Diving Deep

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Most people live life on the surface.  They may appear to have various experiences, but really their depth of knowing themselves, of  knowing their soul is limited to perhaps going to church or philosophizing about spirituality.  Most people have not yet given permission to dive deep.  To go for the experience.  They go just so far, and then they stop themselves.  That’s fine.  Most people are not ready.  It’s simply not their time.

But you have given permission.  You have dived in and have gone deep.  You have the scars to prove it!  You went through some of the deepest and darkest of waters, not sure if you would emerge alive.  You hit bottom, and it felt like there was a weight holding you down.  But you discovered that fighting the water was futile.  You began to just allow it to naturally bring you back up to the surface.  So each time you dove in after that, it was not as scary, because you knew that even if you hit the bottom you would just float back up.

And that’s because you began to trust that you were not doing it alone.  That you had your eternal self right there.  And with that part of you that is eternal, you discovered that the water held hidden treasures beneath its surface.

If you are holding energies for someone…serving as their ‘lifeline,’ you are not serving yourself or them.  It’s like having one end of a rope tied around your waist and the other end tied to them.  They want to dive into the ocean, but not too deep, just deep enough to make them feel alive.  But then when they had their fill of the waves and undercurrent, they want you to pull them back out.

So they never dive all the way in.  And so nothing really changes.  They keep diving into the water, going so deep and then you pull them out.

Obviously both people are getting something from the experience or they wouldn’t be doing it.  To use an example:  You bail someone out financially when they get to the point of not having enough money to pay their bills.  Maybe this has been going on for years.  Perhaps they are playing out their story over and over….not trusting themself or life to support them.  Perhaps putting their trust in a bad relationship.  But they will need to dive more deeply into their story in order to come out the others side of it, and that may involve some difficult experiences.

Maybe you are trying to ‘protect’ them from that type of pain.  Or maybe the relationship is based on you being their rescuer, whether it’s a financial bail-out or an emotional one.   Perhaps there is someone who periodically seeks you out in order to feel connected back to themselves.  Maybe they consistently engage in denial and drama as a distraction for diving deeper into their own feelings of abandonment or fear.  But when the drama gets to a point that is driving them crazy, they come to you and get the emotional bail out.  And as long as you keep doing that for them, they will never discover their own inner wisdom.  As long as you provide them with the nurturing and energetic support, they will never have to get it from themselves.  They will be missing out on discovering their own hidden treasures.

That is not to say that as you release them energetically they will not go off and find someone else to feed from.  They may not be ready to dive deep just yet.  But that’s not your concern.

And maybe you are not ready to release them either.  That’s O.K.  You will know when it’s time.  You will feel it, and you will also feel more clear about who you are.  And who they are.  And for women especially, you will begin to get more clear that your role is not to nurture others or make them feel more comfortable at the expense of your own joy.  You are letting go of that galactic story.  It’s one of the reasons you came here.

Your presence here is potent, and not everyone will appreciate you.  Because as you take back your mastery it radiates a light that illuminates places not only within you that were not comfortable with self-love, but also in others.  But you have gone through the darkest of the dark, and dove deeper than anyone still playing the 3D game of victimhood.  You know that it’s the only way to your freedom.  There is no one or nothing that could have spared you the experience.  You tried to resist it, deny it and bargain with it.  Until you just gave yourself permission to go for it.

You dove deep, and you didn’t drown.  You came back up and left so much of your fear behind.  And the fear that is left you do not allow to interfere with your joy.

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Enjoy my soulsoothin’ video!

20 thoughts on “Diving Deep

  1. Reblogged this on elizabethsadhu and commented:
    Oh my gosh…..here we are again, dear sistar goddess! I just posted a blog yesterday which is so similar…..and then I did a Facebook Live where I talked about a very similar thing. love the synchronicities. Love you!!!!! THANK you! YOu always say it so beautifully! So confirming…..muah muah muah

  2. So relevant to me right now. I do know people that come to me to purge. I’ve noticed lately that I’ve been purging pretty deeply myself. I’ve done this for so long, sometimes I wonder if its endless. I loved what you said about it illuminates places in me that aren’t comfortble with self love. When I share these deep raw tender feelings, I find myself apologizing, feeling like I’m “too much” or my feelings are too deep and painful and raw to hear. I just want to go inside myself and heal the pain that I feel come up. Its not for sissies!

  3. So true dear sister…this is not for the meek!

    And because most people are uncomfortable with their emotions, they really don’t know what to do with yours either. So, it does feel quite solitary, but it was designed that way so we could go deep and become our own resource, our own nurturer…but not so much as just the human personality, but in co-operation with our soul…to allow that expansive, eternal part of us to just love us, including all of our emotions. And, while the emotions in a way aren’t even ours…they still need to be acknowledged.

    That self acceptance is the key then to transforming all these stuck energies. And yes it does feel endless sometimes…like geeze, did someone leave the faucet on, and why can’t it be turned off already???

