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As we know, there is the physical gravity here on the planet that keeps us grounded. There is also a psychic gravity that prevails. It tends to keep us locked into patterns, beliefs, behaviors, and they all exist in the mental sphere.

Those of us in the later stages of enlightenment find ourselves releasing to a certain degree the physical gravity that keeps us bound here, and are moving into a quasi physical/ethereal embodiment.  And we are also releasing the psychic gravity. As we become more and more clear, and as we continue to allow our soul into our bodies, we naturally release on so many levels anything that does not resonate with our new being.

However, in the initial stages of this releasing, we find ourselves being pulled back and forth to a certain degree. We feel the joy of our soul more and more, but we also feel the heaviness and denseness of the world around us.


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Do you find it interesting that the folklore of zombies, those who roam the earth, also called the undead, need to eat brains to sustain themselves?  Why not eat the heart instead?  It’s because the brain (the mind) is the most vulnerable and the most apt to be controlled by others.  It’s the easiest place to gain access.  The soul can never be controlled.  But the mind can be hypnotized, and seduced.  It runs on emotions like fear, anxiety, doubt, loneliness, guilt.  Our energies are the most vulnerable to being attacked or consumed by others when we are feeling those emotions.  Our soul never feels those emotions.  It is not vulnerable to attack, take-over, or to being destroyed.

That’s not to say that the Planet consists of brain eating zombies, but there is a whole lot of energy feeding going on.


People are hungry. They have not yet discovered that everything they need is within themselves. Consequently they are out there looking to get fed. Most are not intentionally trying to hurt anyone. For the most part, it’s unconscious.  It’s a lack of awareness.  Feedings go on with children and parents, in both directions.  With spouses, mates, friends, employers, and we don’t need to look too far to see it in our government, between nations, countries, and in the media.  The news can be a potent energy vampire.

Even those who appear sweet, kind, complementary, or generous can be big-time feeders.

We know in our body and emotions when we have allowed it to happen because we can feel heavy, angry, sad, confused, tired. Even allowing our own aspects to feed off of us can create these conditions.

It’s not necessary to get mental and try to figure out who is doing the feeding. That’s counterproductive. Just assume that it’s all around you.  It’s gravity.

As we energetically release so much:  our ancestors, our bloodline, our spiritual families, our children and our spouses, our country, the world, all our old patterns… They will try harder to pull us back in because they feel it. They feel us moving on.

As you become more clear, you can more easily discern when a feeding is taking place. Was the conversation primarily about them?  Were they blaming someone or something for their problems?  And even if you are not sure, when you leave and get back in your own space, you can feel into it. You may feel as if you owe the person or group something. You may feel an unspoken obligation to them. You may feel confused. Or just tired and drained.

We have all played the game of feeding. It’s part of the human condition. If someone feeds off of us, in turn we need to go get some energy from something or someone else to feed ourselves. It’s a cycle.

It’s nothing to feel bad about. It’s just our galactic story. Being played over and over again.

And the good news is, we who are the fore-runners of embodied enlightenment are moving beyond our galactic stories.


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I was told recently from someone that I seem pretty aloof from most situations. In the context of our conversation, it felt like an insult.  Because I was not providing the energy that others want to extract from me.    But, call it what you want, it is a healthy detachment. What we are in the process of doing is one of the healthiest things a human has ever done. To detangle themselves from the web of control and manipulation that goes on in the feeding process among individuals and groups and families.  And again, it doesn’t necessarily mean we are not going to be in their lives, those who we are connected with, but it will be on a very different level.

So we are releasing energetically on so many levels, mass consciousness, our ancestors, people close to us in our life, our spiritual families.

As we do so, many of them do not want to release us. So if our guard is down and we are feeling vulnerable, lonely, or bored, it’s a great opportunity for those energies to come swooping in and seduce us. To seduce us into what? Primarily into feeling like a victim. The victim energies on this planet are very seductive.

You may be having dreams about ex-lovers, husbands, wives, dead family members, perhaps those from your distant past. They feel you letting go. Some are cheering you on, but others are trying to hold onto you.  Even these dreams can leave you feeling sad, guilty or confused.

