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Embrace Your Sacred Sensuality


Image by Maria Chambers

Traditionally spirituality and sensuality were polar opposites.  Spiritual practices for the most part didn’t involve the sensual nature of the physical body, and of life itself.  In fact, the body was seen as impure, as base, and as something that just got in the way of being spiritual.  It was seen as something to ‘transcend’.  It seemed higher spiritual ideals did not include enjoying a sensual lifestyle!  Of savoring life through all the physical senses.

But, embodied enlightenment is all about being very sensual. Our soul is all about sensuality.  The ability of a soul to express that sensuality through a physical body is incredible.  And it’s one reason we are here.  As souls we wanted to dive deep into the physical experience.  Now we have an opportunity to rekindle a passion for life, but not by creating artificial passions, but simply by allowing our soul to meld with our body, mind and heart.  We can’t feel the passion we so much want to feel otherwise.  We won’t want to continue being here.  What’s the point of being here if we are not living fully?

Being sensual has nothing to do with sexuality or gender.  (Although it includes sexuality and the sexual organs) Or with age.  But, for women especially (and for men who embody the feminine attributes) their sensuality has been a big issue.  In other posts I have addressed how life was not safe, especially past lives, when women allowed their sensuality to be expressed. They were disrespected, and even killed for it.  We even see it now in some cultures where women can be killed for a modicum of that expression.

How many of us, in this lifetime, have been accused of flirting, of leading someone on, of seducing them when we were simply expressing our joy and sensual nature?  Perhaps we were just being friendly, open, maybe we were dancing to sensual music.

Art by Maria Chambers

Perhaps we were not interested in a sexual connection but it was misinterpreted as such.

So we felt guilt, perhaps shame.  So much anger was suppressed.  But what we didn’t understand was that the world, in spite of its strides in the name of women’s freedom, still for the most part sees the female as not only a second class citizen, but as far as her sensual nature is concerned, perceives her as an adolescent boy would.

So feeling less than honored for expressing fully our sensual nature is something we carry in our DNA.


In order to feel safe women would suppress their sensuality, and reside primarily in the heart.  An open heart is the foundation of love, but from that space women could feel the wounds of the male energies, and they could soothe that male by emotionally supporting him.

We have paid a hefty price for that.  Carrying the burdens of our fellow man in our hearts is bad enough, but even in our bodies, so much pain resides that is not even ours.  All the while denying our sacred sensuality.  Believing our service to mankind is to nurture, to soothe and comfort, and hold the hands of the walking wounded…to be the mothers of the planet!


The mind is the biggest comfort zone. After all, isn’t that where most of humanity lives?  In the mental sphere?  So we take refuge there, thinking about things, trying to figure out our issues. Another way to avoid being in our body and feeling sensual.

If we are to move into our freedom, we can’t continue in these self-sabotaging behaviors.

We are giving birth to a new woman within us.  But we do not need to endure the labor pains any longer.  The pain we feel, emotional and physical are no longer a prerequisite.

But, we ask, if we let go of the pain, and claim our joy, our sensual birthright, what price will we pay?  More abuse, more disrespect?  “I think I’ll just play it safe here in my mind, thinking about all of this, and just keep holding energies in my heart and my body for those who clearly can’t do it for themselves!”

Even the pain becomes a comfort zone.

Art by Maria Chambers

It’s understandable that we would not want to repeat our history, in which we did not feel safe for being fully ourselves.  But as you invite your soul into your body, you will feel the solution immediately.  Even if at first it’s for short periods of time.  You will feel safe.  You will feel your passion.  You will feel an exquisite joy for just being here.  A joy that truly transcends your history, your age, and your gender.

And as you know, others may end up not liking you because of the light you carry, because you chose your freedom and are passionate about just being here, in your body.  But at the same time, you are not trying to push your light onto them, so they will not push you back.  The more love for self you embody, the more safe you feel, because there is really nowhere anyone can get their hooks into you.  You are not putting up a shield, or blocking energies from others, you are simply not responding to them.