    And of course we truly are not alone even as the human, since we have this amazing on-line family to go through it with. And thank you for being part of that family. My love to you.

  4. Dear Maria, thank you so much for your compassion and love. It means the world to me. This is one of the few places I can come and be real. There’s just understanding, not advice or fixing.

    Yes, I’ve instinctively known that when people give advice or try to fix me, or even when I can feel (I’m extremely empathic) them pulling away, that they’re uncomfortable with their feelings, so me expressing mine makes them squirm, as it brings up things they don’t want to face.

    Yes, that feels exactly right to allow our soul to love us and our emotions. Growing up in a family where my light and sensitivities were way too bright for my parents; I had to keep my light covered and hidden. So now I re-parent myself and tell the little girl inside me that who she is is not “too much” or “too sensitive” and that all the energies I feel are very real.

    I had an interesting experience where I was crying and purging and I looked at myself in the mirror as I was crying and a different part of me came in to love me. Its hard to explain, but it was a break through moment where I felt energetically a different part of me came in to love me, maybe my eternal self; my soul. It was amazing. Its hard to explain these energies and energetic moments I feel so intensely.

    Yes! I love that analogy! Did someone leave the faucet on?! So perfect!

    I’m am so forever grateful for this on-line family Maria. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    1. You speak for so many of us who, as children, felt our divine presence but had to put it away because those who took care of us, those in our schools and others in our life, would not understand it. It’s beautiful what you are doing now for that little one, and she now can feel free to play and express herself without fear of being humiliated. And I love that you looked in the mirror, because that is the best way to make the connection to our soul. To look into our own eyes and see the fire of our own eternal self looking back at us…it is an amazing experience and you are right, words do not express it, one just has to experience it….so yes, this is the time. This is the time to allow our light to shine. For ourself first. And then if it feels joyful, to express that light in any way that we want. Thank you fellow Master!

  5. raisedinlove

    I just had a client on the verge of a huge breakthrough when he came back the next week to tell me he was quitting! What! First I was pissed. Also when I hear people going to the chiropractor, using EFT, whatever to sooth the symptoms while refusing to dive deeper. Have to look at why suddenly that is stirring me up. For now just enjoying my pissedoffness. Thanks sister for being a fellow deep diver. huge hearthug, savannah

    1. Savannah

      First, good for you… allowing yourself to be pissed off! There’s a myth going around that the ascending human gets more peaceful and tolerates others more. Well, they do get more accepting of their human-ness, and they do not take these emotions so personally, and that does gradually increase the joy factor. But meanwhile our patience does run dry for the bull shit.

      I’m glad you brought this up because many of us who work with others face these feelings: As facilitators it can be challenging not to have expectations of our clients…I have had people I work with get to a point where they are telling me that the assistance has impacted them wonderfully and then I don’t hear from them again…hard not to take that personally….the human part of me says, what did I do wrong? Did I get it wrong somehow? Was I too direct? (because I like cutting to the chase)…but it could also be a sign that they are just not ready to face themselves, not ready to move out of their comfort zone, and it’s to just honor that of course. Our light can make people very uncomfortable if they have not faced their own self honestly and lovingly.

      1. Yes Maria, sometimes I too take things personally. It helps me to admit that. I’m so about cutting to the chase. I find a lot of people have trouble with that, especially some women. It is so important for me to remember that sometimes people aren’t ready to face things, God knows I haven’t been at times. Yes, my light can make people extremely uncomfortable too!

        1. Yes, exactly…we haven’t been ready at times, for change….it’s the hardest thing for a human….we want it, but we resist it. It’s why our minds are kind of going crazy with this whole enlightenment process. It feels so out of control. And women who are awakening especially need role models of a woman who loves herself and won’t compromise her joy.

      2. raisedinlove

        “But meanwhile our patience does run dry for the bull shit.” Amen sister! I know he’s running scared and that is o.k., never took it personally cause honestly I am pretty good at what I do. I did make a “mistake” with a client in an ungrounded moment and knew I’d pushed her off which is fine. I am delighted to take so little personally, what freedom! that is what the ride is about. Throw in incredible peace with a dash of exuberance and mystery, well, hell’s bells, a little pissedofness is just what the doctor ordered, yea, the pussyfooting around gets old for me sometimes even though I do understand.

        1. I like the cut of your jib, sister! I’ve been getting more and more comfortable with my ‘pissedofness’ and in fact I am slowly getting that as masters here it’s going to be rough if we don’t embrace it.
          you said it best: “the pussyfooting around gets old for me sometimes even though I do understand.” Thank you!

      3. raisedinlove

        “I like the cut of your jib” LOVE IT GOOD FOR A GIGGLE ATTACK TO antidote the pissedoffness. I am enjoying the whole enchilada, what a freaking ride!

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