The Perfect Couple

Art by Maria Chambers

If you could think back to the one thing that caused the most sadness, what would it be? Would it be the love that you would have wanted to receive from either your mother or father or someone significant in your life? Did you want them to love you, accept you and appreciate you for who you were? For the things you were proud of and the things you weren’t so proud of about yourself?  Even for that part of you that wanted to express pure joy?

That feeling of not being loved in that way has caused some of the biggest wounds in the human spirit. People have been searching for that kind of love for a very long time. It is expressed in literature, movies, and song. The pain of unrequited love runs deep.

So most people settle for a love that is conditional. A love that is earned. It is earned either by being over accommodating, by being financially supportive, emotionally supportive. By being what the other person wants us to be. So we end up hiding parts of our self, whether it’s the light or the dark. The light being our joy, and the dark being all those parts of ourselves that we did not deem worthy. Is it any wonder that life became rather joyless?

And is it any wonder that we are reluctant to allow this thing called spirit to be in our body and our life? This pure, expansive and eternal self. We ask, “What in the world would this presence want with “this?” (Pointing to ourself). Don’t I have to clean up my act first? Don’t I have to clean up all my unresolved issues? Become more loving toward others?  Shouldn’t I resolve my relationship issues with others first?  Aren’t I supposed to be tolerant of others? (Actually the Enlightened Master can be a pretty intolerant being) But we ask, “Don’t I have to put my best foot forward? You know, like we do on a first date or a job interview?”

“What if I have not accomplished enough?  Don’t I need to strive and search and suffer more to earn that love and support???”

“I did NOT sign up for this…o.k…just one Fuzzy Navel then I’m out of here!”

“What if this magnificent I AM comes into my house and looks around, takes its iPhone out and says…”oooooh, you know what…I gotta take this call….looks like I’m needed in Afghanistan.”


And we also say to ourselves, “Isn’t it up to me to fix all of this? Is this not my responsibility? Isn’t it up to me to make sure that my life flows? I mean I think I’ve done a pretty damn good job so far, keeping a roof over my head, having food on the table, having a pretty good life. So shouldn’t this embodied enlightenment be my responsibility too?”

And this is the part that most of us get pretty stuck in. This is where we slow down our enlightenment. Because we are trying to figure this all out. We are trying to make our human self better. And we are trying to bring the joy in from that perspective.  And what happens is because spirit loves us unconditionally, it will back away and allow us to do this all by ourselves. Which doesn’t really work. And then we get even more frustrated because things aren’t working and we keep thinking we’re doing something wrong.  Sometimes to the point of not wanting to even be here any more.

And it comes from this conditioning telling us that we are just not ready or good enough yet for spirit to come in and live in our house. We think we have to finish the renovations in our house before spirit can come to live with us. We think we have to be completely recalibrated physically before Spirit can be in our bodies.

But that is not the way it happens. Our expanded self is ready, willing and able to be with us on an intimate level. and the sooner we recognize that, and that we have done nothing wrong, the better.  There’s nothing we need to do other than just be OK with who we are as we are. No, the human self cannot love itself 100% unconditionally either. It was not designed to do that. But it doesn’t have to.  It becomes, as in any relationship, a give and take.

We can’t expect the I AM to come swooping in, despite all our human resistance, and clean up our life for us.  We do have to love and accept ourself as we are just enough to keep the door open so that the spirit part of who we are can more easily come in and expand on that love. And the benefit of that expansion is that first of all, it feels amazing. We finally get to feel that unconditional love that we have been hoping for from others. And that changes everything. We begin to feel energies moving in areas that felt very stuck.  Yes we will be feeling the discomforts as things come up to be cleared. But being o.k. with that goes a long way in keeping the energies moving.

So once again, this relationship between human and soul, like any relationship, is a give and take.  The human self needs to relax, to be o.k. with itself, and to initiate some choices that reflect that self love…and only you know what those choices are.  Even something as small as taking the day off or as large as releasing a relationship or job that no longer serves your joy.  This self love, even small steps at first, allows the soul to come in closer and express its love for you.  And the soul needs to also comply with the human’s needs.  And our soul is more than capable of doing that.  But our soul is also adjusting and learning to navigate life here with us, not for us.  But the interesting thing is, the soul can deliver a much more expanded version of what the human thought was possible.

So it’s the perfect relationship.

We the human get to just be ourselves, with all our fears, all our issues, or what we believe to be our issues, (it’s just stuff we inherited for the most part) and we get to share our life with a partner that is limitless, joyful, carefree, and eternal.  With no price to pay.  Oh, yes, it feels like we have been and still are paying a hefty price for this ‘bliss.’  But we did ask to have this transformation happen in this one lifetime.  And consequently it can get intense.

But we only prolong that process if we insist on doing it all by ourselves.  If we argue for our limitations.  If we keep thinking that we have to reach some perfected state first.  Let that all go.  It’s time to begin sharing your life with your beloved I AM.  You make the perfect couple!!!

My song, Still Love Your Company is featured in this video:

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