Many people, both men and women, are saying that they are feeling more sexual energies in their body during this transformation, and for some that is confusing, even disturbing.  They are not comfortable with being both sensual and spiritual.  They are not accepting that they are one and the same.

Have you noticed that many of the physical imbalances are experienced, especially for women, in the lower parts of the body?  The solar plexus and below? Emotions of fear, anger, guilt, shame all reside in the lower chakras.  They are the most stuck energies.  But there’s nothing you need to figure out.  Most of these are inherited…they go way back into your history and your lineage as a woman.  Expressing the feelings in a safe way when they come up, especially anger, is important.

Image by Maria Chambers


And just because you are a woman in her 50s or 60s or older, it doesn’t automatically mean you are less sensual, or that you now are required to take on the role of mother to others.  You can be anyone or anything you want to be.  You need no one’s permission.  Enjoy yourself!  Be selfish!  Be free!  Eat whatever you want.  Savor your food, without guilt, without worry.  Savor your life, without holding back.  Take up space.  Keep loving yourself, even if it looks selfish to others.  Express your sensuality.  Remind yourself you are not doing this alone.  That other women and many men are in the process of letting go of pain and suffering, no longer embracing it as a tradition of being in service to others.  And nurturing others is not true love or service, especially at the expense of our own joy.

The time has never been better than now to move out of your comfort zones of the head and the heart, and into a full-bodied, head to toe, unbridled joy for life.  So embrace your sacred sensuality!

copyright (c) 2016 Maria Chambers, All rights reserved. Please feel free to share this content with others but maintain this article’s integrity by copying it unaltered and by including the author and source website link:. Maria Chambers at

Author: soulsoothinsounds

Our lives are like great paintings or great pieces of music. If we focus on all the technical 'imperfections' we will miss the true beauty of the work. We won't see, or rather, FEEL the essence and spirit of the masterpiece. I no longer identify myself as a writer, artist, or musician. Rather I express my divinity, and my humanity through the media of art, music and writing. I began this blog because I wanted to give voice to my experiences and insights, and I wrote for myself primarily. Eight years later, I am still writing for myself, and I am discovering that my experiences are not personal but universal - galactic even. And now I am more sure than ever that I am a new consciousness teacher, as each of you are. The way we teach is by going through the very human experiences, and as we ascend and shed our old selves, with love, and as we embody spirit in this lifetime, which we are all doing, we become the standards for others of the new divine human.

27 thoughts on “Embrace Your Sacred Sensuality

  1. “But as you invite your soul into your body, you will feel the solution immediately. Even if at first it’s for short periods of time. You will feel safe. You will feel your passion. You will feel an exquisite joy for just being here. ”
    Felt this for about 6 bweeks so now being back in the self doubt ffels so uncomfortable. Must allow the waves wafting me back and forth without making myself wrong. A play in progress. Much love to you sister for being a shining star of the new joy.

    • Yes it DOES feel damned uncomfortable in that self doubt!!! But as you say, allowing the ebb and flow without judgement is the key.. but boy, once you’ve tasted that joy you just want more and more!! And much love to you beautiful sister!💜

  2. Perfect message. Gorgeous art. Beautiful song!

    Thank you dear Sistar Goddess!

    Love love love, Elizabeth

  3. Reblogged this on elizabethsadhu and commented:
    Thank you!

  4. Maria, I want to ask you and your readers about something. When I found your blog, I was at a very low point. I was in a state of quiet emotional horror and terror. If I believed in ‘Team Dark,’ I would have thought ‘they’ had ahold of me then. Now, a year and a half later, I feel better, but not good. I don’t feel joy in life– I am just going through the motions as best I can. When people talk about dreaming big and using the new energies to achieve wondeful things, I can’t think of what would be/feel wonderful. Now, before all of this, life was not perfect, but I was joyful a lot. I got excited by things. And now it just feels as if nothing makes me happy and there is nothing to look forward to. On ‘paper,’ :-), my life is so blessed and good and fortunate, but my heart feels nothing. Is this something that happens on the way? Is it ascension related at all?