Again, it’s best not to over analyze them…take them at face value:  trust your feelings.  Trust that you are moving on.

But moving on is not about abandonment. It’s about embracing a love for ourselves that ultimately sets everyone free.

Enjoy my song, Seduction from my album, Soulful Sounds.

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Author: soulsoothinsounds

Our lives are like great paintings or great pieces of music. If we focus on all the technical 'imperfections' we will miss the true beauty of the work. We won't see, or rather, FEEL the essence and spirit of the masterpiece. I no longer identify myself as a writer, artist, or musician. Rather I express my divinity, and my humanity through the media of art, music and writing. I began this blog because I wanted to give voice to my experiences and insights, and I wrote for myself primarily. Eight years later, I am still writing for myself, and I am discovering that my experiences are not personal but universal - galactic even. And now I am more sure than ever that I am a new consciousness teacher, as each of you are. The way we teach is by going through the very human experiences, and as we ascend and shed our old selves, with love, and as we embody spirit in this lifetime, which we are all doing, we become the standards for others of the new divine human.

42 thoughts on “Gravity

  1. Great article, as always Maria. Yes, a lot of my conversations are about the person I’m talking to, especially family of origin. Thank God I’ve learned to detach most of the time. I have been thinking of past relationships. I noticed yesterday a lot of past relationships with men passing through my mind.

  2. Whoa! Wow Maria this is amazing. The subject of gravity has been on my mind for ages now, especially lately, so imagine how amazed i was to see your latest title? This article is so timely for me. I am DEFINITELY experiencing some feeders trying to pull me back in with a seemingly renewed and intensified vigor. At times ive been worn down and fallen into it and then it has taken so long to recover. Your words help to make clear what is happening so i can be more aware.
    I have wanted to ask about physical gravity too for a very very long time now….has anyone else experienced a feeling or sensation like gravity has somehow doubled its force? For example often when im walking, or attempting to stand from a seated position, it feels as if i am trying to lift or propel something FAR heavier than just my physical body. It feels like i weigh 500lbs sometimes!

    • Hey Elila
      I like your phrase…”renewed and intensified vigor.” Definitely in my experience too. I noticed that just because someone isn’t a match to my current frequency, it doesn’t mean they are not intuitive. Especially if we have had a history together. There are still those energetic ties, and they definitely feel us dissolving those ties. We are no longer the person we were when we met them. Some are able to grow with us, others we will have to set free not only energetically but physically.

      For me, I also experience both sides of the coin. Sometimes feeling like I am buoyant and floaty, other times….yep, I get up and do that old person groan…like I am lifting up a dead weight!

      • yes I too sometimes feel so light others so heavy

      • Yes! Me too! Sometimes im so light i can run easily for miles. But a good lot of the time its the heavy slogging about

        • Elila…you say you can sometimes run easily for miles??? Sheesh…the only running I do is from my apartment to my car (about 20 feet) if it’s raining, or if a bee is chasing me. Even walking too much puts a crimp in my style. The heaviness and fatigue so many are experiencing is sometimes because we have been taking on someone else’s energy, but it’s mostly just our body working hard to keep up with these changes in consciousness. It doesn’t have a whole lot of energy left for doing things we were used to do before…our muscles, bones all our organs are involved in this transformation. We’re kind of in these old vehicles that are undergoing a major remake. Which is why we can’t afford to squander our energies any more on people or activities that do not bring us joy.

      • And oh yes Maria those energetic ties–one particularly barb-y one with my mother. Im sure she feels me withdrawing, and often resorts to some pretty ridiculous behavior to drag me back into her field! Im gonna need to get a helmet and pads for petessake LOL.
        And savannah i know of which you speak–i just ended an almost 3 decade long friendship over the same type of stuff you are referring to. Its so difficult and generally unsupported, but so necessary –we just cant live in that vibe anymore! And you are definitely not alone!

