonym to issues, so that does make sense, too.

        I also find it interesting how she talks about her regression and how spirit doesn’t lead the people back to a past life but up to Source, because past lives aren’t important anymore. That happened to me, too when I tried to self regress.

        I usually have a short attention span, but I couldn’t stop listening to this lady.

  9. Kat…yes she is very clear and confident……beautiful energy!!!

    yeah and me too, all those attempts to go back and figure things out….never worked for me… we are discovering its a much simpler and potent process of just accepting everything about ourself, it brings to the surface the stuff that we buried, physically or emotionally, but the self acceptance allows source to come in closer and resolve all of these things…and the stuff that is still unresolved, maybe we are not yet ready to let go of.

    But the connection to our source brings so much joy….and thats the joy we felt when we came into this life…we felt it, we were passionate about being here at this time to share our consciousness, but we needed to shut it down so young in life. But now we are allowing who we are to emerge….coming out of our deep slumber. Amazing who we are!💕

    • very well written! That is exactly the way it is.

      What Dolores also speaks about is the fact that spirit said that it can’t come in all at once, because our bodies would blow up, as its energy is so strong. That’s why it can only come into our bodies bit by bit. We wouldn’t be able to acclimatise to it otherwise, She was talking about the physical ailments that Ascension brings about, too and that they are connected to the new energy on Earth and the fact that the frequency of the vibration of Earth is rising.
      So interesting how different people come to the same conclusion, because that is what you also said several times and what I – and I’m sure many other who are on this path – also knew that that is the way it is.

      • Yeah as much as we want it…..and NOW….our family or friends would find a pile of clothes on the floor cause thats all that would be left of us…but at least we would go out with a ‘bang!’. Sorry….I couldn’t resist!

        But yes indeed…..all roads lead….eventually…to enlightenment. And we each have our own beautiful and unique way of getting there!

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