    Thanks, gals ‘n’ guys. 🙂

    • Senlinsays,

      “…..i feel better, but not good. I dont feel joy in life–i am just going through the motions as best i can. When people talk about dreaming big and usin the new energies to achieve wonderful things, i cant think of what would be/feel wonderful….”

      Just wanted to say you are so not alone in these feelings. I have been plagued with them in varying intensities for a very long time and wonder often if i’ll ever feel excited or enthusiastic about anything again, or get to experience a love or zest for life. So i am also quite interested in Maria’s and others take on this!

      PS –i did find that it helped significantly to stop reading any stuff referencing “team dark” 😉

    • senlinsays you are for sure not alone. i think a few of us here are in that very same place you describe as well :\ so badly wish i could say i was bouncing with inspiration like a Tigger, but my journey at the this time has me stuck all kinds of still and apathetic like an Eeyore lol.

      “I feel better, but not good.”

      yup. that’s meeee tooo. the darkness has less power over me these days, mostly cause i’ve been dragged to such dark depths that my care cup is just empty about it all anymore. but where i have been drained of everything ever, nothing good has yet to start filling me up. also feel a bit like i’ve just had to accept things that actually feel really unacceptable to my soul… but fighting them has been pointless, so acceptance it is.

      i’m a spirit that so desperately needs inspiration and magic like air to breathe… so while i’m not in the same complete despair i was in maybe 2 years ago, i’m really really stuck in almost every corner of my life… not having any kinda inspiration or magic to feel makes it hard to see my way out of any of it… but it just kind of is what it is for now :\ I’m trying to just be grateful for the calm and peace, and trust that hope and inspiration and movement are on their way to me. 💜

      • Sweet pea,
        So happy to see u! As usual i feel exactly the same way you describe so well. I laughed out loud when you said your care cup was just empty cuz that is so exactly IT my friend! I also desperately need some magic. And im not sure if acceptance is exactly what im doing–its maybe more apathy & surrender from exhaustion LOL. It feels often like ive been cut off from some essential force like air or water or sun & am barely functioning without it? And your Tigger reference (and Eeyore for that matter!) is perfect! So thank you yet again for putting words to my own feelings. Love to you!! 💜💕💜

      • hi Elila! 💜💜💜 i’ve been quietly around lingering around here and there, but the Eeyore in me at the moment hasn’t had the motivation to turn anything into actual words lol.

        and you’re right “acceptance” is a bit generous way to say it… it’s more like the things that used to turn my soul into an puddle of gut wrenching despair for weeks on end can only muster an eye roll and a shoulder shrug from me anymore… not cause i “accept it”, but yup, care cup is just empty y’all.

        and yes so so much…

        “It feels often like ive been cut off from some essential force like air or water or sun & am barely functioning without it?”

        when i feel a connection to inspiration and magic i feel like a compleeeetely different being! i feel flowing and creative and sparkling and loving and silly and soft and rich and beautiful! without it… i feel like rock. a sad, pouty, colorless, uninspired, stuck little rock. lolzzz.

      • “’m a spirit that so desperately needs inspiration and magic like air to breathe… so while i’m not in the same complete despair i was in maybe 2 years ago, i’m really really stuck in almost every corner of my life… not having any kinda inspiration or magic to feel makes it hard to see my way out of any of it… but it just kind of is what it is for now:\ I’m trying to just be grateful for the calm and peace, and trust that hope and inspiration and movement are on their way to me. 💜”

        This could have been from me. Word for word.