      • Lol Lol
        Maria i should clarify that the times i can run at ALL are extremely RARE!!!
        I used to run every day in FL but have rarely been able to here at all. Im mostly exactly how you deacribe doing the old person moans, everything creaking nd crackling and sometimes just giving out! Im so glad i asked this question cuz at least now i know im not alone. At first i thought it was simply because im carrying a bit more weight than usual, but over time ive realized thats not it. There was one day in the process of Releasing that very long friendship that was so traumatic that i couldnt NOT run. I ran and ran and ran until i couldnt anymore and then realized id gone about 5 miles quite easily. So if i could do that in this body it cant be all physical weight thats affecting movement! Thats just one example of the contrast that made me wonder if its a gravity thing, and also energetic to a degree as well im sure. Thanks for helping me to clarify–i feel relieved a bit!

        • Well the fact that you could even run at all in the sultry climate down here in Florida says a lot about your health and strength. But yes, it’s easy to attribute our symptoms to our age, our weight, what we are eating, and while those things factor in to a degree, it’s really that we have activated our light body. And we will be able to experience our body in a whole new way, as less dense, as lighter, and more buoyant, regardless of our physical size. And another benefit is that we will shed weight without effort as our body comes into its balance, it won’t need the extra weight, especially if that is our desire. our reality will be more fluid. We are literally creating a new reality, our own reality, while still living in the world we know as Planet Earth. We will still interact with that Earth reality, and we will be able to much more easily move around interdimensionally. We’ll have so much more freedom. WE deserve this and we really are not willing to settle for just another lifetime of our old story.

      • Yep i really did have a very enjoyable level of health and strength while in FL–and boy do i MISS IT!!! Health and strength are a couple of things i am sorely (and i do mean sore-ly haha) lacking at this point. I hope with all my soul that i’ll not only get to experience that again–that it wasnt just a cruel teaser forever ripped away–but that i’ll get the UPGRADED version you describe!! Those hopes keep me going–thank you for the clear reminder–i needed that today! 😊💕

  3. I am noticing those in their 30’s really on this theme, just in conversation on this very topic with 2- 31 year old friends who are very aware of this. Especially as a parent I used to get hooked and try to hook. I literally felt as though a huge circuit was unplugged from me some weeks ago. A dear friend’s husband died and I was delighted to support her. But at some point it no longer felt good or healthy as I was unwilling to be engaged with her angry charged energy 7 months later. . Was very messy trying to extricate myself from the part that did not feel good and seems to have seriously diminished our connection. Was not easy to do and I must own my loneliness as isolation has been a big theme for me with zero family support except from my wasband’s family (my ex whose family is in Austria.) Staying strong to my own truth and supporting others to say no to my residual co-dependency is the stuff of heroes as far as I am concerned. Thanks for adressing this vital and, for me, tricky topic.

    • Savannah…Yes, it sure does take courage of you convictions to withdraw energetically from those you were close to. To no longer allow your radiance to be diminished, to no longer compromise your joy for the sake of making others feel more comfortable. For a woman especially this is history-making!!! And the feelings of isolation and loneliness that ensue (only temporarily) can be challenging.

  4. This is a brilliant article and very timely for me. Thank you for writing it. I can feel myself getting more detached from many situations lately but am finding I always feel drained when I leave a family member’s house. There are a lot of problems in the home – a child with special needs is one – and I want to give them support but they do drain my energy. Working out how to be with these people in a supportive way while retaining my detachment is something I will be working on for a while I think.

    • Suzanne, First, you are so welcome! It’s my pleasure to share my own experiences and learning with others who can relate to it.

      It’s not easy to detach especially from family, from those we have shared such a long history with, and I’m talking even other lifetimes. I struggled with that challenge for a long time. I found myself getting ill just to get out of being so connected to family and feeling like I needed to be there for members of my extended family. But the illness gave me an opportunity to disconnect, do some inner clearing and self care that I had not done before. It had to be done, one way or the other. But I have learned that it’s better to bypass the suffering. So many of us are at a crossroads in which we are being asked (by ourselves) to trust that everyone is on their own journey and that everyone is where they need to be. And that our only job is to be that support for ourselves. Yes, looks good on paper! To practice it, to own it, well, it’s a work in progress.

