Passion for Life


For a while now I have been asking myself, do I really want to be here?  Do I want to stay and realize my embodied enlightenment?  Especially when things become really challenging physically.  That seems to be my biggest issue.

Or so I thought.

I mean, it’s certainly a valid argument.  I have some physical issues along with more and more sensitivities to my environment, and especially to the energies of other people.

Life doesn’t feel so joyful when we don’t always feel healthy and when we are dealing with so many sensitivities.  We can try various products and modalities but the results are short-lived because it’s the underlying energies that need transmuting.  And of course that is what’s happening now through ascension..

But there is more to this.   It came to my attention that I didn’t really want to be here before the recalibration even began.  Actually that’s partly what created much of my body’s imbalances to begin with.  The lack of joy for life, tolerating conditions.

I notice that if I don’t want to be somewhere, everything becomes a hardship.  I am constantly trying to control my environment in order to feel more comfortable physically and emotionally.  Any changes feel disruptive and unsafe.

So I get mental.  Trying to figure things out.  And of course that’s a losing battle.  As soon as I get one thing managed, something else comes up. It’s called LIFE!

It’s not neat.  It’s certainly not always predictable.  It’s filled with change.  And of course that’s a good thing.

And of course I am speaking about my human self, not my I AM Presence.

It’s what I inherited, from my bloodline in particular – the women in my family history especially.  And I know this is not a personal story, because most women (and many men) feel this to one degree or another.  But most are not consciously aware of it.


Women (and men who embody more of the feminine attributes) have truly not felt safe being here.  Being in a physical body on a planet that for the most part has disrespected the feminine energies.  We have come back lifetime after lifetime, replaying over and over our galactic story with the male counterparts in our life.

Because we were disrespected for wanting to express our own sensuality and our joy for physical experience, we found a way to protect ourselves and feel safe.  We ended up over-nurturing others.  Downloading the pain, both physical and emotional of others, even of humanity.

So the nurturing isn’t what we think it is.  It’s not about love and compassion so much as it’s about self-preservation.

Consequently, our bodies suffered.  We forfeited our freedom.  The freedom to just be ourselves.  To express our sensuality and to feel the sweetness of life here.  And not just reserved to only certain experiences but full-time!

As both men and women, at a very young age in this lifetime we put away our Christ Consciousness in order to feel safe.  Our family and community were not prepared to deal with such a young person having the brilliant christ light shining through their little eyes.

girl-535251_1920Looking back I now understand why I often felt so alone, even when surrounded with people.  Even in relationships and marriages.  I had separated from the love of my life.  And until I gradually began reuniting with her I found refuge in my art and later in my music and writing.  I always kept a journal with me.

I’m feeling much more safe now being here.  I’m feeling the pure joy of being in this body with my eternal self.  Even with a body that is not yet recalibrated and dealing with environments that are not always nurturing or ideal.

And I know that the body and the environment eventually reflect those inner changes…

I have to remind myself, and all of us in the forefront of these changes in consciousness, that there’s no going backwards, that this is it.  This is the last time we will have to go through this.  Which is a great relief.  But for me it’s also a little bittersweet.


So I am noticing that there is a dancing and melding going on between me and my soul. As my human self, Maria, I have been doing my best considering I had so much I inherited that I was playing out, and considering I walked through much of my life alone, without my beloved by my side.  I have so much more compassion for myself.  Not pity. Because it was my choice to put away my christ seed until the right timing.  so I am developing compassion and deep honor for my journey.

And, as Maria’s Soul, I feel her compassion for herself and that allows me to come in even closer.  I am right here always, I am not somewhere far away, but if Maria thinks I am, then that’s the game that is being played in that moment.

It seems that Maria is not enjoying that game any more.  I do not enjoy it either.  And even as Maria’s Soul, I was somewhat reluctant to dive back into her life because how many woman on the planet have there been that have truly embodied the christ consciousness?

mirror-1893375_1920But I am here, and I really never truly left her.  But I love her, my aspect called Maria, so very much that I honored her choice to keep me away from what she felt was such a harsh environment. It fills me with so much joy that she now allows me to be with her on such a deep and intimate level.

Together we are rekindling her passion for life.

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26 thoughts on “Passion for Life

  1. Annette

    Whoa! I’m so feeling this, but will have to write later, as I am SO scattered with ALL THE ENERGIES!
    Thank you Maria, this hit a chord!
    Much Love my Soul Sister, Much Love 💞💚💞

  2. Oh my gosh! Sistar Goddess! This also hit me right in the heart. I am away from home right now helping to take care of my hubby’s elderly parents and it is fricking intense. I have been figuring out how to handle the energies and doing a lot of transmuting…..Oh my! And your post just spoke to me. “I notice that if I don’t want to be somewhere, everything becomes a hardship.  I am constantly trying to control my environment in order to feel more comfortable physically and emotionally.  Any changes feel disruptive and unsafe.
    So I get mental.  Trying to figure things out.  And of course that’s a losing battle.  As soon as I get one thing managed, something else comes up. It’s called LIFE!”