        I’m also grateful, that I left the horrid emotional place that I used to be in behind me, and I feel peaceful and calm most of the time, but there is no real excitement anymore actually, but I also trust, that it will come to me eventually.

        so @senlinsays: you are so not alone in this. I perfectly understand what you are going through and while I don’t know for certain what exactly awaits us, I’m sure it’s gonna be better than we can imagine.

        Loved your replies sweet pea and Elila
        Much LOVE xx

      • 🙂 hi Kat 💜💜💜

      • sweet pea,
        Meeeee toooooo–ive been far more quiet bcuz the Eeyore in me cant find the motivation to make words!! I love the way you describe that. And also the part about feeling so utterly drained but nothing has come to start filling those empty spaces yet–feel kinda like just a tired shell. And yep im a different being w a little magic and inspiration–unstoppable and incandescent and strong–but any real memory of that feels so out of reach at present.

        And hi Kat! 💙💙💙
        I too actually do feel a sort of trust that the good stuff is coming–its maybe feeling a little like im lost in a desert and i know there is one person who knows im out here and is trying to get to me with a drink of water, and just hoping they find me before i dry up?

        And Maria–
        I love your response and this whole conversation. It is very comforting and reassuring, something to hold onto in this roiling sea–just knowing that a couple of us are starting to feel bits of joy–even just moments–well that makes me want to hang on so *I* can feel me some of that! In the meantime its dark roast lattes, really good bread and a happy book, and LOTS of walking LOL. Also i agree with you–it makes complete sense that the passion will be different. I imagine it will feel more stable, strong, and within–like embodied. A calm knowing & energy from inside that isnt reliant on any person or condition. I think i can hold out for that….
        Thank you Maria for the beautiful energy you put in here

        • p.s. I swear to god cappuccino was my saving grace. And yes this feeling of inner empowerment as I literally feel likeI am unplugging from the matrix of co-dependency, whew what a ride! to an amazing new year.

    • For me what i witness is we are all going through a profound awakening that is taking wayyyy longer and involving wayyyyy more then any of us could imagine. I had a few years wondering if I’d survive, then few years feeling better but not good, then maybe half a year of feeling flatlined with zero inspiration then another year of purification. Finally in August cleared major belief around attachment to the body and seeing connection clearly to beliefs. I stopped suffering and for the first time had enough ease to appreciate being here. Now slowly joy in creeping in with intermittent inspiration. Just have been in month long empty, non productive cycle. Am doing 32 day joy practice bringing 1/1/17 as I finally am ready and cleared enough for joy. My take we are on different timelines and, especially as we approach the end of the tunnel. so easy to doubt it will ever end. Much love knowing it does indeed end and moves on to a cycle of creation. This is such a challenging process, may the road rise up to meet us all.

      • Yep savannah, “flatlining” is a word i use a lot to describe how it feels! A friend of mine often says she just cant “get it up” for anything and thats another accurate desriptor IMHO 😆

        • For me it helps to find the gifts of being flatlined; it is an emptying out to make room for the new, it also is a great trust builder. I know one day when I am super busy I will look back on the quiet times with a bit of nostalgia perhaps.😜😏

    • senlinsays……I will just add to the wisdom of all the others’ responses here…..from my own experience, it does feel colorless at times, and I agree, that ‘thinking big’ doesn’t do it anymore….you know, what I would do with my first million, the dream house, travel, open up the school of new consciousness, write the next important novel….or how it would feel to be completely healthy….all of that is a wonderful expression of the joy, but it’s not the joy. What I’m experiencing is more and more of the joy, in my body, while still feeling not 100% healthy, not yet the millionaire, not working on my next creative project…not yet having resolved all my emotional ‘issues’….but just maybe taking a walk, or sipping some coffee at the cafe…but it comes over me and I can’t imagine feeling more complete in those moments, and they are growing longer and longer, and I notice they are physical and not just emotional, like a full body experience.