      • Thank you for your insights. After I wrote my comment I did a Violet Flame meditation then asked for guidance. I got the info that I wasn’t to do housework or garden maintenance for the other family members any more. That’s good 🙂 I’m very happy about that. As to all the rest, at present the message seems to be put time limits on visits. I have to go there in 1/2 an hour so I will start today. Thanks again for your help and guidance. It is definitely a work in progress.

  5. “And another benefit is that we will shed weight without effort as our body comes into its balance, it won’t need the extra weight, especially if that is our desire. our reality will be more fluid. We are literally creating a new reality, our own reality, while still living in the world we know as Planet Earth.”
    Sense this one is on the horizon yea!

  6. Awesome post, Maria! Us forerunners are learning and implementing new ways of interacting with others – it’s on the list of patterns we’re in the process of breaking and newly making! It’s difficult for sensitive souls to step out of their comfort zone to begin with, but coupling that with letting go of taking care of others is over-the-top. But we are meeting the challenge and (as you state) everyone benefits. Looking forward to reaping some rewards in 2017 for all our hard, evolutionary work!

    • Hi Lisa

      Yeah, my comfort zones are getting increasingly uncomfortable. Sometimes it feels like if I won’t step out I get pushed out!

      Yep, me too!! Looking forward to all the bounty that life has to offer us. No more showing up with a teaspoon. Love and hugs💕

  7. This was FANTASTIC! It’s been so difficult to connect with people who aren’t “feeling THIS!” and so me and my band of “superheroes” that are all coming into our own, into our true selves, keep feeling this constant pull between this is who we are and this is who we were. That pull, even from my own wife, to “go back” to the way things were before the light LITERALLY went on, is so easy to get sucked back into. It’s comforting to hear that this sort of thing is abolsutely normal, but also that SO MANY people are changing and understanding, and that more people will be kinder, more loving, and just, i dunno, better? Can we say that? I know from my own experience, these past almost 3 months of being “awake” have made me exponentially a better person. It was something i needed to read today…

    • Hi Sammie

      I’m so glad you resonated with the post. Yeah, it is very difficult to connect with others who aren’t also becoming themselves fully and unapologetically! And we are becoming more aware of how some people consume energies. Especially as we become self-sufficient emotionally. What we used to tolerate is increasingly difficult.

      But, yes, there is a growing number of people ‘lighting up’ and getting turned on by loving themselves, and in turn loving life, allowing others to be who they are, and allowing life to serve them, and that is FAR BETTER than what has been experienced in this world. We hear all kinds of sentimentality spewed about being nicer and more loving to our fellow human beings, but this comes primarily from a sense of guilt, not from a sense of self acceptance. Because we are discovering that accepting others as they are is just a natural by-product of accepting and loving ourselves first. We get to be the new role-models of the self-loving humans who don’t need to be told that we need to love others more, all we need do is shine our light, (while we simply enjoy life, and express that joy in a number of creative ways if we choose to )….and that’s pretty much where our service ends.

      Everyone around us benefits from our devotion to loving ourselves like we have never loved ourselves before! 💕

      • I find that when I shine my light, some people can’t handle it and are irritated by it because they’re so dense and uphappy. I realized this years ago with a family member. Its like my light brings out the hostility in them. I think its beccause at a subconscious level, it makes them realize how dark and dense they are and they’re hoping that if they aim verbal or energetic negativity to me, they can dim me.

        This happened with a female at work yesterday who I know instinctively is repelled by my light. She made negative sarcastic remarks to me and I found myself reacting to her in a joking sarcastic way. It was something I noticed that didn’t feel good. Looking back I would rather let this negative energy flow through me. I know she was trying to get negative attention from me (just like my kids did when they were small!).

        I’d like to RESPOND differently, if at all.