    Oh my! And of course everything just shifted again….life…..and now my dear hubby is sick and so I have to fill in for him. Which means spending LOTS of time at the nursing home which, as an Empath and Sensitive, is hard for me……Shifting…….

    I will be doing a lot of quiet chanting….BEing present. Transmuting……I have told the Universe I am here to serve and it can be a challenge doing that sometimes and taking care of the human me.

    anyway, I know you get it, you always seem to. Must go get ready now to serve. 🙂

    So thanks for your words.

    much love dearest, Elizabeth

    Makes me think about getting old (hubby’s parents are 97 and 96) And what I plan for myself. Another topic!


    1. Elizabeth…I have the utmost compassion for what you are doing…it is so challenging yet so vital to take care of yourself!!!💕

      I too have had many experiences with assisting the elderly and even those who were dying,(Family and friends) and it can totally pull on the heart, and overwhelm the body. Whew!

      I was helping a 98 year old man in his home until I had to find him an assisted living facility. Once I got him moved, I stopped visiting him at the facility for a period of time, because I just felt overwhelmed……I second guessed that decision until a nurse there said it was a wise decision, because it helped him to develop a connection with the staff on his own.

      Sending you my love., dear sweet siSTAR Goddess.. ………💜💙💚.

  3. Wow Maria, what an amazing post. I love how honest you are. Me too, I’ve been wondering if I really want to be here. My being sensitive to other people is off the charts. I thought I was sensitive before, but its nothing compared to now. Yes, being female has not felt safe. I see a lot of women especially feeling this with the last election. I grew up in a jewish family, and women are treated a certain way. I can relate to what you say about the ancesteral line. I feel like I’m clearing a lot of that, as well as my past life baggage. Although I hear about it in other cultures also, so I’m not sure its just being Jewish. Wow, do I over nuture, and yes I totally download the pain of others. My mother used to want me to feel her feelings for her. When I realized that I stopped it. Perfectly said, others couldn’t handle our light. I know that’s very true for me, and continues to be.

    I notice the energy I feel is so palpable now. I can just sit and feel myself being engulfed in it. Than I’ll notice I can start feeling such sadness well up in me and it feels like its coming through this energy. Maybe its me transmuting the energies? This past week (maybe with the full moon?) I cried and purged SO much.

    I so appreciate this blog!

    1. Oh my gosh….. You sound so much like me……mom2bzs! I get it. I am an Empath and Sensitive.

      Hang in there!

      My guides suggest surrounding yourself with green jello. I will also send you energetically my protection chant


    2. mom2bzs……yeah…it seems the more conscious and aware we become, the more we are sensitive to everything in us and around us. From what I understand, this will balance out in terms of our emotions and our body, but I believe that as we become enlightened, we will not have a lot of tolerance for lower energies, lower consciousness. We will recognize, as you are doing, when others are feeding off us. And we will be very discerning for who we hang out with physically or energetically.

      I think certain cultures are more ‘guilt-based’ than others. So bravo! Good for you letting go of so much of your past!! And, yes, that nurturing knee jerk response is still present, but the difference now is we are aware. And to have patience with ourself, after all we’ve been doing it for eons of time! But it is amazing how we are becoming so aware of this pattern now, and that we are now serving others and this planet in a totally different way. As we set ourselves free, we set everyone else free. But what they do with being set free is not our problem!

      Let the tears flow if you need to. And you know that you are loved and supported every step of the way!💚

  4. Elila

    Oh my goodness maria you have hit the nail on the head yet again! And like annette and elizabeth have said im too fried too write much at this point with the energies feeling SOOO flippen intense, SOOO much purging and discomfort; like mom2bzs said all this week especially–and i thought same thing about full moon?? And also my birthday and another calendar year winding up and the weather being insanely cold and blustery….on and on everything feels crazy and hard and unsafe and uncomfortable and i have been finding myself thinking is there any relief in sight?? Does this ever improve or end??? Gaaah! In between it all there are brief moments where i inexplicably feel my wellbeing–and my brain keeps trying to figure out how to feel that more. Lately it feels ultra challenging!! 😜😜😜
    Love to us all! 💜💜💜

    1. Kat

      Was your birthday the past week. If so, happy belated birthday Elilaaaa ❤

      This is for you and my other felloew ascension pioneers. I just love the melody ❤