      They came so infrequently at first that I discounted them, but then I would be feeling this sensation and it could happen even when the moment before I was riddled with conflict….but as was said in the comments from others here, I noticed it was at the heels of just accepting those feelings of conflict…that sounds to the mind like, well, I’m accepting this about myself, so doesn’t that mean I’m giving up? Not at all….what it means is in that moment of accepting whatever it is, the boredom, the sadness, the lack of passion, that is a signal to our soul to come in and love us even more in a very visceral way…and i get the feeling that this is just the tip of the iceberg….

      And I also feel that what we experienced as passion in our past was for the most part something (or someone) outside ourselves that we attributed the feelings to. It was even found in drama…so this new passion will be very different and we won’t be finding it in the same things anymore. It’s going to be coming in from within us, from our eternal self, our soul, or expanded self, whatever you want to call it. Because it seems those of us on the front lines of this change have been letting go of our galactic stories, which were filled with ‘purpose’ ‘missions’ and yes, even drama…all filled to the brim with passion. And of course that leaves us feeling rudderless and a bit lost and directionless….

      There is the argument that, well if I am not feeling passionate about being here, nothing to look forward to, why not just leave…I have wondered that myself many times in this process….you know, I’ve done it all, I’ve been there, done that…maybe I’m just done here….and maybe that is so. There are no demerits for leaving before our embodied enlightenment…we still get to feel our freedom, just without our physical bodies. But I think most of us want to stick around and see what happens. we’ve come this far. And Yes, I agree it’s taking way more time and energy than expected… But now that i have finally tasted in this body what it feels like to have my very soul, my eternal self so close, even for short periods of time, I am expecting that those times will just keep growing longer and longer…and the rest of it, the wanting to express that joy, just takes care it itself….but it seems that it does require more patience with our selves…but I know I am speaking to a fellow teacher, and master here…as are those here that resonate with this blog.

      • “But now that i have finally tasted in this body what it feels like to have my very soul, my eternal self so close, even for short periods of time, I am expecting that those times will just keep growing longer and longer…”
        BINGO, for me these taste are so exquisite, arrive with such a feeling of homecoming they are like meeting my true self for the first time in eons, feeling safe in my own body, holy cow! All of it makes me just too curious to see what arrives next, like a cliffhanger in a series. Yes, I have come too far to turn back now. Beautifully stated Maria

        • Thanks, Savannah…yeah, it’s like binge-watching a long running favorite tv series replete with all the drama-trauma that made it so seductive….then, here we find ourselves in our ‘final episode’… our series finale, and what? we’re gonna just turn off the tv, shrug our shoulders, walk away and say, “Meh, whatever.”?

  5. You are good, kind people and it means a lot that you responded to my comment and are going through (or have been through) the same things I am. Thank you. ❤

  6. .then, here we find ourselves in our ‘final episode’… our series finale, and what? we’re gonna just turn off the tv, shrug our shoulders, walk away and say, “Meh, whatever.”?

    I am feeling moments that are turning into days of ecstatic joy to have finally found mySelf! So many of the conditions of my life are not as I prefer. Yet to look in the mirror and see someone i recognize and adore, almost as though for the first time, definitely worth the ride. To adore my teenage daughter after a tumultuous ride of power struggle and wholing the energy with which she reminded me of my father, this alone makes me say YES! to begin to wave my magic wand and see little miracles sprout up, I am saying bring it on, wondering what mystery awaits. DErek says it best:

    The time will come
    when, with elation
    you will greet yourself arriving
    at your own door, in your own mirror
    and each will smile at the other’s welcome,

    and say, sit here. Eat.
    You will love again the stranger who was your self.
    Give wine. Give bread. Give back your heart
    to itself, to the stranger who has loved you

    all your life, whom you ignored
    for another, who knows you by heart.
    Take down the love letters from the bookshelf,

    the photographs, the desperate notes,
    peel your own image from the mirror.
    Sit. Feast on your life.
    Derek Walcott

  7. Hi Elila, hi sweet pea
    ❤ ❤ ❤ 🙂 🙂

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