        • mom2bzs…Yes, you say it perfectly. And, when it happened to me, especially when I was working, it was so easy to respond back defensively…and ideally it would be great to reach the point where it does not even phase us, but actually, I am starting to get that being here in an enlightened state is going to be very challenging. We are not going to be very tolerant of energies that feed and that are still unconscious. Of course that goes against what we have been ‘fed’ about what an ascended master is supposed to be like. At a certain point we will not even attract that type of person as a predominant energy in our life, and if it does happen, and we ‘react’ so be it…it doesn’t mean you are not the Master…you are, but you’re also the human. And as the Master, we’re O.K. with that.

  8. Once again another great article Thank you Maria 🙂

    “Was the conversation primarily about them?”

    I have friends like that, but most times it doesn’t bother me, because it’s not exactly negative. They just have a stonger need to talk about what happens to them than me (many times I wonder why they feel the need to say certain things, because I would class them as completely redundant and unimportant), so I think it depends on what they say (when it’s funny and amusing it can even give energy) and whether they allow the other to say something as well (we all know people who are impossible to interrupt whilst they go on and on and on…). Obviously people who talk constantly about themselves and don’t listen to others at all are major energetic vampires.

    And because there is nothing major happening in my life anyway at the moment (well in my outside life) there is not much I can or have to talk about. But despite my current situation, I’d rather prefer to sort things out on my own, or just not talk about stuff, cause I feel no need.

    Other than that, I do feel being pulled back into some old fears the past couple of days. Something I haven’t felt for a long time.
    I see people my age or younger thriving professionally, following their hobbies/passions and being happy about that and there’s me not even knowing what I want to do. Not that I’m depressed, I’m not. I’m fairly content, but there is no progress at all, at least that’s how it feels like.

    As much as I know that it is perfectly fine and part of ascension it has started bothering me again, because it has been like that for years now and I’m starting to wonder what the point in all this is? I have been asking for clues from my angels but I’m not getting any answers and yes it is frustrating.

    I was hoping to overcome that fear of being stuck in this limbo state, but fear has been replaced with impatience and frustration..

    So either that is because I’m releasing this fear altogether and that is why I’m being sucked into it again, for it to disappear for good, or I’m just truly done with that waiting state where nothing seems to progress. Either way, we’ll see in a while what it was (ot not, lol).

    much Love


    • Hey Kat

      I know what you mean about not really wanting to share so much what’s going on within you. I’m pretty much there myself these days, especially if I’m not going to be sharing with someone who is on the same page consciousness wise. But for the most part, It seems we have moved out of the philosophizing, contemplation and processing and self analyzing phase of enlightenment and are more into trusting and just knowing who we really are.

      I recognize too that fear that you talked about. the fear of being stuck in limbo. I think I experience that too. It’s that human fear of being stuck, whether it’s stuck in a body that is sick, or being stuck in A situation that is uncomfortable. And as we’re discovering, it’s really a fear of being stuck in the mind. Being trapped in the mind. That is the worst prison of all! Because without feeling that consistent connection to our soul, we are at the mercy of our thoughts and all the emotions they generate:. The biggest being fear. It’s almost as if we are being challenged to feel into our soul’s perspective more and more. Which is diametrically opposite the human’s.

      So we’re in the process of accepting that as the human we have all these conditioned responses to life, which includes fear, and to be ok with that, and to also feel into our eternal self, to feel its perspective. To get more and more comfortable with those feelings of joy, carefreeness, confidence etc that are a natural part of our soul, or eternal self.

      And there are days when it feels like….well you know!

      But waddya gonna do??? I mean, we’re the first ones going through this change of consciousness! So there’s no manual. No ‘bible’ and we’re doing something that few humans are ready to do. To demand our freedom even in the face of not quite knowing what that is exactly….what it looks like!

      It’s funny you talk about waiting for the inspiration or perhaps a career or a passion to rekindle, because I address that topic a bit in my next post.