      May it help bringing you all peace

      1. Elila

        Kat! Oh my gosh i love Joe Satriani! This was one of my favorites back in college when it first came out–thank you for reminding me of it and reconnecting me with it! And thank you for the birthday wishes-yes it was Friday. It was an odd day with all thats happening. All the build up and purging and crazy energies leading up to holidays & a new year have been super overwhelming–my goodness i am SO grateful for my beautiful kind crew here!! 💙💙💙

    2. Elila

      I love how you express what you are going through….it helps me too, because certain events have occurred in my life that seem to be ‘negative’ and initially send me into a tailspin. It brings up feelings of fear, helplessness, and hopelessness…And this feeling of not being safe seems to be the theme with lots of us.

      and yep, moments of feeling wonderful in between. And wanting more of those moments…and wanting that to be our new perspective on life. But alas, our brain, god bless it, can’t figure that out for us. Its to not try and just allow.. Which looks good on paper!!

      But yes, it does feel endless.

      Was it you who said, you want to leave, but what if you do and end up finding out you were just a short way to your enlightenment? And actually, that is the point. That we are really the masters already, but we haven’t fully owned it yet. Another one that sounds right, but whew, not so easy.

      Happy Birthday!!

      1. Elila

        Aaah dear Maria–you always get just what im trying to say! And yep that was me who said i was afraid if i decided to check out that id find out on the other side that If i had just waited another day here id have won the cosmic lottery and “arrived” so to speak LOL. That id leave just moments before it was all scheduled to turn around!
        What u said here about events happening that seem negative and sending you into a tailspin–that is exactly whats been occurring quite a lot–especially with that 27year friendship that i mentioned coming to a sad and ugly end on one side of the scale, and tons of silly admin details and hassles on the other, and plenty of physical weirdness and purging mirroring it all. It feels like a giant difficult tedious uncomfortable attic/basement/junk drawer/garage clean out tryin to get done before a new year–complete with the garage sale from hell LOL. And its so throwing me off my game & left me struggling for balance and trying to mentally figure out what to do to handle everything and feel better–which intellectually (ha theres irony!) i know i simply need to ALLOW well being, but, to paraphrase a line from the princess diaries–“the concept is grasped–the execution is the problem”. Can i just repeat how grateful i am to have you and our irreverent crew here in my trusty tool box?????
        Thank you for the birthday wishes too! 💜💙💜

        1. Congrats on letting so much go in your life, and yes, it doesn’t always look pretty and there will be hurt feelings. But they will thank you later, because we are really also setting THEM free. And by later, not necessarily on this side of the veil. Maybe when you run into them on the other side, they will say, “Hey, thank you for helping me to move on with my life!”

          And I am so very grateful for you, Elila my friend!!💕💙

      2. Elila

        PS Maria–i also like how you said that these events “seem” negative & “initially” send us into spins–because truthfully i can ALSO sense the positivity and benefit in them after the initial shock/pain/kneejerk reaction, and the relief and space-opening that accompany the clearing out, and little wisps of hope and excitement for what these clearings are making room FOR?! I just wish i could focus more on THAT aspect than the icky side!! The brain is so darn good at unmitigated focus on negative poo–why cant it have that same vigor towards the positive??? And the body follows where the brain goes with all its upset stomach queasy nervousness & fear reactions–oy!😜😜😜

        1. Yep, Elila…that pesky knee-jerk response to things that ‘seem’ to go so very wrong! I would spend so much time and energy trying to ‘clean them up’ but it just kind of made things worse…and of course that’s because I was coming from that place of LACK. This is a tough one, this just allowing and trusting that our I AM, our eternal self, has our back. And yes again. The body sure does follow the mind’s fears. On the other hand, it sure feels like a huge relief that I as the human (My brain) am not responsible for this enlightenment. I was beginning to get really sore running into all those walls.

      1. Elila

        Thank you so much mom2bzs! Hugging you back. The warm wishes here are sooo soothing and nourishing–you all have made my day!!!! Love all around! 💕

  5. Kat

    I am happy that you like it Elila. And what were the odds that you already were a fan of Satriani, huh? He is definitely a GOD at the guitar, that’s for certain.
    Much love to you. Hope you are feeling better today

    1. Elila

      Kat i thought the same thing! Like what are the odds that we both love Satch?? And then i thought well actually they are probably pretty good given our so-much-in-common track record! And DUDE, yes, Satriani is DEFINITELY one of the all time guitar gods!
      And i most assuredly feel better after visiting here–its like a healing balm–thank you Kat. I deeply appreciate you and im sending much love right back to you. 😊💕

      1. Kat

        Haha yeah Elila, that’s what I was thinking, too then. It’s not the 1st time we have something in common. And Satch is one of those few artists who manages to pour his soul completely into his music. That’s probably why we like him so much.

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