      Oh and Kat, I responded to your question about the artwork but not sure if you saw it? If not I’ll describe it here in the comment section. Love💕💕

      • Thank you so much for your reply and yeah it does seem like one of those days.
        I talked to a friend yesterday who is thriving and saw another facebook friends newly created video (a field I used to want to be active in) and I guess the fear kicked back in but the problem lies in the mind. That is definitely true

        “It’s funny you talk about waiting for the inspiration or perhaps a career or a passion to rekindle, because I address that topic a bit in my next post.”

        Oh I cannot wait to read your next article. Already excited about it 😀

        “Oh and Kat, I responded to your question about the artwork but not sure if you saw it? If not I’ll describe it here in the comment section. Love”

        I was wondering about whether you saw my comment or not actually. I try to find the pic I commented again and read your reply.

        Have a great day dear Maria ❤

    • Perfectly said Kat! I have friends who also go on and on about events taking place. I too don’t have a lot to say, as most or all of it is going on on the inside. How can I explain what’s happening inside me? The energy is unexplainable, especially since the first of the year! Also I find that if I talk about negative stuff on the external, it brings me back to that negative place. Sometimes I interupt someone who’s going on and on and summarize what I feel from them. I did this with a friend the other day and she said Yes! and we were able to get on to what works, or what would feel better.

      The interesting thing I found yesterday was that I went into an old negative feeling I had yesterday and sometimes I think why did I do that? Now I feel that again and it feels bad. But I took a different track this time. After I felt it, my intuition told me I still had this feeling buried in my cells, so I wrote about it and let myself grieve the feelings of it so that it could come up and out and heal.

      Wow Kat I can so relate to not “knowing” what you want to do. I feel like energetically I’m growing by leaps and bounds, but what to do with it?! I’m allowing it to unfold in a organic way as much as I can. As I want to be inspired now, not forcing or stressing about what I “should” do.

      Yes, yes me too! Understand feeling like what is the point of this?! I feel like I have so much potential, but where to put it?!

      • “Yes, yes me too! Understand feeling like what is the point of this?! I feel like I have so much potential, but where to put it?!”

        That’s exactly what I thought numerous times! I even used the word potential! haha
        Yeah, I know I have so much to give to the world, so much to express, but no will to do it and in fact I dunno how to express what exactly? That sounds very vague but that’s what it feels like.
        I’ve learned so much but what for? Just to raise my vibration and help raise the Earth’s vibration? But that surely can’t be it.
        Maybe we are being impatient at times, but no wonder after years of wading through fog

      • ” The energy is unexplainable, especially since the first of the year! ”

        It is!!!! Yes, that is the perfect word for it. I can’t pinpoint it at all

        ” Also I find that if I talk about negative stuff on the external, it brings me back to that negative place”

        Me, too. Sometimes it does help, but usually only when it’s fresh and I need to vent, but I haven’t even that done in a while. I know people who go on and on about negative stuff and I wonder how they can be bothered? they probably enjoy to dwell on it.

  9. Maria & kat,
    I cant wait for that next post either! Same here stuck in the limbo and hoping its not a forever thing, but its been so long it scarily seems permanent? I can barely recall what enthusiasm feels like let alone passion!
    Love to you both! 💙

    • Hi Elila
      yeah sometimes it sure does feel like pea soup here in physical reality! All these delays! But hopefully meanwhile you’re doing some serious self-pampering and nurturing! Long baths or showers, nice walks in nature, and most importantly…some serious treats: I always keep a good supply of ice cream and dark chocolate on hand. And some good ol’ fashioned binge-watching on Amazon Prime and Netflix doesn’t hurt! 💕

      • Yes Maria, dark chocolate and ice cream!!!!!

      • Ooooh yes Maria–you can bet your bottom dollar ive got the self pampering going on! You nailed it right on with the long baths/showers& long walks in nature! And homemade cookies and gourmet suppers and good chocolate & pretty candles and soft stretchy warm clothing & lovely books….now that i think of it its kinda become a full time gig asking myself what would feel good, what id like, and ive gotten pretty good at it i think!

  10. ELILA….Oh I like the sound of it…”full time gig” as it should be…..for all of us! And that is SELF LOVE IN ACTION, SPIRIT IN ACTION!

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